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 Khaos (Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Khaos (Heroes Uprising)   Khaos (Heroes Uprising) I_icon_minitimeTue Feb 19, 2019 2:47 pm

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"Order is pointless, futile, it will always break down? It can never stand still? What's hte point of order if it'll only eventually lead to destruction, people don't really want order, they want freedom, and freedom is chaos"

Name: Khaos
Codename: Adrian Velont
Alias: N/A
Age: 45 (Mutant Form)/Ageless (Chaos)
Weight: 211 lbs
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Identity: Public
Citizenship: Non-Disclosed
Marital Status: Single
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Species: Mutant/Concept
Ethnicity: Caucasian-Italian
Personality: Khaos is a raging individual with a hatred for law & order. He has a deep hatred of Emperor Fusion and anyone associated with him whether they supported him not which is why he holds spite for the Shadow X Men. He has a deep hatred of any type of organized government or organization. He has little faith in humanity and all living species in general. He seeks to wreak havoc everywhere he goes and gets pleasure in watching what people strive to put together fall apart.

Base of Operations: No Destination

Universe: Emperor Fusion Universe.

Known Relatives: Father, Mother, Brother, Older Sister, Younger Sister, Daughter, Son,

Allies: None

Enemies: Emperor Fusion, Emperor Fusion's regime, The Shadow X Men,

Occupation: Universal Parasite

Religion: Agnostic

Theme Song: N/A

-Skilled in hand to hand combat
-Skilled in usage of various firearms
-Capable pilot

Weapons:Has a blade he can sprout from his arm or any part of his body called the Khaos Blade. It can slice through most materials and cause physical, spiritual, mental, or emotional damage.

Powers:Chaos Manipulation
Khaos has the power of chaos manipulation a very dangerous ability. Being infused with the embodiment of chaos he has a wide range of powers.
--Superhuman Strength (Dependent on how much chaos)
--Superhuman Durability (Dependent on chaos)
--Chaos Blasts: Can launch powerful blasts of clear energy called chaos. He can use them for explosive destruction or seismic force. Can be used for mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual effects.
--Chaos Seeds: Can implant chaos seeds into areas, and cause chaos to grow in the area. The more places he causes chaos with the seeds the more powerful he grows in each area.
--Chaos Parasite: As a being of chaos he can take over beings that submit to chaos will except Emperor Fusion/Milo Ventro. He can control various people and be in various people at once like a parasite. He can leave eggs in people that allow him subliminal control over the host and a servant of Chaos at his will.
--Chaos Teleportation: He can teleport to any signifigant area of chaos as it calls him like a signal. He can teleport to any location his seeds or hosts are but is limited to that and doesn't have free range over his teleportation outside that.
--Chaos Embodiment: He feeds of chaos and grows more powerful.
--Chaos Force: Can tap into the powers of chaos itself to cause chaos physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually. Examples of his power are causing weather like tornado's or earthquakes on various scales or causing glass to shatter, car accidents etc anything that falls under the realm of chaos. He can cause things to be destroyed or shatter such as causing a plane to fall apart or even a political movement. His most powerful thing is control over form as chaos is formless giving him powers over size manipulation, shape-shifting etc into various people and doing the same to others distorting their form causing someone to turn into living animate living water or a dog or even skin falling off.
--Subconscious Manipulation: His original mutant ability enhanced by his infusion with chaos. He can manipulate the subconscious of all living beings. He can see people's memories, desires, either mentally or telepathically experience them. He is able to enter people's dreams and memories to distort them. He is also capable of reaching out to people across inter-planetary distances via telepathic conversations.
--Confusion Inducement: Can confuse people by messing with their subconscious.
--Memory Manipulation: He can tamper with and alter people's memories including animals or even destroy/erase memories including up to causing amnesia.
--Apathy: He can suppress and negate certain emotions in people.
--Multiple Personality Inducing/Personality Manipulation: He can target people's personalities & manipulate them for a variety of effects.
--Sense Disruption: He is able to completely remove the senses of oneself and others by taking away sight, hearing, touch, ability to smell and/or taste temporarily or permanently.
--Thought Inhibition: He is able to disrupt thought process. This is one of his strongest powers. He can inhibit rational thought or manipulate inhibitions to cause people sexual disorders & excitement, cause people to act irrationally, given in to certain emotions or null certain emotions. He can cause emotions to break down and even can influence people via chaos to more violent thought. He can even use this power to fully exert control over conscious thoughts in mind and cause mental disorders & breakdowns. His most powerful use of this ability is causing insanity, creating darker personalities in others based of their inner most suppressed dark desires, and incapacitate them in pain.

Bio: Adrian Velont was born into the Emperor Fusion timeline prior to the rise of Emperor Fusion. He had a happy and loving life growing up. He manifested his abilities in his teenage years and used them to his own advantage to sleep with multiple women and have a fun life before the rise of Emperor Fusion. His family was torn apart, and as a soldier in the military he sided with Emperor Fusion having seen much violence.

He served Emperor Fusion but eventually rebelled as he grew restless and begin to have sympathy for the resistance. He became a double agent for the Emperor Fusion resistance and looked up to the leaders. Eventually he rebelled slaughtering his entire unit from the Emperor. He joined the resistance full time and went against Emperor Fusion himself tapping into the full omega potential of his power allowing him to briefly challenge Emperor Fusion digging into his subconscious to bring out Milo Ventro. This caused Emperor Fusion to murder his entire family tree with a mix of the power cosmic, reality manipulation, & the power cosmic along with magic.

He slaughtered Khaos and destroyed him on a cellar level, as well as tearing apart his soul, and mind. He survived evolving into power subconscious but Emperor Fusion detected him weeks later and launched a violent assault and magical enhanced punishment. After the Emperor's fall he regenerated thanks to fusing with the embodiment of chaos himself and was transported to the present timeline seeking vengeance on Emperor Fusion and everything he stood for now fueled by chaos and having lost everything he loved.


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Khaos (Heroes Uprising)
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