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 Heroes Uprising Part 6

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PostSubject: Re: Heroes Uprising Part 6   Wed Jul 12, 2017 4:03 am

Kiya true to her word would soon arrive, Tesla would greet her and formally introduce her ally to the group for those that did not know her. Kiya was filled in on what went down and didn't think twice about offering her services. Tesla had become a friend, Avengers and SXM where allies, Emmet seemed nice enough, and they very well couldn't let the Goblin just run amuck.


"It's time we go Nick, mother will need our help with this upcoming battle." Nick full well knew the danger they where about to step into, there was a real possibility that one or both of them might not make it back. Regardless Nick took Cass hand without hesitation, he has had her back and have protected her ever since they broke free of their confines, and he wasn't about to stop now. Cass teleported them to Emmet's place, ready for battle and to put this monster down.

Sandra smiled when Cassandra and Nick arrived, it was a shame they had to meet under such dire circumstances. Sandra had contacted Abby and Collin, she informed them of what was happening. It was up to them two plus David to ensure get Chloe to safety. After what Godric pulled against Emmet, one couldn't be to safe.

While Mien probably wouldn't like this, Sandra reached out to Kano and Tanya to let them know what was going on. She figured the more aid they could get the better, assuming either decided to help out. With all that done Sandra got up and walked over to her daughter. "I'm pleased to see you've joined us. I'm sorry that it's been a while." Cass knew there was no time to be holding any minor gripes, not that she actually had a huge lot and replied with "yea well, it's time this asshole gets what he deserves." Sandra did note something in Cass voice that was a little more off then usual, Cass seemed to be out on a mission against Godric, a mission Sandra felt wasn't fully to do with Emmet.

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PostSubject: Re: Heroes Uprising Part 6   Sat Jul 15, 2017 10:12 pm

Hmm, yes, I believe Madride is cloaked. I've lived there my whole life and I never thought of it as being an unknown place to outside people. Oh, there's magic schools here, too. I've never been, unfortunately, but my mother told me stories. She attended one when she was little, but just briefly. She always said it was a very enjoyable experience.

"It would make sense for a magic city like that to be cloaked, especially since it's so important to your father's family," Scott replied with an understanding nod.
He had learned that mages were usually private individuals, not only because magic was often a scholastic pursuit, but also because they were usually hated and feared by those who were not magically-aligned. Over the course of his academic career at Shadowgreen, Scott had fought with and learned about many different mages with magic ranging from the mystical to the elemental. Being an augmented human, Scott far from understood magic and all its intricacies, but it was similar enough to his own abilities that he wasn't totally lost when talking about it. The mages of this world were the first he had seen since graduating from Shadowgreen, and even if Minerva was not where she wished to be with her magic, it was still frightening and powerful enough to deal with criminals of the mundane world. Who would have thought that such a cute, innocent-looking young woman who often wore a silly witch hat could put a flying magic sword through your face in an instant?

Honestly, I'd like to learn more magic, too. I love my family's magic very dearly, but there's still so much that I don't know, that I can accomplish. I've been thinking about this a lot, since joining the Avengers. There's so many mages and they all have such unique mage-craft. But it's a little difficult to actually talk to them about it. I was always taught that a person's mage-craft was personal, not something to show so brazenly to others. But I don't quite get that feeling from Natsu and the others.

Scott nodded, understanding what she was talking about quite well. Minerva wanted to better herself, to be the best possible mage that she could be.
"Some time ago, I became the journey to become the man I am today, and I remember wanting to learn so many things. Having been where you are, I have some advice for you regarding training, and you can feel free to take it or leave it."
Scott returned to the batting cage and began to hit the balls as they came over the strike zone.
"Visit those magic schools and see if they offer a curriculum in any kind of magic you want to learn, and if they do, see if you can take classes around your duties to The Avengers."

"For the other mages you know, ask them if they'll train you. It's a lot easier to show something in action than to explain in words, so this is a more efficient way than them explaining it to you and you trying to do it on your own. All they can say is no, and you won't lose anything by trying."
Scott hit a center field home run on the next swing of the bat.
"Lastly, try to use magic sensing magic to find magical tomes or lone mages that might be willing to teach you what you want to know. This is the diciest of your three options, so I'd exhaust the other two as much as you can before starting this one, so that you can be as prepared as you can be for what's out there."

Scott turned to look at her with a gentle smile.
"I know you're shy, but if you want the knowledge badly enough, you'll find a way. I hope my advice helps you out and you become that person you're trying to be."
Scott hit a center home run on the last ball the machine dispensed, and his final score was nearly perfect for the difficulty of the machine he had chosen. Turning to Minerva, he approached her at the batting cage entrance with a broad smile.
"You want to take a crack at it," he asked while offering her the bat, "Or would you rather do something else?"

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Heroes Uprising Part 6
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