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 Evangeline( Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Evangeline( Heroes Uprising)   Evangeline( Heroes Uprising) I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 31, 2016 1:07 am

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Name: Evangeline
Code name: Mistress Red
Age: 568
Height: 5'5
Weight: 156
Alighnment: Chaotic Neutral
Species: Vampire
Race: Caucasian
Personality: Evangeline is fairly calm and mature, a far cry from her earlier more wild years. She's able to maintain a cool head in whatever situation she's presented in. She considers herself the " leader " of Jericho's forces, sans Ashe.  Primarily over her fellow vampires as the oldest of the trio and arguably the most sane. She keeps to herself a good portion of the time, indulging in her hobby of doll collecting, sewing and honing her combat skills.

Known relatives: Dracula(sire)
Occupation: None
Religion: Atheist
Skills: Evangeline is an excellent dressmaker, having been her primary job when she'd been alive, she's kept up with it after her rebirth and has even incorperated certain aspects of it into her combat style.


Evangeline is a vampire sired by Dracula giving her a host of powers that other vampires generally dont have and the more common ones have been enhanced, since she came under Jericho's control he has performed a number of experiments on her, increasing her abilities further.

Enhanced strength
Enhanced speed
Enhanced durability
Enhanced Endurance
Enhanced senses

Shapeshifting: Eva can alter her form in a variety of ways, from becoming mist to a wolf, a single bat or even a whole cloud of bats, as well as insects like centipedes.

Shadow manipulation/transformation





Blood Manipulation: While alive, Eva had been a mutant with hemokinesis, this transferred over and was further enhanced upon her transformation and augmentations. Eva has immense control over blood, able to manipulate it while still inside living beings, the amount she can control at once in incalcuable though she's stated to have drank from a sea of blood at one point. She transform into blood as a form of elemental shifting, once she has drank a sufficient amount.

As blood is the coinage of life Eva is to absorb a persons " life " that she has drained completely, she can summon them back to fight for her, completely under her control.

A step further for this is when she drains a mutant, she is able to retain the mutants power. Powers she's gained over the years

Eideic memory
Earth manipulation
Kinetic energy manipulation
weather manipulation
Antimatter manipulation
Gravity manipulation
Reality anchoring
Temporal lock
Distortion manipulation
Dream traveling

Jericho has experimented on her body to the point that he's wiped out most of her vampiric weaknessess.

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Evangeline( Heroes Uprising)
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