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 Desmond Miles(Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Desmond Miles(Heroes Uprising)   Tue Jan 24, 2012 9:04 pm

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-You cannot stop me, I am a soldier of God, Imma kick yo ass in the name of Jesus!

Name: Desmond Miles
Codename: Reverend
Age: 33
Height: 6'2
Weight: 243 lbs
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Identity: Secrete
Species: Homo-Sapien
Race: African-American
Known Relatives: Unknown Parents, Wife(Deceased), Son(Deceased), Daughter(Deceased.)

Allies: Hellfire Cult, HAMMER, Cleansers

Enemies: Shadow X Men, X Factor, SHIELD, Fusites

Occupation: Pastor
Religion: Christianity
Theme Song: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Desmond is a skilled combatant due to his many years in Africa, and is capable of going head to head with wild animals. He's trained his body to it's peak, and is capable of surviving in the harshest of environment. He is a master of Kung Fu, having trained during his extended visit to China. He is capable of fighting with various bladed weaponry, and is one of the most capable swordsmen in

He carries two swords with him, both of them have crosses on them, and he also has guns, all which have guns. He has various firearms, and bladed weaponry, as well as some explosives, and he can also use matches.

Desmond is someone who has suffered, and is a constant state of loss, always loosing things he cares about, and always trying to move on with his life. He's grown accustomed to sadness, and poverty but he desperately seeks a better more peaceful life. He wants to help others, especially those in Africa. His goal is to help others, but he does not appreciate mutants in charge of helping others.

He is very religious, and defends his beliefs. He has twisted the Bible, believing Jesus is against mutants, and has put together a secrete army to take down mutants. He despises mutants, blaming them for sin, and various other Biblical, and modern issues. Despite his religion he is often quick witted, and cursing whenever something goes wrong. He is very commanding, explaining all his actions are caused by God.

He blames all things on Satan, and considers Mutant's the Devil Soldiers, and technology a gift of God. He is very kid friendly, and kind to all. He is capable of sharing, and often does so. He is determined to help others, and create a world without mutants, while at the same time making a Paradise.

Primal rage: Desmond has the ability to induce an instinctive and uncontrollable rage in others, as well as suppressing their conscious thinking.

When using his ability, Desmond's eyes glow red. While the full extent of his ability is still unknown, he appears to be able to affect those in his proximity. Once affected by this ability, the victim appears to be overcome by an uncontrollable rage, fear, and sense of survival, which causes him or her to attack those nearby. The victim's rationality is also affected: most do not remember well what happened to them.

His ability operates by strengthening the instinctive, animal part of the mind, while weakening the higher-form, conscious aspect of the mind. This means that if the cognitive functions of a person were impaired, Desmond would be able to use his ability much more easily, allowing him to transform crowds into angry mobs. He can focus everyone's rage on one person, therefore causing everyone in a vicinity to go after one person. He can target more then one person, but he has not yet mastered his ability.

He can use this ability on himself, causing him self to gain an extreme boost in strength, and durability to the point he can toss trucks aside, and bullets ricochet off his skin. But he's consumed his rage, and cannot discern friend from foe.

Desmond Miles was born in Nigeria, one of the most unorganized places in Africa, and was raised in poor conditions. His mother died in labor, and he was raised by his various brothers, and sisters, his dad working three jobs. His father died of a stroke, and after this his oldest brother Kareem. He was sent to school, in hopes of him getting an education so he could do well. He studied word, and often helped his families fish shop, after finishing up high school, he managed to go to America for College.

He quickly was forced to get a job at Burger-King, and after saving money, he managed to buy a car which became his new home. He often dealt with racism, from the whites in his college. He did befriend, and began actively dating, after getting fired from Burger king, he became involved with a Gang known as the Soldiers. He participated in these activities to make money, but was arrested, and learned he would be deported back to Africa a disappointment to his family.

However instead the police officer decided to give him a second chance, and was invited to church. He became active in the community, and got a job cooking at the church. He also taught Missionaries to Nigeria the language of Yoruba. After graduating from high school, he studied in religion, and became a pastor at his local church. He began raising money for a charity project, and he managed to win the Lottery. With the Lottery won he put together a a Charity Known as International Aid.

He got his family, moving them to America, and buying them a mansion. He began helping various people in Africa, and others in foreign countries, as well as poor Americans. People began donating money, as his business helped many get back on their lives. He even married a child hood lover from high school, and started a family, his pastor becoming his Godfather. However his life was ruined by as his family was killed by a mutant, a fugitive on the run from the Government.

Desmond's whole preaching style became about how mutants needed to be punished, and he supported the Hellfire Cult, and MRD with his now vast wealth. Once those organizations were taken down, and the mutants were given rights, he put together an underground army known as the Soldiers of God, recruiting the remaining members of the hellfire cult, and their relatives. The army grew over the next two years, and now he's planning an all out massacre on mutants. He recruited a man named Ego who could negate powers, but they parted ways, and he went underground after the X Lords took over, and he developed the anti human virus. Thanks to Dracarot's ability, he was saved, and ready to go against the X Lords.

After the days of the X Lords he continued to remain active with his army wiped out after the fall of HAMMER he continued his sermons gathering followers, those who truly believed, and got inspiration from the KKK. Despising them he realized there methods would help him and he formed the Cleansers from several HAMMER agents who were now homeless. Bringing them together, and there own weapons he purchased a massive church in Manhattan, and formed an underground church that spread across the world gathering soldiers, those who's lives were ruined by mutants in some form of another, and proclaimed Milo Ventro the Devil, and the Superhero Community his demons, while he proclaimed to be the modern day Moses. Later he met the Rogue Angel Castiel who also wanted the SXM eliminated and posed as an angel sent by God to aid him on his mission to cleanse the world of the Nephalim.

He got a duplicate of the Staff of Moses, and during the COG's attack on earth the Cleansers lead an assault against the demonic forces blessed and grew in ranks fighting demons. He tracked down Carson, and upgraded many of there soldiers with Anti Mugen Technology, and lead an assault against the Shadow X Men, and mutants in general murdering several but the SXM won. They continued to rise, but after the Mutants Rights Bill became enemies of the World Government, but during World War 4 he befriended Afansas, and Sindus wanting to use them to rise to a world where mutants were oppressed, and after the war fell apart, he quickly went to war with Kony's Fusites. He formed an elite unit of Cleansers known as the Disciple's including him Michael, Nicole, and Tenshi.

He also tracked down the remenant of the Bastion Program, and helped him rebuild, and develop several Android Sentinels who joined the Cleansers, and lead an assault on Genosha. Later The X Factor joined by SHIELD ambushed his main church, the Disicple's were brought down, and arrested. Now being shipped to Ryker's Island a prison set up by Oliver, the Cleansers have mobilized to rescue him.


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Desmond Miles(Heroes Uprising)
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