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 Ice Hands (Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Ice Hands (Heroes Uprising)   Ice Hands (Heroes Uprising) I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 24, 2012 4:53 pm

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I never asked to be a hero, or a leader, but it's the cards fate dealt me

Name: Filipe Roderik
Codename: Ice-Hands (formerly Black Reaper)
Alias: Icy
Year of Birth: 1991
Height: 5.11 feet
Weight: 167 lbs
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Identity: Secret
Citizenship: Portugal/Genosha
Marital Status: Single
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Species: Mutant
Ethnicity: Iberian
Personality: Filipe is sarcastic, snarky, and can be cocky in his own abilities as a fighter. He doesn't back down when threatened, but tries to be serious and keep his mind above knee jerk reactions, especially if he's in the role of the leader at the given moment. He leads if necessary, but prefers to follow. Most importantly, he values his friends and comrades, and will do anything to protect them, even if they're in the wrong. But he also does not hesitate from setting them straight. After Harry's death, he sometimes compensates by being overly comedic, and also as a result of the Light Admiral's death he has no trust of the US government or any other state that attempts to pass mutant regulations of any sort.
Base of Operations:
Universe: 616
Know relatives: Father (deceased), mother, two brothers, sister, Rachel (girlfriend that might as well be wife), Stella (adopted daughter), Gally (adopted daughter)

Allies: Shadow X-Men, Avengers, SHIELD

Enemies: MRD, Tess Corp, Hellfire Club, Hydra

Occupation: Superhero, Physiologist, Genosha Institute teacher.
Religion: Agnostic
Theme Song:
Pillows: Blues Drive Monster [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

-Physiology Degree: Filipe has a bachelors degree in physiology and knows a great deal about the human body and it's functions. He can use this knowledge for medical support, but generally sticks to theory and educating others, such as in chemistry or biology.

-Master Martial Artist: Filipe is experienced in several martial arts, including Shaolin Kung-Fu and Karate, as well as extensive knowledge of several arts that use pressure point as attack focuses. He can apply this to defeat opponents even without his powers, and can fight evenly with just about any fighter on Earth. He's considered the best hand to hand fighter in the SXM. He has a good eye for the surrounding objects and uses them to his advantage

-Experienced Leader: Filipe has been a superhero since he was 17 years old, and has over 10 years as a fighter on the front lines against the greatest threats to Earth. He's one of the founding members of the SXM, as well as the Shadow League, and was at one point elected the leader of the League.

-Covert Operations: He was briefly associated with the CIA and acquired some knowledge of infiltration and espionage.

-Extensive Marvel Knowledge: As a huge comic book fan, Filipe has extensive knowledge of the Marvel world, and as such, he can easily come to solutions and conclusions others can not. As time progressed, this became less of a useful skill as the universe comes to reveal things even the heroes of before didn't know.

Filipe is easily one of the strongest evolved humans in the world and is considered an omega level mutant. His powers allow for a huge versatility of attacks, and grant him near invincibility for as long as he can keep using them.
He has also been blessed by the Heavenly Host, which allows him to hurt demons and angels, as well as get around some mutant defenses

-Thermokinesis. Filipe can lower the kinetic energy in atoms and project coldness from his body. He does so by overriding his own hypothalamus, the temperature control center of the brain. This ability converts the latent thermal energies in and around his body into an unknown form of energy that is efficiently dissipated. A related mutation as turned his body tissue immune to sub zero temperature. As such, Filipe can instantly lower his body from the normal temperature to even absolute zero (the point where all molecular motion stops). He can also lower the surrounding temperature, to the point of forming a shield that can protect surrounding people from thermal sensors, and detect heat signatures himself. He can bring the temperature down to such a degree not even cosmic flames can be activated.
As his body temperature falls, the surrounding moisture freezes up, creating a thin layer of ice around him. He has shown enough control to lower the temperature of certain body parts. He can control the thickness of the layer to create an ice armor to increase is durability, but he mostly relies on his organic ice.
--Absolute Zero: He can lower his temperatures just off the limits of absolute zero (as this state is not possible with just thermodynamic means), and in this state molecular motion stops, creating an effect similar to Yama's time freeze. However, beings with energy forms can if reacting on time, avoid this. He avoids taking the temperature so low if fighting with allies.

