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 Felicia Farmore(Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Felicia Farmore(Heroes Uprising)   Thu Jan 26, 2012 10:08 pm

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Scum deserves to pay, they deserve they rot, they deserve pain, and suffering, and that's what I'm going to give them, mercy is for good people, scum are not good people.
-Felicia Farmore

Name: Felicia Farmore
Codename: Vengeance
Alias: Ali
Age: 19
Height: Variable
Weight: Variable
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Identity: Secrete
Species: Homo-Superior
Race: Mexican
Known Relatives: Father and Mother.(Deceased)

Allies: N/A

Enemies: American Gangs, and Organized Crime.

Occupation: Vigilante/Fugitive
Religion: Agnostic
Theme Song:

Due to her years on the street, she's a good fighter, but mostly revolves to fighting dirty, of course. She's skilled with the use of pocket knives, and other types of small bladed weapons, and gains the skills of whomever she's leeching at the time.

She carries a sharp pocket knife.

Personality: She's extremely ruthless, having no mercy on those she considers scum. The world is Black and white to her in some forms, believing their are people who need to live, and those who need to die. Due to her limited views, she's very judgmental of other people's characters, often comparing their first impression to later impressions. She's a skilled actor, and enjoys playing different characters, even one's who are quiet seductive. She's obsessed with her mission to bring down modern crime,

Hijacking/Magic Usurpation: She has the ability to usurp/hijack the magical powers of any being, even ones as powerful as Dormmamu, gaining all its skills and power and leaving it powerless in turn. The limit to the distance at which she can steal power of a target being is unknown, but potentially limitless as she borrowed Blackheart's abilities while he was in the DarkForce Dimension.

When she steals a being's power, her clothing partially transforms to somewhat resemble that of her target.
She has even shown the ability to steal the powers of multiple beings simultaneously. She can even gain weapons the target is holding, and the limit of how long she can retain magic is unknown. What is known is that she can take other skills from the target aside from magic. She'd even capable of drawing magical energies from deceased magical entities. She is able to draw power from Divine sources such as the Gods of Olympus as seeing during the COG where she gathered power from an array of Gods, meaning she may have the potential to usurp powers from anybody regardless if they have a magical nature or not. IT has been revealed her ability is Usurpation and she can usurp the powers of any being even the Living Tribunal. She's become so adept when hijacking that she can choose how much power she wants to take being able to take a portion, selectively select a skill or ability, or even only grasp most, half, or a quarter of the power.

(Formerly)In her chaos wave state she can only maintain temporary hijacking, and the more powerful the target, the less time she can hijack their abilities. When hijacking abilities of mystical nature she gains the inherent skills that come with utilizing them, but with superhuman powers she doesn't necessarily always gain the skills that come with them. Before the number of people she could target was limitless, but now after a certain number of people it's too much on her body.

Usurped Magic From:
Amber Parker
Dale Parker
Scarlet Witch
Dr. Doom
Morgan Le Fay
Ancient One

Felicia Falmore was raised in a bad neighborhood in Chicago, raised by her mother, her father working two jobs, so she hardly met or bonded with him, but she had a deep respect for him, she had a close relationship with her mother,who worked but only one job, she did poorly in school due to constantly worrying about her safety while at home, and was embarrassed by her lack of money.  One day her father was killed in a shooting while at work, and life got worse. Her mother moved them to the Projects, and she changed schools, and began to toughen up more so, often getting involved with fighting on the street, and her mother barely made enough money for them to obtain food, and they often resorted with food stamps to survive.

Her poor condition reflected as she did not study much, at fourteen she got a job working in a local dollar store, wanting to help support her family, and often the store was robbed, but due to her violent nature, she often got into fights with robbers, and early on she denied any form of religious belief, only believing in pain and suffering. However around the age of sixteen she dropped out of school, and some thugs went to rape her, she summoned magical energies from Mephisto, and easily overpowered them. She began to learn more about magic, and she met the Ancient One in a dream learning about her mutant abilities related to magic, and how Marvel comics were real, she sought out more, and become a threat to the magical community, so several demons were sent to kill her.

Her mother was killed in the attack, and she became a fugitive herself, but she summoned the powers of Blackheart murdering all the demons with ease.  She became a fugitive in the magical community, as Angels also sought her out wanting to use her to decimate the armies of hell, as she could draw demonic, and magical energies. She was sent back in time by an angel named Uriel to help stop Dr. Doom from taking over the world, by stripping him of his magical energies, and helping the Fantastic Four finish him. She learned that magic was only the beginning, and she could learn to usurp energy from other beings including mutants with proper training, and even usurp from the deceased, as she learned to access Scarlet Witch's abilities to revive her parents, and ward of the Mutant Response Division, starting a Halloween shop.

She managed to win the Lottery getting her parents a new life, but took on the identity of Vengeance who began seeking out organized criminals and wiping them out, considering joining the X-Force for a group effort, she began seeking them out, until she met up with Jorgan learning about the Dark Avengers, and deciding to join them, beginning to train using their advanced technology, and records via the Watchtower's danger room. She quickly became one of there main agents capable of bringing down there massive threats such as Amber, on multiple occasions, even becoming a conduit.  During Galactus's cosmic invasion, she was one of Jorgan's heavy hitters fighting several heralds, and large amounts of Extraterrestrial forces, pushing her abilities to there maximum.

During the time of COG, she went to there fortress to aid the SXM, and Avengers but she'd come too late to help. After that she returned to Vigilante work using her powers to deal with small time crime, and eventually joined the New Avengers put together by Oliver. She became a close friend of Sammie, and Sean on the team. However her feelings for Sean fell short to Sammie, whom he had a relationship with her causing jealously, and a falling out of their friendship. After the team fell apart, she resumed her solo career until Oliver convinced her to join the Shadow League(SXML), she got into a relationship with Sean there. Their relationship blossomed, and during Fear Itself she helped the team deal with the Worthy. She aided Amber during the assault on  Dark Serpent's twisted version of Asgard, and later she helped Sean and Tanya attempt to steal the Twilight Blade from Surtur to prevent Ragnarok. When they were trapped in the future Sean helped her recover her energies so they could return to the past, and aided in defending Asgard.


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PostSubject: Re: Felicia Farmore(Heroes Uprising)   Sun May 24, 2015 1:14 pm

Felicia getting ready to cast a spell
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Felicia using hijacked energies
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Felicia Farmore(Heroes Uprising)
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