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 Amber Parker (Ghost Rider Agency)

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PostSubject: Amber Parker (Ghost Rider Agency)   Amber Parker (Ghost Rider Agency) I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 24, 2012 6:51 pm

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Ye have a sorcerer in thy midst, and we are but an instrument of the spiral of the world. On in non grandiose terms, I'm a sorcerer, and I'm here to help.
Amber Parker, the Black Magus

Name: Amber Parker
Codename: Black Magus
Alias: The Second Sorcerer,
Age: Late 20s
Height: 5'5
Weight: 133 lbs
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Identity: Secret
Citizenship: USA
Marital Status: Single
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Species: Irradiated Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Personality: Amber is spoken out and to the point. She can be caring, but is easy to anger, and will not hold back against enemies. She has no respect for rules, whether they be government rules, or rules imposed by greater beings like the Vishanti. Instead, she values individuals, specifically her friends and family, and guides herself by her unflinching resolve to protect those she cares for. Despite claiming to not be a hero, she will often take the heroic course of action, and defends the greater good.
He greatest flaw is fear. She is afraid of being useless, and being unable to protect those she holds dear.
Base of Operations: Sanctum Santorum, New York
Universe: 616
Known Relatives: Father and Mother(Deceased), Dale (Brother), Ilyana Rasputin (distant relative), Piotr Rasputin (distant relative), Grigogi Rasputin (ancestor), Yelena Rasputin (distant relative)

Allies: Shadow X-Men, Avengers, Asgard, Ghost Rider Inc, X-Force, Illuminati, SHIELD

Enemies: Threats to the Universal Balance, Black Heart, Outer Gods

Occupation: Paranormal investigator, Mystic
Religion: Esotericism
Theme Song:
Crow'sClaw - Light and Darkness [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
Number 201 - All Evils of the World [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Expert Occultist: She is familiar with demonology, occult practices, the various cults around the world, as well as knowing the names and cosmic standings of numerous gods, including being familiar with the great Mystic War and the Outer Gods.

Expert magical Knowledge: She has spend most of her adult life interacting with magical tomes and books, and is familiar with dozens of magecrafts, their names and origins, and their usage. She can identify the source of a spell by the energy signature it gives off or by the somatic components used for its casting. She has accessed to a huge library composed of Ilyrana's private collection of elven texts, and Stephen Strange's library left behind for her.

Skilled Fighter: Years of experience have given her skill in hand to hand fighting, especially good reflexes and eye for weak points in a person's defense.

Swordsmanship: Her use of the soulsword in combat have allowed her to learn how to parry and block effectively even when not using magic

Great willpower: Amber has enough willpower to withstand using the source of all evil as energy for her spells, and can stand and fight long after most would have fallen. She has also overcome an Outer God's influence upon her mind.

Soulsword: A powerful mystic weapon created by Ilyana Rasputin in Limbo. It has many magical properties and is a unique weapon which chooses its wielder
-Mystic Right: The Soulsword is a physical manifestation of Magik’s magical powers as well as the limbo dimension she rules. As the Soulsword is the living embodiment of Illyana Rasputin, whomever owns the sword is considered to be the ruler of Limbo (Otherplace) just as Illyana once was. Only the ruler of Limbo can wield the sword and only the wielder of the sword can rule limbo. Anyone else wielding it is considered a "loan" by the ruler of limbo. It is unknown what status Amber's usage stands in, however Babba Yaga, the patron witch of all Russian magi, says she has full rights because she has lineage with Illyana Rasputin.
-Anti-Supernatural: The Soulsword has been shown to only harm magical creatures or objects -- it rarely injures non-magical beings or items.
-Anti-Ethereal: Intangible and ethereal beings can also be struck, such as spirits, energy composite beings or elemental forms
-Counter/Break Spell: The sword can break mind control spells or psionic influence.
-Stepping Disk Control: The wielding can control the stepping disks of Limbo, allowing for instant teleportation.
-Spell Sword: Originally, Jimaine (sister of Nightcrawler of the X-Men) learned to 'draw' spells with the sword using arcane symbols. Amber doesn't make usage of this property
-Sword Summoning: The sword can be stored in nothingness and called upon when needed by whoever is worthy of the Mystical Right.
-Summon Armor: It can also be used to summon promethium battle armor around the wearer.
-Augment Magic: Any magic user who holds the Soulsword instantly has their mystic abilities augmented. It is unknown if it has this effect on Amber.

