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 Tabitha Rasputin( Heroes Uprising )

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PostSubject: Tabitha Rasputin( Heroes Uprising )   Tabitha Rasputin( Heroes Uprising ) I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 20, 2018 1:33 am

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Name: Tabitha Rasputin
Age: 25( Looks like she's much younger)
Alias: The pink magician
Height: 5'0
Weight: 117
Alighnment: Nuetral good
Ethnicity: Japanese/russian
Sexuality: Bisexual
Nationality: America
Species: Homo sapien
Personality: Tabitha is decent combo of chill and no nonsense, able to run with the punches but not take crap from anyone. A large part of this is due to her physical appearance, even though she is in her mid twenties, she tends to come off as being in her mid teens, much to her annoyance and exassperation, leading to people underestimating her and her feeling like she has to shut them up. She has a strong sense of right and wrong, though isnt naive about shades of grey and has good understanding of it, allowing her to see things from multiple angles. She has a major weakness for the color pink and cute things

Base of operation: Her apartment
Occupation: Mage/Chef

Theme song:
Cooking: Tabitha is an excellent cook, always feeling at home in a kitchen and happily threatening to stab anyone who makes obvious jokes about it.

Potion making: Another class that she aced in school and favored past time that her mother instilled in her, she has a vast knowledge of various potions and all their ingrediants, able to fine tune and improve potions

Occult knowledge: Coming from a magical family and attending a prestigious magical school, she knows her stuff

Multilingual: Fluently speaks Russian, Japanese, latin, english, and suprisingly Asgardian

Combat: While not her prefered form of fighting, she is knowledgable enough to defend herself in a physical fight.

Tabitha is a master of magecraft, having graduated with top grades at the academy of magic in britain. Falling into the category of being a white mage and thus specializing in healing and support magic, with an elemental affinity of wind and even mastering the agent art of dragon slayer magic.

White magic: Tabithas specialty is healing, she knows various spells that can heal the slightest to most severe injury and doing so with great speed. She can cast spells that give people temporary healing factors of moderate strength, cure most illnesses, and even mastered a defensive spell of invincibility, it only last for twenty and the incantation is lengthy. For other support spells she can increase a persons physical perameters( strength, speed, defense, etc) capable of making a normal person superhuman for a limited time. She can also cast elemental resistence and spells that can allow a person to damage a person or being in an elemental shifted form.

Barrier magic: Tabitha can create mystical barriers for various forms of defense, stopping physical, magical, psionic, and spiritual attacks, blocking and weathering them, boasting high resistence, she's claimed she knows spells that can protect against time, space, and reality manipulations, though admits to not being sure how reliable they are.

Wind magic: Given her elemental affinity, she has a particular talent for magic that manipulates wind, giving her the ability to levitate and fly.

Rune  magecraft: She has a good grasp on the art though rarely uses it for personal reasons

Dragon slayer magic: Tabitha had a chance encounter with a dragon, the dragon being impressed with her talents, taught her the magic of sky dragon. A lost magical art that grants the user the characteristics of a sky dragon, which comes with a host of support spells. These spells are of a higher grade then her other magic, but as such is more taxing on her magical energy suppply, meaning she cant cast the spells in rapid succession. Another drawback is that she cant heal herself with it, unlike her regular healing magic. She is able to consume air to replenish her stamina and energy, though it has to be clean air.


Wands and staves: Tabitha has a decent collection of wands and staves to summon to aid her in battle. Her favored ones are the wand of Luna and wand of Galaxia

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Wand of Luna

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
Wand of Galaxia

Familars: her main familiar is a winged cat named Artemis, Art for short and a baby fairy dragon named Diz
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Tabitha Rasputin( Heroes Uprising )
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