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 Hasaka Yamairo (Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Hasaka Yamairo (Heroes Uprising)   Tue Jan 24, 2012 4:41 pm

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And I was right. All of you, ALL OF YOU, here today, are heroes. Don't let your doubts, your self-hate. Don't let what ANYONE ELSE SAYS ABOUT YOU, make you doubt that one singular fact. You. Are all. Superheroes. And through these last 10 years, I have seen that with my own eyes.
Hasaka Yamairo, The Time Master

Name: Hasaka Yamairo
Codename: Jikoku Dono
Alias: Yama, Paradigm, Big Boss, The Greatest Hero
Year of Birth: 1987
Height: 5'9
Weight: 178 lbs
Alignment: Lawful Good
Identity: Secret
Citizenship: Japan/Genosha
Marital Status: Married
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Species: Mutant
Ethnicity: Japanese
Personality: Yamairo is a self controlled, calm and gentle person, always willing to listen to others, use diplomacy, and search for the pacifist way out, sometimes to his own detriment. He avoids killing to such an extreme he sometimes complicates situations. His powers are such that he acts very responsible with them, especially in regards to time travel. He can be angered. He is protective of his family and Aya Shiki. He dislikes heroes that resort to killing and attempts to keep out out of the X-Men ranks if possible.
Above all he is a natural leader, charismatic, and able to inspire courage and confidence in his friends and comrades.
Base of Operations: Outskirts of Sapporo in Hokkaido; X-Men Manor
Universe: 616
Known Relatives: Haska Isabel (Wife), Hasaka Akemi (daughter), Ryogu Karuya (Father, Deceased), Teishi Hanako (Mother, Deceased), Adoptive parents (deceased), Shiki Aya (Half-sister), Shiki Hiro (Nephew), Shiki Hito (Brother-in-law), Teishin Akane (Half-sister), Ryougu Kuzo (Paternal great-grandfather, deceased)

Allies: Shadow X-Men, Avengers, SHIELD

Enemies: MRD, Hellfire Club, Hydra, Tess Corp

Occupation: Superhero, SXM founder and leader, Genosha Institute principle and teacher
Religion: Shinto
Theme Song:
Number 201 - Emiya [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

-Natural leader: Yamairo is a natural born leader, with the charisma and personality necessary command others. He leads by example, inspiring the best in people by bringing out their good qualities and encouraging heroics in even the most lost souls. He is the undisputed de facto leader of the Shadow X-Men and has been since he first formed the group with Fawkes and Hank. He is also a symbol for mutant-human peaceful relationships and his heroic persona is looked up to everywhere, especially in his home country of Japan.

-Expert tactician: Yamairo's experience on the battlefield has made him an excellent field commander, and years of leadership being entrusted to him have made him a shrewed tactician. His greatest advantage is understanding the individual strength of his friends and comrades, and thus where they are best suited. He is however, a pacifist, and that often limits his own ability to create effective battlefield plans.

-Multilingual: Yamairo speaks fluent Japanese, English, Russian, Mandarin and Cantonese, as well as speaking small amounts of Arab and certain languages of the Indian subcontinent such as Hindu or Punjab

-Master sword wielder: Yamairo is a master at the art of kenjutsu, which is the term for all old Japanese swordsmanship. He is naturally gifted at the art due to his calm nature, moving with both grace and deadly precision and being a master at reading and accessing his opponent's movements for the best time to counter attack and use their momentum against them. He can masterfully wield two swords at once, the Niten-ryū style, using both a katana and a wakizashi. He can defeat opponents using only his swords, and has enough precision to cut bullets in half with the right blade.

-Expert Hand to Hand Combatant: Even without his swords Yama is an expert hand to hand fighter, as his relation with Filipe and Keel as only lead to improvements in this area.

-Indomitable Will: Yamairo is know to never give up and never surrender to enemies. He's taken hits that would kill normal humans and managed to stand up, including the loss of his left arm. He refuses to give in to evil, and will fight as long as he can move. He also fights to save any and all lives, even those of his villains, and will put himself through additional danger if it means saving the life of the enemy he is fighting.