Library: Amber has a comprehensive library of magic books and tomes. Some she keeps for information and research, while others she safeguards so they cannot fall into enemy hands.
-Darkhold: Chthon's collection of black magic texts that give him a presence in our dimension. Can corrupt the minds and souls of lesser humans.
-Necronomicon: The greatest compendium on extraplanar mystical beings, with information on beings such as the elder gods, the old ones and the many angled ones, as well as information on how to summon these beings or their offspring.
-Prelati's spellbook: A tome of summoning magic dedicated to ancient beings of a sunken dimension. Unique in that it possesses it's own mana, and is almost alive.

Amber Parker is one of the foremost experts on magic and the occult on the planet. With experience in the paths of Aggamotto, black magic and the immeasurably powerful Sorceries, she is one of the most powerful individuals on Earth.

-Arcanum Ego, Personal Powers: As a result of her mystic training, Amber is capable of a great many abilities, stemming from the innate resources of her body/mind/soul. She as come to master several forms of magic, such as:
--Astral Projection
--Other Psychic Abilities

-Third Path or Arcanum Divinus: Despite no longer being the Sorcerer Supreme and thus being unable to call upon the Vishanti or the Octaessence, Amber still often calls on lesser deities and demons in order to bolster her strength. Usually the entities she calls upon are dark gods, or dubious patron entities such as Hecate. One exception is the call to Raphael the Archangel for her shield of the Seraphim spell.

-Fourth Path or Necromantic (Black Magic): Amber has become a master in the usage of black magic. Often standing anathema to the threefold path of Aggamotto, black magic allows one to produce great effects at the cost of one's sanity. Amber's willpower and near religious approach to the concept of evil allows her to maintain her sense of self. She most commonly uses it offensively. It is through the fourth path she calls upon the evil energies of the Angra Manyu.
--Counter healing hexes: She can cast hexes that prevent both natural healing factors and mystical healing spells from taking effect
--Mind probing: She can forcefully extract information from a person's mind. Using black magic for this effect is extremely painful on the target
--Black Magic Bolts
--Dark Light Control: The deadly black light, a powerful force which compares to fairy magic in deadliness
--Darkforce Magic: The power to call on the darkforce dimension's inherent power
--Hellfire: She can use the mystical fire of the demon Zarathos to various effects
--Chaos Magic: One of the most powerful forms of Black magic, arguably it's "true form" as it is the magic of the elder god C'thon. Amber has used it in the past, but due to it's unstable nature prefers to not rely on it.
--Darkness of the Divine Conduit: The power to forcefully draw upon an entity without a contract. To use it is to violate magical law, and put oneself at risk. This is the skill she uses to call upon the Angra Manyu.

-Sorcery: Under the tutelage of Zelretch she has learned the ways of Sorcery. She learned the Second Magic, Eye of World, which rules over the operation of parallel worlds. It deals in anything related to parallel dimensions and the infinite possibilities of existence, as well as spacial manipulation. Sorcery is limitless in it's application, but Amber is still new in it's usage despite the power it already affords her.  The usage of the skill has turned her blonde hair and blue eyes with blood crimson colours.
--Multi-Dimensional Refraction Phenomenon: Amber's specialty within the Second Sorcery. It essentially allows small rifts between parallel dimensions that the user can interact with.
--Dimensional Multiplication: Allows her to create endless copies an existing attack, by pulling them from realities in which the attack is also about to occur. The difference is that the attack is already an existing effect, whilst the energy is raw and unused. She can also multiply herself or others, as well as objects, even vastly powerful objects such as the Mjolnir or an Archangel blade, although that does not mean she can wield them.
--Spacial Reflection: Allows her to create spacial warps to send incoming attacks back at the enemy.
--Multiversal Teleportation: Allows her to teleport both in her universe and through dimensions.
--Universal Sensing: Allows her to locate anyone along the various planes of existence.
--Reality Fading: Allows her to enter a state of "non existence". All attacks will simply pass through as if she does not exist. She can extend this effect to others people or objects, creating even city wide phasing. She can also apply it to her attacks, making it so an attack phases through everything except the intended target.
--Multiversal Substitution: Allows for the substitution of anything with a version from another parallel universe, including substituting the target with a version of itself that simply does not exist. Higher beings and power enemies require concentration and a lot of power to substitute. For example, replacing a mutant with a version of him/herself that doesn't have an X-gene can be easy, but doing so to a deity so it ceases to exist can be next to impossible, depending on the strength of the God.
--Spacial Prison: The creation of special prisons that trap a target's body in special created pocket dimensions that can only be accessed by the Second Sorcery.

