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 Heroes Uprising Data Sections

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PostSubject: Heroes Uprising Data Sections   Heroes Uprising Data Sections I_icon_minitimeMon Jan 23, 2012 9:24 pm

Important Items and Weapons
Mutant levels
Arc list and Theme Songs
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PostSubject: Re: Heroes Uprising Data Sections   Heroes Uprising Data Sections I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 12, 2012 11:05 am

Saga Theme Songs.

Milo and Nate, two humans with strange powers, become involve with a group of others like them as they race to stop a mad killer named Zulan and save the world from a possibly apocalyptic future. First arc based in Heroes's first season
Theme: Halo ODST theme (fan made) [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

After Yamairo's group becomes more organized and begins tracking down other evolved humans, they come into contact with a shady organization that captures and tags superhumans. The group decides to take them down, but the true enemy may not be who they think. Based on the second season of heroes as well as the first part of season three
Theme: Will Smith - Men in Black [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

As the superhuman battles become more and more frequent the public begins to question the attempts at cover ups. A shapeshifter named Jason infiltrates the white house and orders a witch hunt on all evolved humans. Meanwhile, Yamairo's group hides out in Japan and discovers an island where metas are experimented upon, coming across Alex Banner and his sister Riya. The nature of Alex's powers and the discovery of a strange hammer sheds light on the cause of the the superhuman population. Based on the second half of the third season of heroes
Theme: Muse - Uprising [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Soul Tournament:
After discovering the truth of their world, that they are really within the marvel comics universe, the group has to deal with a strange soul reaper named Shawkun who goads them into participating in his twisted version of mortal combat by holding Sandra hostage. Meanwhile a new hero calling himself Iron Man appears in LA. Based on the Mortal Kombat fighting games
Theme: Disturbed - Inside the Fire [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Play of the Trickster:
Kano, who had previously discovered he was the son of Thor the God of Thunder, has to deal with his father's treacherous step brother Loki and his plan to take over Asgard. The Shadow X-Men, as the group now call themselves, lend aid to their friend. Lifts both inspiration from Thor comics and Spiderman comics
Theme: Led Zeppelin - Immigrant Song [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Samuel's Return:
Samuel, the true leader behind the Agency returns with his powers restored. Reviving Shawkun, he creates a new group of superhumans and uses them to challenge the heroes to a little game. However, his more sinister purpose causes the mutant population to suddenly sky rocket, leaving the SXM with chaos in their hands. Based on Sanctuary Arc of Saint Seiya
Theme: Korn - Evolution [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Island of Mutants:
After Samuel's successful gambit to increase the mutant population, Milo Ventro uses his slowly increasing powers and his family's influence to create an island nation just out of the coast of the USA. Naming it Genosha, the same as the island city that once existed near Madagascar, the heroes name it a safe haven for mutants and a place where they can learn to control their powers. Based on X-Men comics
Theme: Shiro Sagisu - Stand Up Be Strong Full [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Demon Invasion:
Black Heart, one of the most powerful demons in the marvel world, is resurrected and unleashes a massive attack upon Earth. The Vishanti return and name their new Sorcerer Supreme Dale Parker, while Kano and Milo take a long shot and attempt to rebirth the Phoenix Force in a new host, Sandra Fuller. Based on X-Men and Doctor Strange comic
Theme Shiro Sagisu -  Invasion [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Secret Wars:
Travler, a descendent of the Beyonder, brings all the heroes and villains to participate in his twisted idea of entertainment while he sets out to destroy the Earth. It is revealed Samuel is Milo's father, and Yamairo is made to make a choice that goes against all he believes in. Based on the Crisis Crossover of the the same name from Marvel
Theme: Shiro Sagisu - Treachery [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

A group of powerful and very old mutants sets out to destroy Genosha in order to bring down the mutant population and allow it to continue in hiding. Based in the manga Bleach, particularly the Hueco Mundo arc
Theme: Shiro Sagisu - Nube Negra [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Civil War:
The constant destruction caused by superhumans causes the world governments to take action and force registration upon any heroes. The SXM are divided and friends fight friends attempting to defend their point of view. Dale loses his powers to his sister Amber for taking a stand and Milo is forced to make the ultimate sacrifice. Based on the Civil War crossover from Marvel
Theme: Pillar-  Frontline [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

A powerful group lead by a dream manipulation mutant attempt to kill Abigail and Troy. The SXM track them down to arrest them, but one of them betrays them all and attempts to plunge the world into a never ending darkness.
Theme: Disturbed - The Night [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

A powerful organization named Legacy manages to take over the US government by infiltration and begins to attack the SXM in an attempt to exterminate all mutants. Without Milo behind them, the SXM quickly lose ground
Theme Tarantula (lyrics) and Kasahara Yuri (Opera) - "Libera Me" From Hell [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

New Hope:
Milo returns and the SXM once more organize on Genosha, as they attempt to rebuild their fallen school and get their life together, facing various challenges from various sources. Some event based on the Matrix, others on Naruto, and some on X-Men's Days of Future Past
Theme: 3 Doors Down - Citizen Soldier [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

A sinister assassin organization attempts to capture mystical entities to re power their fallen leader. The SXM get caught in the crossover and Isabel is tempted by revenge against Troy for the murder of her family. Based on the manga Naruto, particularly part 2, and Fairy Tail
Theme: Flow - Sign [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