-Cryokinesis. He can create ice from air by freezing the water molecules. He can psionically manipulate ice, even when not in physical contact. The limit is his imagination.
He can create ice platforms to move above the ground, however, the constructs need to be supported, and they can't hold him indefinitely. He can create ice projectiles, ice shields, and other constructs. He can also create ice clones of himself of any size.
His full effect can even freeze an active volcano, and create ice fields in any location that stretch out for miles and last over long periods of time. He can freeze at a distance using ice beams. His ice and freezing attacks are powerful enough that they can affect beings like the Phoenix.
Filipe has a practically unlimited supply of moisture at all times since it is always present in the surrounding air or environment. Even desert air has sufficient moisture content for him to make practical use of. However, the mental effort needed to employ his mutant power could eventually fatigue him and render his freezing ability temporarily dysfunctional.
--Organic Ice: Ability to not only cover his body with ice, but to actually become organic ice. Filipe is virtually indestructible in this form: he can reform his shattered body even if it's completely destroyed. His control is so great he simply cannot be killed while in this form. In this form he will be able to use the moisture in the air to form spikes, shields and other extra appendages to his body, as well as grow to gigantic sizes. He can turn himself into water vapor and dispel himself into the surrounding air, making it seem as if he has disappeared, and even manipulate all the moisture in the area if he's dispersed into it, almost becoming the atmosphere around his enemies.

-Hydrokinesis: Filipe can use surrounding moisture to augment himself as previously stated, but he can also use it to teleport. It is accomplished by breaking himself down to his most base levels and reforming at the destination. He will also be able to convert his body to gigantic proportions through absorption of sufficient liquid. He can also control the moisture inside individuals.
--Molecular Moisture Inversion: Ability to freeze all of someone’s water molecules. He can revert the process
--Molecular Moisture Conversion: Ability to transform people into moisture molecules and transport them over great distances, this is the equivalent of a form of teleportation. He can kill people in this fashion by not reforming their bodies

-Atmokinesis: It's a combination of Thermokinesis and Cryokinesis. This power turned out to be what he calls "his domain". He can perfectly control the temperature of a very big area, and even make it snow or cause blizzards.

Developed Attacks:

8 Trigrams, 64 Palms:: His unique attack combines his powers with his martial arts training. He delivers a series of debilitating precise blows to the pressure points, freezing them. The technique is deadly, and leaves evolved humans unable to use their powers correctly, and sometimes even fully nullifies them. He has based it on the real attack from the Gentle Fist arts of the Byaku Clan.

Lion Stance: A fighting stance and style taken from Harry, Filipe focuses all his freezing power into his hands and feet. His blows thus instantly freeze anything they touch. While not as deadly as Harry's, it can still be destructive.

Heaven's Subjugation: He can use his thermokinesis in combination with his cryokinesis to influence the weather, causing the temperature to lower and clouds to form. The true form of this skill takes shape in a domain of influence that allows Filipe to freely control the temperature inside. In this space, kinetic moment is reduced due to active removal of heat. It can be brought to temperatures just off the cusp of absolute zero for an effect similar to freezing time. He usually activates it to use his strongest attacks

Ice Flower Funeral: Perhaps his strongest attack, Filipe releases super condensed "cold waves" from the skies in the form of snow flakes, that upon contact with the target cause instant removal of all heat in the area, creating ice shaped like a flower. The temperature is at such a point that there is no molecular movement at all. After all the snow flakes fall, the opponent is covered in a gigantic ice monolith. The ice is so cold and dense, Sandra could not melt it with her cosmic flames, although this was when she was still inexperienced in using them.

Sword of the Brave: Filipe creates an ice spear made from nearly unbreakable ice. The density of this ice, coupled with the speed it is thrown at, is enough to damage entire buildings, and Filipe can create multiple spears for rapid fire

Aurora Execution: An attack started in the same manner as the Ice Flower Funeral, but instead of small cold wave flakes, a huge burst of cold is fired from the clouds to completely freeze it's chosen target. The attack can also be fired from Filipe's closed fists.

Lunar Flare: Filipe jumps high into the air above the intended target, and creates a smooth circular pillar of super hard ice running from the ground to him. The pillar is extremely hard to break. At first not named, the attack was given a name similar to Harry's strongest attack, a tribute to his fallen friend.


