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 Glory (Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Glory (Heroes Uprising)    Glory (Heroes Uprising)  I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 18, 2017 4:00 am

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Name: Glory
Codename: N/A
Alias: Jennifer Yoshikawa
Age: 264
Height: 6’0
Weight: 170 Ibs
Alignment: Neutral Good
Identity:  Secret (For now)
Citizenship: Duel Citizenship American Japanese
Marital Status: Single
Sexuality: Bisexual
Species: Demi-God
Ethnicity:  Japanese American
Personality: To describe Glory you have to understand her passion. Her passion as a warrior, friend and potentially lover. Glory will fight and will take the path that she feels is right no matter how much she will risk her own self for it. Even if she’s wrong she’ll find a way to tear through the problem her way which mostly involves beating the issue into the dirt, or until someone convinces her otherwise. Even her own father will find her stubbornness unbearable. They’ve fought more than a few times because of this.  
Base of Operations: Any of Yori’s shrines, Emmet's home, or Apartment in New York
Known Relatives: Yori (father) Emmet (mother) and relatives
Allies: Emmet, Yori, Codebreakers, Saved Ayakashi
Enemies: Godric, God Slayers, Yori (depends on the situation)
Religion: Shintoism
Theme Song:  Hey Kids!!!

If it can die Glory knows several hundred ways to kill it. Her skill with almost any weapon is close to masterful. She’s also a skillful hand to hand fighter with knowledge of many martial arts. Even tactically she’s considered almost a genius and has even tutored some 20th century military officers in her travels. Of course, if kill and maiming was all she could do Glory would’ve cut a bloody swath across the planet. She enjoys singing, dancing and even writing. At one point she was a journalist and even worked as a combat medic.


Divine Physical Prowess: Like her father, Glory is incredibly strong, fast and durable even without the tools she uses in battle. The power to shatter a skyscraper with a punch, move faster than any bullet and resist heavy weapons fire are some of the things a Demi-God like her is capable of.

Glory also possess enhanced senses such as smell, hearing and sight.

Forged Ayakashi- Glory can be considered a unique weapons smith. Gods like Yori often reincarnate dead humans and use them as tools or weapons to help them. These humans must be pure of any corruption. Glory is one of few gods who have avoided this and use Ayakashi instead. These phantoms are corrupt, cursed creatures that prey on the living. However, Glory has found a way to purify and reforge them into proper tools to save them from an eternity of Hell. This is her power most Gods wish to ignore or even destroy. Every uniquely powerful item she has is a Ayakashi she was able to purify, but this comes at a cost.

Esper- Glory’s a Esper or Psychic and it’s the only power of hers that could have its origin from the mutant gene. She isn’t a Phoenix but calling her an Omega lvl Esper isn’t inaccurate. Its impossible for her to even use low lvl telekinesis but she can manipulate most beings through enforcing some form of worship. Giving one the choice of making promises through prayer creates a powerful near unbreakable link between Glory and the one who prays. If someone prays to never kill again and she accepts it then they are compelled to do this or die instantly if they break it. These powers work on humans as well as even spirits. She also has the ability to absorb Psychic power in order to feed her own.


The equipment Glory uses are all former Ayakashi now free from a hellish existence. In return they assist her in a new form that includes powerful weapons, armor and even masks. No one knows how many she has due to most Ayakashi she's saved not being exceptionally powerful, but she at least has dozens.

During a time of great turmoil among the Gods of Japan two creatures of Chaos and fire came together in a glorious event. Passion, lust and love nearly set an island aflame as they showed how much they loved each other for seven days and nights. In their passions was born a child. Within them they heard a name come from this new being and called her Glory. The God of Calamity Yori and the Phoenix Host Emmet raised her. They traveled and even brought down any foe that confronted them until the Gods noticed them. Glory was the offspring of two amazingly powerful beings and one of them was at a time their natural enemy, but even then many of the Gods wouldn’t condone destroying this being. However, some would send agents against them.

The Gods were patient and as Glory grew older the more her father Yori prepared her for this. The trials he prepared for her were harsh and yet she passed them without stopping. She fought Shinki and Phantoms sent to destroy her. Even a God of Calamity eventually tried to take her head. Eventually she decided to travel alone and face these enemies by herself not wishing to let her parents fight her battles. Yori promised to watch over her from the shadows and so he did only occasionally appearing to have a simple talk.

Years have gone by and even decades as she traveled, fought and loved throughout her life. The more she’s seen throughout life the more committed fighting evil and saving others she’s become. Her own stubborn ideals have even forced her into battles with her own father. Now, the battles Glory fights brings her closer and closer into the light which was something she never considered before. However, as her mother becomes known throughout the world and her father becomes a focus of worship in Japan she too may need to step on the stage to defend it.
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Glory (Heroes Uprising)
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