A powerful alien race attempts to destroy Earth in revenge for Sandra's genocide of their home planet when she first gained the powers of the Phoenix and was unable to control them. Meanwhile Aaron Stark is injured in the fight as must undergo an experimental treatment to save himself. Based on the film Independence Day, as well as the Predator franchise
Theme: Skillet - Alien Youth [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Phoenix Alliance:
A group of mutants starts to kidnap various members of the SXM, and apparently led by Zulan and Sancho, a human who can kill people by writing their names, they attempt to bring down the heroes. However, it's revealed that behind those two lies an even bigger plot that's the answer to the mysterious disappearance of the previous generation of heroes.
Theme: Anastacia - Everything Burns [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

The reason for the heroes vanishing is revealed, as the Hunters, a powerful alien race, are set to return to Earth and finish what they previously started to wipe out all meta humans. The SXM organize themselves to better ready their defenses, while Aaron creates a new hero team with the help of the reformed SHIELD. However other things are afoot as the Espada and Daybreak return, kidnapping various elemental users in an attempt to open up a portal for some strange entity. Meanwhile, Yamairo and Isabel finally fight each other with disastrous consequences due to her search for revenge. Based on an X-Men arc that began in Uncanny X-Men #428 (2003)
Theme: Thirteen Senses - Into the Fire [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Kree Invasion (Avengers arc)
The Kree attempt to take Sandra, the Phoenix, away from Earth to control the powerful cosmic force. the Avengers lead by Aaron give chase. However, the Inhuman-Kree leader Son-Aris doesn't seem to be acting right and his sister begs the heroes for help. Based on several Starmjammers comics.
Theme: Megadeth - Duke Nukem Theme (Grabbag) [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Death to Immortals:
A powerful mutant named Tenshi with the ability to manipulate spirit energy is hunting down immortals or anyone with the potential to be immortal out of his own hatred for those to cheat death. However unbeknownst to him Shawkun is hunting the hunter intending to use his power to fuse the spirit world with that of the living and have a buffet of unlimited souls to finally gain the power he desires to wipe out the SXM and rule the universe
Theme: Kamelot - Across the Highlands [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Olympian Wars:
The Olympian Gods come to Earth to judge the SXM for releasing Kronos back during the Legacy conflict to help Yamairo. The heroes are forced to defense themselves while hunting down the rogue Titans while Mount Olympus rains death on the major cities across the globe. Based on the various marvel mythological comics
Theme: Muse - United States of Euroasia [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Anna's past is revealed as a mercenary group encounters and brings down her team of X-Men, kidnapping her and seemingly hypnotizing her. Something bigger is afoot as the group attempts to resurrect the reason for Anna's amnesia and death of her family, as he sets out to destroy everything that's made her happy since. Based on Final Fantasy 7's mythos with a bit of Hellfire Club
Theme: Yoko Kano - Call Me Call Me [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Armor Wars (Avengers Arc):
A strange alien android named Nono returns to Earth and the Avengers find her. Meanwhile Jorgan Osborn convinces the government and SHIELD to take the Iron Man armor and mass produce it to use with the super soldier serum he has developed that create a powerful energy using super soldier named Regan. The Avengers assemble to stop them, and Nono reveals her power, as well as her purpose: to stop the Hunters wherever she finds them
Theme: Black Sabbath : Iron Man [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Apocalypse returns, and as expected 2 X-Men are named his horsemen. The others race to free their friends while Apocalypse attempts to destroy human kind to pave way for evolution. Meanwhile Iliria, the mutant from the brimstone dimension, attempts to manipulate Yamairo by creating a homunculus clone of Isabel, while also dealing with keeping Marie away from Milo. Based on popular X-Men arcs involving Apocalypse
Theme: Audiomachine - Guardian at the Gates [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Legacy Virus:
Virus, one of the members of Nightmare's group, recreates the Legacy Virus and unleashes it on the world. the SXM scramble to protect Genosha and mutant kind but several of them become infected. Meanwhile, Filipe and Harry are kidnapped by a strange mutant serving the Red Room named Hei. Based on the Legacy Virus arcs of the X-Men comics
Theme: Disturbed - Down With the Sickness [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

The Second Hunter War:
The Hunters finally return. The Silver Surfer heals all the SXM infected with the Legacy Virus as the heroes prepare to do battle with the incoming genocidal wave. Every mutant on Earth is recruited, every meta human, every villain. races to the defense of Genosha, the main hub of mutate society. Meanwhile, Avengers Nono and Kano defense the space with the help of Inhuman Son-Aris
Theme: Muse - Knights of Cydonia [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

The Hunters have been defeated, and now the SXM need to rebuild after several of their members were killed. However, other things are afoot as Jorgan prepares to overthrow the heroes in a massive coup. Filipe, who is revealed alive, is in Japan tracking down Hei, with Harry right on his tail. Bits based on Darker than Black
Theme: Durarara!! OST - Ikebukuro West Five-way Intersection [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Dark Reign:
Jorgan has become the head of SHIELD, renaming it HAMMER and becoming the head of the world's security. He assembles a team of "heroes" and begins to hunt down all the previous heroes, even managing to completely reduce Genosha to the size of a bottle within his daughter Carmen's fictional world prison. The remaining heroes band together and attempt to overthrow the tyrant. Based on the Marvel crossover Dark Reign and Siege
Theme: Sachi Tainaka - Disillusion 2010 [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