Adamantium Sword: A sword made from the unbreakable metal. He had it forged and crafted years ago by a famous swordsmith in Japan, supposedly the only one who could work the metal after it had been casted the first time. It has been broken many times, but due to his time reversal powers, Yamairo can always fix it.

Odinsword: He was given this magical sword by Kano. The sword can alter it's shape to fit the user, and in Yama's case it takes the shape of an ōdachii, a Japanese greatsword. With it he can fire magical blasts with enough power to completely kill powerful foes like Zulan. Yamairo's skills with the sword grow constantly, but can never call upon the powers an Asgardian can.

Rune Sword: A sword crafted in the shape of a wakizashi, blessed with the power of the rune magic of Asgard. It was given to Yamairo to replace the Odinsword, and due to being made for him specifically, he can produce more power effects with it. It has all along its blade and handle several ancient runes that produce different effects. While Yamairo is proficient in its use, his future version from Dark Reign was a master. Whenever Yamairo uses the sword, the memories contained within the soul of his left arm begin to pour through and contaminant his essence, so he refrains from calling on the powerful weapon. Some effects he can perform with the sword include
-Magical blasts of enough strength to injure the Phoenix avatar
-Defensive barriers capable of blocking the infiniti tendrils of the Void
-Psionic shield to protect his mind from invasion by telepaths
-Ability to float in midair
-Physically enhancing his own body

Soul shroud: A red fabric of unknown origin, it is an integral part in the seal on his left arm. Removing it causes the barriers to break and the arm to begin invading his essence. It was placed there by Amber, along with the rest of the seal, to contain the foreign soul of the arm

Yamairo is arguably the strongest mutant on Earth. He is able to confront entire armies by himself and can stand up to powerful entities like the Phoenix and survive.

-Time Manipulation: Yamairo can manipulate several aspects of the flow of time, and is deeply connected to said flow. As described by The One Above All, Yamairo can essentially view time as negatives of a film and manipulate the individual frames that compose the entire picture
--Time Freeze: His most basic and yet most powerful skill allows him to halt the flow of time within selective areas, said areas being variable in size depending on how much effort he exerts. The level at which the time freeze works is also variable, from a point where normal speedsters can move, to one where everything is frozen.
--Time Travel: He can move himself to different points within the time stream, which allows him to travel to the past or future. Given the nature of the multiverse, this is essentially a form of dimensional travel.
--Time Flow Control: The power to increase the speed at which time flows, allowing him to cause objects or people to move forward through time faster while time remains flowing normally, or slower, essentially creating an effect similar to the time freeze. He can use this power to quickly heal wounds
--Time Reversal and Extinction: The ability to reverse time on localized events such as wounds or deaths, but also things such as attacks. He can reverse time on events to a point where they cease to exists, and do the same to people and objects. The more powerful an existence or effect, the harder it is to affect.
--Temporal Perception: The ability to see people and objects and both look into their past and predict their future, by following their individual time lines as if traveling through them. Essentially, he's projecting his consciousness into the flow of time and seeing the events surrounding the target
--Temporal Concealment: The ability to hide someone within a temporal paradox and thus keep them from being found by others

-Space Manipulation: The same way he's linked to the flow of time, he's also linked to the concept of "space". He can bend it to his will for a multitude of effects
--Teleportation: He can bend space around himself and teleport to any point within the universe, so long as he has knowledge of the location to which he is going. The farther the distance, the more concentration and power required. He can likewise to the same to other people or individual body parts, objects or even substances, such as the air.
--Spacial Rends: He can cause rends in the fabric of space by slashing at the air with his sword. He often uses this as a way of attack, causing the slash to travel towards his opponent despite his distance to him, and also allowing him to cut through any material and most attacks.
--Spacial Recognition: The ability to perceive any one existence within the scope of the space he himself exists in. Basically he can locate places and individuals by connecting is consciousness with the space he controls.
--Spacial Cloaking: He can mask his presence by bending space in a way that makes him untraceable to any form of tracking power or mechanism. He can also create a barrier around larger areas that functions in the same way.