-Spider Clan Powers: Her physiology is altered, granting her numerous powers. They aren't as developed as her brother's, as she doesn't use them as much
--Wall Crawling: She can stick to walls and travel along them
--Organic Webbing: She can produce organic webbing from glands located on her wrists
--Super Strength: Her Strength has been enhanced beyond normal levels
--Super Speed: She can move at enhanced speeds
--Super Reflexes and Agility: Her reflexes as well as agility are greatly increased
--Enhanced Healing: She can heal from injuries at a much faster rate
--Spider Sense: She can become aware of incoming danger, although she can't discern what that danger might be.

--Icy Tendrils of Ikthalon: Entraps the target in a freezing coating of ice.
--Wrath of the Chill Ikthalon: An enhanced version of the Icy Tendrils, it can change the temperature of the surroundings.
--Crystals of Cyndriarr: A mystical energy blast composed of yellow rectangular crystals
--Daggers of Daveroth: A mystical energy blast composed of red fiery daggers. Their counter-spell is noted in the Book of the Vishanti
--Demons of Denak: Summons what manifests as numerous invisible claws, used for attack or to rip suitable objects apart
--Flames of the Faltine: Standard energy blast powered by the extra dimensional faltines, of which Dormammu is a member.
--Ether Blade and Blast: Spells that rely on the ambient æther, the central element of the classic four element table. It is rather a void of magic than magic energy itself.
--Hades Flames: The flames of the Greek god Hades.
--Hellfire: The hellfire of the demon Zarathos
--Mist of Morpheus: The mists of the god of dreams. She uses it to place her target's mind in illusions and dream like states, while their physical body sleeps
--Shield of the Seraphim: One of the most well known and powerful mystical shields of the mystic arts, it calls upon archangel Raphael and his Seraphims.

-Dragu Slave: A dark magic spell that calls on the Angra Mainyu. It creates a powerful red and black energy orb that is then launched at the enemy. It's explosion is so strong it disintegrates particles down to the atom, and it's explosion creates a vacuum in the area it effects.
"Darkness from twilight, crimson from blood that flows; buried in the flow of time; in Thy great name, I pledge myself to darkness; Those who oppose us shall be destroyed by the power you and I possess; Dragu Slave"

-Ragna Blade: The second black magic spell of the Angra Mainyu. It summons the energy in a blade that can cut through any substance, and even tear rifts in the dimensional fabrics, creating doors to other dimensions. Wounds and damage inflicted with the spell cannot be healed as long as the black energy remains.
"Lord of the Darkness and Four Worlds, I beseech thy fragments; by all of the power thou possesseth, grant the heavens' wrath to my hand; unleash the sword of dark, freezing nothingness; by our power, our combined might, let us walk as one along the path of destruction; Ragna Blade"

-Giga Slave: The final black magic spell of the Angra Mainyu. It allows the magi full usage of the energies for any effect the user desires. Great willpower and restrain is needed to not be corrupted by the power. If one becomes corrupted, there is a risk to becoming an embodiment of evil. There are two incantations. The first incantation forcefully and fully takes the powers of the conceptual evil of the destruction spirit into oneself, both violating the entity and giving it control of one's body to an extend. The second incantation is a more respectful cooperation, that prays for aid and recognizes the weakness of the caster before the idea of evil.
First incantation:
Darkness beyond blackest pitch, deeper than the deepest night; Lord of black light, shadows of darkness and flames of nothing, I call yee forth, swear my body to thee; Let the fools who stand before us be destroyed by the power you possess; Giga Slave
Second incantation:
Darkness beyond blackest pitch, deeper than the deepest night; King of Darkness, who shines like gold upon the Sea of Chaos, I call upon thee, and swear myself to thee;  Let the fools who stand before me be destroyed by the power you and I possess; Giga Slave