A Nightmare's Lullaby:
Jorgan Osborn is defeated, but the world may never be the same again. Shawkun and Nightmare take this chance to steal the Power Gem and begin to attempt to take down the former heroes. Meanwhile, Filipe and Harry, both powerless, are tracking down Hei to get answers on what happened right at the end of the war with the Hunters and demand answers from each other for the fight they got into.
Theme: Metallica: Enter Sandman [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

All Evils of the World; All the Good in This Life:
A strange alchemist named Asmodeus, creator of the homunculus Isabel, kidnaps an out of control Amber, who had given in to the dark powers she was drawing on. He attempts to transfer the very concept of evil into the the homunculus and give it birth. Yamairo the SXM attempt to stop him and save their two friends, and Yama is forced to face how he feels about the clone of Isabel. Based on Heaven's Feel, the third route of the visual novel Fate/Stay Night.
Theme: CROW'S CLAW - Light and Darkness [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

X Lords:
After taking back Genosha, Milo grows tired of human prejudice and attempts to take over the world and force peace and compliance on people. Dracarot, along with several other SXM attempt to revert the world back to democracy before it's too late. Based on the DAU Justice League episode "A Better World"
Theme: Rihanna feat. Jay-Z & Kanye West - Run This Town [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Council of Gods Arc:
After things are reset by TOAA at the end of the X Lords arc, things appear to be back since Dark Reign. However, the various pantheons of the Gods take this time to declare war on mankind due to them having ignored them and stopped their worship. Aaron calls forth the Avengers, and Milo the X-Men as they stage a massive battle against the Gods in defense of their planet. Not based on any particular thing
Theme: Abney Park - Stigmata Martyr [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Fall of Avengers:
The Silver Surfer meets a strange individual named Kosmos and the two strike a friendship. However, Kosmos' turns out to be some type of villain and in a confrontation with Terrell of the Shadow X-Men, he is killed. Surfer, enraged by this, attack and beats down not only Terrell, but Riya, Terrell's girlfriend. This leads Terrell down the war path with the Earth's Mightiest Heroes as the side with the Surfer. Not based on any arc
Theme: Gun's N' Roses - Knockin on Heaven's Door [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Shawkun somehow uses his powers and Victor von Doom's help to claim the Soul of the Universe, attaining near omnipotence. During a fight, he severely injures Milo, but the hero manages to return and defeat him. However, the injuries cause a strange effect that begins destabilizing an energy source known as True Power. As this happens, an alien race called the Absorbiums comes to Earth to track down and kill Milo, who they claim is one of them, and the source of the instability that is threatening to tear the Earth apart.
Theme: Linkin Park - New Divide [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

The Galaxy War:
Tensions between the Shi'ar and the Kree finally erupt into all out warfare and Earth is caught right in the middle of the massive conflict, with various other races getting involved, SWORD calls on the Earth's heroes to help in the defense of the planet, and Milo manages to strike a powerful alliance with the Skrull, who had since their failed invasion of Earth been left for dead in the larger universe. With the small but battle ready SWORD-Skrull fleet and the powerful Avengers and X-Men, as well as the exiled inhuman Kree lead by Son-Aris, the heroes prepare to defend themselves in the larger theater of galactic warfare. Based on the Marvel comics story arc War of Kings
Theme: The Prodigy - Invaders Must Die [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

The Dark Month
Theme: Gun's N' Roses - Welcome to the Jungle [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

World War IV:
Another World War erupts, with Russia and the USA as the foremost nations on either side of the conflict. Milo takes the USA's side, and this great upheaval in the balance of power threatens to plunge the super hero community into another internal struggle.
Theme: Nena - 99 Luffbalons [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

President Magneto:
99 souls rise from Hell, amongst them the soul of Erik Maximoff, otherwise known as Magneto. Seeing the mutant population still under threat, he takes matters into his own hand and takes over the US government. Meanwhile, Shawkun reemerges and takes control of Sandra using a new ability to control the souls he's taken in the past. With most of the SXM in danger from this ability, Fawkes calls on an old friend to defeat the soul reaper.
Theme: Living Colour - Cult of Personality [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

No More Heroes:
Castiel manages to take over Samantha and Carmen's powers and fire off a powerful spell that renders everyone on Earth powerless. Using this chance he launches an all out war against Michael and the Heavenly Host. Without their powers, the heroes struggle to fight off their various enemies, until they begin receiving aid from a man who claims he can return their powers through a special formula.
Theme: Journey - Don't Stop Believing [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

The League:
Milo takes a grand undertaken when she decides to unite the Avengers and Shadow X-Men into a single massive team, dubbed the Shadow League. Can he lead such a grand gathering of powerful heroes, and will this upsetting of the balance of power be tolerated by the governments of the world
Theme: Nine Inch Nails - We're in This Together [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