Filipe was born and raised in Portugal in an average family. One night, while returning home from a day out with his friends, he suffered an attempted mugging. While at the beginning he easily fended them off, one of them caught him by the back and stabbed him. The shock triggered his power, and he froze the guy solid, shattering him. He managed to get away and call the cops. When he was in the hospital, Yamairo contacted him, and to his surprise, explained his nature and power. He was taken shortly after to train, and was introduced to Yamairo's group.
Soon, he meet Milo and Nate, and ended up helping Milo control his mimicry ability. He, Anna and Milo ended up trying to stop Zulan's attack on Ledge, and Filipe was made to feel cold by the villain, revealing his inexperience. After that, he helped the group defend themselves from the future soldiers lead by German. In the final fight, he couldn't do much to match either Milo or Zulan

During the next few months, he would gain access to the ability called organic ice, and first tested in combat against Velon. However, despite his best efforts, he failed and was defeated. He was forced to see Anna killed in front of him, although she was revived later. During his imprisonment, he was toyed with by Kathy. He was soon saved as well as the other captured, and helped defeat the Agency«s base. He helped get Kathy under control and got her to join the group, until she betrayed them. During the final battle with the Agency, he played his part as well
After that, he fought against Samuel, as he attempted to give birth to a new evolved human race. They lost, and were captured, but thanks to Kathy, where saved again. After that, they managed to defeat Samuel.
Soon, more problems arose as Jason took over the seat of President of the USA. The group was forced to run. During this time, he became good friends with Harry and James. He also helped free the mutants captured at Sindus' island, including Riya and Alex. At the end of the fighting with Jason, when Milo got his powers back and they managed to revoke the hunt, it was revealed that they were really in the marvel world

Soon, he came to meet the new Iron Man, Aaron Stark. After that, he became involved in the Soul Tournament. He fought in the first round against none other than Aaron who he had met, managing to disable his armor. In the enxt round, he fought against Gary. After a bloody struggle, that almost cost him his soul, he used every once of his power to freeze a volcano solid and then freeze Gary. He lost consciousness, but TOAA brought him back, telling him he had to win for his friends. He next had to witness Zulan kill Anna in cold blood. In his final fight, he fought Zulan himself, and nearly defeated him first taking control of his organic ice, and then using his new move, the 64 palms, to injured Zulan. However, the villain managed to pull a desperation move and defeat the ice warrior.
All the souls were returned at the end, thanks to Yamairo and Milo's joint efforts

After that, he was involved with the fight against the symbiote. He managed to keep himself from getting taken over, and ended up fighting the SXM's possessed members, taking out Yama on one occasion with Harry, and then dealing with then dealing with the possessed Asgardians
He was having trouble with his normal life and decided to quit the team but would help if needed. Once again, he got dragged into fighting in Samuel's competition. He fought Anna, who had been resurrected, in the 7th house and lost to Elemental(aka Catherine) in the 8th house.
During the next few months, he managed to straighten out his life somewhat, but was placed under the Controllers power. As a result, he ended up fighting his friends. Later, the Demon Invasion started, and he fought against Black Heart's legions. He also meet an strange individual by the name of Derek Vega

He ended up sitting out of the Secret Wars so his power couldn't be used against the SXM by controller. He helped the invasion team attack the Espada, defeating Derek Vega, almost costing him his life, and then defeating Arries when it looked like Harry would be beaten.
In the Civil War arc, he was one of the SXM members that decided not to agree with the act and refused to sign, starting the anti-registration movement where he led part of the group which battled the Government and Pro Registration. They were later arrested only to be freed by Zane leader of SHIELD and later decided not to use their abilities to avoid conflict, but a war began and he gave up leader-ship to Nate that could better handle the problem. He received the death of Milo with a heavy heart. The group managed to defeat the government and end the Superhuman Registration act.