She was born and raised in New York with her parents and sister. Grounded and somewhat cynical, she worked part times to get her and her brother out of the projects, scoffing at Dale's dreams as unrealistic, often bickering with him over his obsession with comic books. While in high school she was part of the popular clique and was as well part of the cheer leading squad. However, when there was a competition to be leader, one of the girls tried to kill her and another competitor, Leah. She discovered her powers and saved Leah. This event sobered her up, and she became less cliquey.

She soon discovered Dale had the same powers, and often had to lecture him on using those powers just to get attention.. During this time, they would train after school to hone their skills. However, their parents were killed by hunters of the spider clan, and they were forced to move in with the clan in NYC. After this incident, she wanted nothing more than to get rid of her powers and go back to being normal, but was instead dragged into a struggle between the SXM (who she greatly admired, particularly Yamairo) and the Symbiotes. After she and her brother helped them deal with the aliens and Loki, she was invited onto the team, but remained living in NYC and working (now full time) at the local beauty salon, eventually managing to get a decent apartment for her and her brother.

During the Demon Invasion, Milo and the Silver Surfer hid her on Zenn Lavia to keep her from Blackheart, just as Dale is made the Sorcerer Supreme.  Later with Dale's help she fights the mind controlled Shin, and Tanya. During the Secret Wars, she was brought to the battle, and like her brother she helped the SXM fight their rivals.
Later during the Civil War, she thought about going Pro Registration. At the end of the conflict, Dale willingly interfered on behalf of the anti registration side, and the Vishanti removed his powers. Amber was next in line for them, and was made the new Sorcerer Supreme

She assisted in the final battle against the Terror Squad, and even fought Sindus's army of mind controlled mutants during the time the multi powered Nate took them on.
Later helping out in the New Hope Arc, were she helped heal civilians in NYC, including Milo's former girl-friend Lucy.  

During Namini's attack on the island, she was one of the most active fighters. She helped save various mutants with her magical shields, and was nearly killed by Namini in a confrontation. Thanks to Milo's timely arrival, she was rescued, and stayed behind to guard the island.
This first meeting with Namini turned out to be the start of a big friendship, as the two shared their mutual dislike for the greater sacrifices they had to constantly make.

After that she became very active in her magical duties fighting dimensional threats, and was unable to assist the SXM during the Predator Invasion.
During the Phoenix Alliance arc, she was off fighting a demon in another realm. She missed the early fighting, appearing as Milo and the Alliance prepared for the final attack. Quickly gathering James, Katy and Metallic's group, as well as Aaron, Gary and Stew, she found the alternate dimension where her friends were, and went there to their aid
Confronting the alliance, she fought both Zulan and Shawkun to a stand still without much effort. She then let herself be caught in Ivan's power to rescue her friends. Ivan let them go willingly as Devon had the alliance surrender. In the after match, she and Namini were seen discussion Sandra.

She appeared again during the Brimstone arc responding to the disturbance in the magical barriers. She quickly closed the barrier to the brimstone dimension, but the damage was done and Iliria had escaped.
She played a huge role in the Olympian Wars, fighting Hades in Los Angelos before his army could do to much damage, and then helped fight the titans attack on Genosha. During this arc, she revealed she had began to work on mastering Hex bolts, Scarlet Witches' reality manipulation spells.
She appeared again, this time during the Avalanche arc after Sefirot had merged with the lifestream. She kept Gaea company as the group headed out to fight him there, and then teleported Anna to Sefirot's location, to end the struggle once and for all
During decimation, she was absent, as it was for the most part a human and mutant struggle. She was also absent during the Legacy Virus for the same reasons.
During the Hunter wars, she helped fight the Hunters, arriving at Genosha and immediately helping Milo take on Prime. After that, she went to the leader, and took him on with the rest of the group. However, she and Namini were quickly taken out.

