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 Juliet Velaraah Fuller (Heroes Alternate)

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PostSubject: Juliet Velaraah Fuller (Heroes Alternate)   Juliet Velaraah Fuller (Heroes Alternate) I_icon_minitimeFri Dec 30, 2016 4:53 am

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Name: Juliet Velaraah.
Codename: Slasher.
Alias: Julie, Jules.
Age: 17.
Height: 5.1.
Weight: 133 lbs
Species: Mutant.
Personality: Honorable, respectful, brave.
Known Relatives: Tomas Fuller (father), Faith Fuller (mother), Sandra Fuller (sister), Master Daruma Velaraah (legal guardian)



Occupation: Genosha student.
Theme Song:
Skills: She is skilled with a sword, and is well thought in hand to hand.
Weapons: Anti-mugen sword - Juliet wields a special sword she had given for her by her mother, passed down through the family.  This sword is able to ignore and slice many mutant defenses, including ability's such as elemental shifts and super strength/durability.  

Powers: Absorption - Juliet has the ability to absorb and siphon the strength and powers of those around her.     In battle time favors Juliet.    As time passes Juliet will absorb all the strength and stamina a opponent expends, making Juliet increasingly stronger over time as her opponent weakens.     But not only that, as time passes Juliet will also gain control over her opponents powers, effectively stealing them for herself.     So if Juliet was to fight Katy as example.    Slowly Juliet would obtain water powers, and as Juliet powers grows stronger Katy would find her own powers growing weaker.

While this ability sounds powerful at the surface it is not without it's flaws.   Unlike Milo who copies powers, Juliet is in essence stealing a opponents strength/powers.   This does not happen instantly.    Juliet at the beginning of any battle is no more the peak human.    Meaning she can be taken out quickly before her powers can take effect.     And on top of that she can only take x-gene powers, no angels, demons, cosmic, etc.    

Juliet's current range for absorbing strength/power is a 50 foot radios all around her.   So if she has 6 humans and 3 mutants within that range, she will slowly absorb the strength and powers of all of them.    But if only one person is in her range then the strength and/or powers of that one person is all she'll get.     Her power isn't limited by the quantity of how much she can absorb, it's limited by range.

Also unlike a mimmick Juliet does not keep this strength or powers.   Once the fighting has ended Juliet starts losing all her absorbed strength and powers and slowly reverts back to her human limitations.    This means the next battle Juliet is at a disadvantage early on and the process starts all over again from square one.

Bio: Born in Phoenix, Arizona, Juliet grew up most of her life outside the big cities, raised by a martial arts sword master.    She vaguely recalls once having a sister but they where split apart at such a young age that Juliet can barely remember anything about her.    All she recalls is something tragic had taken place.    What eludes Julie's memory is that Sandra is her sister, and that it's was Juliet's power that had almost killed her.   And that's why they where separated.

Living with her master who is also her adopted parent, Juliet started training at a young age and is a master in hand to hand and sword combat.    Her life was simple outside training and with some help she learned how to only activate her powers when she needed them.

As her master grew older Juliet was tasked with greater duties around the house.   Shortly before his death, her master gifted Juliet his sword.   It looked like a worn and clipped blade, but deceptive in appearance it was a blade of great power, apparent capable of cutting anything mutant or otherwise.     With Juliet in her teens and nothing left to teach, the master instructed Juliet to seek out Genosha in hopes she could even further broaden her potential.

Juliet stayed with her master until his dying breath mere days later.    Paying her final respects, Juliet packed whatever supplies she need and out to seek Genosha.

Owned consoles - Playstation 2, Playstation 3, Playstation 4.

Previously owned - Playstation, Nintendo 64, XBOX, XBOX 360.
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Juliet Velaraah Fuller (Heroes Alternate)
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