Yamairo has received the blessing of the river Styx, the same as the hero Achilles of Greek mythology. According to Kronos, his body is now nigh impervious to physical damage, and any attack that he cannot withstand he will be able to naturally dodge. Also due to his enhanced physical capabilities he can use his powers to much greater extent, although extended use causes him to tire faster, and requires longer periods of resting time. As like in the myth, he has a weak spot, his left hand. If any damage is suffered on that spot the pain will be beyond his threshold.

Yamairo possesses the left arm of his future self from the Dark Reign reality. Due to the botched method Amber used to transfer the arm, and the lingering effects of the infiniti tendrils of the void, the arm retained its "soul", future Yamairo's collection of experiences and powers. The soul constantly leaks memories of powerful techniques, usually involving the rune sword, that while useful slowly eat away at Yamairo's mind. At one point Yamairo's soul was utterly destroyed and only the Third Sorcery saved him. Amber has placed a powerful barrier to suppress the arm.

Within his mind lives Kronos, the Titan of the Greek pantheon that rules over time. His insight not only into the nature of his powers, but also various mythologies and legends, can be a great asset.

-Nine Lives: An attack inherited through the knowledge in his left arm given to him by his future self. He first readies a stance, and then takes aim at eight body parts that are potentially fatal: upper arm, collarbone, windpipe, temple, diaphragm, rib, pelvis and thigh. He then releases cutting attacks with the Odinsword, causing a magical slash to be launched towards the eight targets. The speed this is done at is such it seems as if the attacks are done simultaneously. Finally, he pierces the chest of his opponent and releases a final burst of energy that sends him flying.

-Nordic Blade Wind: A move that utilizes the intimate connections between the rune magic and the Odinforce. Yamairo fires a blast of energy from both swords, and then absorbs them with the other. The Odinsword takes in the rune magic and the Rune Blade the odinforce blast. After that, he empowers the slashes with more power and fires them. After this, he retrieves the empowered slashes from time and space and places them in the blades once more. This constant resonance of power eventually spills over to the Odinsword, who with the boost of rune magic, taps into the true power of the Odinforce and unleashes a blast with power comparable to a God Blast


Yamairo is the son of Ryogu Karuya and Teishin Hanako, conceived and born during the time they had together in the year of 1987. While they were being hunted by Kuzo after Karuya rescued Aya from his grasp and brought along Hanako and Aya's sister, the two gave in to a long standing attraction, and Yamairo was conceived.
His first two years were spent on the run, until eventually in 1989, they were caught. His parents murdered, he was only saved by the timely intervention and sacrifice of his sister Aya, who willingly offered herself to the Ryogu clan. Yamairo was thus shipped off as part of her conditions, to be given a normal life. He is still unaware of this part of his history.

He lived a normal life after this, until one fateful night, his adoptive parents had a run in with a group of thugs, and it resulted in their murder. Yamairo's stress over the event caused him to travel back to the moment of their death. He tried to stop the thugs and save his parents, but an older man, seemingly aware of his situation, stopped him, and warned him of the consequences of altering time. Yamairo despite his grief took the lesson to heart, and he would henceforth try to keep to it, even in the face of tragedy.

As he grew old, he began to travel the world. While on his travels, he met Fawkes. The man turned out to be another evolved human, and helped Yamairo control and better utilize his powers. The two shared a vision of helping others like them, and later, Fawkes introduced Yamairo to Hank. The three of them started a group of evolved humans, that simply helped others master their powers. Some joined them over the years however.

Yamairo later meet Milo, and this started the string of events that lead to the continuous confrontation with Zulan. Eventually, he meet a girl named Isabel, that suffered at the hands of Troy, another member of his group, that had killed her family. Next, while investigating Zulan, Yamairo found that the later had found and killed Hank. This fulled his hatred for him even more. Isabel attempted to kill Troy, and when he stopped her she killed him. However, he was taken back in time to his parent's death by a reflexive time travel, and stopped himself from saving them, completing the time line. He managed to get back with the help of Hank and a man named Strade.
After the group was attacked by future Milo, Yamairo decided to head to the future to discover what had happened. There, he meet James and Harry, who told him about future Milo's crimes, and his own wrong doings and death at the hands of Zulan, he returned in time to unmask future Milo before he could do any harm and was the one that explained the nature of the time stop to Millo, helping him stop Zulan.

