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 Tenshi Homarru (Heroes Alternate)

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PostSubject: Tenshi Homarru (Heroes Alternate)   Tenshi Homarru (Heroes Alternate) I_icon_minitimeSun Nov 11, 2018 3:36 pm

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Those undeserving of the power they are gifted, weak minded fools who let themselves be corrupted. These threats not just to theworld but the cosmo's at large will meet their end at my Righteous Authority.

Name: Tenshi Homarru.
Codename: Anata No Shūen (Your Demise)
Age: N/A
Height: 6'2.
Weight: 222lbs.
Citizenship: American.
Marital Status:
Sexuality: Male.
Species: Homo-superior.
Ethnicity: Japanese.

Personality: Tenshi is one who claims himself to be a agent of god. However his goals are not like those of the Church, he is not one to be actively fighting demons or labeling anybody he doesn't like as automatically evil. In his mind even those with negative energy can redeem themselves if they work hard enough. Tenshi's goals actually more so lines up with Scott's to a degree, that he see's himself as a agent of peace and balance in the world. However his methods of accomplishing said goal may not be as noble as Scott's.

While Tenshi does not outright hate immortals, as one who controls spirit/live/ki energy, he himself does not age and will live forever. If a power like Phoenix or other such things rises and goes out of control, there will be no reasoning with it, no containing it or calming it down. The second Tenshi deems you a threat, your life energy must be destroyed and you must perish.

Tenshi is also wary of the weapon mortals are allowed to keep in their procession. While Tenshi would not automatically resort to murder in order to obtain a weapon of noteworthy lore and power, he's not above having said items stolen and returned to him, or challenging owners to a duel to prove their ability to lay claim to such a important item. If the person laying claim can prove their merit and have no intentions of evil, Tenshi will allow the weapon to be returned.

Base of Operations:
Known Relatives: N/A

Theme Song: Day Of Fate - Spirit VS Spirit

Skills: Tenshi is a highly skilled combatant, trained and mastered in several forms of combat as well as being a exceptional swordsman of the highest level.

Weapons: A Black Zanpakuto called the Righteous Authority (Raichasu-chō). It is the perfect weapon to complement on of spiritual energy and deems themselves the Immortal Slayer. Forged by the fires of hell and hardened by the nature of the gods, this deadly blade can not only damage enemies on all ends of the spectrum, be they angel, demon or mortal. But this blade does not stop at damaging merely the flesh, every successful attack chips away at a persons life energy, basically killing the soul along with the body.

If you are unlucky enough to feel this cold blade pierce your body. You do not go to heaven, you do not go to hell, no cosmic being will lay claim to your being. You simply will be no more.
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Powers: Spiritual Energy (also known as Life Energy or Ki energy) - Tenshi has the ability to manipulate life energy. He can create outward concussive blasts, focused piercing attacks through his fingers, or combine the energy with his sword to create deadly cutting waves.

Tenshi can absorb the life force of other beings rapidly, but only through physical contact. Kinda the opposite of Juliet in that regard who don't need contact, but her absorption only works slowly.

Though meditation Tenshi can create a spirit body and travel through dimensions to the afterlife. He cannot interact with the ongoing heaven, hell, or purgatory. All Tenshi can do is look and listen. During this time his physical body will also be completely defenseless if it where to be found and attacked. So this is a ability only to be used wisely and only if answers are needed that only the afterlife could supply.

Tenshi can also use spiritual energy to buff the strength, speed, and durability of his physical being.


Owned consoles - Playstation 2, Playstation 3, Playstation 4.

Previously owned - Playstation, Nintendo 64, XBOX, XBOX 360.
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Tenshi Homarru (Heroes Alternate)
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