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 Guide to watching anime and manga

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PostSubject: Guide to watching anime and manga   Wed Jan 25, 2012 3:07 am

First, you are going to get Media Player Classic

No, not VLC.
No, you will not fucking stream. Just do what the fuck I'm telling you

MPC should come along with a codec pack called CCCP. Search for that. Install everything in that pack. Enable it to decode H264 videos and 10bit.

Now, where do you get your anime?
First and foremost...you buy it and support the industry. And no, not from the localization market. Have it exported from Japan directly. The localization market is dead and buried, and it's shit anyway.
But in case you want a sample episode, or just don't speak Japanese and want subtitles, you go to nyaatorrents or tokyo toshokan for your torrents
Or you use the fansub wiki to go to each individual site and track down download links. With megaupload dead, good luck with that ;_;

Anyway, that's it for anime

Manga is easier. You will need two sites.
Baka updates. Which allows you to keep a list of currently running manga. Use that to find individual scanlators. As I've said, buy your fucking manga, but if you want a sample, or the manga you want isn't localized and thus there are no copyright holders in the western market, this is your site. Most scanlators these days have a built in Online Reader for the lazy faggots
If you want to download batches, go to manga traders.

To read manga on your computer, download CDisplay. Easy to operate, full screen goodness.

And that's all

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Guide to watching anime and manga
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