He broke away from the SXM for not agreeing with their methods. During the next months of absence he focused on his studies and finished is final semester in College, gaining a degree in Biology
He came back when Milo foretold a danger. After returning, he fought against the Terror Squad, helping to defeat Darkness during their first battle with him and later, during his attack due to the eclipse, he saved his hostages and allowed Harry to defeat him
He helped against the threat of Legacy and and Hitler. During this time, Rachel Ventro, Milo and Leah's younger sister, took a liking to him, constantly trying to seduce him, much to his chagrin

Yamairo sent him to the Hidden Valley Village and he ended up caught in their affairs. He was trapped in the infinite time loop and had to solve it in order to escape. He was the first to meet Akatsuki in combat.. He helped solve the issues and save the village. He then helped deal with Akatsuki, first Namini's attack on Genosha, dying while attempting to avenge Sandra, and bring brought back. Then heading to save the captured people, fighting Sasori with the unexpected help of his grandmother. He managed to counteract his poison by freezing it upon entry. Afterwards, Sasori's grandmother saved him from a fatal injury. After that, he went to back up Katy vs Kisame, but ended up benched as Natsu took over
When the Predators came after Sandra, he helped defend New York City with the rest of the SXM.
He participated in the final attack against the invaders, helping sneak the team into the ship and keep them cloaked from thermal sensors

When the SXM started disappearing, he was one of the few that was left, helping deal with the Phoenix Alliance. He unveiled his new attack, the Ice Flower Funeral, and actually managed to freeze Sandra, the phoenix.
The SXM were told of the Hunters, as Milo and the others decided to create squads within the SXM. Filipe was named the leader of the city busting squad, and was placed in charge of Sandra, Kathy, Luke and Kujon. He seemed lost at first but gained a hand for active leadership.
He started dating Rachel during this time.

He was a target of both Akatsuki and the Espada as they both attempted to open the portal to the brimstone dimension. He was captured while trying to save Gary, and was only freed at the end of the confrontations when the portal was opened and Iliria stepped out, unleashing yet another evil on the world.
After that, during the Olympian war, he fought against the gods. First he attempted and actually managed to freeze Atlas on one occasion. By the end, the SXM were pardoned of their crimes for helping against the titans.
During the AVALANCHE arc, he was a big help against the group at the final battle, but Sefirot took both him and Harry down and forced them to fight against the SXM by manipulating them with his energy
He was present during decimation as he helped deal with the constant attacks. During this time, he fought Zin, and was beaten, revealing he was still took weak.

During the Legacy Virus arc, he was absent training, first with Marie's grandfather, and then alone in Everest. When Harry went to get him, the Red Room attacked, infected Harry and nearly killed both. Hei recovered the two of them. While Harry escaped, Filipe stayed and trained with Hei. During this time, he came to trust him and his plan to end the hunters before they could destroy Earth.
In the final fight with the Hunters, he returned just in time to save the mansion, and Rachel, from their attack, revealing his new power, the mastered Heaven's Subjugation, as well as his new attack, the super condensed ice spear, Kusakabe. He ended up fighting Harry to protect Hei as the later moved to the center of the island. He froze Harry, showing his mastery of the Ice Flower Funeral
As he approached Hei, he revealed that he was actually following orders from the hunters, but trusted his partner Yin, that she would end the conflict either way. Filipe didn't trust him after hearing about the Syndicate, and attempted to attack them. Yin tried to protect him, and lost control. Hei suddenly activated a bright glow, and engulfed and made the center of Genosha disappear, Filipe along with it.

After disappearing from Genosha, he wandered through the sea for a long time. He was sapped of his powers, his body rejecting him because of Yin's influence. He was able to make it to shore, and then stow away on a ship for his home country of Portugal. There he got monetary back up, and started a hunt for Hei, to get answers. He was obsessed with understanding why Hei did what he did.
He was lead to Japan, where he took up the Identity of the Black Reaper as a cover to search for information, but he was targeted by Solf, who was looking to kill Hei, and Harry, looking for both himself and Hei
After fighting in Japan, Harry discovered his true identity and all the parties tracked Hei down to Russia.

In Russia, they finally found him, but he couldn't fight him and ended up injured by Solf. However, he gained a new ally in Jessica, and joined the CIA to temporarily get information and resources. During the next month, he uncovered information that shed some light on the matter. Yin was still alive, and apparently, out of control, with Hei going after her for reasons he assumed to be sentimental
He next appeared in Lisbon, where he found Hei trying to stow away to Genosha where Yin would be. After a battle on a ferry and incapacitating Solf with Jessica's help, he tracked Hei down to the ship. There he meet Harry and the 2 again joined forces against the Black Reaper.
However, the 3 knocked each other out, and were left to wait for morning to arrive. Once upon Genosha, Filipe, Harry and Hei decided to stop Yin, who was on a one way mission to kill all mutants. While they failed to fight her, Hei managed to bring her guard down long enough to kill her himself. Hei departed with her body, and Harry used his MI6 connections to get the both of them out (Filipe could have used his CIA status, but that would alert the government to his whereabouts).

