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 Tiffany Thiessen (Alternate Heroes)

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PostSubject: Tiffany Thiessen (Alternate Heroes)   Tiffany Thiessen (Alternate Heroes) I_icon_minitimeSat Jan 21, 2017 3:16 pm

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Name: Tiffany Thiessen.
Codename: Wild Cat.
Alias: Tiff.
Age: 18.
Height: 5.4
Weight: 123 lbs
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Species Homo superior
Race: Caucasian
Personality: Tiffany is a girl with mental limitations.    Although physically a teenager mentally she doesn't exceed a child.     Tiffany isn't necessarily bad, she's actually innocent and curious in nature.    However her limitations make her easy to manipulate.

Tiffany loves having fun even if it may come to the expense of those around her.    This has lead to her getting on the bad side of several wrong people, however luck has always seemed to be on her side and she's avoided fatal harm time and time again.

Tiffany can fight when needed.    However she often treats it as a game and her fighting style is taken from online anime and cartoons, most notably Dragon Ball Z.  While physically impossible, Tiffany often dreams of being a Super Saiyan.

Known Relatives: Janette (mother), Clark (farther)



Occupation: Genosha Special Needs Student.
Religion Agnostic
Theme Song: Yoshi Tatsu WWE theme - [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Skills: She is quite aerobatic and quick on her feet.

Ki Based Energy Control: Although mentally weak Tiffany is physically very strong.   Ki Based Energy Control allows Tiffany to gather all the latent energy in her body and use it for various means.    She can feed the energy into her muscles giving her near superhuman strength and speed.    Or she can focus the energy into outward blasts, or even be able to levitate into the air.    It should be noted that Tiffany has a unusual excess of latent energy in her body.     Due to this she tends not to tire easily and is often still wide awake late at night.

Tiffany has a few outward attacks to choose from.    She can fire small blasts, these require no charge time and use very little energy unless many are fired in sequence.    Each blast has the explosive impact of a firework.     Forceful enough to break bones or leave burns but not outright kill in most cases.

Next is the Kamehameha Wave.    While obviously nowhere near the scale seen in the anime, Tiffany has been known to destroy a car with this move.    While teachers have tried to teach Tiffany more effective uses of her power without all the unnecessary theatrics, Tiffany seemed either unable or unwilling to learn.   It may have been as simple as Tiff seeing the anime way as fun and the class way as boring, nobody really knows.     Basically Tiffany copies directly what she see's in dragon ball, she cups her hand in Kamehameha style, charges all her latent energy into one big blast, and releases it all it one go.      This attack will leave her drained after one use.

Lastly, once again inspired from Dragon Ball, Tiffany has ripped off her own modified version of the Spirit Bomb.    On this move Tiffany siphons the energy out of pretty much anything that's living that's within her range.      Tiffany uses her body as a medium to focus the energy into a deadly ball that could be tank busting level or higher depending however many she can steal energy from.     Unlike somebody like Juliet, Tiffany's body can not contain a boost in power to this scale.    Tiffany would explode trying to contain this much power.    So it has to be quickly expelled into a outward attack.     Tiffany siphon range is estimated at a around a few miles right now.     However if she's able to not get himself killed, she may some day be able to do this on a global scale.

Bio: Tiffany is a mutant child born with a mental defect that prevents her from maturing at a normal rate.   When this started getting Tiffany into trouble her parents tried everything to heal her, even turning to mutants.    However all attempts failed as any attempt to "restore" Tiffany's mind just brought it back to it's current condition.    What has been causing this has yet to be determined for sure.   Some say nothing is technically wrong with Tiffany, and as such what's not broken cannot be fixed.    Others suspect some type of telepathy or manipulation is at play.

After getting into and escaping a number of near death situations, Tiffany was shipped off to Genosha soon as she was deemed old enough to if nothing else at least hope to hone her combat skills.    However, Genosha was also thought of as a place to keep Tiffany out of trouble.

Well it wasn't long after getting to Genosha that Tiffany had gotten involved with Troy.   At this time Tanesha was still with Troy's Mafia as well.    This was prior to Tanesha's True Notes days when Troy still had Tanesha's sister under his control.    Troy had planned to used the Tiffany as a grunt fighter, but it didn't take long before Tiffany had started pisses Troy off.     Tanesha overhead of Troy saying he was just to to rape and kill the annoying bitch, and that getting her mentally retarded ass on board was a mistake.

Tiffany at this point was being kept in a lock up as well, mostly because Troy realized he couldn't trust the girl to keep her mouth closed about his operation.     Tanesha couldn't leave because of her sister, but felt bad for the girl that didn't even know what she had gotten into.    So Tanesha went to Tiffany's cell under the guise of bringing the girl dinner.    Opening the cell Tanesha planned a escape and convinced Tiffany to beat her up.   Trying to convince Tiffany was easier said then done and Tanesha had to throw the first strike and pretend to be mean to get the message across.     Eventually, rather upset, Tiffany clobbered Tanesha and beat her up pretty badly before running away free.      Tanesha had expected to get some scrapes and bruises, but after pissing the girl off Tanesha instead ended up left with a trip to the hospital.     Still, she was happy she had managed to save a life.

Tanesha would be found by Victoria and go on to make a swift recovery.    Troy knew of Tiffany's potential power and chalked up Tanesha's story to being a rookie mistake.    All this had done was hurt Tani's rep within the Mafia, keeping her pretty low in the ranks.     Thus why she was never a top member like Eva or co.

Tiffany herself would go to simply live free for the most part bothering people all around the school.    Surprisingly she said nothing about the Mafia, she was happy to simply be free and the past didn't matter.    Because of this Troy deemed Tiffany not worth the effort to assassinate and they both simply went their own ways.

Tiffany has been interested in the True Notes but Tanesha involvement has kept Tiffany at bay for now.    Not one to follow media or have any real friends that actually want to talk to her, Tiffany still views Tanesha as that mean dinner maid that started assaulting her that day.

Owned consoles - Playstation 2, Playstation 3, Playstation 4.

Previously owned - Playstation, Nintendo 64, XBOX, XBOX 360.
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Tiffany Thiessen (Alternate Heroes)
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