The War in Heaven:
After Castiel's takeover results in Michael's death, Lucifer unleashes his final invasion of the Heavenly Host. Pressed for resources and without Michael's powers, Raphael now leading the Host attempts to fight back against his older brother's final invasion.
Theme: Rammstein - Mein Hernz Brennt - [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Lies My Parents Told Me:
During the grand opening the Genoshan Shadow League amusement park, Mephisto attacks the Fuller family, kidnaps David and Chloe, sets Abby's demon form loose and forces Sandra to make a soul deal with him. Steal SHIELD's cosmic cube, and he'll return David. After the heroes have a little rune in with a time traveler, they move to help Sandra, but Mephisto forces her brother Manny into a soul deal for Chloe's life. The pirates, the Shadow League, and eventually Sandra when she awakes are thus locked in a race for the cosmic cube and the Fuller children's lives.
Theme: Shivaree - Goodnight Moon [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Fear Itself:
After Harvey Osborn finds a strange hammer in the arctic hidden by Hitler, he is turned into Skadi, an Asgardian god. He thus unknowingly sets into motions an ancient prophecy that brings back the Serpent and their Worthy, and said prophecy states it will end in Thor's death. Without Thor to die, Kano is assumed to be the one who will take the fall to protect the world. Can the heroes find a way around it to save their friend, or is this the Son of Thor's final battle. Based on the Marvel comics arc of the same name.
Theme: Disturbed - Fear [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Sutur's Debt
Sutur, the fire demon and ruler of Muspelheim, returns from his imprisonment to take over the Nine Realms. Kano asks his friends of the Shadow League for help as a horde of Fire Demons barrels down on Genosha. Based on Marvel's Journey into Mystery comics.
Theme: AC/DC - Hells Bells [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

The Nine Headed Skull:
Someone suddenly springs a massive trap upon SHIELD, stealing their cosmic cube and killing the only person capable of replicating them. Without the cosmic cube technology, SHIELD is left on high alert against the Shadow League, unable to trust both them and Genosha with the massive firepower the superheroes provide. Tyler and Aaron work together with Ollie and Matt to track down the one who stole the cube, as Hydra finally shows itself after years of inactivity. Loosely based on the first Captain America movie
Theme: C&C Music - Red Alert [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Is Paris Burning:
Milo and Marie's wedding is close at hand, and Harry schedules a bachelor party in Paris. However, while there, a strange man named Zed crashes the party and initiates a fight with Milo that sunders his powers completely. Milo later reveals he is another absorbium. Before the group have a time to access what just happened, Zed unleashes the Cancerverse upon planet Earth, and they must now fight alternate versions of themselves to protect not just their world, but Death herself.
Based on the Thanos Imperative arc from Marvel Comics.
Theme: Dream Theater - Honor Thy Father [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Mother Knows Best:
After the effects of the Red Skull and Shawkun's soul suggestion happens, the various governments begin to distrust and hate the heroes, relationships between the mutant community and regular humans begins to shatter. When Nate sides with a newly proposed monitoring act and the new incarnation of MRD, it causes a rift in the superhero community that threatens to plunge them back into another civil war. As all this happens, the mysterious Mother begins to manipulate Sandra, Milo and others for an unknown plot. Not based on anything
Theme: Three Days Grace - Lets Start a Riot [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Soylent Brood:
After Mother's Chaos Wave goes through the entire universe and Milo is assumed dead, the Shadow League is shattered and MRD gains more and more power, leading the world governments in their continuous hunt for superhumans. However, not all is right with the organization, something lurks under the shadows. Meanwhile Tess Summers and her company take advantage of the situation to ruin the hero's reputation further and profit off the anti-powers arms race. But her plans as well seem to hide something sinister. Based off Marvel comics various representations of the Brood race.
Theme: Jerry Goldsmith - Alien Main Title [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Mother *** Space Nazis:
After finally defeating the Brood and curbing MRD power, the heroes manage to rest and lick their wounds for a bit. Aaron and Ollie have regained their standing and have begun rebuilding the damage caused by Tess. However, when a signal comes from the moon, the Kree embassy asks them to investigate. Aaron assembles the Avengers once more and leads them to find Hydra and a massive invasion fleet, assembled over the years and hidden thanks to Milo's sundering by Zed and then the Chaos Wave, the red skull intends to use this to conquer the Earth. That's right, it's nazis from the dark side of the moon. Based off the movie Iron Sky
Theme: Laiback - B Mashina (Iron Sky trailer ver) [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Are You Afraid of the Dark:
After defeating Hydra once again, the heroes go through more rebuilding of the world following the constant disasters. However, when peace is so close, a strange darkness envelops the sun, without anyone being able to breach it. Worse, several prisons across the globe begin to get broken into, their criminals released, their thoughts and physical powers increased by the darkness. The heroes must discover what is causing this before the planet dies without it's sun. Not based on anything in particular
Theme: Iron Maiden - Fear of the Dark [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

The Song Remains the Same:
After once more saving the world, the remnants of the Shadow League are still unfortunately distrusted, with an exception of the Avengers who have been reformed under SHIELD fleet commander Aaron. When cerebro is stolen, Sandra finally has enough and challenges Filipe's control of the team. However, her powers are being boosted by the same darkness that she used during Jet's attack. Can she keep control and return mutant rights, or will she become Magneto to someone's Xavier? Not based on anything in particular.
Theme: Led Zeppelin - The Song Remains the Same [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Kano's Inferno:
As sin begins to increase on Earth, the heroes begin to realize something is wrong. When Morgan le Fay and Arianna attempt to rescue Zach, the Shadow X-Men discover that the doors of Hell are about to open. Meanwhile, Tanya attacks the Avengers tower and has the Destroyer attack Genosha island, as she attempts to retrieve the keys of Hell hidden by Greg and Keeth. She retrieves both keys, and then the key hidden in LA, and releases Kano, who promises vengeance upon Midgard for his imprisonment and the previous attack by MRD. The only thing that stands between him and humankind are the SXM and the Avengers, but will the SXM even fight after the last year of abuse by the governments. And will Aaron be able to fight his best friend? Not based on anything in particular
Theme: Dragonforce - Fire and Flames [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