Finally, the two traveled to Amber's house. Finally ready to put his business with Hei behind him, Ice-Hands at last returned. He arrived near the SXM just in time to defeat a clone of Sandra wilding the Phoenix Force
After that, he left the team to find Rachel, and finally met her again, after nearly half a year. He participated in the SXM's hostile takeover of Genosha, and on the attack and subsequent destruction of HAMMER. He was also there to help fight against the Evil possessed "Isabel"

Later, he, along with Harry, Sandra, Milo and Dave, went into hell to help locate the souls that were sent there unjustly by the Void. He and Harry ended up fighting it out with Dormammu out of an insult the demon gave. During this war he also went head to head with Lucifer, albeit with little effect.

He was present to fight in all the major events. During No More Heroes, he, Harry and Hei's crew tried to stop Castiel's plan, but failed. However, their powers were restored. Harry and Filipe went to Japan to recruit Yamairo to the new team Milo was forming. During their stay, Filipe engaged in a CIA ploy to murder a friend of Yama's with past transgressions with the CIA, which turned out to be false accusations. In the end, the full story is not uncovered, in part because of Aya's secrecy.

Shortly after the League's formation, Milo gives Filipe the position as leader of the League. This happens just as the Serpent is unleashed by Harvey. His first major crisis turned into a nightmare as the powers of the heroes were drained. After facing Nerkodd several times, Filipe withdrew and allowed Aaron's Mighty to take on their foes.
His next major fight was Sutur's invasion, which he handled with far more class. However, he started to constantly second guessing himself, as he believed he was not cut out to be a leader like Milo or Yama. Rachel assures him that he has what it takes, and so does Harry.
He quickly works with James and Nate to gather all the escapees from the Vault, but HYDRA's; the organization behind the attacks; intentions are never fully understood.

Soon after these events, he receives a call from Portugal informing him his dad had died in an explosion. Deciding to investigate the mysterious events behind the explosion, he is accompanied by Anna. While in his home country, he spends the entire time brooding over going to the funeral or not.
He discovers the reason of the explosion to be angelic in nature, and he is asked by Raphael to investigate. A new angel had been forcefully trapped within a cyborg container. After discovering the angel, a young teenage girl, Anna and Filipe decide to not hand her over to heaven due to fear of their actions against her. He names the girl Galadriel (Harry's idea) and takes her home with him
Later that day, while everyone is at Paris for Milo's bachelor party, the archangel Raphael visits him again, and reveals that the angel is actually the reborn Micheal, his older brother. After asking Filipe to look after her, he takes him to his father's grave and allows him to make peace with his dead father.

He is then informed of the situation with Zed and returns to duty, but not before passing by his house and telling Gally that he wouldn't let anything happen to her. The Cancerverse then begins their invasion seeking to kidnap beings which have heavily interacted with Death, and Filipe has to content with his alternate self and lead the League against the incoming threat. However, his alternate self manages to kidnap all the five Avatars, and begin the ritual to kill the Death of Earth 616, which will allow the Many Angled Ones, alternate Filipe's true masters, to invade the dimension. Death is destroyed, and their invasion begins, just as Filipe was about to command the infiltration of the Cancerverse.

Fighting a battle on Zed's space station, he is pitted against both Jet and alternate Filipe, Harry arrived to assist. The two friends are overwhelmed however, and Harry is almost killed, but Filipe's two adopted daughters arrive to save him. Alternate Filipe reveals that the reason all this came to be was the Heavenly Host's apocalypse causing the death's of a good number of his friends, including Harry and Gally.

Milo's defeat of Zed and return after allows the heroes to rally, and Filipe manages to defeat his other self, allowing him a final look at Gally and Stella to let him go in peace. After Amber closes the portal, Filipe is left to ponder how he can avoid the future he was shown.

Before he can think further, SHIELD brands the League responsible for the events of the invasion. With relationships strained again, MRD is brought back, and develop powerful monitors to keep the superhumans in cheek. Filipe decides to disband the Shadow League, and instead recall themselves the X-Men once more. During a mission to clear Tesla's name, Harry is killed, and Filipe is pushed to the edge and begins a war with MRD. Soon after, the Chaos Wave is launched, and the entire superhuman community is shattered, and Rachel is kidnapped.

