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 Heroes Alternate Universe - The Hunting Grounds - A Short Story.

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Heroes Alternate Universe - The Hunting Grounds - A Short Story. Empty
PostSubject: Heroes Alternate Universe - The Hunting Grounds - A Short Story.   Heroes Alternate Universe - The Hunting Grounds - A Short Story. I_icon_minitimeSun Mar 05, 2017 4:04 am


This is a non-canon short story based on characters from the alt rp. The story in used is a mix of ideas from the MrNightmare youtube channel, and the episode of Supernatual where Dean and Sam have to survive a hillbilly kidnapping.

It is to be noted that this is a story, not a role play.

Heroes Alternate Universe - The Hunting Grounds.

The story opens by showing a bright sunny day in a forest area. A dusty paved road turns to dirt then into a walking trail. We see a car come to the end of the road, a taxi. It stops letting two girls out of the back, two teenagers around the 16-17 year old age. One was a striking redhead Caucasian, the other was a beautiful African American black girl. We quickly recognize them as Sandra Fuller and Tanesha Mack, two bright young students from the mutant school Genosha. Sandra was wearing black hiking books, tight fitted blue jeans and a red plaid shirt. Tanesha was dressed similarly except with a green plaid shirt. After grabbing their bags and paying the cabby, the car turned around leaving the two girls alone in the wilderness.

"Well this is the spot. Just up this trail there should be the camp sights." Sandra looked excited, neither she or Tanesha had ever really been camping before, and Sandra wanted to experience what it was like. "I still don't believe Ms.Goodman just gave us a 3 week vacation." Tanesha found it odd that in the middle of a semester that they'd just get time off. "She must really like you" Tanesha said to Sandra.

The girls had a fun time off. The first week they spent with Tanesha's family, which was a fun experience. The second week was spent with Sandra's family. And now the third week they plan to spend with just each other. The girls grabbed one bag each and held hands as they set off down the walking trail. The trail seemed well wore in, it was a little slippery due to a small bit of mud but wasn't to bad.

The sun was just starting to set when the girls came to a large open grass clearing, the tree line could be seen in the distance and beyond that a large lake. "Wow Goodman was right, this place is beautiful" Sandra said, Tanesha nodded in agreement before speaking up "what does the hand book say?" Sandra let out a "oh right" before opening one of the bags and taking out a small guide book. "It says we need fire for heat at night, and shelter. I guess I'll go get some wood, should be easier for me to break branches with me telekinese. You can start on the tent."

With a plan set Sandra headed off for the tree line while Tanesha unzipped the second bag which had all the tent gear. She took out a sheet of paper and looked it, quickly getting a confused look. "Who the hell made these instructions, Ikia?" With a sigh Tanesha started building the tent step by step. By the time she had finished it was dark and Tanesha had been working via lantern light. She looked out towards the direction Sandra went, the girl hadn't returned yet and Tanesha didn't like the idea of her out in the dark alone. It was unlikely Sandra was lost, she was also a telepath, all Sandra had to do was lock on to Tanesha thoughts to find her way back. Tanesha soon heard creeping around the camp site, she turned towards the sounds, a little creeped out. "S-Sandra... is that you?" Suddenly the footsteps stopped. There was a long and uneasy silence until a hand touched Tanesha's shoulder from behind and a voice shouted "BOO!!!" Tanesha jumped and screamed in fear, falling in panic but calmed when she heard Sandra's voice laughing.

"Oh you dirty bitch!" Tanesha half heartedly exclaimed as she stood up. Sandra had frighted the metaphorical shit out of her. Sandra walked into the light, the fire wood floating alongside her. Sandra apologized, she was having fun and the opportunity was to good to pass on. The girls set up a fire pretty easily having a lighter with them. They then went into the tent where they shared a double sleeping bag.

It was early in the morning, still dark when Sandra awoke to sounds outside. The two girls had been sleeping in the nude, sleeping clearly not the only thing they had done in the sack. Sandra looked alarmed, get got up quickly throwing on her jeans, shirt and boots, foregoing socks or underwear as there was no time. Tanesha had woken up from feeling Sandra moving around, Sandra instructed Tanesha to hastily dress up, which she did.

"What's going on?" Tanesha asked softly. Sandra explained that she could sense the thoughts of many, many people surrounding them. Dirty, unkept, big men. "Can you knock them out telepathically?" Sandra shook her head. "If it was only a few, sure. But there are to many, I'd pass out from the stress of trying it." Tanesha thought about it for a second. "I can gas them?" Sandra shook her head again. "The tent isn't air tight, you'd gas me as well. Besides they seem to know we're mutants, they are wearing gas masks." This seems to annoying Tanesha "the fuck does hicks get gas masks?" Sandra realized what this was "I don't know, but this screams setup. I think we're being tested." Out of options Tanesha asks one final question "To many to telepathic attack, to unsafe to gas attack. What do we do?" Sandra didn't like this answer but there wasn't much choice. "Well if we give up, we're both going to be raped and beaten mercilessly and repeated before eventually being killed. Since that doesn't sound to appealing, I say we fight."

