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 Story Arcs

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PostSubject: Story Arcs   Story Arcs I_icon_minitimeMon Jan 23, 2012 9:25 pm


Chapter 1, Ice, Strength and Flight

It began with Milo a cop finding Nate being attacked by gang-members and managed to save him discovering his power of flight. They became good friends and Milo discovered he could only fly when near him. Later the two flew off to stop the same gang and Milo gained enhanced strength when he fought the leader of the gang Benjamin who also had the power.

Later in a city an evolved human named Troy with the power to control fire robbed a bank and escaped. Milo and Nate saw the news and knew it was the same arsonist who apparently was never caught. A police officer named Michael was at his station discussing the situation and.

In another country a seventeen year old named Filipe was heading home when he was attacked and discovered his power killing one of the attackers.

Chapter 2, Time, Space and Mind

Michael spoke to his Chief and decided to form a group of cops to go after the arsonist meanwhile Troy found a teenage girl and tried to assault her but the girl discovered she had Telekinesis knocking out Troy. Dave another man had been walking around and found her taking her to his apartment in Egypt with teleportation. She woke up and they started to become friends she revealed her name was Sandra. He took her home.

Meanwhile, Filipe woke up in a hospital with a nurse and then ended up in an apartment with a Japanese man. He revealed he was Yamairo and that informed him about powers and that he trained others with abilities. Milo and Nate were seen at the burned bank investigating.

A few days passed with Filipe when Yamairo came and brought him to a warehouse. He met Anna,Fawkes, William, and Holst. The group then proceeded to train Filipe for the next two weeks.

Chapter 3, Fire and Healing

Troy went to rob a diamond store and another thief Ledge came as well. He had rapid cell regeneration and went after Troy. Milo and Nate were investigating and saw the fight and went after Troy as well. They fought him and Nate called the police. Troy set Milo on fire and he managed to mimic Ledge and heal. He than mimicked Troy and lost control starting fires. Troy set a building on fire and Ledge escaped with diamonds. Milo decided he was a mimic as he stopped the fire when Yamairo came and froze time. Milo found Yamairo asking questions and Yamairo suspected he was a time manipulator till he learned he had another power.Yamairo took Milo and Nate to the warehouse and sent Troy to a desert area near the city.

At the warehouse Anna and Holst where there and they concluded Milo was a mimic. He copied Anna's ability and Yamairo brought Filipe. Troy was heading back to the city when he ran into Sandra and attacked her. Dave arrived saving Sandra and scarring Troy off.

Chapter 4, Storm and Evil

At the warehouse Holst's eyes went white and he used his powers of precognition to draw a picture of the destruction of DC by a terrible storm. Yamairo and Filipe went to DCm where Dave and Sandra were already.

Yamairo and Filipe found Isabel the girl who was causing the storm sad because her parents and fiance died in a fire caused by Troy. Dave was nearly hit by lightning and accidentally teleported himself and Sandra inside the room with Yamairo, Filipe, and Isabel, exiting quickly. Yamairo took us back had the group train Milo, Nate, and Isabel.

In a house we see a man named Zulan standing with a dead body and using a power to melt a pot. Milo painted Zulan killing an evolved human and Nate finished his training learning his limits. William used his power to heal Nate's wounds from training. Sandra and Dave began training themselves.

Dave decided to take Sandra home and she came home only to see Troy with her parents knocked out. He set her house on fire and Dave came to save her. Zulan arrived at the house to kill Sandra and a fight began. Sandra's parents died and Dave escaped with Sandra and Troy.

Chapter 5, Guns and Explosions

Yamairo decided to take Isabel to Troy to test her control and found Dave and Sandra. He took all three of them to train at the warehouse and with the police Michael was investigating getting no where. Yamairo learned that Zulan was the man in the picture Milo drew and that he was a murderor. Milo painted a picture of Ledge robbing a bank and Michael called him. He teleported to the bank with Anna and Filipe although they appeared high in the sky and fell in some bushes. Milo met up with Michael and Lucy as Zulan came knocking Michael out and a fight started against Zulan. Yamairo left to a house meeting his friend Hank with Clairvoyance and had him find Milo, Filipe, and Anna. At the warehouse the others began training Troy, Sandra, and Dave.

Yamairo came but Zulan knocked him out and Ledge escaped Zulan going after him. Lucy learned of evolved humans and Milo took her home. Holst drew a picture of DC Exploding and Yamairo took the others home and than sent Troy back to the city and he could no longer do crime or risk dieing. Dave than took Sandra to his apartment and she decided to leave with him.

Chapter 6, Murders, Bones and Revenge

Zulan had lost Ledge and instead murdered a telepath and than went after Hank. Yamairo went to Hank and learned he could not be found. He left and Zulan found Hank killing him taking his power and the next day Milo woke up with his powers mastered thanks to Intuitive Aptitude and he went to visit Yamairo with Nate. They both went to Hank and were upset to learn he was dead. In New York an entire building was destroyed thanks to Ben who had induced radioactivity the group decided they needed to find him and train him to prevent DC from exploding.

Ben decided he would head to DC to avoid police finding him and a man with the ability to create and manipulate bones named Frank attacked Troy and a fight ensued. Ben was leaving New York when he exploded again destroying a school and was arrested. Isabel found Troy and Frank as the latter was knocked out and she attacked Troy. Milo and Yamairo arrived to stop the situation.

Milo took Troy and Frank to the warehouse and Yamairo confronted Isabel, taking her to a desert in Egypt so she couldn't harm anyone. She lost control of her powers due to her hatred and killed him. Dave saw this and went to the warehouse with Sandra warning Milo, who came and got Isabel angry bringing her to the warehouse revealing she killed Yamairo.

Chapter 7, Nukes and Vectors

Michael then called and revealed they had captured Ben who's body produced radiation and he exploded killing everyone at the station including Lucy and Michael. Milo went back in time to save them and get Ben making sure he exploded in a desert. William discovered he was not a healer but had biological manipulation and they decided they would train Ben.

In a city a girl had discovered her power of vectors had murdered innocents by accident and another girl named Jessie was going to the bank to get a bank account and was with her mom. A robber came and she discovered her power. Holst drew a picture of Jessie and Milo left picking up Jessie telling them who they were. The group trained Ben and he wanted to help his pregnant wife who had cancer because of him. Dave teleported himself, Ben, and William to the hospital where she was at.

Chapter 8, Future and Suppression

A large group of Soldiers arrived having come from the future and Milo drew a picture of Abagail. He and Nate left to the school to get the girl and invite her to the group. The group of soldiers arrived at the warehouse and attacked searching for Milo. The warehouse was destroyed and Yamairo appeared out of nowhere, teleporting everyone to Dave's apartment in Egypt. Yamairo than fell unconscious and Lucy called Milo telling about the soldiers looking for him and the leader Strade from the future telling them.

Milo and Abagail went to the destroyed Warehouse where the soldiers attacked and he escaped bringing her to Dave's apartment with the others. He went to the police station with Filipe while Sandra trained Abagail. Sandra was injured and Dave brought her to the hospital and Ben's training continued. Milo began fighting German from the future who suppresses powers and Filipe came in, helping allowing them to escaped with Lucy, and Michael.

Chapter 9, Truth and Revelations

Abagail get surprised and used her vectors to stab Michael and Milo pissed charge beating Abagail nearly to death in an instant but was calmed down and healed Michael. Yamairo told his story about he avoided dieing and met Strade in the past. Suddenly Strade, German, and the Soldiers arrived at Dave's apartment and a massive fight began. Milo managed to knock out German and there powers returned so they could overpower the army. The group teleported to Milo's mansion right before they were killed by a bomb the soldiers brought and rested there.

Ben nearly exploded and killed them all but Yamairo awoke suddenly, froze time and toke to a safe place to explode. Michael left to go home and Zulan was now working with Strade. He broke into the police station using his telepathy to create an illusion and left to kill Ledge after framing Milo for killing innocents. A man from the future came and revealed he was Milo and attacked the group a fight ensuing, and Milo managed to grab a knife and teleport and stab his future self in the back of the head only for Yamairo to do the same thing to him claiming Milo was going to cause the end of the world and he was going to find out how. Zulan found Ledge with a gang and murdered the gang. He trapped Ledge in a coma after taking his power, He then decided to head to Milo's mansion. Police began to head to the mansion and Isabel used her power to get them away.

Chapter 10, Light and Sacrifices

Yamairo decided to leave to the future leaving the group in Dave's hands and Zulan used telepathy to look like Michael and came down and attacked them fighting. In the future a man yelled he should be dead and used a blast of light to knock him out and he woke up near James and Harry, two people from the future. They explained to him what happened after DC's explosion and in the present time Zulan managed to kill Ben.

Meanwhile, Nate took the knife out of Milo's head and lied saying Zulan put it in his head and than he fought Zulan off and teleported the group to the Sahara Desert. Milo decided to give himself up to the Soldiers after kissing Lucy and teleporting away. Dave attempted to kill Troy and Future Milo came shape-shifted as Yamairo and took over the group wanting present Milo dead as well as Zulan. He teleported them to the station where Zulan was and they argued about the methods of killing the two powerhouses.

Chapter 11, Shape-Shifting and Countdowns to Destruction

In the future Erica came and touched Yamairo so she could shape-shift into him and went to find Dave so she could get to the white house. Nate tried to contact Milo and Future Strade spoke to him. Future Milo(still transformed into Yamairo) decided to have Holst find Milo and the group teleported to his location. Milo shape-shifted into Erica and Milo became German killing Future Strade they revealed their plan involving shape-shifting and Erica went home. Yamairo returned to the past and saw the Fake Yamairo and Milo stabbed the Fake Milo and decided they needed to head to stop Zulan. Milo went to retrieved Abagail, Sandra, Troy, Nate, and German so they could join the group.

They planned to stop Zulan while Yamairo told them what would happen in the future and how Lucy needed to remain safe. Future Milo was altered due to them changing the future and now wanted to help them save the world. Yamairo wanted them to find James and Harry. James was hearing too many thoughts in Alabama when Yamairo left to get him and Milo went to get Harry. Zulan killed a speedster so he could have a power to combat Yamairo and Milo so he could take their abilities. He used Ben's power to destroy a building and an investigation began while he began killing the news crew controlling them to bring Milo.

Chapter 12, Final Fights and Final thoughts

They got James and Harry. Yamairo and the group began training Jessie and Abagail so they could gain control. Future Milo took Milo and German to where Zulan should be and Zulan was too strong for his powers to be suppressed so Future Milo got him to safety while Milo battled Zulan one on one. Yamairo teleported to the battle to warn Milo about his space-time powers and brought James and Isabel. They came to help but Zulan nearly killed them all and Milo began to tap into his full powers such as organic ice and then defeated Zulan and imprisoned him underwater. Future Milo disappeared due to the future being altered and took German to where he needed to go. He returned to the group tired William helped him. Everyone separated and went back to their lives

End Genesis
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PostSubject: Re: Story Arcs   Story Arcs I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 24, 2012 6:56 pm

Chapter 1, New Starting: New Levels of Power

The arc began Milo, Nate, and Dave had officially joined the group. Currently Velon and Dimtiri, two men, were making plans about some sort of escape. Holst painted a picture of a man with enhanced strength escaping prison and Milo knew it was Benjamin. William was trying to get Troy, Sandra, and Abagail freed of their charges. Dimtiri spoke about how he used his technopathic powers to shut down the city so Benjamin could escape Jail and in a forest there was a massive fire and a girl named Katy decided to use her hydrokinesis to put out most of the fire and save millions.

Anna and Filipe were trying to bring their powers to the next level Anna was learning how to explode without physical contact and Filipe working on organic ice. Troy is in the desert training his new technique the Supernova. Milo had headed to Angel's private island along with Nate and Dave. Milo drew a picture of Katy using her abilities and went to find her. Harry is also working on new abilities one being invisibility and James is working on Illusion creation. Isabel worked on more difficult weather altering abilities and Milo managed to recruit Katy to the group, while Dave gathered a group to help stop the prison break including William, James, Filipe, Troy, and brought them to Nate.

Chapter 2, Attack on the Prison: Dimitri the Technopath

Milo brought Katy to the group and they were teleported to the prison. Once there Dimitri freed all the prisoners and a massive riot began. Velon watched and wanted the one's stopping the riot to be captured. Benjamin easily overpowered Katy and Milo came to defeat Benjamin using bio control to give him a heart attack. Velon decided they needed to contact Agency for help. German, Ray and Blot discussed Milo being found, saving the world. They decided to get rid of one of their projects. Ray went to do it meeting up with Wave finding Zulan they freed him from Milo's trap. He escaped and seemingly killed Wave and Ray. He began to free other mutants and began to kill them till he escaped.