Filipe comes to discover she is being held in a negative zone prison. Along with Leah, Anna, Dale, Yamairo, Gally and Stella he infiltrates the prison and discover her being tortured by Helena and Nate. He fights Helena to give the others time to rescue Rachel, as well as other precogs that had been held prisoner, like Holst. Unfortunately he is goaded into fighting and expending too much energy, and is defeated by Helena. Now kept prisoner himself, he is tortured until being rescued by Gally in another attack. He then participates in the final fight vs the Brood.

With the team functioning on some levels again, but still separated, Filipe moves to Yamairo's Hokkaido safehouse with his family. From here, he is brought back into action against the invading Hydra, and helps defend DC against MRD, who commanded by Helena side with the invaders. After this, he leads the team in trying to solve the darkness enveloping the sun. Harry returns from the dead for a brief time, allowing Filipe to fight with his best friend one last time, and get closure and a final goodbye.

After Cerebro is stolen, Sandra holds Filipe accountable and takes the leadership of the team from him. Unwilling to fight Sandra, he simple bows down and lets her do as she pleases until she eventually loses control. It's at this point he steps in, and together with Yamairo, takes control of the team once more to help civilians caught in the war between Sandra and the Avengers and other pro government forces. After finding and capturing Zach and fighting Korin's vampire army, Filipe is once again offered leadership of the team, but he instead passes it to Yamairo, a nagging doubt over the future, especially Gally and the apocalypse, preventing him from taking the job.

As the Shadow X-Men construct a station in space to gather the team again for operations, still banned from Genosha, the station is attacked by Arianna and Morgana le Fay, trying to rescue Zach. Filipe helps fight them off, and the X.Men discover that the Sin on Earth has began increasing, and the doors of Hell will be opened. The Avengers also discover that Tanya is the one ultimately behind it all in order to rescue Kano. Rushing to Los Angelos where one of the keys of Hell is hidden to gain help from the angel siblings, the effort proves futile as Hell is opened. Despite his desire to not involve himself in the fight, Gally's duty to fight the demonic incursion, and Yamairo's speech to the team, encourage him to head to one of the cities being attacked, Atlanta, and fight against the demons and escaped evil souls. However, he is used by Kano in an attempt to get to Gally, with whom he is doing battle, so he is taken out of the fight. He eventually awakens to find Kano defeated by what people say was Aaron, but the X-Men are never told what truly happened.

The very next day there is an incident in Iraq, but the station is attacked by Iliria before they can do anything to help. A week after, someone begins assassinating the heroes. While investigating Dimitri, Yamairo is killed, leaving Filipe in charge. He uses himself and Isabel as bait to draw out the killer, revealed to be an android called Omega. Despite their best efforts, they cannot defeat him, and he kills Isabel, Carmen and Sandra. The situation worsens when it's revealed that Omega is after the Infinity Gems, and he is not the only one. Simultaneously Monel and his Black Hand terrorists, as well as Thanos, is hunting for them. The Nova Corps threaten to destroy Earth unless the heroes can find the gem located there. As Filipe plans his move, Cassandra is taken over by the Goblin and lead to the Mind Gem, and the group is forced to follow her. They track her down to Zenn-Lavia, and thanks to the efforts of the other heroes, the 6 gems are gathered and put in the gautlet wielded by Ellen, but Omega had taken over her with Arianna's power. Threatening to destroy the universe and the heroes, he is blocked by the timely intervention of Amber and Milo, who had replaced the soul gems with one from another universe, which does not work in this one. Milo gathers the gems, and uses them on Omega, before nullifying the Chaos Wave.

With his powers back, after another week, Milo begins to crack down worse on anti-mutant attacks, eventually overruling the US government. Despite not wishing to fight for the humans, he follows Yama out of a sense of loyalty, nearly dying in battle against Milo twice. Eventually, thanks to an incursion into the future by Yamairo, the group discover Iliria had been slowly driving Milo after Marie's death during the anti-mutant attacks. Thanks to Amber and Zelretch, her master's, help, they manage to defeat first Iliria, and then Milo himself.

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Gliding across the air
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Creating a blizzard around him
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Absolute zero
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Readying absolute zero ice beams
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Commanding multiple ice clones
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Filipe and Troy taking an arm wrestling match too far
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Ice Hands (Heroes Uprising)
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