The girls exited the tent, Sandra could sense people all around, the woods seemed to be littered with people. For some reason she couldn't reach out to Genosha. Was Misery blocking her again? No, this was different, it was another telepath interfering with her. As one man charged from the darkness the fighting began. Tanesha and Sandra took down what must of been a good 50 people, Tanesha poisoning though touch and Sandra using her telekinesis to throw people around and launch weapons into them.

Sandra was able to avoid sneak attacks as her telepathy warned her before attacks was even launched. But the numbers game eventually caught up to Tanesha as she started tiring. As she finished putting another enemy down, a man attacked from behind stabbing Tanesha in the back. Tanesha screamed and feel forward, this distracted Sandra which allowed a attacker to club her in the face with a large stick of wood, knocking Sandra out cold. Tanesha twitched on the ground, she was in tremendous pain, the knife in her back had possibly hit the spine rendering her immobile.

Sandra awoke in a cage, it was daylight now as she could see the shine though a window. Her injuries seemed to have healed up, most likely the Phoenix Force, at least she hoped so. She couldn't understand, there was so many, it was like they just kept coming and coming. How was there so many? Well there was no time to consider it now, she had to get to Tanesha. She was still alive, but hurt, badly. Sandra blown the cage door open telekintically and crawled out. She made her way out of the basement and to the main floor, it was a old run down house. There was nothing except a lone TV in the dining room. It seemed to be replaying a tape or some type of recording. The recording showed Tanesha, she had been beaten badly, her shirt was ripped open, and she'd be stripped. Sandra swore, if they had touched her... The tape seemed to show the ring leader sitting in a chair, pointing a rifle at Tanesha. He talked about some kind of mutant hunt, how his team started at deer, then went to seals, then moved up to loins and cougars, beers, then they started hurting the ultimate game, humans. But now, evolution had given them a even bigger prize, mutants. He dared Sandra to find him then the recording restarted.

Sandra ran out of the house and into the forest. It wasn't long until gun shots was heard, these insane bastard had upgraded their weapons. While telepathy could warn Sandra of thoughts and actions, it couldn't warn her of traps. As Sandra ran though the woods avoiding bullets she stepped into a covered up bear trap, it clamped shut instantly shattering Sandra's right calf bone like a twig, she screamed in agony and fell from being jolted to a sudden stop. Three men with rifles ran in, Sandra used her telekinesis to throw them into tree's, knocking them out. She then used those same powers to pry the bear trap open and free her crushed leg. Grabbing a long stick, Sandra used it as a crutch and started hobbling her way though the woods.

Sandra would eventually make it to the cabin Tanesha was held at. At this point her leg was still broke, she'd been shot in the right shoulder limited her arm movement, and she was bleeding from many cuts caused by more traps. She tripped at the cabin steps, she was exhausted and close to passing out, but the thought of having to get to Tanesha drove her not to give in. Sandra crawled up to the front door, dragging her broken leg, a trail of blood being left behind her. She stood once more, barely, using the cabin wall as support. She made her way inside, the ringleader was there to welcome her. Sandra ignored him, and hobbled to Tanesha who was on the far side of the room. Sandra collapsed next to her girlfriend, Tanesha had tears in her eyes, she couldn't move, Sandra was close to death and Tanesha couldn't comfort her. Sandra crawled into Tanesha lap as the leader stood and loaded his gun. "We sure had a hell of a good time taking turns with your girl. Although forcing yourself upon a women isn't to fun if she can't fight back. And you, ol boy what a hunt you gave us. However, it all ends right here."

The leader points his gun at Sandra and we cut to black upon hearing the shot. When we come back into picture, we see Sandra floating in the air, Tanesha floating beside her. But seemed healed, and Sandra's eyes where consumed with Phoenix Force energy. The entire forest was reduced to nothing, burned to ash. Hundreds of hunters died in the cosmic fires sent forth by Sandra, they screamed dying slow, painful deaths. Sandra returning the pain in full and then some. Sandra lowered both girls to the ground, Sandra dropped to one knee and muttered "it's over" before passing out. Sandra really did terrify Tanesha sometimes, the power of this Phoenix Force seemed insane, but she still loved her regardless. Tanesha sat on the hard ground, cradling Sandra in her lap. The sun was starting to fade once more, Tanesha couldn't make a fire as Sandra left literally nothing behind but a Barron wasteland, and even though all the baddies was the dead, the thought of having to face the night again, alone no less with Sandra out of it, it ran chills down Tanesha's spine. Luckily Dave would show up, Goodman told him where to go. Tanesha sighed in relieve. "Thank god, get us the fuck out of here." Dave could see and hear the fear in Tanesha's voice, he never even questioned her, he just took Tanesha and Sandra back to Genosha.

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Heroes Alternate Universe - The Hunting Grounds - A Short Story.
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