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 XBOX 720 rumors.

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PostSubject: XBOX 720 rumors.   Sat Jan 28, 2012 7:39 pm

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Sounds good, but the banning of used games (if true) is worrying and I can imagine A LOT of negative backlash from the gamers community if Microsoft did this. Also lets not forget hackers, all of Sony's troubles would be over cause doing this would surely put a big fat bulls eyes squarely on 720.

I mean it's good enough with online passes. You buy a game new, you have a pass included. Buy it used, you have to buy a pass to go with it. To risk negative feedback by doing this, I'm not sure it's a good idea in this day and age, although business wise I can see why they want it. However, consider this. What if rather then forcing a bunch more new sales, this forces a bunch of their fan base right over into Sony's arms.

It's a logical choice for Microsoft to make business wise, I'm just saying, they need to be careful. This could easily be mistaken as Microsoft getting greedy and trying to take to much control, which would turn out bad for them.

Other then that through. Full 1080p support, 6 times processing power of 360, upgrade to Blu Ray FINALLY. Sony got there work cut out for them for the PS4, but I'm sure they'll pull it off. PS3 may very well go 10 years like Sony said, but look at Sony's track record. PS1 sold side by side with PS2 for a number of years. PS2 is still selling side by side with PS3. Is it really so hard to imagine PS3 would spend it's remaining years selling side by side with PS4??? Hmm, looks all to possible doesn't it.

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XBOX 720 rumors.
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