The new few weeks, he fought the Agency and Samuel, helping take down the evil mutant by using a combination of the drug and German.
Later, after some more the warehouse was destroy by the attacking SWAT teams, he was forced to give his house to the group. When Jason was finally taken down, he was made the leader of the new official group, named the X-Men, after the popular comic. He accompanied Kano to Asgard, and took the time to train.

In the Soul Tournamenthe fought Kano in round one, the Asgardian god giving his life for him to advance. He saw Anna murdered by Zulan, and swore vengeance. When he fought him, however, he lost controlled and had to be stopped. Him and Milo took down Shawkun.
Later on he helped in the Symbiote invasion and was taken over and became crazy with power. He fought the SXM numerous times and later was beaten by Harry and Filipe. He got the Symbiote off and fought the Carnage Surfer till Milo arrived.

He was one of the 10 fighters that represented SXM against Samuel's forces. He defeated Ray and lost to Peter. He helped the team deal with Controller and later broke into Mephisto's castle to restore Black Heart's power to gain Keeth and Keel's souls back.
Black Heart regained his powers, and began an attack on Earth. After a while of fighting demons, Kano arrives and gave Yama the destroyers armor, and taking him to fight Black Heart. However, he was defeated, and had his powers taken. Later Milo arrived and restored them, and he watched the rest of the fight between Sandra and Black Heart.

At the Secret Wars came a moment of great distress for him and a change in his heart. He helped fight against Samuel and his group, but when Milo tried to kill him, he stopped and said that killing is wrong no matter what the reason. However, later, overcome by anger at Zulan for nearly killing Anna again, he released an attack from the Odinsword that utterly destroyed the villain. He had committed his first kill,and even if justified, he felt horrible for it. He later assisted in fighting Tyrant and over the next few months had nightmares about killing Zulan. On Milo's birthday he decided to give him a samurai sword and make him leader of the Shadow X Men, because he believed that one thing that set them apart was now gone.

He later helped him go face the Espada and rescue Leah, fighting the Octava and having to deal with the power barrier, but hanging on enough to receive back up. In the end he helped destroy Decima Espada. He was the one that finished Newgate, cutting off his head with a spacial rend slash
At the start of the Civil War,  Yamairo went to Odessa to stop an explosion, but he failed inadvertently starting the Civill War.. He was one of the one's who signed along with James. He helped the American Government until they took over the world through war, promoting him to leave them and joined the Anti-Registration. He tried to get rid of Sentinels with James, but Milo beat him to it. After Milo's death they began to wipe out the last of Mephisto's demonic force and planned the future for evolved humans.

When the Darkness arc began, he was one of the people that were contacted by Carl in order to get the SXM back into action. Soon, Nightmare attacked, and he was with the group that went to fight back. He was knocked out early on by Jin and Sandman. After, he helped fight off Darkness.
During the Skrull invasion, he was taken hostage, but was freed, and taken to Kronos, who taught him how to access his powers fully, giving him a huge boost in power. He used this boost to help the SXM fight Legacy, and participate in the war against Hitler.

He was responsible for sending Filipe into the time loop. Later, he went with Samuel and Harry to investigate the Shining City, saving the trapped mutants from the system.
He and Milo were the mutant representatives in the mutant rights debate.
When Namini, consumed with vengeance, attacked Genosha, he quickly saw his time powers made useless, and sacrificed his life to stop Namini from murdering Kano, repaying his debt from the Soul Tournament.
Namini brought them back in the end.
He served as backup to the main force that went after Akatsuki, and ended up confronting Isabel. After he worked with her to fight off the Dragon Slayers, they ended up restarting their fight. Isabel nearly killed Troy, but was stopped by Milo. Yamairo was forced to see her go.

