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 Kano Thorson( Heroes Alternate )

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PostSubject: Kano Thorson( Heroes Alternate )   Kano Thorson( Heroes Alternate ) I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 31, 2018 12:05 am

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Name: Kano thorson
Age: 200(looks 17)
Weight: 245
Alignment: Chaotic good
Sexuality: Pansexual
Species: Asgardian/Mutant
Ethnicity: Interacial
Personality: Kano is a very proud individual, taking immense pride in his heritage as an asgardian. As the grandson of Odin, Gaea, and the son of Thor he feels like he has a lot to live up too, leading to him to come off as very arrogant. Though since meeting Riku and Kano, his viewpoint has changed somewhat as he ackowledges them as strong combatants despite not being of godly origin. He loves training, increasing his skill and power for his dream of eventually surpassing his father and taking his title. He is always open to learning from someone, provided he's deemed them as worthy.

He appears to have a distant relationship from his mothers family, though this can be become he was told she died giving birth to him, though whether this is true or not is up for debate, as Asgard is vastly different from Earth Kano had some difficulty assimilating to it and it's customs, but has since grown accostomed to it and it's people, indulging in his usual bouts of hedonism when he isnt training.

Base of operation: Genosha high school
Allies: Asgard, True Notes, mages association
Occupation: Student

Religion: Asgardian
Theme song:
Kano is trainined is nearly every form of earth martial arts along with multiple Asgardian based ones.

Kano is half Asgardian and half human/mutant,  giving him a host of different abilities. As an Asgardian his physical attributes are all superhuman level, though do to being a direct descendant of Odin and Gaea, it can be said he's even stronger then the common asgadian, though he is still relatively young.
Superhuman Strength
Superhuman Speed
Superhuman Stamina
Superhuman Dense tissue
Superhuman Durability

Regenerative healing factor: Despite his natural durability, it is possible to injure Kano, though in that event he is injured, he is able to heal an injury in a matter of minutes, though more grievious wounds can take longer to heal, it is also possible to disrupt his healing factor via high level magical and demonic means

Longevity: While not immortal like the olympians, the Asgardians are extremely long lived. Kano has this trait as well, living in asgard where time works different, he is technically over two hundred years old, though looks like his natural age if he lived on earth, seventeen.

Energy manipualtion: Asgardians have the potential to manipulate magical and cosmic energy for a variety of effects, though most are limited to shape shifting and teleportation. Kano is a prodigy, possessing an extraordinary connection to the Odin force. This allows him to manipulate vast amounts of hodly energy for energy blast, erecting force fields, matter manipulation, etc. Currently his use is severely diminished due to Thor sealing most of his power before sending him to earth.

Electricity manipulation: As the son of Thor, Kano is cable of manipulating electricty for a variety of effects,

Earth manipulation: As the grandson of Gaea, he has a great connection to the earth and can manipulate every aspect of it

Thermokinesis: He has inherited his mothers mutant genes, giving him control over fire and ice. He has spent many years mastering these powers in order to honor his mother, while his powers are vastly lowered, it seems Thor didnt tamper with his mutant powers as much.
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Kano Thorson( Heroes Alternate )
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