Chapter 3, Problems Arise: Reunite the Heroes

At the Warehouse insanity ensued as the group relaxed and was bored now that Zulan was gone and Milo was in control of his abilities. The next day Milo was now a private detective meeting with Nate when Michael contacted him having a job for him. Katy was back at home resting when Joe a former lover and attempted rapist confronted her and attacked her. Holst painted a picture of this and Milo went to save Katy from Joe. Harry found the two and spoke to them. Katy was severely injured so Harry had Milo heal her injuries. They went to the warehouse and Nate had gathered info on Velon.

Milo decided he needed to go after Zulan after discovering his escape and Dave decided to go get Velon with Troy and Harry. He sent Katy home first and they broke into the building Velon was in and fight some of his gang. Dimtiri turned off all the building and he and Velon escaped in a helicopter Troy failing to stop them. Dave took the group home to rest and the next morning Troy, Katy, Sandra, and Abagail hanging out. Velon, Dimitri, Blot, Ray, and Wave met up to discuss Zulan and Milo. At the hospital Ledge was still in the hospital until he awoke free from Zulan's coma and murdered a doctor escaping. Yamairo had brought Anna and had failed to bring Isabel who had surpassed most of the group.

Chapter 4, Return of the Crimson: Zulan the Murderer

Zulan came to Erica's house, Milo's shape-shifting friend and murdered her. Velon contacted Milo having somehow captured Michael and Lucy. Velon wanted to fight in Hawaii and Dave left to confront Velon with Filipe, Anna, Sandra and Harry. Milo then sent Troy and they began to battle Velon. Holst painted a picture of Ledge returning and Milo was overwhelmed with all the villains and injured friends. Milo learned the Agency was coming for Benjamin and decided to go stop Benjamin from being freed with Yamairo, Katy, and Abagail.

Chapter 6, Confronting the Agency: Evolved Human War

German was eager to go after Milo and Blot decided he should train some more before going after him or Zulan. He then sent Wave, Rail, and Ray to free Benjamin from the hospital. Wave began fighting Abagail and Katy. Ray battled Milo and Yamairo until Milo used induced explosions to destroy him and Rail went to retrieve Benjamin only for Zulan to come. Yamairo left to kill Zulan with complete time stop but failed and Velon won the fight German arriving with Agency soldiers. Joe came to the hospital to kill Katy and Wave tried to get him to join the Agency. Rail injected Zulan with the power removal formula and defeated him as Milo arrived.

Anna attacked but German killed her and the Agency took the remaining heroes to the base. Holst and Nate learned of Anna's death too late as Milo went to save Abagail and Katy. At the Agency Velon and Dimitri met Kathy a size manipulator who had shrunken Michael and Lucy to keep them hostage. Filipe and others awoke learning Anna wasn't with them and concluded she was dead. Zulan was brought and also put in a cell. Ray regenerated hours later retrieving Benjamin's body and bringing him to the HQ, while Wave brought Joe to the base so Ray could fix his now stone hand.

Chapter 7, The Cold Blooded Giant: Kathy the Size Manipulator

Nate told the Milo, Abagail, Katy, and Yamairo about how German killed Anna and Yamairo prepared to back in time and kill German to save Anna. Yamairo went to get her body and then Frank came feeling bad thinking he needed to help out more. Fawkes appeared stopping Yama telling Milo to retrieve Ledge since his blood could resurrect the dead. Milo teleported away and Holst began painting the future such as Zulan screaming, Velon lifting a submarine, and Ray alive. Ledge went to find his brother Derek and wanted to find Strade but Derek refused trying to keep him safe so Milo saved Derek and took Ledge using his blood on Anna, reviving her

She was resurrected and spoke about Velon. Kathy tortured Lucy and Michael until Lucy nearly blinded her. Kathy and German went to get the food utensils from the prisoners and revealed Anna was dead. They left with the utensils and Anna was asked questions about death. Isabel was relaxing when she found Jessie being stalked and took care of the man. Milo went to get Isabel for help and Filipe wanted revenge and began to have a small fight with Kathy. Milo brought Jessie and Isabel to the warehouse for help and Yamairo spoke to Jessie. Yamairo came up with a plan to save everyone and Kathy began to torture Filipe more.

Chapter 8, Rescuing Operation: We Must Save our Friends!

Milo drew the picture of Filipe being tortured between Kathy's breasts, to both the concern and amusement of the people gathered. Yamairo warned the group that Kathy was very dangerous despite what she was doing then. Harry, Troy, and Filipe were pissed they were going to die like this. Milo, Nate, Ledge, Yamairo, Anna, and Isabel went to save the group captured. The later started a massive storm and Dimitri located all of them with his technopathic powers. Yamairo, Nate, and Anna went in Yama knocking Kathy out and Anna attacking German.

The German fought Yama and Anna until he got knocked out , while Dimitri fought Isabel. Ledge began fighting the Agency soldiers. Harry, Sandra, and Dave were freed while Anna took the shrunken Filipe and Troy. Zulan asked them to free him as well and Nate came to Agency computer to learn about the Agency but Blot found him and electrocuted him. Milo and Isabel battled and defeated Dimitri. Yamairo found Lucy and Michael in Kathy's pocket and Zulan was freed being powerless. Yamairo teleported the group to the warehouse and went back to get Nate. He locked German in a cell and Blot took Nate to the main HQ becoming electricity so they could get there fast.

Chapter 9, The Agencies Past: The Power Drug

Milo teleported Kathy back to the warehouse. Despite all that was done to him, Filipe didn't want to kill her and Holst warned him. Milo then noticed Zulan and attacked him. He convinced him to stop since he had info on Agency and he told them the history of the Agency which he had gathered with telepathy. Milo reverted everyone to normal size and Zulan revealed the formula wasn't complete and instead his powers were severely dampened. Zulan wanted to leave and planned to attack the Agency. Zulan began explaining they were several in the universe stronger than Yamairo and began explaining powers.

Zulan began speaking about the power nemesis which Yamairo didn't believe in and Holst drew a picture of a teenager using an energy blast. Dave, Troy, and Anna went to get Chulance who had used his powers to fight off some thugs. Chulance adapted to get them to the warehouse they needed to be at and Milo painted several pictures at super speed finding one and Fawkes decided to train Chulance. Milo teleported the group to the base except Fawkes, Chulance, Holst, Harry, William and the unconscious Kathy. Fawkes began to train Chulance and Milo went to hack the Agency computers.

Chapter 10, Agency Round 2: We Must Free the Prisoners

Zulan lead the group to the location with all the evolved human prisoners. Two of them, Gary and Stewart had plans to take over the world. Zulan escaped during the chaos using the drug to restore his abilities and attacked Ledge ripping his skull open to gain true immortality and leave. He attacked the group and a fight ensued. Zulan managed to kill a mutant as Dimitri and Rail came to capture them all. Chulance was worried about his new friends and adapted to warp to them while Yamairo defeated Zulan. The latter had moved the spot and therefore was unstoppable and began to pound Yamairo.

Blot, German, and Soldiers found Milo and used KO gas to knock him out and Blot took him to the main base. Dave figured out Chulance had Self Adaption and Yamairo finally used CTS(Complete Time Stop) to behead Zulan and return the group to the warehouse. The freed mutants were running for their lives to escape the Agency while Stew gained infrared vision from the dead mutant and left. The group figured out how Zulan gained abilities thanks to Stewart's demonstration. Upon returning, Fawkes was mad at Chulance. A shape-shifter named Jason entered the building shape-shifted into Blot and stole the complete formula. Yamairo realized Milo was gone and they had no way of finding the Agency.

Chapter 11, The New Threat: Samuel

Stewart and Gary were making a plan to get Yamairo's abilities and Gary decided to cause havoc to attract him. Jason found an old man who reversed the formula's effects so it gave Jason superhuman strength. Kathy awoke and activated a secrete camera on her body. She shrunk Yamairo and the group forcing them to tell her their location. Kathy put Filipe between her boobs and put the rest in a box as Blot came to get them revealing it was part of their plan. She was suppose to guard them and Velon revealed the complete formula was stolen and he went to use Zulan's blood to force Milo to find Jason and the drug he stole

Filipe began to manipulate Kathy revealing all the abilties would be taken and she revealed Blot promised to ressuerct her mother and Yamairo lied so she would revert everyone to normal size. Dave KOed Kathy and Blot arrived a fight ensued.. Ray left to locate the injured Ledge wanting him to join another group and forced him too. Ray introduced him to an old Man, Samuel, and upon touching him, he took his abilities, becoming immortal.

Chapter 12, Agency Round 3: Final Fight

Dimitri arrived to help Blot fight the heroes and so did Rail. Kathy woke up and had Dave save her friend Ezekiel, Blot's son. Ray revealed Wave was taking the boxes of the power drug to Samuel's base while Ezekiel fought Blot. Velon joined the fight against the heroes while Wave went to retrieve Milo. Chu found Nate and Milo, the later knocking out Rail and attacking Wave. Kathy was once again manipulated by the villains and went berserk attacking them. Ezekiel became giant sized and punched Kathy sending her flying miles away and killed Blot by stepping on him. Chulance avoided an attack from Velon and warped away to the middle of nowhere.

Joe had left the Agency not wanting to die and thought the heroes should be dead. He met up with Ray and Zulan resumed his hunt for evolved humans. The police came to arrest Zulan for murder as Jason had framed him. Zulan decided to continue his fight to save the world as Jason became Katy and framed her for the death of her parents. Velon grabbed Wave, Dimitri, Rail and left at trans-light speed. The Agency base began to fall apart the Self Destruction Sequence activated and Yamairo stopped time and the group teleported back to the warehouse. They escaped and the Agency was defeated but a new group was starting much more dangerous than the last.

Chapter 13, The Assembly of Super-villains: Samuel the Power Reaper

The Arc began with Samuel sent Ray to get Velon, Dimitri, and Rail. Samuel healed his three team-mates and they decided they needed to find Strade to complete the power bestowal formula. Dimitri hacked into satellite's to locate Zulan fighting police. At the warehouse Yamairo and Filipe decided they needed to locate Velon, Kathy, and the others. Ezekiel decided to join the group and apologized about killing Blot. Wave decided to go retrieve Zulan and did so however a fight ensued. Zulan decided neither side could win and joined the group.

Stewart and Gary had been watching Zulan the entire time and Stewart had used telepathy to learn about Wave and got a location which they began heading too. Zulan tried to use Clairvoyance to locate Milo but with help from James's their telepathic powers overpowered Zulan's. The later decided to use another strategy and instead located Angel and kidnapped her. Stewart and Gary found an unconscious girl and it turned out to be Kathy, both of them scared at the revelation. Zulan then used a cell-phone to call Milo and tell him about his mother being kidnapped.

Chapter 14, The Darkest Hour: Milo Powerless

Troy burst in to reveal that some shape-shifter had been using his Abilene to frame several members of the group for various crimes. Jason had stolen a sword and shifted into Yamairo, killing several people inside a hotel. In the military Strade found the President telling him about the mutant attacks. Jason decided to go after the President and Zulan lead Milo to Samuel saying he had to do something for him to get his mom back. Samuel absorbed Milo's abilities and he tried to fight back but was easily beaten.

Stewart and Gary convinced Kathy to continue causing havoc and the group saw her attack on the news. Yamairo, Anna, and Filipe went to stop Kathy's attack. Ezekiel got teleported with them and Dimitri told Samuel their plan to save the world had begun. Stewart and Gary made a deal with Yamairo and helped Kathy. Jason was at a computer where shape-shifting into a military general he forced a pilot to fly him to DC. Kathy decided killing was wrong and stopped her killing spree. They went back to the base and began to worry about Milo. Nate came up with the plan to save Milo involving going back in time and using Hank to save him.

Chapter 15, Rescuing Milo: We must Fight on

Yamairo and James then went back in time to Hank's house and Yamairo had Hank find Samuel. James erased his memories of the visit and they returned to the future. Kathy reverted Dave to normal size and Dave went to tell Sandra he loved her just in case they died. In the Jet-plane Jason killed the pilot and left with a parachute. Jason had a plan to rule the world and Yamairo teleported the group the mansion and the battle to save the world from the power nemesis began.

Samuel, Zulan, and Ray went to battle group while the others could guard the prisoners. The group attacked Samuel and a massive battle began. Zulan easily knocked out James and used a telepathic attack to force the group not to attack. Samuel then began to argue that he wanted them as his squad to prevent war. Katy tried to suggest talking to people to explain how powers could be used and Samuel refused to listen supporting his argument that people would never change no matter what. Samuel stated they could have super-heroes and things such as in comic-books but a simple mistake would result in a modern witch-hunt and the group could no longer argue.