When the Predators attacked the planet after Sandra, he helped coordinate the offensive against them, mostly staying out of the battlefield until the main attack on the mothership
During the Phoenix alliance arc, he saw his friends disappear one by one as he tried to find Kira and get them back. As the plot of the Phoenix Alliance became more clear, he developed a plan to find Kira. They managed to find Kira but the Alliance took him.
In the final battle he went for Milo with the other remaining powerful SXM's and managed to hold him off until he regained control. Milo showed him the truth about the Hunters, but Yama did not give up and helped Milo get back on his feet, saying that the SXM would fight this.
Afterward, him, Milo Fawkes and James decided to divide the SXM in squads. He was named leader of a squad, Chulance, Zach, Elle and Riya.

During the Brimstone arc, he was again faced with Isabel. She attacked the island in cold blood, and Yamairo, not seeing another option, killed her to free her from her life of vengeance. She died in her arms, professing her love for him. This hit him with the realization that people must accept death, the same one Milo had reached with Samuel's death. He was later target by Tenshi, who he fought off with the help of Milo, and then did the same with Shawkun
During the Olympus arc, he attempted to find Kronos to get him to come back to Olympus, bu failed. He later attempted to protect the time gem, but this also failed. In the end, the SXM confronted Kronos and defeated Yamair's former teacher.
During the AVALANCHE arc he wasn't present in the final fight. Afterwards, Iliria decided to mess with him, creating a close of Isabel to attack him with. Yamairo was torn, but made the hard choice once again to kill who he thought was the person he loved. Anna stopped him, revealing the truth, and Yama simply made sure that the clone could not attack. Anna explained that, since she wasn't Isabel, Yama had no real reason or right to kill her.
He was infected with the Legacy virus, so he sat that arc out. During the Hunter wars, he helped defend Genosha, fighting along side the Isabel clone, slowly becoming closer to her. He helped defend the coastline, and saw the sacrifices of Donny from the X-Force and Kisame from the Akatsuki. He took a team to Denver, and there saw the final sacrifice of Zetsu, who turned the entire area into a giant forest. Yamairo decided to leave it like that. He ignored Deidara and Sasori to reward them for his help.

5 months later, he's helping rebuild Genosha and pickup the superhero community. During this time he becomes closer and closer to the homunculus made to replace Isabel, but in many ways also wonders if he is not just replacing the fallen heroin. James tells him it is not the case, but Yamairo refuses to take the chance, despite his obvious attraction to her. As Milo loses control of the Void, HUNTER arrives on Earth to put a stop to him, and Yamairo ends up joining him on many occasions.
Jorgan assumes power of the USA, and his first action is to bomb Genosha and imprison all in it. Yamairo manages to escape using his time powers just as the spacial bomb is fired. He thus joins the resistance against Jorgan's HAMMER. During this time, he meets his future version, a jaded individual with no qualms about killing anyone. The two often stay at odds, until a fight at the White House where both of them work together and manage to subdue the Void. However, when time comes to kill him, Milo regains control, and this sparks a fight between them over killing him or not.
Void regains control just as Yamairo triumphs over his future version, and fatally injures both. Amber manages to rescue them, but the future version does no make it, instead offering his arm to Yamairo, due to the heroes inability to fix it because of the infiniti Tendrils. With the arm, Yamairo gained a great amount of experience with his powers and his swords. Eventually, the resistance takes down Jorgan, but that ends up not completely setting things right. After a run in with Shawkun, the group forcefully takes back Genosha from HAMMER and establish a mutant safe haven once more. During the next few weeks Yamairo slowly starts to accept "Isabel" for more than just the painful memories she gives him.

Yamairo is again faced with problems when Amadeus, the man who created "Isabel", decides to take her back and use her as vessel for All the Evils of the World, giving the concept a free will and gain control of it. Yamairo uses more and more of the arm as he progresses in his fight to save her, and eventually abandons all qualms, kills for Amadeus and Fior his protege, and manages to save her. As his death is assure from mental corruption by the arm, Amber manages to save him.
After these events Yamairo and "Isabel" start a relationship, assuming to each other that she was never a replacement.