After the 5 months, she has been gathered by Angel as part of the Illuminati.
As the power struggle within the United States suddenly shifts with Jorgan becoming president, Amber is thrown into a situation where she's forced to fight against human authority. During these struggles she abuses a magic called the divine conduit, and calls upon a power which she did not know the source of. During the final fight, she uses a spell that turns her into an evil persona willing to kill all in its path, and it's only thanks to Yamairo and Keeth that she returns to normal.

This entire situation later comes back to haunt her, as the source turned out to be Angra Manyu, the concept described in Zoroastrianism as the source of all evil. Being taken over, a man by the name of Amadeus takes advantage of this to rob her of her connection and instead place it within the homunculus he had created. Amber returns to her normal personality and manages to, with the help of the SXM, reseal the evil before it gained a true personification and consciousness. During the fight Yamairo suffers great injuries, and Amber uses a banned magic to recover him. This, along with her previous slip ups, lead to her being banned permanently from the position of Sorcerer Supreme. After the events, she was contact by a man named Zelretch, who offered her control of the magic she had used saved Yamairo.

After a few months of absence, she returned to find the Vishanti had provoked the anger of an Outer God, and that the Gods had gathered a Council to subjugate the humans. Taking up arms with the SXM, she used her new powers to soundly defeat Hades and several other Gods, before Milo ended the confrontation. She has since been working with Zelretch to track Azathoth, and found a connection with Iliria. While this was happening, the Avengers were wiped out by Terrel and Dale was killed. Tracking down Terrel, she attempting to kill him, but he used the Infinity Gems to defeat her before she could. Terrel escaped after, and she went back to tracking the Outer God's movements

Discovery Iliria was a sleeping Outer God, she attempted to subdue her before she could do too much damage. After a fierce battle with Iliria, who had become Lilith the Outer God despite her efforts, she banished the former to the Brimstone after mastering the Giga Slave. Terrel also brought back Dale, her brother. She decided to give Terrel a second chance.
She has since mostly stuck to herself, helping Keeth and Dale. The three became involved with a struggle between the Templars and the Assassin's Order. Keeth was kidnapped, and there he met Dante, and the newcomer took up residence in the mansion. Dale meanwhile moved back to his apartment after he had recovered from his short time dead. Keeth, Dante and herself formed the Ghost Rider inc. Their first case ended up being again about the Templars. This time, Fathae, a former adversary, asked for their help. Amber disappeared after Dale handed her a strange key. After figuring out what the key was, she was trapped within the dimension of the Outer God of Order, Nyarlathotep. Amber, Keeth, Dale and Dante, who had been trapped inside, managed to escape, but Namini, who had joined the group to help them, was left trapped inside. This set off the wrath of the dark magus, and she utterly destroyed the Templar Order, reducing them to nothing but scattering bands running from the Assassin's.

Several weeks passed, and she plotted to rescue Namini. She enlisted the help of Zelretch, Goul and Clocks, three of the five Sorcerers, to do this. After entering Nyarlatothep's dimension and unleashing the strongest Ragna Blade she had used, the rescue party managed to retrieve Namini. However, her soul had been severely damaged and she was left unable to continue her role as Sorcerer Supreme. After Zelretch and the Goulrur had left, the Vishanti visited her and told her she would not take the role again, but would rather help find a replacement. Amber, despite her dislike of the triumvirate, agreed.

She was present in the battle with the Serpent. After briefly loosing herself to fear, she regained her composure and engaged the Serpent directly, and then Skid his most loyal servant. She was again taken over by fear, but Lucifer was the one to bring her down this time. During Sutur's invasion, she set up a Second Magic barrier around the war, which warped any demons attempting to leave the battlefield out of reality.

She was used by Zed to open up a portal to the Cancerverse, however, when she broke free, she helped fight off the invasion. At the conclusion of the battle, she and Milo pulled together and used the First Sorcery to bring back the murdered Death, blocking out the Many Angled Ones from their universe. She then closed the portal.

When MRD attempted to restart registration, and managed to sow dissent within the League ranks, she took up her sword against both MRD and her friends fighting amongst themselves, angry that they had let such petty arguments divide them. Eventually, someone framed her for the theft of the souls Sandra had killed, and she was approached by Milo and Sandra. She refused to hand herself in, and after fighting both of them, Milo sealed off her Sorcery with the First. Before he could undo it, he was killed, leaving Amber once more a regular mage. Finally, Mother's spell affected her ability to use the Conduit.

