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 Kathy/Karen Flonz (Heroes Uprising/Deceased)

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PostSubject: Kathy/Karen Flonz (Heroes Uprising/Deceased)   Thu Jan 26, 2012 9:58 pm

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Don't forget, I'm Kathy Flonz the Cold Blooded Giantess, I'll kill you without a seconds hesitation.
-Kathy Flonz

Name: Kathy 'Karen' Flonz
Codename: Skirn;Breaker of Men
Alias: N/A
Age: 28
Height: 5.11 (can vary)
Weight: 127 lbs (can vary)
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Identity: Secrete
Species: Homo-Superior
Race: Mexican-American
Personality: She is a very manipulative woman, who has no problem taking advantage of others especially men. She enjoys deceiving them, and using them however she wants. Her ability is something she is constantly using, as exerting dominance over others brings her pleasure, and she can only be described as a sadist.
While at one point she was also extremely violent, actively causing pain ans suffering to others, killing them or even eating them, after joining the SXM and pulling away from the agency, she slowly became more kind and caring for others. She even started a relationship with Nate.
However, after an incident where she almost killed her entire team, she reverted back to some of her former tendencies and left the team and joined the X-Force, and then the FBI. While not nearly as sadistic as in her Agency days, she still has no qualms with murdering and torturing others to get the information that she needs. Recently due to stress she underwent during during Fear Itself her mind has been fractured between her regular personality and her divine personality
Known Relatives: Father(Deceased), and Alice(Mother,)

Allies: SXML, X Force, FBI

Enemies: Hellfire Club

Occupation: FBI Agent/SXML Member
Theme Song:

Skills: She is good at manipulating men, being a master seductress. Her form of dress often helps her goals.  She's a capable fighter, having been trained in armed and unarmed combat by the Agency.

-She has Perfected the art of torture, and thoroughly enjoys doing this, even after her conversion to goodness. It brings her an odd form of pleasure, and as such she tortures people for the team whenever she is needed. Due to her ability, she is the perfect torture specialist, as she is capable of reducing the target to size's were their bodies can be ripped apart as though they are made of paper, but she's gentle enough to only break a bone or two even with that reduced size. Her torture methods include.
-Breaking someone's bones
-Slowly ripping them into pieces
-Cutting/Stabbing them apart with a needle or knife
-Putting them in a jar, and closing it causing them to slowly run out of oxygen
-Putting them in bowel of boiling water
-Drowning them via placing them in a container, and filling it up with water.
-Crushing  them slowly via with physical force, or by chewing at them.
-Setting them alight with a match.
-Dropping them from extreme heights.
-Letting Animals torture them
-Freezing them
-Microwaving them
-Smothering them

Mass Manipulation: She can change her size and the size of others by thinking about it or by physical contact. She can choose the size she wants something to be whether it be doll size, or gigantic. She can even reduce a target to microscopic size, and there is no time limit for the size transferal. Using this technique she is not limited to biological life-forms, and can shrink inanimate matter as well. She has mastered her ability, and is at the point where she can use her ability near instantaneously.
Her Area of Effect is great, and she can be considered an Alpha Level mutant.
When she shrinks a mutant  their powers become weaker. When she increases the size of someone their strength and durability increase to superhuman levels. She's gained more control over mass actually able to shift it's location while manipulating it so if she makes a rock grow she can make it appear above a building or while shrinking an suv she can make it appear in the middle of fire allowing her to transport mass while altering it. Another bonus of this ability is being able to manipulate gravitational mass so she can retain her regular human mass while shrunk or gain the mass of someone 2000 feet while retaining her normal height.  She can use said mass as a weapon such as putting great mass on objects to crush them or lessening mass to allow objects to float.

-Skirn Mode:: When under immense psychological pressure Karen's body recalls it's transformation to Skirn and allows her to duplicate the power she wielded in that form, which grants her unlimited use of mass manipulation. This transformation often leaves her drained and disoriented afterwards, and she does not actually gain divine properties only the level of control over her powers she wielded in that state.

Bio: Kathy was born and raised in an average family. Her dad left them when she was four but in reality she had gotten in trouble in school one day and discovered her powers shrinking him making him one of her toys and she would often  make her baby-sitters into toys  usually breaking or swallowing them. However she didn't remember this and later when eight she was raised by her mom Alice. She was often  bullied and she liked Zulan for defending her. When Zulan killed her  she got upset but  was hit hard and later wanted revenge. She got mad and discovered her powers murdering the bullies.'