Chapter 16, Fight for Survival: The Invincible Samuel

Abagail and Troy tried to argue but Samuel explained he was now unstoppable and the world would be saved. James woke up striking Zulan and Yamairo froze time cutting his head off. Samuel went berserk attacking the group and injuring Yamairo. He then gave Isabel a stroke and turned off Anna's nervous system with bio control. Troy and Katy attacked next but Samuel stopped them and continued his battle as William healed Anna and Isabel. Samuel regenerated Ezekiel's way and Filipe knew without the power sapping drug they could not win.

Joe suddenly appeared striking Samuel down and had the power sapping drug. Samuel went berserk and then grabbed Joe giving him blisters and burried him. Joe reappeared minutes later with the power sapping drug and suddenly Samuel shrunk them all and the drug. Kathy however was not shrunk and Holst was the only one who remained at the warehouse and Fawkes found him seeing the only one left who could save the world was Kathy. She revealed she was dating Samuel now and he wanted her to go and inject Milo with the drug.

Chapter 17, Escape Possible: We Each Fight for Our Own Reasons

Troy was finally snapped tired of their treatment yelling until Kathy KOed him. Yamairo realized it was over as Holst could not fight and Chulance had no training. Samuel wanted to locate Zulan and Stewart/Gary arrived there to save the world. Zulan came and freed the group. In DC Jason found a soldier attacking him snapping his neck and hiding his body making sure the camera just saw him go to the bathroom. Kathy found Milo shrinking him and went to meet up with Zulan. She told Kathy to guard the room and Troy realized he had to apologize to Kathy.

Stewart and Gary left seeing the group had already been freed. Zulan found Kathy and she reverted everyone to normal size. Zulan revealed that German had vanished since Samuel wanted him to die and he ran off to Germany. Zulan said with him around the drug would depower Samuel. Milo injected himself with half the drug to gain ability replication and decided to replicate Yamairo's abilties. Yamairo teleported them to Berlin and Zulan broke in German's home taking his brother hostage. German agreed to help them and they were teleported to a warehouse.

Chapter 18: Samuel's last Hour: I just wanted what was Best

Zulan found Samuel and led him to Velon who had attacked. Joe took the others to Ray and Wave. Samuel tried to kill Velon but German was nearby struggling to suppress Samuel while Yama, Zulan, and Milo overpowered him. Yamairo then grabbed Samuel and teleported away returning after he killed Samuel. The battle against Samuel's men continued while Stewart and Gary found Ledge and freed him from his coma. Zulan escaped the battle and Ray defeated the entire group. Milo warped in using Yamairo's power KOing Ray and replicating his power to revert everyone back to normal including Troy. Kathy and Troy then killed Ray in a team effort and Chulance appeared revealing the Government sent soldiers to capture him and he was on the run till Strade found him and taught him control of his abilities.

William healed all of those injured in the battle and Chu severely injured Wave. Milo decided they needed to leave and Jason found Obama.(Not current one a descendant) He attacked him switching places with him as the real Obama was taken away. Chu revealed he needed to train more so he could save his parents who the Government kidnapped and Milo decided they needed to find Strade so he could restore his powers and Filipe and Kathy were ready to go with him on another adventure to save the world.

End Agency


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Chapter 1, Jason's Master Plan: Death to the Evolved

The new Arc began with Jason contacting General Ford to talk to him about the evolved human threat and for the Government to gather a group and kill them. Ford decided to agree that capturing them was not as good as trying to kill them. Milo suggested they go back in time to get Hank but they had no picture of him. Suddenly another mutant Bota showed up, and in rather comical fashion used his powers to control Katy and Kathy. Ford met up with Jason having gathered a team of soldiers the top three being Brad Hark the master of guns, Big Ben the explosive master and Aston Warner the sniper.

At the warehouse they found Ledge eating their food, but decided to help him restore his powers since his blood could heal the dead. The group had Holst use his precognitive powers to draw Strade. He couldn't find him so Milo had James telepathically put the members to sleep except Yamairo and they used him to go back in time to meet Hank. Milo replicated Hank's ability and they returned to the present where James used his abilities to pretend the last few minutes never happened. Milo located Strade based on the picture Holst drew and Milo, Troy, and Yamairo teleported to NYC. They found a building that SWAT had broken into to capture some mutants.

Chapter 2, Sancho: The Shinigami

Milo used his clairvoyance learning Strade was helping the government instead of mutants and Yamairo and Troy began fighting the Swat to help the mutant Sancho and his family escape. Milo replicated Yamairo's powers so he could defeat Strade without much trouble. He brought him to the warehouse wanting to have James force him to restore his abilities, however Strade used his ability to turn Jame's telepathic ability off. Milo was forced to replicate Strade's ability and accidentally knocked Strade out. He restored James's powers and replicated Kathy's having Dave take him to Yamairo and Troy. He used Kathy's power to shrink all the SWAT members so they could easily be killed.

Milo found Sancho was injured due to the SWAT attack and he helped them kill the SWAT group. He decided he needed to find his three brothers who vanished during the attack and the SWAT had located the warehouse and attacked. Anna used her powers to cause the roof to cave in, while the SWAT rescued Strade in the chaos. Sancho revealed his power to Milo, Yamairo, Dave, and Troy. Sancho left them to find his family while the trio went back to the warehouse learning it was destroyed in a fight against the SWAT. Yamairo decided they should all go to his house in Japan and James used telepathy to read Yama's mind and give the location to Dave telepathically. He then teleported everyone to Yamairo's house, while Milo and Nate went to get Lucy before the Government kidnapped her.

Milo and Nate were nearly killed trying to save Lucy who had already been kidnapped, they escaped to Angel's mansion where they met Michael who was helping mutants escape being arrested. Jason now taking over the President's job spoke to an informant about how the SWAT was taking out mutants and how Jason hadn't given the order for the SWAT to take over the operation. Milo, Michael, and Nate went to visit Yamairo to discuss the situation with mutants and how Michael was helping them get to Angel's island and Yamairo agreed to help till they found the shape-shifter. At Yamairo's house Holst drew a picture of a man with two powers fighting the SWAT. Chu, Dave, and Anna went to save him.

Chapter 3, Kano: The Man of Fire and Ice

The group at the house ordered some pizza and Kano was persuaded to join Yamairo's group and was brought back to the house. Minutes later Yamairo arrived with Milo and Nate. Kano demonstrated his two abilities, but proved he was not a mimic. The group decided he had some form of temperature control and he revealed he got the power on an island owned by an evil man named Sindus who captured mutants in hopes of building an army. The pizza's arrived and they began eating. Ezekiel left and Milo left to find Lucy. Yamairo decided they needed to find Sindus and get more information about their situation.

Kano spoke about Sindus's nephew Keeth who had evolved human detection and Ezekiel decided not to leave instead wanting to help them find him since he could locate Strade. Holst's powers activated and he drew a picture of a building collapsing. Yamairo decided to go with Anna to investigate. Nate called Milo who returned wanting to find Keeth so he could regain clairvoyance and find Strade. He went to the island with Kano, Ezekiel, Sandra, Troy, Abagail. Harry, Isabel and Filipe. The group split up to search the island and Dave teleported after them after Kathy finished torturing him.

Chapter 4, Sindus's Island: The Inescapable Fortress.

Yamairo and Anna went to NYC and found the building. Suddenly a girl named Alisa ran into Alisa and they argued Alisa activated her ability and it caused Anna to destroy several buildings and the two girls got trapped underground. Yamairo teleported back in time to find where Anna and Alisa fell. Sindus and Keeth were helping armed soldiers get mutants inside a building while Milo, Nate, and Kano fought their soldiers. Milo left them to find the entrance to the mutant prison and the SWAT arrived at the area where Anna destroyed buildings. Keeth had taken a sniper and went after Troy. Anna and Alisa were still trapped and spoke to each other discovering each others abilities. Isabel spotted the soldiers capturing a girl named Riya and she helped save the girl along with Filipe. Sandra was surrounded by soldiers but developed a secondary mutation and used her new telepathic powers to make the soldiers shoot themselves.

Keeth's fight with Troy continued and some soldiers tried to use KO gas on Abagail who used Vectors to kill them. Kano had stolen a Jeep from some soldiers and teamed up with Abagail to break into Sindus's mansion. Isabel, Filipe, and Riya headed to the prison where mutants were being held. Alisa revealed she ran away because of her dad and was happy if he died in the explosions. Sandra managed to use her telepathic powers to defeat Keeth easily. Yamairo returned to Holst for help, while Alisa tried to get Anna to "loosen up". Kano and Abagail broke into the mansion fighting his guards.

Chapter 5, Alex: the Mean Green Smashing Machine

Sandra used telepathy on Dave and Riya told Isabel about her ability. Holst drew Anna and Alisa in a caved in area. Stewart and Gary had arrived at the house but Yamairo needed their help and teleported them back to NYC. There, they managed to get Alisa and Anna out, interrupting a "moment" between the two. Sindus tried to escape his mansion rooftop on his Jet-plane as Abagail, Kano, and Troy wiped out his guards. Riya created air pressure to crash the plane and Kano went to get Sindus. Filipe used his organic ice to break into the factory where the mutants were being held. Sindus came out trying to stop them from freeing all the mutants especially one named Alex who he said would cause a massive mutant war.

Yamairo teleported himself, Anna, and Alisa back to the house, while Gary and Stew were pissed having again failed to get Yamairo's power. Riya was beginning to get surrounded causing Alex to start transforming into the Hulk. He threw Riya aside and went on a murder spree. At the house Bota was speaking to Kathy, and James. Fawkes discovered his power was empathy the power to manipulate emotions. William healed Anna and Alisa. A massive battle against Alex began and Harry began searching for Riya. Filipe found her needing her help to calm down Alex while Dave, Troy, Kano, and Sandra joined the fight against the unstoppable Alex. Milo even joined the battle while Nate helped his injured friends get away from him. Filipe returned with Riya who calmed him down, as everyone returned to Yamair's house.

Chapter 6, Alisa and Anna: Supercharging Emotions

After arriving, and dividing the rooms (Bota used his powers to score himself a room), everyone went to sleep for the night. Ezekiel decided to use his powers to peep on Alisa, only for it to backfire when she left her own room. Alisa confronted Anna about what happened while they were caved in, and the two started to kiss. James picked it up in the living room, and transmitted the thoughts to Filipe, Harry, Kano and Ezekiel (who had returned looking for Alisa). Ezekiel decided to try is luck at the voyeur thing again, only this time he got caught and beaten to a bloody pulp

The next morning Filipe went to the bathroom and found Ezekiel comically beaten and bruised. Filipe went back to sleep and everyone got up. Alex went berserk due to all the commotion and Yamairo froze time and let Riya calm him down. Yamairo went to wake up the others, finding Alisa in Anna's room. Milo and Nate returned with a large breakfast and Filipe told Yamairo what happened.

Chapter 7, Get Strade: Returning Milo's Power

After several high-jinks over breakfast, involving Ezekiel and James getting their asses beat up over what happened the night before. Kano revealed he had brought Sindus and Keeth along and locked them in a room with ice chains. Milo had Keeth's ability so he found Dimitri and he and Dave went to get him. Then then asked Dimitri to shut off the SWAT base Strade was at. Milo then replicated Yamairo's ability and teleported to the base with Fawkes and Harry. Milo became invisible as well and the three attempted an extraction with minimal force.

Sancho had reunited with his family thanks to help from Ledge's brother Derek who wanted to find Ledge and Sancho promised to help as he killed SWAT members. Strade's SWAT team began to drop dead due to Sancho causing Harry to use his abilties to make Strade invisible and Fawkes knock him out with a rag filled with chloroform. Suddenly Strade and Milo died of heart-attacks. German came with SWAT to capture them all and Keeth spoke to the group about this. Yamairo came to the scene with Ezekiel and Nate. Yamairo convinced German to let them help and he brought Milo, Strade to Yamairo's house so William could heal them. It was too late but Alisa super-charged him so he could revive them.

Chapter 8, Milo is Back: The Defeat of Jason

Zulan had located Dimitri, Velon, and Benjamin who wanted Milo dead. Zulan arrived and a battle ensued in which Zulan killed Benjamin and Dimitri escaped to contact Milo for help. Strade revealed he was saving all the mutants by " turning off " their abilties so when the government checked them for powers they would be freed and the SWAT shut down + the president getting arrested for not stopping the hunt. Milo argued with him how he could stop this and instead replicated James's powers and used them to force Strade to restore his abilities.

Michael then contacted Milo revealing the location of all the prisons where mutants were being kept. Milo imprisoned Strade in a cage of bones and he used his precognitive powers to find the shape-shifter learning he was disguised as the president. Dimitri called Milo who teleported away to stop Zulan. Milo saved Velon and Dimitri, while Yamairo escaped German with Harry, Nate, Ezekiel and Fawkes. Dave decided they should free all the mutants trapped in prisons and the team agreed. Milo arrived in the White house using his abilities to shape-shift into a Secrete Service Agent (SSA) and go up to meet Jason.