The Night of the Apocalypses:
As James attempts to take a rest from the sudden invasion by Kano, he discovers the X-Force in his room. Scott Summers has discovered a celestial signal coming from far North in the Canadian Arctic. There, the team discovers an excavated celestial ship, and Simon, now fully altered and succumbed to his Horsemen of Death persona. Scott tells the team Simon has become the heir of Apocalypse, and will attempt to carry out the celestials mission of evolution on the planet. Meanwhile, the Avengers discover Castiel had left Samantha in the lower levels of Hell by her request, and decide to ask for Amber's help in a rescue. However, as they track the black mage, they discover that Kano's tearing of the dimensions set loose Iliria Gallio, the Black Queen of the Hellfire club. Based on the Dark Angel Saga from Uncanny X-Force.
Theme: Metallica - Four Horsemen [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Omega Weapon:
As the heroes are finally given respite to bury their dead, including Tanya and Simon, another threat emerges as a strange enemy appears from the future, slowly picking off heroes one by one, starting with Dimitri, then Ledge, then Sean and even Yamairo. As the Shadow X-Men and Avengers struggle to fight this foe calling himself Omega, other things are afoot as several factions, including Monel and the Black Zero organization, and the Mad Titan Thanos, hunt for the Infinity Gems. Not based on anything in particular.
Theme: The Protomen - Light Up the Night [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Emperor Fusion:
After managing to end the Chaos Wave, the power balance of the world has been offset. The anti-mutant groups are increased in activity as numerous mutants regain their full powers. In the midst of the chaos, Milo decides to enact order himself, and gathering all like minded heroes, "takes control" of the US law enforcement, specifically relating to mutant affairs. However things begin to spiral out of control and Milo's actions become more and more authoritarian, and after the Avengers and Shadow X-Men attempt to stop him to no avail, and Pol-Arris is captured, the Kree are mobilized against him, making the conflict planetary, The Human Supremacy Movement then kills Marie, pushing Milo off the brink and Iliria's waiting arms. Meanwhile, Yamairo decides to go back in time to investigate the incursion of a future assassin who claimed to be his daughter, as well as five fighters who were trailing her, including one with god like time and space manipulation powers, he finds a desolate universe ruled by Milo, now calling himself Emperor Fusion.
Themes: The Protomen - The Stand (Man or Machine) [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
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PostSubject: Re: Heroes Uprising Data Sections   Heroes Uprising Data Sections I_icon_minitimeFri May 31, 2013 4:20 pm

SXM Leadership.

Here we rank the SXM members based on there respect/reputation among the team.

Current leader:

Second in command:
- Milo Ventro.
- Filipe
- James

Field Commanders:
- Sandra Fuller

Respectable:(People who are respected allies, but not often given commanding roles.)
- Katy Kharma.
- Metallic (Justin Lynch).
- Tesla Nova.
- Chulance.
- Dave.
- Marie.
- Anna.

Allied friends (Someone of low reputation or isn't even called on very much for mission, but is still on good terms with the team.)
- Juliet "Julie" Sanders.
- Jim.
- Chloe Fuller.
- David Fuller.
- Danny Ventro.

Below average (Someone who was probably once a enemy of the team and hasn't yet proven himself to the team.)
- Joe Dark.

Noteworthy figures outside SXM.
- Troy Crosby. (former member).
- Abigale "Abby" Fuller. (former member).
- Harry. (deceased).
- Amy Ventro. (Milo's child daughter).

Owned consoles - Playstation 2, Playstation 3, Playstation 4.

Previously owned - Playstation, Nintendo 64, XBOX, XBOX 360.

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Other Key Figures List

President: Jonathan Taylor
Vice President:

Prime Minister of England: Leon

Prime Minister of Russia: Afansas.

Tess Summers: CEO and director of Terra Corp the company responsible for the injections that can negate or grant abilities temporarily.

The Hill Family: Responsible for the famous clothing line Loki, also notable for being Terra Corp's main business partners.

Alexander Hill:(Father)
Sarah Hill(daughter)
Tyrone Hill(Son)

Osborn family: Another infamous family, descendants of Marvel's own osborn family. There famous for the world renown company Oscorp.

Jorgan Osborn:(Father)
Harvey Osborne(Son/Reported Missing to the public)
Carmen Lopez(Adopted Daughter)

Stark Family: Another famous Stark family, who's identities are all known.

Aaron Stark:(CEO/Sole Heir)


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PostSubject: Glossary/Important terms   Heroes Uprising Data Sections I_icon_minitimeTue May 26, 2015 8:40 am

What follows is a list of important terms and concepts relating to the Marvel universe that you may want to take into account when making a character:

Catch all term for any human with superhuman abilities caused by mutation. It can be induced by both external factors such as radiation (Hulk, Fantastic Four), magic or the presence of the X-gene.