She was sent to foster care for three years during this time she learned to shrink people. Than later she ran searching for Zulan for revenge  and killed people to get what she wanted. She eventually got a job as an assassin for hire killing people   good or bad with her powers and kidnapping people torturing them for fun. She eventually met Blot and joined the Agency.  She later met Filipe and others  and began to like them. She later was later kidnapped by them and she tricked them capturing them. She took them to Blot and after the Agency was destroyed and she  got sent flying into a desert  she met Stewart and Gary.

They manipulated her to find  Yamairo and she joined them only to shrink them and bring them to Samuel. She teamed up with Zulan to rescue them and joined the group.  She helped them fight the Government off and joined the Shadow X men She went to Asgard and when returned helped out the SXM Some.  She joined the tournament and managed to defeat the immortal Ledge. She cheered on the side-lines and fought Chulance killing him but he self resurrected and beat her causing her soul to get taken by Shawkun. It was free and she helped fight crime. She and Nate later kissed and both realized they liked each-other not realizing that Nate was really Cyber.

She continued her relationship with him as he became famous  and later helped out against the demonic invasion. She began dating the real Nate after Cyber's death. They had a strong relationship  although she still had a crush on Filipe. She continued to date him into the Secrete Wars where she was manipulated by the Brotherhood nearly murdering several of her friends she was reverted to normal after the war. She joined Anti-Registration with Nate and together with Chulance they went to Dale and got him away from the Vishinti. The four of them went to earth only for Nate to have to be sent to hospital and the group searched for William. They rejoined the group and Nate and fought. She learned Nate wanted to marry him after this chaos ended.

However after Nate took over the SXM, he became obsessed with his new role, and their relationship ended, however she choose to remain on Genosha. She decided to become more involved the SXM, after hearing Milo's message. She aided the team in many of it's conflicts against the Terror Squad, even showing the remnants of her old self when she held Infection hostage for quite some time. She assisted in the final battle, and during Legacy she continued to remain active, helping battle Legacy, and helping Aaron's squad rescue Marco from a Legacy Base.

After their escape, she did not help Aaron anymore, instead helping in the fight against Hitler, and the SGS. After Milo returned, she became less active again. She was outraged by the Hellfire Cult's treatment of mutants, and participated in combat against them, despite being overwhelmed by certain members in terms of overall capabilities. She clashed against the Mutant Response Division, and during the Sentinel Invasion she was  a major help, becoming one of the more famous members of the team.

With the invasion over, she became more helpful, even teaming up with other members of the team to battle crime. However around this time she was kidnapped by the mutant known as Ivan, who had the ability to trap physical matter in his mind. She bonded with the other members whom Ivan trapped such as Rail, and Anna. She remained imprisoned for months, but was not released until the Phoenix Alliance was defeated. She decided not to participate in any matter superhero activities, and received therapy sessions to deal with the physiological torture she endured.

She began to recover and joined Filipe's squad on the SXM. She bonded with the members of the squad, especially Luke. She helped her squad  when they went after Akatsuki members, but was unable to stop Filipe's kidnapping. She was sent to the medical infirmary on Genosha, and remained there when the island was attacked. After being healed, she teamed up with her squad, and some other SXM members to rescue Filipe, and the other kidnapped elementals. She was once again defeated this time by the hydrokinetic shark mutant Kisame.

With Akatsuki disbanded, and her mind back together, she resumed her superhero work, often confronting the dust manipulator Shakat,  who quickly became one of her main rivals. When the Kree Skrull invaded, she went with Filipe's squad to assist in the battle against Ganta and the Atlanteons. She also participated in the SXM's invasion of Hala, and helped the Atlanteon's tremendously, providing large amounts of water for them to use against the Kree Skrulls. During the Olympians attack on the island, she was against useless, and decided to train to push her powers to the next level. She helped combat the Olympians in LA, but was nearly murdered by Hades.

She recovered over the next few weeks, and helped combat the Assassination group Avalanche, however she decided to stay on the island instead of going off to the final battle. Months later she once again become one of the more famous members of the SXM, however one of the members of Priest's church Virus, inflicted her with a virus. She lost control of her ability, reducing the mass of anyone who approached her, eventually she managed to gain control, and was taken to the SXM medical infirmary again. Her condition grew worse, and William was unable to heal it, and Milo had vanished.

