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 Taimos Vus Galore (Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Taimos Vus Galore (Heroes Uprising)   Sun Oct 02, 2016 5:28 pm

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"I am the one who will change everything, I am the one who will kill them all! I am the one."
-Tamios Vus Galore

Name: Taimos Vus Galore
Codename: The Czar
Age: 124
Height: 6'2
Weight: 245 lbs(all muscle)
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Identity: Secret
Citizenship: N/A
Marital Status: Married(Several mistresses)
Sexuality: Hyper-sexual nymphomaniac(Single)
Species: Human(Enhanced)
Ethnicity: African American/Hispanic

Personality:Taimos has a survival mind-set and is determined to survive. He believes humanity are destined for great things, and others should accept that. He has a fondness for religion but no particularly support for any specific one although some he finds distasteful or simply silly like greek mythos. He has a hatred of those with immense power, and wishes they would get a taste of their own medicine. He is extremely intelligent, very commanding, and has a moral code he will not violate. He has a strong dislike of weak minded people especially those who are addicted to anything especially substances. He believes in absolute justice and thinks forgiveness is a concept for the weak. He will go to whatever lengths to achieve his goals, and despite his ruthlessness will never betray those closest to him. he has no problem killing women, children, animals, or those who are defenseless if he feels they even have the potential to do something atrocious.  He enjoys bringing people down a notch, and will not stop at nothing till he feels he's made a world safe to bring children into.

Base of Operations:Mobile
Universe: Earth 7653
Known Relatives:All deceased

Allies:The Coalition
Enemies: Shadow X Men, all super humans,
Occupation: Czar, Planet Conquered
Religion: Agnostic
Theme Song:X Men Days of Future Past - I Found Them
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-Hand to hand combat
-Master of directions
-Expert at weapon and vehicle operations
-Expert inventor
-Extremely great hacker
-Fluent in several languages
-Master Strategist

Weapons:Taimos has a suit of armor called Paragon.

Paragon: A technological orb attached to his body. It can form a suit of futuristic armor which uses powerful gravity technology allowing him to fly or affect gravity itself simulating the ability to manipulate gravity. It's got several other features as well including
-Being able to be summoned on and of will
-The power to hack into and control other technology
-Affecting/manipulating gravity
-Opening up portals of various sizes that can allow for transportation across the universe including bringing entire armies and such.
-Superhuman Strength
-Extremely durable to the point that a point blank nuclear energy enhanced by an energy manipulator won't cause a dent.
-Extremely accurate sensors that let it sense and pick up other life forms and their current health.
-Probes - The suit can send out millions of microscopic probes that can gain control of various types of beings, technology, creatures and allow him complete control over them from outside or to literally be one with the body/structure or whatever.
-Phasial - A special feature that lets the suit became intangible and/or invisible and be in several places at once or at one place but like advanced level astral projection.
-Decation. The most powerful feature of the suit that allows it to target something and just destroy it. This can be anything from people, buildings, entire strucutures, ships, or even partial things just focus on nether energies and allow it to consume whatever it targets instantly destroying it, the nether destroys it placing it in nether energy void, where it's alive but perpetually tortured/destroyed even it's inanimate, and with Recation the alternate future the suit can bring it back or partially.

Powers: Null
Taimos has the interesting ability to project a field where whatever he deems null is nullified. This can range from anything from powers, to personality traits, to emotions, to energies ect, none can be allowed within the field. He can even null specific things like a certain level of strength, will power, determination ect.

Bio: Taimos was born and raised in an alternate future filled with destruction and panic as a result of super-human ovelords. He struggled to survive, and did his best to take care of his family and siblings. His mother was disintegrated despite being a sympathizer for mutant rights and trying to integrate into Emperor Fusion's inner circle.

This was the final straw, Taimos the older of his siblings fled the planet they were on to seek refuge leaving behind their father to join the resistance to avenge their mother. Over the years he trained himself, and sought mentors to gain more knowledge and information to fight back. In the end his father and siblings were murdered, he managed to access temporal technology and escape to an alternate time-line where the Romans ruled the  milky way galaxy. He worked his way up in the ranks and became Taimos Von Galore THE CZAR!

He then went on to construct his ultimate weapon Paragon which left him comatose and immobile and allowed others to take over his empire. He awoken and fought to take back control and has made it his personal mission to purge the multiverse of superhuman feeling like their powers disturb the balance of life everywhere and to avenge the lives of everyone he's lost over the years. During his own research to eliminate it he gained a power of his own at first he sought suicide but thanks to his ability he survived. Seeing the nature of his power he decided to harness it and use it to as a blessing while making it a curse to anyone on his path. He went on to form the Coalition, and conquered the rest of the universe he was transported to, and sought out the same technology he used to escape all those years to ago to wage war on any place where people with powers dwell.


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Taimos Vus Galore (Heroes Uprising)
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