Chapter 9, The Counter Attack Begins: One For All, All for our Kind

Yamairo revealed German was at one of the prisons so they couldn't attack head on and Jason was ready to meet the SSA. Milo met up with Jason reading his mind at super speed and confronted him about what he did. Yamairo decided they split into two groups Yamairo teleporting one group and Dave bringing the other. Alisa supercharged Isabel who performed a massive attack on the prison so German would come out, leaving it unprotected.

The fight started off bad for the heroes, as German managed to kill Ezekiel but he was quickly returned to the house where William revived him. Back at the battle, Kano used his pryokenesis to propel himself forward to knock German out. Milo telepathically made Jason turn back into his normal form and SSA surrounded the place to kill Milo. He manipulated their iron to knock them out, Meanwhile the German recovered and began to fight Filipe. Milo took Jason to a meeting between the World Leaders to expose Jason to the world. Kano found a hammer growing more muscular and gaining super strength, and flight. Nate was convinced he was a mimic and Filipe defeated German after a very physical brawl

Darius was one of the evolved humans trapped and a friend of Sindus who had tried to gain Alex's hulk like abilities. He began to fight Kano and revealed Sindus was the mobster who had his family killed. Kano managed to kill him upsetting some of the others and Milo found the real president healing him. Milo created a tranquilizer dart and used it on Jason as he was taken to one of the mutant prisons.

Chapter 10, The Start of a New Age: The Sons of the Legends

Dave was knocked unconscious when 3 golden men appeared and warped the group back to Yamairo's house where they met up with Milo. He explained they should band together to save lives to clean up their image and be called the Shadow X men(SXM) with Yamairo as their leader.

Milo then warped them to the old Warehouse and fixed it with matter manipulation.Yamairo was unsure if he was fit to be the leader, but after everyone said he's the only one that could do it, he decided to accept. Harry thought everything was similar to the comics. He ran off and they went to a comic shop since the warehouse was near NYC. A man named Glano came in search of Mjolnir and it's wielder the son of Thor. Harry and James returned revealing they were in the Marvel World and that everything that had been told in the comics was true . Kano learned he was the son of Thor and Glano warped them all to Asgard.
Elsewhere, we see a young man called Aaron Stark arriving home, where he gets a letter instructing him to go a sealed off area of the estate. There, he finds an advance suit of armor, and a video message from Anthony Stark, the original Iron Man. He tells him that the world needs Iron Man again, and he is to pick up the mantel.

Back at Asgard, Loki was suddenly seen with Keel and had plans to "help" Keeth.

End of Fugitives


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Soul Tournament

Chapter 1, Calling all Mutants: The Grand Event

2 months have passed since the events of the Fugitive Arc and Kano is still training his abilities at Asgard, with the others helping him and training themselves. Kano finishes his training and Milo takes the group back to the warehouse. During the 2 months Kano had Asgardians upgrade the warehouse and give it high-tech equipment. The SXM split up and began saving people. Sandra decided to test out her abilities as a mental patient was trying to escape a hospital and Dave teleported her to the hospital. In a desert some Terrorists had overpowered USA soldiers and had forced them into hiding. Aaron had arrived saving the soldiers, reveling he had mastered using his suit.

Sancho had gotten his life back together and was now killing criminals with various methods. Sandra tried to get the mental patient to stop using illusion generated cops to try and stall him. Sandra stopped his escape and a man watched. After that, the man got involved, surprising Sandra and allowing the mental patient to injected Sandra with a drug that induced paralysis. The man than took Sandra's soul and Dave teleported in to save Sandra. The two people were Shawkun and Shin. Shawkun told Dave about a tournament and what to do to save Sandra. Shawkun and Shin than teleported away with Sandra's body.

Chapter 2, The Start of the Tournament: The Assembly of the Strongest

Aaron was one a date when he saw news about a hijacked train. Shawkun left to recruit Joe to the tournament. Filipe and Harry also saw the news about the hijacked train, so Yamairo teleported the duo there to save the train. They met Aaron who helped them save the train and Shawkun found Jason bringing him to the tournament. Shawkun had gathered Shin, Joe, and Jason. Once Aaron met up with the SXM, Milo teleported them all down to the docks.

Shawkun explained how the tournament would work and he created a portal. He warped them to an island and in a building which had the matches and fighting areas. Chulance learned he would be the first to fight and against Darius a man Sindus had saved after the hunt for mutants ended. Joe returned having forced Stewart and Gary to come to the tournament. Joe left to get Velon and his comrades.

Chapter 3, The Tournament Starts: The Adapting Wonder Chulance

Chu fought Darius, while Shawkun watched. Joe returned with the living members of the Agency Wave, Rail, Velon, German, and even Zulan. Joe located Ledge and Keel as well. Chulance attacked him with everything he had, but Darius managed to overwhelm him physically. Finally, Chulance managed to adapt and began to overload Darius with gamma radiation, but after a while, he failed and Darius only became stronger. As Darius insulted Chulance's friends, he swelled with rage, adapting and gaining his strength, punching a hole through him and causing an explosion. After it, Chulance stands, victorious.

Chapter 4, The Tournament Continues: Big Victories and Watery Falls

The tournament moves on to the next round, as Ledge faces Kathy. The latter began dominating the fight by quickly turning giant and smashing Ledge and his weapons. In the side lines, Anna and Filipe planned to get revenge for Hank as they looked at Zulan. Ledge, meanwhile, manages to climb up Kathy's dress, who shrinks down to catch him. Ledge sets of a nuke (which had been reduced in size along with him) as a last ditch effort. However, it fails, and Kathy knocks him out. Shawun takes his soul and we discover the true purpose of the tournament. Shawkun takes the souls of the losers along with their powers

Next up, German fought Kathy. The match was close as Katy was powerless thanks to German's own power. After fighting physically for some time, German pulled out a gun and attempted to kill Katy. She, however, managed to fake it and grab German's gun, shooting him in the legs and winning the match. Shawkun took his soul and his power. As William healed Katy, he told Yamairo that one of them had to win. Shin told the SXM about how they could not heal the loss of the souls.

Chapter 5, Round 3: Joe's Brutal Attack

Next up was Joe vs Abigail. Abigail started off well enough, using her vectors to attack Joe, while defending herself from possible attacks. However, Joe started to use his portals in combination with his surroundings, and manage to even things out, despite everyone's support. He finished by taking both of them into a portal, and physically beating Abibail while inside. He finished it by bringing a knife from a town and stabbing Abbi in the stomach, leaving her near death. As she laid there, she almost died, saved only by the timely intervention of William, who healed her and had Yamairo take her to the hospital. Shawkun lost his chance to obtain the vectors.

Chapter 6, Fight at the Snowy Peak: Iron Man vs Ice-Hands

Shawkun warped the group to a snowy mountain peak. Filipe and Aaron then fought. Troy was glad Shawkun did not take Abi's soul. He wanted to find Sandra, and Shin revealed they couldn't save Sandra even with powers.
Meanwhile, Filipe used his ice powers to constantly freeze Aaron's armor and leave it unable to function. Aaron decided to use his powerful missile's and took to the skies, gaining enough distance and using one of them to blow up a large area. However, Filipe had turned to organic ice and gotten above him, increasing the size of his hand and slamming him down, and then freezing the armor. Velon then commented he used the same trick on him. Aaron tried one last ditch effort, firing his last missile, but up in the mountains, it was easy for Filipe to regenerate, and he gained the victory.
Shawkund decided not to take Aaron's soul, as he was merely a human wearing an armor.

Chapter 7, This is for all those Years: Gary vs Wave

Shawkun took them to a rocky beach where Gary and Wave fought, Gary looking for revenge for all the abuse Wave and the Agency put them trough. After starting the match by attacking with sand, Gary was quickly overwhelmed by Wave's powerful sound form. Stewart used telepathy to tell him solid rock would block out Wave better. Forming a shield, Gary managed to protect himself, and after forcing Wave to take physical form, he used several boulder attacks to harm him. Pissed off, he decided to use a massive Sound Cannon. Gary used his ultimate shield, creating a massive earth defense, and blocking out most of the blast. After the dust settles, he's left standing. Wave has is soul taken.

Chapter 8, The Fight at the Abandoned City: Dimitri's Fall

William fought Jason. William caused Jason to be infected and easily dominated the fight. He then entered a super hard carbon form and managed to easily defeat Jason. Shawkun took his soul and then warped them to an abandoned city. Harry began to fight Dimitri. While in the sidelines, Isabel contemplated her options, coming up with a solution. After an initial battle where Dimitri hid himself, Harry defeated all attacks and found him. Dimitri formed a suit made of technology to fight Harry. The latter melted his armor and Dimtiri escaped into some sewers revealing he had taken control of nukes and launched them to the area. Gary protects his friends, and Harry managed to survive with a light shield. However, he was exhausted, and dropped the shield, almost dieing from the radiation. Milo managed to absorb it and save both the fights. However, Dimitri's soul was taken as well.

Chapter 9, My Decision: The Son of Thor's Sacrifice

Shawkun then used his powers to bring them to a beach. Then Kano and Yamairo went to fight, the latter not wanting Kano to loose his soul. The latter assumed his Asgardian form and fought Yamairo. James began telling the group how if Shawkun had Yamairo's powers they could use Milo to stop Shawkun, and if he get Kano's they'd be doomed. After trying all he could, Yamairo resigned with a happy face, however, Kano gave up his life so Yamairo could remain, as Shawkun took his soul. His friends watching, Yamairo swore he would rescue everyone.

Chapter 10, The Bodies Start to Pile: James and Troy are Down

After transporting them to the city again, Ezekiel and Troy fought. Using a new move called Gear 2nd, Ezekiel tried to fight Troy using superior speed. Troy used his fire attacks to burn down most of the terrain and almost managed to prevail with his final attack, the Fire Orb. However, Ezekiel melted himself before it hit, and then used a surprise attack to obtain the victory. Troy had is soul taken.
Shawkun then had James and Alex fight, Milo helping later knowing Shawkun would be invincible with Kano and Alex's abilities. James did all he could, almost managing to overwhelm both Milo's telepathy and Alex's own strong mind. However, his own lack of confidence in what he was doing proved to be his downfall. As he lost, Yamairo promised to save him. His soul was taken.

Chapter 11, Milo's Rage: Nate's Defeat.

Nate and Shin fought next. After pulling out all the stops, and using all he could, evetually Nate was overwhelmed by Shin's ability and fell, as his soul was taken. Milo then assumed the Hulk form and went berserk, attacking several people in blond rage so Dave got Boota and used the latter to calm Milo down. Riya took on Frank and beat him using multiple lightning blasts.

Chapter 12, The Storm's Pride: I Want to Fight Him

Velon fought Isabel and the SXM learned Zulan/Velon partnered up using Alisa to supercharge Velon for the match. Isabel refused help, and using her powers, she tried her best to beat Velon. She was managing to fight on even ground, despite being weaker, and thanked Riya for helping her discover her true potential. However, Velon used Diamagnetism which allowed him to manipulate matter and won the match. Isabel had her soul taken, regreting not being able to fight Troy. In the next match Zulan fought Keel. The latter put trackers on Zulan, Milo, and Kano escaping since he had no soul. Then Rail fought Anna. After using several explosions, she decided to use a new trick, making it so anyone that touched her would become a living bomb. However, Rail tried to turn her heart intangible. Knowing that if he did so, she couldn't deactivate the charge he stepped back. She stopped the charge, and again another person lost his soul

Chapter 13, End of the First Round, Start of the Second: It's Impolite to Keep a Girl Waiting

Dave took on Stewart in mortal combat wanting to get to Sandra. Stewart tried to use telepathy, but Sandra had put mental blocks on him. However, in the end, Stewart manage to both attack him with mind attacks, and use wind attacks to harm him. As he was about to fall, he got up with the thought of Sandra, which Stewart picked up. Telling Dave he shouldn't keep a girl waiting, Stewart gave up so Dave could move on and help her, He lost his soul as Gary watched in shock

The Next match saw Milo vs Fawkes. Fawkes tried his only option, going for the old weak spot, which of course failed. Knowing he had no choice left, he merely smiled and wished the rest luck as his soul was taken.

After this, the first fight of the second round started. Kathy fought Chulance. The fight started with Kathy trying to shrink him, only for him to adapt. Kathy then shrank them both and used a surprise attack to grow tall quickly and crush him with her foot, starting to crack his bones, the latter unable to adapt because his powers were damped. He manages to escape, but Kathy catches up and kills him accidentally. As everyone thought it was over, Chulance suddenly resurrects, adapting to both death and becoming immune to size alteration. He finishes by KOing Kathy, giving him the win.

