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 The Fear Factor (Alt version).

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PostSubject: The Fear Factor (Alt version).   Sun Jul 24, 2016 3:27 pm

Organization Name: The Fear Factor.
Organization Location: Genosha High.
Organization Goal: To take over Genosha with intent on making people live in fear and pain.
Organization members:

- Nightmare.
Real Name: Luke Darren.
Role: Tactical Striker.
Powers: A form of Telepathy. Nightmare power works by attack people at a subconscious level, most commonly during sleep however he may be able to get into the minds of those in coma and those knocked out as well. By manipulating the dream state of people Nightmare can cause varying effects from simple lack of sleep to extreme mental scaring.

While able to manipulate and twist a person's real life memories, he cannot inject fake memories like telepathics on the scale of Cordilera and Sandra. As such the worse a person has suffered in the past, the greater Nightmare can exploit and haunt them, and the greater harm he can do.

While Nightmare powers is very limited as to when it can be used and even somewhat limited as to what scale based on the person. There is a aspect to his power that gives him a edge. Nightmare is not restricted on what minds he can invade. He can easily bypass the natural defenses of other telepathic minds even those stronger then himself.

- Darkness.
Real Name: Jet Miller.
Role: Support Striker.
Power: Umbrakinesis. Jet is able to control and manipulate the concept of darkness, taking something that is in general harmless and making it into a tangible force to attack with, making him possibly one of the heaviest hitters in Fear Factor from a pure power standpoint. Jet can do many thing with this concept including but not limited to creating shadow limbs or creatures to attack with, creating seemingly infinite voids, creating black holes or portals to use as teleportation and even manipulating gravity to a extent. In the cover of dark, Jet is virtually a god in his own right. (far as alt is concerned atm anyway)

But for all the power he possess when within his element, he has a major, major draw back. Light can break though his darkness restricting who or what he can attack and restricting his abilities. If your able to generate enough light to fully illuminate a area Jet is in, it'll render him virtually powerless. This is why likes staying within dark areas.

- Night Walker.
Real Name: Nina Dobrev.
Role: Front Line Striker.
Powers: Vampire. Nina is a living legend of myth. As a vampire Nina's age is unknown but she could of lived though a multitude of generations already. Her combat experience is high, she has strength far above any human and capable of matching wits with most super humans (gifted). Her speed and agility is also well above the limits of any possible human and her durability is almost unmatched with her being able to reattach limbs and take ungodly amounts of punishment.

Of course as with all Fear Factor so far, with great strength comes great weaknesses as well. Despite her age and strength, Nina still processes all the traditional vampire weaknesses. Decapitating the head will kill her, as will piercing the heart. Nina will starve if she ever fails to find a supply of blood. And natural sunlight will start to burn her with prolonged exposure, leading ultimately to death if she doesn't find cover.

- Misery.
Real Name: Drake Devon.
Role: Tactical Striker.
Power: Sorcerer - Devon is not actually a super human/gifted, his power instead comes from the concept of magic and art of sorcery. Devon specialty is creating what he calls pocket dimensions, small areas of space that sit side by side to reality, but sealed off from the world in a parallel dimension. This is where the Fear Factors torture chamber is located. This is also why Sandra when captured had disappeared from the face of the Earth and why her telepathic pleas for help feel on deaf ears, because for all intents and purposes Sandra was not even in the same reality anymore. She was taken to another dimension.

Devon also has the power to render most super powered beings powerless as he did with Sandra, Emmet, and Tanesha. Both of the above abilities require quite long and complex sorcery spells to complete. While most would be confused by Devon believing he is speaking jibberish, people with knowledge of magic like maybe Tie or Riku, upon hearing Devon's castings can recognize said spells and stop Devon from ever completing them, thus preventing any of the above effects from ever happening.

With the simpler aspects of his powers, Devon can use less complex casting to mimmck most powers be it hulk strength, fire, water, weather, etc. But he can only use one power at a time, and he is usually far less experienced with said powers then super humans that have lived with it all their lives.

- Skirn (you can change it if you want Shini, I just took the name from her HU page)
Real Name: Karen Flonz.
Role: Front Line Striker.
Power: Mass Manipulation. Karen is a gifted capable of changing her mass or the mass of others, making herself or them either grow or shrink to varying degrees. By increasing her own size Karen can grow stronger, if she for example grew 3X her average size her strength was be immense. But that added size also makes her cumbersome and the stronger she gets by growing, the slower she gets via bulk.

Karen's greatest attack is shrinking the size of her opponent. Since growing naturally makes one stronger, shrinking naturally makes one weaker. However Karen's current state seems to be restricted to 2, as seen when she captured Sandra. Karen shrunk Sandra then shrunk her to make a escape. Karen has never been hinted at being able to effect entire groups, and as well all supers, while there isn't a big lot of downfall that can be seen, Karen does have a limit to how much she can do. Like all super powers it's taxing on the user and Karen will eventually wear out after time.

- Alice.

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The Fear Factor (Alt version).
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