Meanwhile, Milo finally decides to destroy HAMMER, and follows this up with establishing the X-Lords. Yamairo refuses to join, and when Milo later loses her way he joins Dracarot's resistance against him. While the resistance is crushed, Yamairo displays a new power to completely remove mass from space and time, showing off a good method of concealment. As TOAA rewrites the events of this arc, Yamairo thus goes back to his life on Genosha. When the Earth gets dragged into the war between Hell and the Heavenly Host, Yamairo fights Lucifer himself first hand, being quickly defeated by the Fallen Angel.

After the events of the war in heaven, and the Dark Month, Yamairo remained with the team. During World War IV, Yamairo tried to unsuccessfully defeat Milo and try and bring him to reason for destroying Moscow. Yamairo had a very bad falling out with his fiend that lasted for a long time because of his methods during the war
During Magneto's rise to power, Yamairo and the mysterious woman, Aya, on the request of Fawkes engaged and actually defeated Shawkun through the woman's strange and near reality bending level powers. Aya helped Yama regain some faith in his ideals that he had lost after Milo's actions during WWIV
After the SXM separated during No More Heroes, Yama and Isabel retreated to Japan, and got married.

Filipe and Harry went to retrieve him and convince him to join Milo's new team, the Shadow League (or SXML as some call it). During this time, Yamairo discovered some hidden secrets of his new friend Aya. She had been a known mercenary, and that both herself and her husband had been involved with the CIA and a conspiracy to have them killed. Filipe helped them end the CIA's attack, but Aya's husband was forced to flee as his crimes were too severe for even Filipe to make disappear

After Yamairo and Isabel returned to Genosha, a strange girl appeared calling herself Hasaka Akemi, their daughter. She and Yama went to help Aya deal with Shawkun's attempt at revenge for the role she had played in his previous defeat. Akemi disappeared after, but Yama hopes he will see her again.

During Fear Itself, Yamairo fought numerous times with Kuurth, Breaker of Stone, who had taken over Gary's body. During their second confrontation, Stewart stole Yama's powers and attempted to do battle himself, but lost and sacrificed himself for Yama to finish him. The Serpent however, just kept bringing him back. Aaron Stark made Yamairo one of the 9 Mighty, and he was given a uru infused blade and armor, allowing him to defeat Kuurth and free Gary of his influence. He later helped battle the Serpent and Harvey after he usurped the former's powers.

He was absent during Sutur's invasion, as he was called to Japan by a friend of his parents. However, when he returned, he remembered nothing, and now had Kronos inside his head asking to be given a body again.
He has since been trapped with Kronos is his head. After managing to strike a deal with him, he was left in peace, with Kronos mocking him on occasion.

Eventually however, the two saw eye to eye, and Kronos even went so far as to help him gain the blessings of Styx. Yamairo fought the cancerverse invasion, and then played a key role in the MRD resistance, despite efforts to remain neutral at first. He was also key in defeating the Brood invasion. During the time the team was in hiding, him and Isabel apparently conceived a child.

He has taken up residence in Hokkaido along with Filipe's family and Aya. He helped fight during the attack of Jet in his god form. When the attack left behind a lingering corruption on Sandra, Yamairo at first did not interfere. But when she began to become violent and forceful assert leadership of the team, he stepped forward and challenged her to a duel for control of the team. After a bloody struggle where Yamairo's left arm came loose, unleashing his full power before the Wave, Sandra was defeated. But she refused to utter surrender, forcing Yamairo to kill her. Before he could slit her throat, he passed out, the strain of the arm too great. Amber took him away, and resealed the arm.

He spent much of Sandra's slow descent into darkness in a coma, waking up only one time to ask Aya to cut her connection to the darkness. However, Aya failed and instead cut her psionic powers, and without those, the progression increased even faster. By the time Yamairo woke up, Sandra was ready to attack humanity, now fully under the darkness's control. With James's help, he managed to travel back in time through the Chaos Wave to meet with Alisa, by using Anna's strong emotions and memories of her lover. He and Anna pass themselves off as the past version and ask Alisa to supercharge them, before returning to the present.