Chapter 14, What Have you Done: Joe vs Katy

Everyone is teleported to a beach, and Katy begins his fight with Joe. Starting it up by kneeing Joe in the face, she says she's doing to enjoy this. Going out in fist fight for a while, Katy finally resorts to her power, attacking Joe with water. The two dodge the water, and fight mid air, both landing safely thanks to their powers. Katy starts to show a greater control of her powers, and Joe resorts to taking them both into a portal, doing the same he did with Abigail.
Katy uses her powers to create a mist and protect herself from further attacks. As Joe thinks a strategy, she attacks him through the mist. However, Joe finally gets an idea. Using his powers, he gets a lightning rod from a nearby town that was suffering from a lightning storm. He puts the end of it out of a portal, and the tip at the city. As the lightning strikes down, the mist filled arena becomes filled with electricity. Both fighters go down, and Shawkun proclaims double fatality.
However, Katy meets The One Above All, who revives her, telling her to help her friends. Joe is then doomed to to death.

Chapter 15, Ice that Freezes the Soul: Filipe vs Gary

Shawkun teleports us to the lava platform again, and this time, Filipe and Gary step up. The match starts off badly for Filipe, has Gary shows off his favorite skill, magmakinesis. Seeing as magma is melted rock, Gary can control it and use it in powerful offensive maneuvers. Adding to this the fact the area is extremely hot, Filipe is barely able to fight off Gary's attack. Filipe tries to freeze the volcano, but it proves impossible with the amount of heat present. Taking the chance after a huge attack, Filipe tries to freeze Gary with a surprise vapor transition. This not only leaves him drained, but fails has the ice soon melts away and Gary is freed. Having enough, Filipe unleashes a massive ice blast and managed to freeze the volcano to it's core, turning the hot environment into an ice crater. Gary attemps to go into the earths core to get his attack methods, but Filipe freezes him before he can.
However, after all this expenditure, Filipe collapses. On the other hand, without the heat to melt the ice, Gary can't move and is left immobile, unable to call upon his powers.
Just as Shawkun is about to call a draw, The One Above All appears before Filipe and gives him the courage to stand tall, also telling him that Katy is alive and well. Filipe stands up, and his proclaimed the winner. Shawkun then takes Gary's soul.

Chapter 16, The Growth of the Light: Harry vs William

Filipe tells William to heal Katy and Joe's bodies, so has to not leave them in that state. While doing so, William realizes Katy is alive, but decides not to say anything.
Harry and William step up for the fight. Harry is hesitant at first, not waiting to fight his friend. William encourages him to fight, and Harry finally decides to do so after some persuasion the hard way.
After an initial scufel, Harry uses concentrated light blasts to pierce William's new Carbon form. However, William simply heals the wounds, and get close enough to damage Harry internally. Harry manages to fight himself back up, and then uses his concentrated light like a knife, moving quickly, first cutting William's throat, then the spine, leaving him unable to heal his body and making him the winner. Shawkun takes his soul. Harry tries to stop him, but his injuries catch up to him. Milo heals both of them, and Shawkun moves the tournament along

Chapter 17, My Reasons to Fight: Shin vs Alex

Yamairo and Ezekiel are called in next. Ezekiel starts out strong, but Yamairo quickly uses his powers to teleport, heat his blade, allowing him to cut through Ezekiel. He quickly surrenders before the samurai, and his soul is taken.

Next, Shin faces off against Alex in the jungle. At first, even with his clones, he's easily overwhelmed by Alex's hulk powers. We discover Shin is fighting to save his sister from Shawkun. Shin tries is best using the powers he's gained from Shawkun, but Alex proves superior. Shin tries to lead Alex to his death by making him fall off a huge cliff, but Alex uses a sonic clap to propel himself up and nearly kill Shin.
Shin gives up and asks that Alex lie and say he's won, and that he died. Alex agrees, and returns to the others, telling them what he's suppose to say. Shawkun can't read Alex' mind because of Milo blocking him, and thus is forced to believe him.

Chapter 18, The Magnet of Death: Velon vs Riya

Next up, Shawkun warps them to a junkyard, and Riya faces Velon. Riya attempted her best by attacking Velon, but like Isabel before her, Velon's shield protected him against all attacks. Using his organic iron control, he forces Riya to feed him with lightning attack, which he absorbed by manipulating the electromagnetic spectrum. After absorbing enough of it, he unleashes it all on Riya, further hurting her and causing her even more damage.
Alex yells are her sister to give up, but Riya refuses. Velon then makes sure she can't anyone, controlling her to keep fighting, injuring her further by upping the gravity around her.

Riya tries one last ditch effort, creating a massive storm powerful enough to demolish the entire area. However, Velon survives and uses his powers to rip the iron right out of Riya's body, causing her an instant death.
Yamairo attempts to kill Velon, only for Milo to stop him and say the revenge is Alex's.
Shawkun ignores the drama and transports us back to the snow mountain. However, Milo manages to heal Riya before she dies and brings her back. Shawkun lost his chance, and Riya keeps her soul

Chapter 19, The Final Bang of the Crimson Eyed Angel: Zulan vs Anna

Anna and Zulan step up. Anna starts off the match fast without caring for Zulan's mockery, blowing his arms off right from the start, and swearing revenge for Hank. Zulan regenerates and goes on the offensive, only for Anna to blow off parts of his body again and again, keeping him from effectively attacking. Her anger prevents her from focusing her powers effectively, and Zulan uses this to freeze her down.
However, Anna escapes by blowing the ice, and, after missing a few more times, finally manages to blow up Zulan himself.

However, Zulan manages to reform himself even after total explosion. It's show he's using organic ice to prevent his death. He again mocks Hank, and Anna starts to blow him up each time he reappears.
Zulan, tired of games, finally unleashes his full power, severely hurting Anna. He then aproaches her and stars to slit her brain, the others unable to help because of Shawkun. Zulan takes her power, and completely destroys her body with the power she just took from her

This murder sends the remaining members of the original group into a fit of rage. Yamairo can't even stop time effectively, and Filipe freezes Zulan solid in an attempt to kill him. Alisa sinks to her knees in despair.
Shakwun attempts to continue the tournament, and Yamairo finally snaps, attacking him. Shawkun defends himself.

Chapter 20, Start the Quarter Finals With Powha: Chulance vs Milo

After Zulan mocks the heroes more, Dave and Milo take the stage. Milo quickly ends it and kills Dave. Dave's soul is taken

Shawkun then teleports us into a very large cave, where the final rounds will take place. After another drawing, the matches are decided

First up is Chulance vs Milo. Chulance fights with Milo at even levels, however, Milo starts to overwhelm his adapting with both his vast powers, and his speed. After a long battle, Chulance's adapting can't keep up, and Milo knocks him out with a telepathic attack, giving him the victory. However, he takens Chu's soul himself.

Chapter 21, Fall of the Green Destroyer: Velon vs Alex

Next up, it's Velon vs Alex. Both of them find it impossible to harm the other. Velon can't harm Alex's body, and Alex can't break Velon's shield. However, Velon soon starts to use his organic iron manipulation, and makes Alex jump into the cave, through the wall and down the mountain. Velon laughs as he proclaims himself the winner.
Alex comes back again, but again Velon controls him, this time making him punch himself without stop while safely behind his shield. He then attempts to finish it again by punching with a magnetic powered punch, sending him back down the mountain. Alex doesn't return and Sawkun retrieves him, taking his soul.

Chapter 22, Light that Shines in Time and Space: Harry vs Yamairo

Next up, Yamairo and Harry face off. Yamairo attempts a quick finish by stopping time, but Harry one ups him by launching a light blast. Light travels at normal speed while in time freeze, so Yamairo gets hit, sent back and drops his focus.

At this point, Shin, who had been searching for his sister and Sandra, finding Katy along the way, returns telling them that Katy and Sandra are both trapped at the core of the volcano, and can't be accessed unless they win. They have a fixed amount of time before they die. His sister is trapped in the snow mountain with similar circumstances.

Yamairo continues the fight, dodging as his time stop is unable to stop Harry's light. Catching Harry in a counter attack, Yamairo manages to freeze time before he could attack, and simply teleports him to somewhere he can't fight back, making him the winner. Shawkun tracks him down and takes his soul.

Chapter 23, Crimson Cold Encounter of Revenge: Filipe vs Zulan

Filipe and Zulan fight up next. Filipe starts off with huge ice blasts and anger filled attacks, trying his best to completely end Zulan. The two turn to organic ice and begin the fight at close range. Soon, Zulan starts to use his other powers to attack Filipe, and grows to a huge size with organic ice. Filipe, however, does the same, and the two fight off as giants, almost as tall as the cave. Zulan soon erects his tk shield, but Filipe works around it, only to be sent flying again.
Finally, Filipe uses his planned strategy, turning to mist and bonding with Zulan's own organic ice, overriding his body and turning him to normal again. He then drops from organic ice due to strain, and as prepares for his final attack: The 8 Trigrams: 64 Palms

He delivers precise blows to pressure points, freezing them solid. At the end of the attack, Zulan is left unable to access is powers right. Filipe, however, is tired as well, leaving the two to fight it out normally. However, as Filipe is about to overwhelm him, Zulan taps into his powers in an uncontrolled attack, and sends an already tired Filipe into the rock spikes of the cave, ending the fight. Shawkun takes Filipe's soul, and ends the quarter finals.

Chapter 24: The Semi Finals: The Lord of Magnetism vs the Great Hero

Next up is Milo vs Velon, as Milo is looking for revenge for Alex and Riya. Velon starts off as usual, using his control to make Alisa supercharge himself and Zulan, and then uses his diamagnetism to heal Zulan's wounds and damaged pressure points. Alisa finally snaps and supercharges Yamairo as well, asking him to avenge Anna.
Milo and Velon's match is even from the start, with Velon's abilities matching Milo despite Velo only having one power.
However, Milo's several powers soon manage to overwhelm Velon, and combining magnetism, Hulk strength and normal super strength, Milo overpowers Velon and nearly takes him out. Velon is left almost defenseless and Milo starts to pound him with light and energy blasts.
However, Velon recovers and uses one last diamagnetism attack, turning Milo to metal, then stone and then finishing with a powerful energy attack.
However, Milo survives, and uses is powers to suppress both of their abilities. He then slams a defenseless Velon into the cave walls and knocks him out, winning. He takes Velon's soul to prevent Shawkun from doing so

Chapter 25, The Revenge Bout: The Lord of Time vs The Crimson Killer

Finally, after all the pain he caused, Zulan fought head to head with Yamairo. Yamairo easily overwhelmed Zulan. Zulan tried everything he could think of with his powers, but each attack came up short of enough power to stop Yamairo.
Yamairo, on the other hand, was supercharged and powerful enough to completely destroy Zulan systematically. He continuously warped Zulan's body parts in a weird form of super torture, making him feel all the pain he caused to Yamairo's friends.
Zulan, ever so devious and evil, uses Yamairo's mental state and tortures him with images of his friends deaths. Yamairo begins to lose control of his powers, and soon, the sheer attempt to use them starts to slowly but surely destroy the time line itself. Milo stops the match and calms Yamairo down, counting as a forfeit from Yama and giving Zulan the win.
Shawkun doesn't even try to take supercharged Yamairo's soul, and Yamairo begs Milo to make Zulan pay

Chapter 26, The Finals, The Rematch, The Destiny: Milo vs Zulan, Good vs Evil

As Yamairo steps back, we finally reach the finals, and the two most powerful mutants on earth to battle to determine who is superior. The match starts off extremely close, as both Zulan and Milo try their best to one up the other with their powers. Zulan begins to take the advantage thanks to his supercharged state, and suddenly collapses the cave with telekinesis. Milo, seeing he can't win like this, fast forwards time to a point where Zulan isn't supercharged anymore.
The fight continues, as the two are still evenly matched, with Zulan using cryokinesis and induced explosions to constantly harm Milo, Milo then responding with energy and light blasts. The fight goes on until Zulan manages to completely explode Milo, only for Milo to return, grab the two and cause a massive radiation induced explosion that levels the entire mountain area.
As Zulan appears beaten, Milo goes to end it, only for Zulan to use the power Filipe used and damage Milo's powers. However, Milo manages to avoid the blows, and turns into an Asgardian God. Using his original power, flight, he flies Zulan into the sun and finally ends his life, putting a stop to his mad crusade and avenging Hank and Anna.

Meanwhile, Yamairo, having had enough, asks for another round of supercharging from Alisa, and gains his super time powers again, facing up to Shawkun.