Mutants, or homo superior, are the next stage in human evolution. A mutant is identified by the presence of a special gene dubbed the x-gene. During puberty, the x-gene begins causing physiological and anatomical changes in the individual which provides them with various strange abilities. A mutant is categorized based on both the power of their ability, and the impact their mutation can have on their lives. The levels are Gamma, Delta, Beta, Alpha and Omega.
Omega class mutants are extremely rare, and almost always extremely powerful, able to channel energies at great degree, or manipulate elements to massive effects.
Alpha class mutants are mutants without much external physical differences, but possessing very strong powers. While not as rare as Omega class, they are still fairly rare
Beta class mutants are the most common type. They look like regular humans, and wield fairly moderate to weak abilities.
Delta class are mutants with the strength of Alpha class, but with huge anatomical changes that hamper their ability to blend into human society.
Gamma class are the most unlucky. They have weak powers, and huge anatomical changes, meaning they are usually the mutants that suffer most from abuse and discrimination, as they can't effectively defend themselves, or fit into society.
Mutants were created by the Celestials, vastly powerful alien beings made of pure energy, with special armors to give them physical shape, that can reach skyscraper sizes. By experimenting on humans early in their history, they created two offshots of humanity, the Deviants and the Eternals, and gave humans the ability to evolve into the homo superior species. The Eternals wield vast powers and are very long lived, while the Deviants are genetically unstable to such a degree no Deviant resembles another. They can range from extreme physical mutations to very subdued mutantions. Amongst the three races however, only the humans, by evolving into Homo superior, have the potential to achieve Celestial like power.

Long ago, during the great Kree Skrull war, a Kree outpost on Uranos conducted experiments on the then young human race, for they had discovered the Celestial alterations to the gene code of humanity, and wanted to both circumvent their own genetic stagnation, and create a future army of superhumans to fight the Skrulls with. However, the Supreme Intelligence of the Kree had the experiment terminated due to fear of a prophecy of a King arising from these superhumans that would one day end the Kree. He ordered the Accuser to terminate not only Earth's, but several other similar experiments. However, Earth itself ended up being spared the purge.

The Kree test subjects formed a society, secluded from humans. At first located on the island of Attila, the Inhuman society thrived. One scientist amongst them discovered the Terrigen Crystals, and with them perfected the process of Terrigenesis, by which Inhumans may gain vast powers. However, genetic stability is required for the process to be undergone safely, and ever since the first batch of Inhumans exhibited dangerous mutations, a genetic screening is performed on all those that which to undergo the procedure. This screening is performed by the Genetic Council, from which the King of the Inhumans is elected.

Eventually, the Inhuman society, fearing discovery by the rapidly advancing humans, installed antigravity thrusters on the island of Attila and moved it to the Himalaya. It was during their time here that the Fantastic Four discovered them. Eventually, they moved from here, to the Blue Area of the Moon, another relic of Skrull and Kree activity on the solar system, one much older than the Inhumans themselves. It was built by the Skrulls as a site to test the worthiness of species of receiving warp travel. When the Kree were subjected to the trial and lost, they attacked the Skrulls, and this is what triggered their bloody feud.

After residing in the Blue Area of the Moon for many years, the Inhumans bordered a ship and arrived in the Kree homeworld of Hala. Here, King Blackagar Boltagon, also know as the hero Black Bolt, took Kingship of the Kree Empire, and so his house has ruled both Inhumans and Kree on Hala since.

Phoenix Force:
The Phoenix force is the multiversal manifestation of life and passion, of death and rebirth. It came to be in the beginning of reality and in each universe is responsible for conserving and helping Eternity save Galan, ensuring his recreation as Galactus in the next universe. It gained the physical manifestation as the Phoenix long ago through being drawn to a sorcerer that worshiped the firebird phoenix. It is also the nexus for all psionic energy in the multiversal and guardian of the M'kraan crystal. As the cosmic entity of death and rebirth, it is able to wield the life force of generations yet unborn. It exists as different versions of itself all over the multiverse, and whenever an individual version of itself dies, it is always eventually reborn.
Decades ago, the Phoenix's fate was forever tied with that of Omega class mutant Jean Grey. Sensing something in the young girl, the Phoenix saved her on two separate occasions, and on the last one, bonded with her, making Jean her avatar. Over the years, this bond intensified until Jean Grey became the personification of the Phoenix Force itself. In a sense, Jean is the Phoenix and the Phoenix is Jean. She is also, by far, the one who has tapped the deepest into the Phoenix's immeasurable powers.
It has had many other avatars. The current people know to be able to wield the Phoenix force are Sandra Fuller, who is also in some ways a reborn Jean Grey and seems to share her deep bond with the Firebird, Emmet von Phoenix and Troy Crosby.

Goblin Entity:
The Goblin Force was born at beginning of reality during the Big Bang. Like the Phoenix Force it had limitless power, but unlike the Phoenix, it derived power from its ravenous hunger that could not be sated. Its hunger lead it to consume whole galaxies. It is the antithesis of the Phoenix. While the former brings death, yet with a purpose of rebirth, and also brings warmth and life, the Goblin Entity is hunger and chaos incarnate and will both consume and birth for the sake of chaos alone.
It's fate has also been tied to the Grey family bloodline through Cassandra Fuller, a genetic clone of Sandra Fuller, who is herself a reincarnation of Jean Grey. She seems to provide its host with endless cosmic energy.

Power Cosmic:
The power cosmic is the godly energy wielded by the World Eater Galactus. He can use it to summon vast quantities of cosmic power for use in limitless effects. He can give this energy to others and make them his Heralds. Unlike cosmic energy in general, it is unique to Galactus and his heralds.

Cosmic energy:
Different from the Power Cosmic, cosmic energy is the catch all term for any energy that is ambient to the universe. It can be harness by magic (what Aggamotto calls the Universal Path) or extremely advanced science, such as that wielded by the Elders of the Universe. Power Cosmic also uses cosmic energy, which can be a source of confusion.