Yamairo then appears before Sandra, and in a quick fight, disables her and extracts the darkness, purifying not just Sandra, but the Phoenix. He then leads the team against Zach and manages to defeat and capture him. After, they fight off Korin's vampire army in the final fight in NYC. After Sandra's loss of control and Filipe's refusal to return to the job, Yamairo once more takes over the team. His first action was disbanding the X-Force under threat of having all the members arrested, which causes a great argument with James and Fawkes. Fawkes quits the team, and James only stays due to his strong loyalty to his friend Yama.

A month later, Yamairo is slowly getting back into the job as leader. Just as thing had began to calm down, the space station the X-Men had set up is attacked by Morgana le Fay and Arianna, looking to rescue Zach. Yamairo fights them off with the rest of the heroes, and Zach explains why they were there. Zach had made a deal with Morgana to weaken the seal on Hell by increasing the sin of mankind to the point it could not be contained, in return for the power to strike at humanity. Yamairo goes to the Avengers to warn them, only to find they already know, thanks to Kyle warning Aaron. Tanya attacks the tower looking for something, and the heroes discern those trying to open Hell are the Asgardians. Traveling to where the last key is hidden, Los Angeles, they arrive to late, and Kano escapes.

Yamairo watches as Aaron fails to defeat Kano in a one on one fight, and decides that he cannot for the X-Men to fight this battle after humanity and especially the USA government has done them so much harm. So he gives them a choice, before going off to defend DC, aided by Isabel. He spends the rest of the time there, managing to fight off both demons and risen villains.

He was made aware of the events in Iraq concerning Simon and the X-Force, but never figured out what was causing it as the X-Station was attacked by Iliria, returned from the Brimstone. They just managed to fight her off.

Barely a week after all these events, members of the hero community start being assassinated. Yamairo investigates the murder of Dimitri, only to be attacked from behind and turned into energy, seemingly killed, by the android Omega. Milo returns him to life at the end of the final fight with Omega using the Infinity Gautlet, before cancelling the Chaos Wave.

As the attacks on mutants intensify after the Chaos Wave is nullified, Milo begins to once again attempt a power play against the US government. Despite his best attempts to control the situation, Milo unlawfully jails the MRD agents and triggers the powers of anyone with the recessive x-gene, nearly tripling the number of mutants overnight. As this happens, the X-Men come across someone breaking into the old warehouse, and capture a girl that turns out to be Yamairo's daughter from the future, Haruka. Before they can interrogate her, a team of powerful mutants, unbeknowsts to Yamairo lead by his other daughter Akemi, break into the X-Station and take Haruka back to the present. The heroes against Milo attempt a final fight, Milo spurred on to take total control after human terrorists kill Marie, but fail, leading to Milo conquering the planet.

A few days later, Yamairo, still concerned about those from the future, follows a lead placed into Dale's head, coordinates to a future timeline. They discover there that Milo eventually takes over the entire universe, plunging it into chaos, Iliria whispering in Milo's ear and leading him to insanity through the exposure to the Outer Gods of Power, Law, Knowledge and Anger. Now calling himself Emperor Fusion, Milo successfully created a multidimensional funnel that was leading the multiverse to its premature destruction, Iliria using Amber's powers to hide the attack from the Powers That Be.

Yamairo engineers a plan with the remaining heroes, mostly the Code:Breakers, to rescue Amber, and with her help, take over the island of Genosha from Akemi. He sends the rest of those in the future with him back in time to rescue past Amber and have her contact the remaining sorcerers for one final stand against Milo and Iliria. After successfully fighting off Milo's daughter Amy however, Sandra in the present decides to instead just seal the universe away, dooming everyone there to the madness of the Outer Ones.

After the successful ousting of Milo, the mutant heroes were given permission to once again return to Genosha, so Yamairo moved back into the mansion with Isabel and his infant daughter.
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