Chapter 27, Endgame to End all Endgames: Shawkun the Lord of Mortal Combat vs The Leaders of SXM

Yamairo starts out the counter attack by quickly warping Sandra, Tanya and Katy to them, seeing as Shawkun's chamber only protect from teleportation, not space warping.
He then starts his offensive, using his space powers to quickly kick Shawkun away and beginning is attack, in total control and focused.
Shawkun goes for a counter attack, only for things to turn ever worse as Milo returns from the sun, blocking Shawkun and pushing him away, Yamairo following up with more attacks, with both his blade and his space powers.

Milo follows up the offensive by summoning the mjolnir, being worthy and wielding his powers to attack Shawkun further.
Shawkun responds, healing and using his powers to launch bullet like rocks at both Milo and Yama. Yamairo uses his powers to warp the rocks away, then splitting Shawkun's head clean off, as Milo attempts to finish it by burning the pieces in lava.
However, this proves a mistake, as Shawkun uses his lava powers to regenerate and attack both the heroes with a tsunami of magma.
Yamairo counters again, and then Milo, using organic iron, forces Shawkun to release the soul of Ledge.
No longer immortal, Shawkun is the pinned to the ground by Milo, as he demands the souls be returned. Shawkun refuses, and Milo forces him to using his telepathy.
Dave warps in, and asks for the finishing blow. Proclaiming that it was for Sandra, Dave teleports Shawkun to the nearby volcano core and drops him in, killing him.

As Dave returns, Milo fills everyone in, and takes them back home. Suddenly, Alisa finally breaks down crying. As Filipe attempts to calm her down, Isabel sends Troy flying with wind and demands a match.
Alisa calms down thanks to Milo's powers, and he stops Troy and Isabel. The day closes on the island of mortal combat.

End Soul Tournament


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Play of the Trickster

Chapter 1, The Herald of the Past: Silver Surfer's Warning

The arc starts off with Black Heart asking Zulan for help, revealing that he is alive

3 months after the Shawkun incident, the SXM have been saving lives and have become well known and famous. As Milo is returning from a job, the SXM receive a visitor in the form of the great Silver Surfer, the former herald of Galactus, and one of the last remaining heroes of the old days. Harry's reaction is as expected

He comes to give the SXM a message, that symbiotes, powerful aliens that take control of humans and feed on their rage and anger, causing them to shift from their normal behavior, into a mad like state, are coming to Earth. The SXM are to locate Dale and Amber, twins with powers that can help them. After the warning, he leaves.

Meanwhile, Loki is seen meeting with Keel. He says that if he can help him, then he will stop the deal made about his brother Keeth. Loki thens explains he's bringing the symbiotes to Earth, and also has a backup plan: breaking the long standing treaty with the Skrulls, leading to war.

Chapter 2, The Spider Clan Twins: Amber and Dale

As we cut to Micheal, Milo's old police colleague, we see him apreehend a villain. Some black substance fall on him as he does so. When he returns to the station, he's given news that Velon has escaped. Acting out of character, he slams the man that gives him the news into the wall and fires him. Dale, his name, tries to argue, but Micheal hears none of it.
As he leaves, he thinks what will he tell Amber, this confirming he is the Dale the SXM have to find.

Meanwhile, James used Cerebro 2.0 to track down Amber and Dale, getting there location and sending Milo to get them.
Yamairo and Milo go to them and ask for their help. They discover the symbote takes over the members of the Spider Clan because they have powers similar to the ones they already give normal humans. Milo decides to take the clan to a safe place.

Meanwhile, Loki is still with Keel, and we discover more. It seems Keel has is soul under a contract with Black-Heart, and Loki had him put soul marks on Zulan, Milo and Kano. He knows that Zulan is working for Black-Heart to capture Alisa, and will then have Keel attack Zulan and take Alisa himself, making Black-Heart negotiate with him so he can free Keel and give him the powers of the Ghost Rider

Chapter 3, New Arrival on the Scene: The Fullmetal Alchemist

Back at the SXM base, we see William and Fawkes relaxing, when suddenly, they both get attacked by a pair of huge hands. They dodge, and we see the source to be a 17 year old kid. He asks for William, and when the later shows himself, he makes a spear emerge from the ground and demands a word

Meanwhile, Zulan is back on Earth, and uses his powers to draw Alisa to him. When she hears Anna's voice in her head, she heads to him.

The fight with William continues, as the kid uses his powers to constantly create weapons for attack. However, William uses his carbon form to block the attacks and easily overwhelm him physically, until the kid uses his powers to somehow mess up William's carbon armor and pierce through him. However, William heals, and as the kid goes for another attack, William dodges and turns off his movement with bio control. We find out the kid is named Simon, and he though William had similar powers to him. He's an alchemist

Meanwhile, 5 symbote controlled spider clan members plot to capture the original symbiote Venon, as well as more spider members and attack the SXM

Chapter 4, I Will do Anything: Alisa's Resolution

As Alisa arrives at the spot Zulan masked as Anna told her too, he comes out shape shifted into Anna, confronting Alisa. Alisa is happy to see her again, until Zulan transforms back and attempts to capture her, only to be stopped by Keel, who was sent there by Black Heart. Keel fights Zulan but the later manages to take Alisa with him.

Meanwhile, Milo, Dale and Nate had gone to the Spider Clan to save them from the Simbiotes, but found they were too late, being attacked. They managed to fend them off and run, but not before Milo used telepathy to read one of their minds and gaining the ability to track them. They bring one along but as soon as it arrives, Filipe freezes him.
When they arrive, the relate everything that had happened to the others.
Meanwhile, Micheal is attacked by 2 of the symbiotes seen earlier, as they try to capture him.

Back with Alisa, she's taken before Black Heart. He gives her a chance to see Anna again, but in return she needs to lead her friends to a trap set by him. She decides that she'll do anything to get Anna back, and agrees.

Chapter 5, The Trap: The SXM Taken Over

As Alisa returns to the group to fool them as Zulan lets himself by tracked to set the trap.
James suddenly comes out of the mansion and says he's located Spider Clan members near Micheal's house.
Milo gets Troy and Filipe to go with him, as they can use their powers to quickly alter the temperature, which is one of the symbiotes weaknesses. They arrive and manage to save Micheal before he's taken.

Meanwhile, the other SXM get to Zulan's location, but are ambushed by several human possessed symbiotes.
As the SXM fight, Yamairo gets connected to a synbiote and attacks Zulan mercilessly. Zulan manages to escape and the SXM are left to fight both the trap and Yamairo. Nate, Frank and Alex are taken over in the struggle, and after fighting with Yamairo, so is Isabel. Just when it seems hopeless, Silver Surfer arrives and saves them.

Meanwhile, Black Heart meets up with Loki. It's revealed that Black Heart had the trap set so he could get Keel's souls from Loki, since he knew Loki wanted to capture Alisa. Loki is forced to agree, and is given control of the symbiote SXM, as Black Heart obtains Keel's soul. Keel gains the powers of the Ghost Rider.

Chapter 6, The Ghost Rider: Demon Brothers

Loki gets information on the SXM base from Yamairo and prepares to attack to get Alisa.
Meanwhile, Aaron is tracking down Velon, who murdered his connections to the underworld. He manages to obtain some info.

The symbiote controlled SXM arrive at the base and attack the others. The SXM defend themselves and manage to escape, but Alisa's capture in the fighting. She's taken to Loki, and has a symbite bind with her
It's revealed that Loki wanted Alisa so he could supercharge his minions and retrieve Keel's soul. He does just that and sends them to BH's dimension.

Meanwhile the SXM arrive near none other then Keeth, who tells them someone is after him. It's shown to be Keel, now the Ghost Rider and without control. He attacks the SXM and overpowers them, forcing Milo to mimic his power and fight him one on one.
Meanwhile, Loki's group manages to get Keel's soul. They are attack, but Loki saves them, taking everyone, including Keel who was fighting, back to Asgard. Keel thanks Loki, and Loki says they are one step closer to world domination.

Chapter 7, The Symbiote Invasion: The God of Trickery

As the SXM get reorganized after the series of happenings, they finally reach the conclusion that Loki is the one behind the symbiotes. Kano says with his level of power he can't beat him yet. As he says this, a giant Skrull warship crashes on earth, as thousands of symbiotes invade the planet

As the SXM prepares to fight them, Loki along with Keel appear before them, starting a fight. Loki ends it before it even starts. Keel burns Kano's soul, who had rushed in, and Loki teleports the rest of the team to China. Loki takes Kano's limp body back to Asgard, and traps him in an energy bubble, blocking teleportation to the kingdom and using the symbiotes to take over the Asgardians. He then starts a party.
Meanwhile, Aaron sees the invasion on the news and prepares to head out. While fighting the symbiotes, he ends up in a fight with a controlled Ledge, defeating him by getting the symbiote off.
The SXM in China call Dave and Sandra to join them. The group ponders what to do next

Chapter 8, Fight by The Great Wall: SXM vs SXM

In DC Stewart and Gary are still investigating Kira, learned that he needed a face to kill. Dimitri, and Velon went to a Military Base to avoid the attacking Symbiotes. Loki had Alisa supercharge Yamairo and Alex, both teleported to China to get rid of the SXM. Frank ,Isabel, Nate, Michael, and various Asgardians came as well, all controlled by Symbiotes. A symbiote took control of Milo, and Isabel took on Troy. William and Simon worked together to defeat Alex to analyze his symbiote. Meanwhile, Aaron took Ledge to his mansion, imprisoning him in his basement to interrogate him.

Silver Surfer came to aid the SXM, taking on Milo. While Dave took William and Alex back to their mansion. William began studying Alex's symbiote to understand how it worked. Surfer managed to defeat Milo, and went after Yamairo.
Aaron began interrogating Ledge when he woke up, and went after Velon getting his location from his new hostage. Aaron headed to Velon and Dimitri's hide-out. Aaron told them about the Symbiote attack, and how they were now his new connection to the underworld. Velon told Aaron of his plan to build a machine to emit a high pitch blast of sound to stop the Symbiote's using Dimitri and Wave, needing a powerful source. Aaron left to get nuclear reactors to power the machine.

Chapter 9, Get to Asgard: Defeat Loki

Chulance took on Yamairo, and was completely disintegrated by a time warp, and while a pissed off Harry and Filipe double teamed and defeated their leader. William thanks to his ability learned how to disable the Symbiote's bonding abilities. Dave took him back to the battlefield, and the duo managed to close in on Milo, getting rid of his Symbiote. Milo and William then teamed up stopping Isabel's symbiote, and Milo disabled Yamairo's Symbiote. Dimitri hacked into the TV System, telling the citizens of Earth his plan to end the Symbiote Invasion.

Silver Surfer left to help to power Velon's machine, Frank was subdued and his sybmiote removed. Milo removed Nate's Symbiote, and used Magic to get the SXM to Asgard. An Army of Symbiote controlled Asgardians went on the attack, Yamairo stopping them. Milo had Yamairo teleport them to Glano's home, and then they made plans to find out where Loki was holding Kano. Glano revealed he was hiding from the Symbiote controlled Asgardians. Alisa supercharged the SXM, and decided to remain with Holst, Fawkes, and Glano. Yamairo then took the SXM to Loki's palace, were he was mocking Kano. Milo had to stay behind as he was exhausted from magic use.

Chapter 10: My Duty: Kano's Legacy

The SXM arrived an interrupted Loki's mockery. However, they soon regretted it as Keel fought them in Ghost Rider form. Surfer was seen helping power Velon's machine, when Loki summoned him, and then had the Carnage Symbiote take control of him. Surfer went on a rampage fighting the SXM, and Loki summoned an army of Symbiote possessed Asgardians. Surfer turned William into plastic, and Yamairo's hand into chocolate.. Alex was taken down, and Keel used the penance stare on Troy to leave him comatose, and then increased the temperature for a painful death to the SXM. Filipe with Isabel's help performed the technique known as the Cold Snap to freeze several Asgardian soldiers and bring down the heat. Meanwhile Milo has regained his energy. He has Alisa supercharge him, and he easily defeats the Silver Surfer, and traps the Carnage Symbiote.

Loki summons more Symbiote controlled Asgardians, while Milo assumes the Ghost Rider form to battle Keel. Milo freed Kano, restoring his strength, only for Loki to unleash a massive attack defeating everyone. Kano survived thanks to Mjlioner absorbing Loki's attack, and he took on his uncle. Milo meanwhile took on Keel, while Loki began filling Kano up with magical energy wanting his body to overload. He succeeded yhanks to using the Odin-Sword, but Kano managed to prevent his body from overloading, unleashing the energies he absorbed on Loki to defeat him. Milo stole the Odin-Sword, stabbing Keel, and using telepathy to make him revert to his human form.

