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 Katy Karma (Alternate Universe)

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PostSubject: Katy Karma (Alternate Universe)   Katy Karma (Alternate Universe) I_icon_minitimeMon Nov 12, 2018 4:36 pm

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Name: Katy karma.
Age: 17.
Height: 5'6.
Weight: 128lbs.
Citizenship: American.
Marital Status:
Sexuality: Female.
Species: Homo-Superior.
Ethnicity: American.

Personality: Katy is genuinely a kind and open minded, yet also competitive girl.    She was one of the people that was a bit nicer to Scott on his arrival instead of jumping straight to hostility.     She hasn't had much adversity in the Alternate universe to overcome as other characters, not as of yet anyway.    But she's shown to be adventurous, likes to have a good time as much as anybody else, and has shown bravery always will to jump into a fight and help a friend.

Katy has shown a sense of pride as well, with her loss to Nina in the Genosha tournament having a noticeable impact in her mood and Katy showing disappointment in herself.

Base of Operations: Genosha.

Known Relatives: Katie Karma (mother), Suigetsu Karma (father), Jin Karma (brother)

Allies: True Notes.
Enemies: Mafia, Fear Factor.
Religion: Christianity.

Theme Song:

Skills: Katy is pretty decently skilled in combat sports like boxing, MMA, wrestling, etc.   She's also a good sing singer often taking part in True Note performances.


Powers: Hydrokinesis & Cryokinesis - The power to manipulate water and ice respectively.    Katy is still relatively new with using her powers in combat and hasn't showed much in feats yet, but her potential is great.

Bio: Katy is younger born American sister to her elder Japanese brother Jin.    Originally a reporter covering news stories of flooding in Japan for FOX News, Katie found herself falling in love with one of the rescuers named Suigetsu, a man of Japanese origin but one who was used to press coverage and knew enough English to strike up a conversation.    One thing lead to another and in time Katie would move to Japan where she and Suigetsu would wed, and as such adopt Suigetsu last name.     Soon after their son Jin would be born.

Things would go pretty well until Jin reached the age of 9, at this point Suigetsu would suffer a server back injury forcing him out of physical activate.    After recovery finding a new line of work would prove difficult, and much to Jin's protest, the choice was made to move to American.   There Suigetsu was able to land a desk job and Katie started a online business at home.

Not long after the move Katy would be conceived, being named after her mother though with different spelling of the name.     Born 9 months later Katy would become the mail focus of Suigetsu and Katie, while they didn't neglect Jin, it was obvious that the new baby took priority.     It did not help that the past 9 months had not been good to Jin.   The move to America had not been kind to him.     He found himself unable to relate and make new friends, he turned into the loner dork that was always picked on his school, and his slipping grades as a result of his struggles often lead to him being shouted at, at home.      While Katie was a bit more on the gentler end, Suigetsu was the type of man that was absolutely not going to tolerate failure.

All this would misguide Jin into feeling unloved and neglected and he would run away from home upon his 10th birthday.     Search parties would be sent out to look for the missing child, but Jin would never be found.

Katy would have a easier time as she got older, being able to relate to people and make friends a lot easier then her brother.    Suigetsu and Katie never told their daughter about Jin, she was to young when he ran anyway to remember him and they didn't see the sense in worrying her about it.      Katy would lead a pretty peaceful and happy life, she'd have a fascination with the ocean from a early age, even going as far as to get a dolphin tattoo on her right thigh as a young teen.     Her mutant power of water and ice would start making sense of where this fascination with the ocean would come from, with Katy spending countless hours at beaches providing the weather was nice.

Katy would do well in school and also discover her second interest in physical activity at a young age.    She regularly competed in all kinds of sports at a young age then proceeded to transition into mostly combat based physical activity once she was old enough.

Like many mutants Katy would love to ultimately go to Genosha in her later years feeling like she could learn more about her mutant side from there.   Katie and Suigetsu worked for years to save up and have their daughter realize her dream, Katy herself even pitched in with whatever small amount she could though taking babysitting jobs and such.     Ultimately their efforts would pay off and when it was time for her highschool years, Katy was indeed able to travel to Genosha and attend the school.

From there she'd make good friends with the True Notes, and the rest is history as the story goes.

Owned consoles - Playstation 2, Playstation 3, Playstation 4.

Previously owned - Playstation, Nintendo 64, XBOX, XBOX 360.
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Katy Karma (Alternate Universe)
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