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PostSubject: Weapons and Items   Heroes Uprising Data Sections I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 04, 2015 10:42 am

A list of notable items and weapons and their current location. Bellow is a list of characters or organizations that own notable items, and the items they own

Amber Parker:
Darkhold: The book of Chthon, the elder god of black magic. A powerful tome with all of the gods knowledge. Written in scroll and iron bound, it cannot be easily contained, and is nigh indestructible.
Necronomicon: The greatest compendium on extraplanar mystical beings, with information on beings such as the elder gods, the old ones and the many angled ones, as well as information on how to summon these beings or their offspring.
Prelati's spellbook: A tome of summoning magic dedicated to ancient beings of a sunken dimension. Unique in that it possesses it's own mana, and is almost alive.
Soulsword: The sword of limbo created by the lifeforce of Illyana Rasputin. Although usable as a physical weapon, its main use is to disrupt magical spells and beings, usually permanently

Yelena Rasputin:
Eye of Agamotto: A powerful amulet with a multitude of effects, such as protecting the wielding from telepathic assault, to exorcising evil spirits, to forming a powerful light attack against evil beings.
The Cloak of Levitation: The cloak of Stephen Strange passed down to each Sorcerer Supreme. It allows flight and protection
The Orb of Agamotto: A large crystal ball that can be used to monitor the dimensions.
The Book of the Vishanti: A magic book that contains some of the multiverse's most powerful and secret spells and counter-spells of white magic, opposed to the dark arts of the Darkhold

Gáe Dearg: One of the two spears of the warrior Diarmuid Ua Duibhne, this spear can penetrate all mystical projections and enchantments.
Gáe Buidhe: The other cursed spear of Diamuid, it is a short spear that inflicts wounds that cannot be healed.
Bow of Artemis: Crafted by moonlight and silver wood, capable of hitting targets miles away
Gordius Wheel: A large chariot drawn by bulls, manifestations of Zeus's lightning which make the charge of the chariot extremely powerful, and allows it to fly.
Vijaya Dhanash: Vijaya or Vijaya Dhanush ('Victory' in Sanskrit) was the divine bow of Lord Shiva. This bow is said to give sure victory to the possessor.
Throne of Anubis: A space ship looking construction of the god Anubis. Can travel light years per day and has many armaments

Emmet von Phoenix:
Ea: An ancient sword of Gilgamesh, the first hero, supposedly made by the gods. It appears as a sort of magitech construct more than a sword, with three spinning sections that generate air ripples so powerful they distort reality.
Durandal: The sword Roland, knight of Charlemagne. Was said to be the sharpest sword in all existence.
Enkidu: The chain used to bind the Bull of Heaven, and named after Gilgamesh's close friend. The strength and durability of the chain grows stronger with the target having higher divinity, but is no more than a tough chain to a target without divinity.
Gáe Bolg: The mythical spear of the warrior Cú Chulainn. It is enchanted with a powerful curse that reverses cause and effect. Thrusting is the effect of piercing the heart, meaning the thrust is a formality, as the blade has already pierced the heart.
Vajra: A type of club in Indian culture, but also the name for the lightning bolts of Indra. The weapon can harness said lightning bolts
Vimana: A mythological flying machine from the Sanskrit epics, of Hindu origin.

Lúin of Celtchar: The speak of Celtchar, that secretes a poison that turns the targets blood into a hot burning liquid that corrodes them from the inside.
Gae Assail: The spear of Lugh, the incantation "Ibar (Yew)" made the cast always hit its mark, and "Athibar (Re-Yew)" caused the spear to return
Crann Buidhe: The spear of Manannán, that lords of the Irish dead.

Staff of Moses: The staff of the prophet, it can call forth the 10 plagues of Egypt
Rings of the Horse: The rings of the four horsemen, each produce a different, powerful, effect.

Excalibur: The sword of Arthur, made by the faeries, capable of purging evil with holy fae light.
Caliburn: The sword of the stone, the mark of Pendragon rule of Britain.

Asgard/Asgard related realms:
Gungnir (Odin): The magic spear of Odin, capable of harnessing the Odinforce.
Mjolnir (Kano): The hammer of Thor, that can only be wielded by those deemed worthy. Can harness the weather and the Odinforce to a smaller degree
Twilight Sword (Unknown): The sword of Surtur, made from the burning galaxy. A powerful blade made to lit the universe aflame.
Casket of Infinity Winters (Laufey): Capable of summoning endless blizzards and snowstorms, it is a vehicle for the great magic of the ice giants. It contains the Fimbulwinter of Ymir.
Norn Stones (Karnilla): Powerful magical items inscribed with Asgardian runes that give the user great mystical might.
Odinsword (Asgard Armory): The sword of Odin, capable of harnessing the Odinforce in its entirety, and gives one kingship over Asgard.
Destroyer (destroyed, Asgard Armoy): An armor created by Odin to fight the Celestials, it requires no user and can act as an independent construct, but it can also be used by one's will.