Chapter 11, The Closing Curtain and Opening Act: The Comedy is Over, Start the Tragedy

Kano then used the remaining magical energies he absorbed from Loki to repair Asgard, and heal the SXM's injuries. He even healed Troy, and Ezekiel. Blackheart appeared, stealing Keel's body and soul, while Loki escaped again. On an island two men were seen one of them being Shawkun, doing something to some unconscious bodies. Milo took the group home, and they all decided to rest. Surfer left to Velon's machine, and helped him power the machine. The Machine was then used to stop the invading Symbiote's, and Homeland Security moves in to capture the Symbiotes.
End Play of the Trickster


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Samuel's Return

Chapter 1, The Root of Evil: Vinlo the Father of Zulan

Filipe, James, Harry, Holst and James were all returned to their homes to continue their normal lives. Filipe's grades were suffering in College thinking about leaving the SXM, and a man broke into Dave's house, but it turned out to be his father Jave. Milo,Yamairo, Isabel, and other SXM members had gathered for breakfast, as Jave told Dave how he got his wife out of prison, and he was one of the men who's souls were taken by Shawkun. Jave told Dave about Vinlo Zulan's father who was on the loose again thanks to the destruction during the Symbiote invasion. Filipe learned off his poor grades, and decided to leave the SXM.

Jave and Vinlo went to the X Mansion, and told the SXM about Vinlo. The latter used Precognitive Paintings to learn what the SXM were doing, and he later found Jason robbing a bank. He overpowered him, and then got into a fight with the police. Vinlo trapped Jason, as police came to arrest him. Vinlo got an apartment, and planned to hunt down Josh to gain life creation. Vinlo continued to cause chaos galore, while Alex proposed the idea of X-Force a group to deal with enemies permanently. Milo recruited Harry from his house, and with Fawkes they left to steal the Symbiotes from the the Government's possession.

Chapter 2, Return of the Reaper: Samuel's New Group

Filipe calls Yamairo to tell him of his decision in person. Yamairo returned to the mansion to tell the others. Alex and Riya left to NYC to get some lunch, while the Stealth trio developed a plan. A Large house was seen with five people one of them being Samuel, the others being Catherine, Peter, Hammer, and Deadpool. Ray and Benjamin came in the meeting room, and Samuel spoke to Strade about the revival of another mutant. The Stealth team gathered the Symbiotes putting them away in holding cell's, and learned Filipe quit the team. Peter leaves to get Wave, and Samuel sends Hammer to get a mutant Samuel wanted.
Meanwhile, the Silver Surfer returns, taking the Symbiotes and placing the parasitic creatures in the Negative Zone.

Milo returned now his powers unable to be copied, just as Vinlo starts a fire.
Elsewhere, Wave reveals that he re-created the formula with Strade's help, and Samuel has Peter kidnap Alisa. Samuel learned of the events that took place on Asgard, and wanted Alex and Keel captured. Hammer meets the mutant Vegeta at his apartment and Samuel manages to obtain Alex's ability. Vinlo began to kill Katy, understanding her ability, but Sandra came to Katy's rescue. Dave then came getting both of the girl's to the X Mansion where Milo healed them. Samuel planned to locate Keel, Blackheart wanting the later to capture his brother Keeth.

Chapter 3, Samuel's Challenge: The 10 Fighters

Hammer convinced Vegeta to join Samuel's group, as Vinlo went on the attack in Manhattan. Yamairo got Holst to help locate Vinlo, and Milo took Nate to help him rescue civilians in Manhattan. Vinlo fought Alex and his sister, as Yamairo came for back up, and the battle continued. Shin and Tanya got there as well, as Vinlo summoned a demonic army to aid him. Vinlo to the chance to leave, finding Glent, overpowering him and taking over Benjamin's gang to send them after Joshua Hypers. Hammer got Vegeta to Samuel's HQ, and Vinlo read Glent's mind, learning Samuel restarted the Agency while he was gone. Milo left on a date with Lucy in Paris, and some members of the SXM decided to go out to dinner to blow off some steam

Samuel had Vegeta choose a codename, and the SXM's fun continued. Samuel teleported to the restaurant freezing time to speak to Milo who had arrived with Lucy. Samuel stole Alex's soul, and teleported away wanting the SXM to gather ten of their best fighters. Milo, Yamairo, Chulance, Riya, Isabel, Filipe, Troy, Sandra, Frank, Simon united, and teleported to the location Samuel had given them. Samuel got Velon back on his team, and Vinlo's rampage continued. Samuel located his old ally, and recruited him into his group as well. He promised to find Joshua for him, and the SXM learned the rule's of Samuel's game. There was 12 houses each with 1 fighter. The SXM had to fight their way through. Once a fighter on the SXM's side lost, he couldn't fight again and couldn't be healed.

Chapter 4: House's 1-4: Strength and Healing, Booms and Dooms

In the first house Sandra took on Benjamin, the latter easily stopped her. Then Frank came in taking on Benjamin, and easily defeating him. Yamario saved the defeated Benjamin from death. Frank then took on Deadpool in the second house. Meanwhile, Cyber and some of Glent's men went to steal the Symbiotes from their holding facility. Dave took Kathy,Nate and Katy with him to help him stop Cyber and the members of Benjamin's gang. As Frank seemingly lays defeated, he stands up manages to decapitate Deadpool at the last minute. Filipe put his head on his body, so Deadpool could leave. The battle with Cyber ended as Nate apparently finished off the robot, and returned to his group, who Dave took back to the mansion.

At the third house, Hammer took on Troy as Frank decided to drop out. Troy uses fire balls to swarm around Hammer to finish him of. Hammer began demonstrating the true power of his shock-waves. Both opponents began using their powers to their maximum limits, and developing various attacks on the spot. Both fighters unleashed their ultimate attacks, and Milo generated a protective friend around the accompanying SXM. Troy, switching attacks, manages to defeat Hammer. They left to the next house were Shawkun was waiting. The soul stealer revealed he'd gathered powers including teleportation, and nature manipulation which he used to begin easily overpowering Troy.

Chapter 5, House 5: Sound vs Lightning.

Shawkun also revealed he can dissipate attacks, and then easily defeated Troy. Milo got him away from the battle field, and Isabel then took on Shawkun. She flash froze him, but he used magma to unfreeze himself going after Isabel. Shawkun escaped and went for the kill. She then managed to freeze the entire area including him. hey left the frozen Shawkun to rot, and arrived at the next house to deal with Wave.

Wave then took on Isabel, who instantly went after him with brutal shocking attacks. Wave managed to use high pitch sound blasts to deal with Isabel, the latter created pressure to stop the sound attacks. She continued her assault, and Wave eventually overpowered her. He then went for the kill, lecturing Isabel at her poor strategy. But she took the opportunity to quickly finish him off with a barrage of lightning attacks. After the fight the group moved on to fight the next opponent

Chapter 6, House's 6 and 7: Blasting Debuts and Returns.

At house 7, Riya fought Vegeta, starting out with a lightning barrage, but was instantly overpowered by Vegeta's energy attacks. Riya then began using air pressure attacks to attempt to crush Vegeta, as he continued to easily evade them, and went for the kill. She created a separate atmosphere creating a dangerously hot temperature to win the fight. Vegeta demonstrated his energy shields, again nearly winning the fight. Riya revealed her Atmospheric Transfer technique to become air and escape Vegeta, then Riya absorbed his oxygen to win the fight. Vegeta gave up, and the group moved on to the next house.
In the seventh house, they encountered Samuel and Alisa. He allowed Milo to heal Sandra's broken bones, but not her wounds.

The next fighter turned out to be Anna, who was revived by Samuel. A flash back revealed Alisa had been forced to double supercharged Anna thanks to Samuel's telepathy. Anna began easily winning, and even blew up Riya's arms. She decided to become air to regenerate, and Anna charged the air to win. Riya survived, regenerating, and Anna committed suicide to win. Riya become physical and Samuel revived Anna combining the powers of Ray and Shawkun. Then Anna easily defeated Riya, and then Samuel healed her. Anna told the SXM how they knew nothing about what Samuel did for her, and Filipe decided to fight Anna.

Chapter 7, House 8: The Power of the Elements

Ledge had arrived at the Weapon X base meeting up with Fawkes wanting to know were the others were, and Fawkes told him Milo, Alex, and Yamairo were all dealing with Samuel. Ledge revealed his Admantium Claws, and had a flash-back as to how the new Weapon X Program gave him his bone claws, and the Admanitum.
Back at the battle, Filipe unleashed Organic Ice to regenerate from Anna's attack, and the countered with the 8 Trigrams 64 Palms to leave her unable to use her powers properly. She started to go out of control, but Filipe saved himself and her. She admitted she felt betrayed the SXM didn't revive her, and she fell unconscious. Samuel teleported away with Alisa, and the group then left to the next house.

In the eight house Catherine aka Elemental was waiting, as Filipe took her on. Filipe assumed his organic ice form again, she began using hydrokinetic attacks, as Filipe keep trying to use her own attacks against her. Milo figured out her power was Elemental control, not just hydrokinesis, and the fight continued. She combined all four elements air, fire, water, and earth, for a brutal combination to defeat Filipe. He returned to his human form, and Chulance took out his blade deciding to take Catherine on. Filipe suddenly performed one last sneak attack, but Catherine took control of his blood to truly knock him out.

Chapter 8, House 9: Battle of Brothers

Ezekiel returned to the SXM base finding Dave, learning Dave's parents left to avoid Law Enforcement. Ezekiel told the SXM about how Samuel had returned, and they decided to order pizza to lift the mood. Kathy made her move on Nate (who unbeknown to them was really Cyber).
At the fight, Chulance began adapting to all of Catherine's attacks easily overpowering her. She then decided to unleash the same combination of the basic elements on Chulance. He survived, and then he redirected her final electric attack, therefore defeating her. They moved onto the next house Yamairo carrying Anna, and Simon helping Filipe walk.

There next opponent turned out to be Ray, who managed to easily kill Chulance. Simon was happy to be with his brother, and his suspicions were correct that his brother was still alive. It's revealed Ray cannot directly transmute Simon due to an unconscious self imposed mental block, and began transmuting the area around Simon to attempt to defeat him. Chulance reformed from the complete destruction, and Simon asked Ray questions. Ray explained how he worked for the Agency, Troy killed him with Kathy, and then Samuel revived him. Despite the limitations, Ray defeated his brother, and attempted to finish him off, being stopped by Yamairo.
Yamairo fights next, and when it seems he's turned to chocolate, turns out it was Catherine, who Yama had warped from the other house and used as a decoy. He cuts open Ray's neck, and reveals his sword is now made of the adamantium.

Chapter 9, House 10: The Lazy Speedster

Milo then healed Ray, and turned Catherine back to normal. In the next house, it's revealed the fighter is a speedster. As Yamairo goes for a time stop, he easily hurts him before he can do so, revealing he's faster than light. Yamairo then began a sword battle with Peter, but the later easily overpowered him again. Peter then severely damaged Yamairo, leaving him defeated in a pool of blood. Isabel ran over to the dying Yamairo, and convinced Peter to allow Milo to heal Yamairo, strangely, Samuel did not stop them.

Peter and Milo began there fight, with Peter using his high speed to fight. His sword however shattered when he used it on Milo's impenetrable skin. Milo combined his powers to overpower Peter, and then use Induced Radioactivity to cause a massive explosion to finish Peter. The speedster escaped the full force of the explosion, but returned giving up due to the severe burns he had. Milo then removed all the radiation from the area to prevent anyone from dying, and the group left to the next house which was filled with metallic objects.

Chapter 10, Houses 11 and 12: Milo vs Velon and Vinlo

The next opponent turned out to be Velon, and the rematch of the two titans began. Velon began by using all the metallic objects in the room, but Milo combined his powers easily overpowering him. Milo then began to tearing Velon apart with various powers such as Photokinesis, until Velon ripped out all of Milo's iron. Milo survive, as thanks to his biokinesis he didn't need iron. He then attempted to shatter Velon's bones, to injure him so much he couldn't use power. Velon gave up, causing Milo to heal his shattered bones, but not his wounds. The group then moved onto the next house so Milo could deal with their final opponent.

At the final house, the opponent was Vinlo. The battle started as both opponents unleashed the various the abilities they wielded. Frank and the other accompanying SXM exited the house as the multi powered opponents duked it out. They both began regenerating from their attacks, until Milo used clones to super-charge himself so he could overpower Vinlo in a telepathic battle. After that Vinlo came back for a final attack, in which Milo self destructed to completely eradicate Vinlo. His allies were sent flying, as Milo's attack wiped out the entire mountain range. Peter managed to evacuate Samuel's group, Vinlo regenerated. Milo went over to him, and sent him into a Red Sun to kill him. Samuel released Alex's soul, and gave the SXM Back Alisa.