Eventually Virus activated his infection again, causing Kathy's ability to greatly reduce the size of the entire island, which she inadvertently swallowed. Filipe who had returned from his private training, rescued the others, and left her frozen. She was recovered to resize those Emma had used her ability on, and was cured of the virus by Milo. She decided to leave the team, blaming herself for nearly killing all of the members. She joined the X-Force, and gave into her violent urges, taking out her brutality on mutant terrorists.

However once the Legacy Virus was released, she remained in the XF base to avoid getting the infection. After it was cured, she trained with the X-Force to prepare for the invasion.  She arrived on Genosha helping Troy's Squad fight off a large amount of hunters, she reunited with Luke, and together they fended off the hunters allowing Troy's Squad to make their departure, and right before they were overwhelmed, Milo arrived dispersing the Hunters. She returned to the X-Force, and over the next five months became their elite torture specialist. She attended the mass funeral for all the SXM members, and Donny's funeral. She decided to take part in the mission to kill Afansas, who had put the Legacy Virus together. After HAMMER started, she left the X Force, and left to school, joining the police force, and getting a promotion into the FBI, becoming an interrogator, and lead agent, she now seeks to find out who murdered her father. She was partnered with Fawke's friend Arthur, and also met a computer analyst named Smith who was pro mutant, and against HAMMER's extreme methods.

She began supporting the SXM again providing information the FBI had on HAMMER, and used her abilities to gain secrete files. Eventually she learned of HAMMER's mutant killing virus, and abandoned HAMMER along with her close friends made in the FBI, and rejoined the SXM to help bring down HAMMER. After helping that she rejoined the team for a time until she left once again to traveling around. She began dealing with the emergence of a spit personality she created early on her life to cope named Karen, and her murderous urges, and how Ellen reached out to her marking him with an invitation to the Sisterhood. During Fear Itself she was living as Karen as she was in a relationship with Smith again, however she was dealing with her feelings for Luke. However she joined the fight helping Damage Control deal with the Worthy's damage, and confronted Skirn overpowering her in combat. Skirn then transferred her power to Karen greatly amplifying her power she went on a rampage wiping out the populace of Manhattan and growing to monstrous heights and devouring part of the UK before her rampage was halted by Terrell and Christian. She regenerated and aided in the battle against the heroes until the Mighty defeated her. However  "Kathy" had been shattered in the trauma and her Karen persona regained full control.

Her first order of business was attacking Smith's apartment hospitalizing him, and then going to Genosha to reunite with Luke. Ever since then her mind's been fractured and she's been struggling not to indulge in her sadistic tendencies while trying to keep her psyche together. She resumed her relationship with Luke, and lived with his family, and clashed with his sister but saved her life from human traffickers when she was trying to score drugs in a bad neighorhood. After that they're rocky relationship became a friendship, and she got involved with Milo's plot to shrink and kidnap New York City to use a bargaining chip against the anti superhuman U.S Government. Everything went wrong when drones were sent after her, she was captured, and Terracorp used it's serum to transfer her powers to Tess. She was held prisoner in Terracorp for week's, until she was framed for destroying New York City on live television. She was framed for kidnapping several more cities, and killing millions of inhabitants with support from the SXML. Her framing thanks to her power resulted in a billion deaths being attributed to the SXML, and she ended up being murdered by Tess on live television. Afterwards Mikey helped Luke find her corpse in an MRD facility in Jersey where Tess stashed it, and it was taken back to their underground base in Nevada. Ikon transferred all her memories to Luke so he could cherish her memory forever.


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PostSubject: Re: Kathy/Karen Flonz (Heroes Uprising/Deceased)   Thu Jan 26, 2012 9:59 pm

Kathy Tearing a City Apart
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Kathy taking on members of the SXM
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Kathy crushing a woman
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Kathy leading an army of Giant Sized Warriors.
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Kathy and Nate
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Kathy, and Riya combat Terrorists
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Kathy vs Riya
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The Olympians taking Kathy Down
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Kathy combating MRD agents
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Kathy/Karen Flonz (Heroes Uprising/Deceased)
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