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 Chulance(Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Chulance(Heroes Uprising)   Chulance(Heroes Uprising) I_icon_minitimeThu Jan 26, 2012 10:12 pm

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I never stop moving forward! Just like my powers! I DO NOT GIVE UP!

Name: Chulance
Codename: Lamarck
Alias: Chu, Chu-Chu, Dr. Darwin
Age: 24
Height: 5'4
Weight:189 lbs
Alignment: Neutral Good
Identity: Secret
Species: Homo-superior
Race: African American
Personality: He has a smart mouth which can often get him in trouble and he hates when people insult his friends and families. He hates parents who don't care for their kids or rotten people in general.  He is a dreamer and one day hopes to change the world in a positive way. He believes deeply in the power of souls, and that if one believes in there soul, they can do anything they put there mind too as long as it is good or right. When his abilities manifested he became a vigilante in LA, and hates persecution or racism of any kind. He has a deep love for Tesla, and hates anyone who tries to harm her. He enjoys having fun, and hates Adrien Carson, and other individuals like him. He's somewhat jeleous of Tesla, not wanting her family back because it could strain there relationship.
Known Relatives: Father and Mother.

Allies: Shadow X Men, Avengers, S.H.I.E.L.D., Samuel's group

Enemies: Carson, HAMMER

Occupation: Student; Vigilante, SXM member
Religion: Agnostic
Theme Song:
-Gurren Lagann Soundtrack: Rap is the Soul of Man! DaiGurren Briggade Version - [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
-Gurren Lagann Soundtrack: "Libera Me" from Hell - [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Skills: He is a skilled street fighter and can use a long Katanna

Weapons: . He can wield his father's katanna.

Adaption. He seems to be able manifest powers in order to adapt to each situation. He can control it to some degree using it to locate people without their names or faces. He can adapt in combat and choose when to adapt for example adapting at the right moment to counter a specific type of energy. He's learned to adapt at will. He can not adapt when shrunk by Kathy and if killed he will self resurrect from pure energy, immune to what killed him. He can only be killed if his powers are unable to be used or if killed before he can adapt to something. He is so far immune to Size Alteration only.

His abilities changed over time, no longer could death grant him any immunities, and overuse of his adaptions burned out his ability, and any attempt to use them afterward would teleport him to a random location usually to a random desert environment. He can adapt to the situations, focus on the method of adaption, but can no longer choose the exact effect of the adaption. He also cannot find people, but with extreme can 'feel' the presence of those who has close emotional bonds with like Tesla, and his family an ability Zach helped him develop. With Zach's help he has the capability to manifest any superhuman ability, or adaption effect he wants. Recently after the chaos wave was reversed he's gained more control over his adaptions and can now revive immune to things growing stronger, faster, and more durable each time he dies regardless of the method.

Deaths By/Immune too
-Mass Manipulation


Speedsters can harm him before he can react, and before his adaption can do anything. His Adaption cannot substitute for Rapid Cell Regeneration, meaning if he's injured before he can adapt, he cannot regenerate his wounds. Magical powers, and spells can harm him, as he cannot adapt to mystical forces. If he faces someone he cannot defeat, he will teleport away from the fight.

Bio: Chulance was born and raised in the gang infested streets of LA and his dad a famous actor,although he and his mom were hidden from the public eyes so they could enjoy a semi-peaceful lives. Later his father was kidnapped by a gang  and Chulance spoke to some friends upset adpating bringing them to his father  the group tried to rescue him nearly succeeding but his father was taken away and the police finding Chulance and friends thinking it was magic that brought them there.

Chulance and his friends never told anyone about how they nearly saved his dad and he lived in LA with his mother no longer attending private school instead going to public and fighting off gangsters in LA hoping to one day find his father  who was being used by the Terrorists to make a great TV show called Terror.  One day Gangsters discovered Chu was  Dachu's son and went after him  but he discovered his power and defeated the gangsters that knew. He went around  fighting gangsters till his last year in high-school when he was known as a fighting legend.

He was a hero-like figure in LA  and many gangsters tried to kill him ,before graduation Dave, Troy, and Anne coming to recruit him and they did and he met Fawkes who decided to train him but claimed he needed none.  He did not finish his training and instead ran off to the Agency Base to help the group and  fought Zulan one on one until Yamairo recovered.  He continued to help the group refusing to train and  later helped Dave find and free Milo and Nate. He fought Velon nearly winning until he adapted warping into the middle of no-where and was lost wandering around.

He later gained more control of his power thanks to Strade, escaped Homeland Security  and returned finding the group in the final battle against Samuel helping fight Wave and Ray and assisting the group in their battle against the Government.  He went to Asgard for two months,however he trained with Asgardians and Fawkes gaining more control and returned to summer school to graduate. He  left, finding his father, killing the terrorists and rescuing Dachu.  He fixed his family and returned to Asgard later and became active in SXM. He joined Shawkun's tournament and fought and killed Darius preventing Shawkun from gaining his powers. He fought Kathy and got killed. He self resurrected and  adapted to gain super speed beating Kathy. He fought Milo and lost. However Milo took his soul so he was in a peaceful state and later freed.

He returned to the SXM to help them  and helped fight the Symbiotes. He later fought the super-charged Symbiote Yamairo and after a long battle he was killed. His body began to adapt to recreate a new body near Yamairo and Kano's magic beam rapidly spread up the process and Chulance was traumatized and went back home. He later rejoined the team in Samuel's tournament wanting to focus on college. He helped out in the chaos that ensued and than returned to College until he helped fight Filipe when he was controlled by Controller. He returned to college showing up at  Milo's birthday. After the party he helped defend Genosha from the Espada's attacks, and  during the Civil War he went to rescue Nate with some others. He continued to aid the SXM fading into the background until he developed a friendship with Zach a probability manipulator who aided the SXM during the Predator invasion. THey became best friends, and he helped comfort Zach when his music teacher abandoned him, and his family abandoned him.

He developed a romantic interest with Tesla, and went on a date with her, which resulted in him accompanying her to visit her family, and with Zach's help rescuing her, and Tiffiany from Carson. Tiffany grew to constantly annoy him ,and during Dark Reign he became obsessed with saving his family working with Tesla, Tiffany, and Zach. After getting them under Zane's protection, he aided the SXM. During Nightmare's revenge after Shawkun murdered Tesla, he tried to bring down Shawkun in vain. After her resseruction, the two sought out Carson working with Manda, and Luke, ending up getting Manda trapped in the past. After this, they sought out Alastiar a mutant with reincarnation to revive Tesla's family, after this ended up geting them in war against HAMMER, they abandoned attempts to revive them. They went after Carson again with Zach's help, but they were overpowered due to Carson's anti mugen core, and she was murdered. He sought out Sandra to revive Tesla, and began researching trying to track Carson who was immune to Manda's ability now.

During the time of the Council of Gods, he helped Zach go against his suicide, and went underground with him and Tesla with the aid of Kano's anti rune tracking spell. After the COG's fall, they returned, and he took Tesla on a trip to Disney World a few weeks later. He formed a strong bond with Adrian a child with immense power of explosions and saved him from getting raped at one of DJ Poly's concerts. DJ Poly later sought him out for a security gig, but he preferred to stay on the team, and became a father figure to Adrian. He also got Tesla to embrace him, and has continued to aid the team. During Fear Itself he helped defend the major cities against the Worthy's rampage, and kept Tesla and Adrian safe while Death had cursed the planet. He then helped Adrian gain more control over his powers so he could even aid Milo's squad in battle against Ymir and the Frost Giants, and his friendship with Zach has increased.


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Chulance(Heroes Uprising)
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