Burial Agency:
Joyeuse: The sword of Charlemagne, blessed by angels, can bring forth the heavenly fire
Murgleys: The sword of Ganelon, traitor and cousin of Roland. A holy blade that has fallen to darkness.
Hauteclere: The sword of Oliver, confidant of Roland and one of Charlemagne's twelve peers. Another holy blade, it confers wisdom in battle.
Almace: The sword of Turpin, archbishop of Reims, and another of the twelve peers. A holy blade that grants protection and healing to all those within its sphere.
Courtain and Sauvagine: The two swords of Ogier the Dane, one of the knights of Charlemagne. Courtain is made of the same steel as Joyeuse and Durandal, a blessed blade, while Sauvagine is said to have been pulled from a pool of dragon blood.
Battle standard of Jeanne d'Arc: The battle standard of the Maid of Orléans, blessed by archangel Raphael, it gives the wielder and its allies protection and healing.
Helena's Nail: One of the nails that pierced Christ, it is bathed in the blood of God and can transform the user into a divine beast.
7th Scripture: A conceptual weapon made by felling a unicorn and blessing its horn with every known anti-reincarnation spell and blessings known to the Church. It is a weapon made to kill and purify souls that can reincarnate or otherwise return.
True Apocrypha: Known also as the Spear Key and Gun Shield, it is a conceptual weapon pile bunker, the stake being made of bones from the dragon of St George, while the shield part is made of its scales.
Seal of Solomon: The ring of King Solomon, the King of Magic, and the one said to have brought magic from gods to humans, and was the source of his summoning magic of both angels and demons.
Ascalon: The spear that St. George used to kill a dragon in Beirut and saving a princess from being sacrificed by the town.
Gram: The sword that Odin struck into the Branstock tree which only Sigmund the Völsung was able to pull out. It shines with light and can cleave iron and steel. It has many other names, such as Nothung, and Balmung, and was also wielded by Siegfried.
Hrunting: The magical sword lent to Beowulf by Unferth. It always draws blood by reverse of cause and effect, similar to Gáe Bolg.
Naegling: The other magical sword of Beowulf. Found in the cave of Grendel's mother, it is a demonic blade to be used against both the divine, and the demonic
Aegis: Zeus' shield, often loaned to his daughter Athena, also used by Perseus.
Ancile: The shield of the Roman god Mars, that fell from heaven during the time of Numa Pompilius, the second king of Rome. He had 12 forgeries made.
Helm of Darkness: Created by the Cyclopes for Hades. It made the wearer invisible. Also used by Perseus.
Crown of Immortality: Represented in art first as a laurel wreath and later as a symbolic circle of stars. The Crown appears in a number of Baroque iconographic and allegoric works of art to indicate the wearer's immortality.

Protestant Knights:
Carnwennan: The dagger of King Arthur. It is sometimes attributed with the magical power to shroud its user in shadow, it was used by Arthur to slice the Very Black Witch in half.
Priwen: The shield of King Arthur. It can protect the user by shielding them within the domain of the faeries.
Rhongomyniad: The spear of King Arthur, inherited from his father Uther Pendragon. It is the spear Arthur used to kill Mordred, as well as Vortigern, the man who first called the Saxons to Britain. It is a fae weapon said to hold the worlds of mystery and reality in balance.
Clarent: The sword of Mordred, a holy sword of fae origin soaked in blood and hatred. It releases a bright crimson red flash of energy, similar to Excalibur, but without the purifying aspects, rather just destructive. It is weaker due to its fall from grace.
Lord Camelot: A shield made out of the remains of the Round Table, fitted with a cross and blessed by the church of England. So long as the will of the wielder endures, so too will the shield endure evil.
Arondight:  Lancelot's sword. It is a limitless sword capable of receiving any attack without taking damage that shines much like the water of the Lake. Said to have slain a dragon.
Galatine: The name of the sword given to Sir Gawain by the Lady of the Lake. While Excalibur harnesses the moonlight of the fae, Galatine harnesses the sunlight of the fae.
Grail Sword: A cracked fae sword which Sir Percival bonded back together, though the crack remained. It remained his sword, and seems to shine in the presence of other swords of the fae.
Sword with the Red Hilt: One of the swords wielded by Sir Balin. After his death, Merlin sealed it in the float stone where it remained until it was drawn by Sir Galahad.
Fragarach: It was forged by the gods, wielded by Manannán mac Lir and Lugh Lamfada. No armour can stop it, and by reversing causality always strikes first.
Lance of Longinus: The lance that pierced Christ. Bathed in his holy blood, it is one of the few weapons on Earth that can permanently kill an angel, and the stronger the wielder, the more it takes its true form.
Brahmastra: A bow created by Brahma and used by Karna. The arrows are like energy beams and pursue the target. It cannot be used on opponents stronger than the wielder. The beam packs enough power to be comparable to a nuclear detonation
Kavacha and Kundala: The armor of Karna, it protects against all harm and reduces all attacks to a tenth of their power.
Vasavi Shakti: The great spear of the thunder god Indra, most powerful of the Hindu gods. The purifying lightning of the spear can harm any being, but it is tremendously hard to wield.
Ruyi Jingu Bang: The staff of the Monkey King. It can alter its size from a tiny needle to a mighty pillar.
Magic Bullets of Freischütz: Seven magic bullets that when fired, will hit a target without fail. However, the seventh bullet is at the whims of the Devil.
Shield of Achilles: Forged by Hephaestus and given to Achilles, the shield is made of Olympian bronze and can withstand heavy attacks.

Infinity Gems and Gauntlet
Space: Son-Aris on Hala
Time: Shipmaster Valr'k Truk on Tarnax IV
Reality: Norrin Rad on Zenn Lavia
Soul: Adam Warlock
Mind: Cereza Selstone on Chandilar
Power: On Earth
Gauntlet: Nova Corps storage on the Xandar cluster

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