She agreed with a plan by Aaron to hand herself over. However, before Aaron could do anything, the Chaos Wave hit and the superhumans were left in disarray, and so Amber was left in the negative zone's high security. She was rescued during the final arc and managed to help Aaron and Ollie as they were escaping Tess within the prison complex. With the fight over, she accessed the damage to her powers and discovered that while her ability to call upon the Angra Manyu was intact, her sorcery was now unusable without very specific and very intricate runic circles, which made it unfitting for combat.

Later, while Aaron was rebuilding the cities, she asked him personally to help her by building the patterns of her sorcery into the city's models, thus letting her use it freely within the rebuilt cities. This helped in the Hydra invasion as she defended Kyoto. Later when Shawkun escapes from his uru metal prison, she goes out to discover what kind of being could be commanding the darkness, discovering it's sentience and the ritual used by the person to ascend to become darkness itself. Harry returns and reveals it is Jet. Amber tells the others she can reverse it, but it will require a soul sacrifice from which one cannot return. The Light Admiral volunteers, but instead Milo tells Amber to just perform the same ritual for Harry. However, he cannot defeat Jet, as they both embody an eternal concept of the universe. She is thus forced to sacrifice Harry's soul to bring Jet down to corporal form. She then fights both him and Shawkun to avenge Harry, and deals the final blow to Jet with the Ragna Blade.

During the X-Men inner power struggles and the war with the Avengers, she doesn't get involved as neither side is being manipulated by anyone else, but she does warn Sandra to be careful with the darkness she is still infested by. Later when the Phoenix fully succumbs to it, Katy asks for her help, believing Jet to be alive. This turns out to be true, and after another fight Amber imprisons Jet. After handing him over to Aaron, she sets off to find the physical point of the ritual, to try and acquire more clues to help Sandra. When that fails, she enters the m'Kraan crystal itself, and there helps the physical manifestation of the Phoenix Force battle the darkness. She returns to Earth, and participates in the fight with a darkness controlled Sandra, before it is broken up by the Phoenix returning to full strength. At this point Amber realizes Sandra is back in control, and backs off from the fight, focusing instead on finding Jet. When she does, she interrogates him painfully, and then keeps him prisoner until Yamairo purges Sandra of the darkness. She then kills Jet once and for all.

She disappears sometime before Kano escapes from Hell, following a certain lead. The Avengers later find her at the island in the center of the world, where she had been investigating Outer God incursions. Kano's bursting from Hell released Iliria, although this is later discovered to be false, as it was because of Emperor Fusion's reality beginning to affect theirs. After a short fight, Iliria escapes once the Avengers manage to free her. She then aids the Avengers in rescuing Samantha from Hell, and fighting the Horsemen of Apocalypse, that had attacked SHIELD looking for Mandarin's rings. After these events, she has a confrontation with Keeth over the fact he hid what he had done with the Hell keys from her, threatening a fight if he ever allowed their friends to come to harm again.

Dale later visits her, and she confides in him that she once again felt useless when their friends were in danger from themselves. When hostilities break out between Milo and the others, she insists that Milo free the Avengers Carmen has captured, but Carmen does not surrender Oliver Morris due to what he had done years ago to her adoptive father Jorgan. As she prepares to defuse the situation, Iliria intervenes, and calls upon their Soul Deal to force her compliance. Yamairo travels to the future and discovers that Iliria had begun using her to hide the Outer God incursion into the multiverse. After freeing future Amber, they manage to rescue Amber in the present as well, and she then calls upon her master, the second sorcerer Zelretch. Together with the few X-Men that could make it, and the remaining Avengers, they manage to defeat Milo, Carmen and the rest of Milo's team.

She appears a few days later before Riku, giving him a gift of the second sorcery's multidimensional refraction phenomenon so he can better control the energies of the Angra Manyu, as she does.

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Amber in her SXM outfit
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Amber with the Soulsword
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Amber, Sorceress Supreme:
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Amber wielding the Ragna Blade
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Amber taken over by the Giga Slave
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Amber commanding the forces of the Giga Slave
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