Chapter 11, Samuel's Dream: The Mutant Take-Over, The Birth of Genosha

Samuel revealed that while the SXM had been playing his game. He'd infected the water systems to give billions of normal humans abilities. Milo went back in time using his Molecular manipulation to fix the water, only to learn Samuel would keep going back to re pollute the water with the power drug. Samuel told his group he'd created a time paradox, and said Yamairo would stop Milo from going back to fix it. Milo realized the paradox, and purified the water in the present. Milo teleported to Hammer's location, trying to get the location of the formula from him. Alex and Frank went back to the X-Force base with plans to kill all the mutant Terrorists, so all the outburst mutants wouldn't dare commit crime's.

Vinlo was on the loose again, and Milo thanks to the outburst was at the X-Force, as he was absorbing hundreds of abilities from the Outburst mutants. Zulan joined the Government to help hunt down Mutant Terrorists, Fawkes decided the X-Force needed to find Strade, and use his blood to reverse the affects of the power giving formula. Milo was unable to locate Strade, as Samuel had hidden him. Milo remembered how the Government gave Fusion the island of Genosha, and Milo decided they would form a school for mutants to help the outburst mutants gain control of their abilities. Velon and Dimitri returned to their mansion, using a machine to revive the Brotherhood with plans to use them to turn himself into a hero.

End Samuel's Return


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Island of Mutants

Chapter 1, The Start of a New Age: Stopping the Outbreak

In LA Aaron aka Ironman was helping deal with the Outburst, and Samuel had moved his group to a new area wanting to take action to handle the Outburst if the SXM didn't. On the news Milo as Fusion announced that the SXM set up a school on Genosha to help mutants learn to control their abilities. Milo met up with German, revealing he had stolen the machine Velon used to stop the Symbiote invasion with Surfer's help. He altered the machine so German could use it to suppress the powers of everyone not on Genosha. German agreed to help the SXM, while Ledge and Keeth went after a Mutant Terrorist with earth-quake creation.

Ledge shot Daniel to death, and left to a Gas Station to meet up with Milo. With Ledge's help they killed a Pryokinetic man who was holding hostages in a Gas Station. Alex meanwhile chased down, and a killed a man with super leaping. Zulan spoke to an Agent learning schools were being shut down, The police were getting more active, and the Military was getting involved. Milo's clone had Chulance recruit Stewart and Gary, as the SXM began training mutants. Milo and Ledge got into a fight with the Brotherhood member Avalanche, but he escaped. Milo decided to teleport into the future to learn what would happen to the world, and Samuel decided to start his own operation. He had Peter, Catherine, Hammer, and Vegeta go out to help him locate mutants, and protect humans.

Chapter 2, The Commandos of the SXM: X-Force

Samuel met up with Ledge wanting to deal with Zulan, Vinlo and Velon. Milo returned from the future, revealing the Outburst would cause the earth to break in half. Samuel then began teleporting around the world absorbing powers from the various criminals who gained them in the Outburst. Samuel had injured himself after absorbing to many powers. Milo met up with Alex at the SXM base. He then had German activate the machine as all powers were suppressed except for mutants on Genosha. The Government moved in to easily capture the various de-powered Mutant Terrorists, a day later Milo left back to the XF base, to get the Terrigen crystals he had some Military soldiers assisting the X-Force get. He used them to boost his powers to god-like levels, and Ledge continued helping Milo fight off the remaining Mutant Terrorists.

Meanwhile a boy approached Katy while she was training some Hydrokinetic mutants, and he knocked her unconscious simply by touching her. He altered his appearance and left the scene. Milo revealed to Alex that a power sapping formula had been made with German's blood, and they'd already given several Outburst mutants normal lives. Tanya found Katy, and helped her up. Milo healed Katy, and Frank meanwhile helped the XF kill another mutant terrorist. Katy told the group about the kid, and Fawkes wanted the group to deal with an Outburst mutant who could control plants. Milo sent Ledge to Frank's location so they could deal with the super powered bio-terrorist. A man meanwhile got the machine that suppressed powers, and shut it down.

Chapter 3, Genosha Under Siege: The Weird Kid

Tanya found Shin knocked out, and they decided to they needed to find the kid. Filipe found the kid, while an explosion went off on Genosha. William realized it was Anna, and Filipe ran off to stop her. Anna was glad Samuel's plan succeeded, and Filipe started a fight with her. The BT(Bio Terrorist) took on Ledge, and Frank, easily overpowering them. Troy was also heading to the scene of the explosion, when Katy stopped him, and attacked him. The two began fighting. William, Yamairo,Isabel, Harry, Stewart, Gary, and James arrived at Anna's location. Shin attacked his sister Tanya sparking a battle. Filipe keep attempting to use 8 trigrams, 64 palms, however she kept destroying his arms. He used ice to blind her temporarily, and then use the attack on her, rendering her unable to user her ability.

Yamairo, Harry, and Isabel came to Troy's aid as he was dealing with Katy. Harry defeated her, and she had no memory of attacking anyone. Ledge managed to stab the BT in the chest, Milo came to them. He revealed someone had used a virus on the Power Sapping Machine, so powers were active everywhere. He disabled the BT's ability, and took the XF members back to the base. Yamairo and Katy left in search of Milo or Tanya, until Katy attacked. Yamairo took Katy to a desert, and knocked her unconscious after failing to get an answer as to why she had attacked. Shin defeated Tanya, only to regain control. William came healing Tanya, and de-activated Shin's body. Tanya had him reactivate it learning the kid approached him. Shin and Katy were bound and monitored, Troy getting to the meeting 20 minutes late. Milo revealed Keeth was missing, and a girl approached Frank knocking him out.

Chapter 4, The Demon King: Black Heart Emerges

Tanya captured and interrogated a random kid on Genosha. Milo used Telepathy to learn Tanya had the wrong kid, and Milo used German's ability to prevent him from remembering Tanya's attack. Then Chulance came confirming the fact that Keeth was missing, and suddenly a DVD from Blackheart came. Blackheart meanwhile had Keeth and Keel hostage needing them for his plan to regain full power.

End Island of Mutants


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Demon Invasion

Chapter 1, Mephisto's Realm: Yamairo's Recovery Mission

Milo decided to head to Mephisto's realm, to get the orb Blackeheart wanted so they could save Keel and Keeth. Yamairo instead planned to go, so the SXM could still stand a chance against Samuel. Milo reluctantly agreed, and gave a bunch of Ghost Rider comics to Yamairo with information about Mephisto's realm. Yamairo learned he couldn't leave Mephisto's realm unless he completed the task of getting the orb. He then left, sneaking in past patrolling demons with his Time Stop.

Anna awoke her in room finding the sleeping Alisa, and Fawkes invisible revealed himself. He lectured her about the dangers of helping Samuel.
Meanwhile, Dave was taking Sandra out to dinner. An explosion began in a nearby building, the couple working together to save a girl caught in the blast. The Police, Fire Squad, and News Crew arrived on the scene. Sandra left to help the girl, and Dave tracked down his girlfriend in the women's bathroom of the restaurant unconscious.

Chapter 2, Yamairo's Reinforcements: Samuel Helping?

"Nate" was still writing his book of lies about the SXM, and met up with the group telling them about how his music career was improving. Dave returned to the SXM with Sandra. Yamairo found a demon guarding the entrance to the area with Blackheart's orb, he killed the demon. He then teleported his body to another location, and sneaked in spotting the red orb.
William revealed that all their student's training was progressing nicely, and Dave revealed they met a little girl. Fawkes spoke about the various powers that could be used to alter appearance and perception, stating that the girl might have been the boy that both Shin and Katy meet. Mephisto appeared and started a battle with Yamairo. Milo suspected the kid might be a mimic, and Troy suspected he was manipulating other Genosha students to accomplish his goals.

Fawkes then decided to put lock up Sandra, but Dave began to argue. On Asgard Glano told Kano about the unbalance on the earth, and he left to earth to figure out why there were so many mutants. Dave teleported away with Sandra, and Milo went after him, taking Ledge and Troy with him. Dave fought the group,trying to wake Sandra, but was stopped and defeated. Some members of Samuel's group discussed his obsession with tracking the SXM, and Samuel teleported to Yamairo's location to aid him in battle. Kano arrived on earth, and began searching for answers for the sudden Outburst.

Chapter 3, Blackheart is back: The Demon Attack

Mephisto began arguing about how giving Blackheart his powers back simply to save two people was incredibly dangerous. Filipe found a crying kid, only for the kid to cause Filipe to faint, revealing he was the same kid as before. Mephisto began to debate the two, but thanks to Samuel's wit they won the debate. Mephisto gave them the orb.
The kid went to Alex as well causing him to faint. Yamairo left with Samuel to confront Blackheart giving him the orb, freeing Keeth and Keel. Blackheart teleported everyone back to the earth and summoned a massive demonic army. Milo left the planet to find the Silver Surfer, and another explosion went off, again caused by Anna. As Filipe went to investigate, he found it was just Anna and Alisa fooling around. However, he suddenly attacks a man that had appeared behind him, supposedly to murder Alisa.

The man attacked Filipe, who assumed organic ice starting a fight. Blackheart's army spread around the earth, Kano went to fight Blackheart loosing quickly. Samuel had Peter bring the rest of the group to the fight revealing Benjamin, and Joe left the group. The knife wielder revealed his name was Vega, and ran off. Velon had the original Brotherhood go out to help fight the Demons, Milo locates Surfer. They develop a plan to end Blackheart's attack, and vanish. Kano used his hammer to Atmoize the Destroyer Armor, for Yamairo to use.

Chapter 4, Blackheart's Power: Is Genosha Sinking!?

Yamairo got inside the armor, and Kano revealed he sensed a large amount of hidden power within Sandra. The trio teleported to D.C to fight Blackheart, as Samuel's team-mates arrived saving the SXM from the seemingly infinite amount of demons. Aaron joined the fight against the demons, and a massive earth-quake on Genosha takes place, destroying the supports that bind it to the oceanic plate and causing the island to start sinking. Vega was picked up by a helicopter, as he said the plan was a success. Blackheart created some clones and sent them out to wipe out the SXM. Samuel generated an army of animated stone soldiers to fight the demons gathering Gary, Stewart, and Catherine planning to save the island from sinking.

Ray was taken over by a Blackheart clone, attacking his team-mates. He then fought his brother Simon, the latter finally managing to defeat his sibling through wit and strategy. Blackheart then created a giant snake to swallow Genosha and Milo with Surfer's help got Dale. They revealed to him that he was the Sorcerer Supreme, and they placed Amber on Zenn Lavia. Samuel gave Catherine the mission of finding Alisa to supercharge herself and Gary to reconstruct the island. Samuel managed to use his powers to catapulted the island out of the Giant Snake, and fell to his death. Vegeta came to Samuel's rescue, escaping the beast.

Chapter 5, The Phoenix Force: Sandra's Warsong

Stewart used his ability to locate Alisa, and Sancho ran to his basement to hide from the attacking demons with his family. Gary and Catherine got supercharged by Alisa, and reconstructed the Island's support to prevent it from sinking. Blackheart's clone then redamaged the island, only for Dale to come now having full access to his magic using it to repair the island. Milo and Surfer began helping Dale fight the army of Blackheart clones, and Sandra lost control tapping into the Phoenix Force. On Genosha Milo,Dale, and Surfer help the SXM and Samuel's group finish off the Blackheart clones and the attacking demons.

Milo revealed he used Self Duplication to create a massive army, and sent them out to wipe out the attacking demons. Milo revealed he also went back in time told Kano Sandra had the Phoenix Force, and to get her to unlock it. Zulan managed to immobilize the tired Milo, and cut Samuel open to gain his abilities. Thanks to the Phoenix Force all the telepaths around the world get head-ache's, and Sandra began to easily overpower Blackheart. Blackheart managed to absorb Yamairo's power, and then started to fight on equal terms. Samuel then began fighting Zulan, and Milo went back in time to find Jean Gray so as to teach Sandra the control she needed to win.

Chapter 6, The Avatar of Chaos and Rebirth: Sandra's Endsong

Milo shape-shifted into Cyclops, and took control of his body via Body Insertion. He helped fight the Brotherhood with the original X-Men, while Dale teleported everyone away from Genosha to NYC so Samuel could fight at full power. Zulan and Samuel fought a gigantic battle, with Zulan using the Ghost Rider transformation to overpower him. Milo returned from the past, telepathically giving Sandra info on how to utilize the Phoenix Force's true power in battle, as she now completely overwhelmed Blackheart. Milo restored Yamairo's power, and Sandra placed physic inhibitors on Blackheart to restrain his level of power, finishing him off.

Milo then left to visit his mother Angel on her island, learning that if he didn't leave the planet he'd be killed by Tyrant in a few months. Blackheart was severely burned by the cosmic fires and defeated, but Mephisto came to his rescue taking his son back to his realm.
Milo went over to Samuel angry at him for his actions, but then healing the damage Zulan's hellfire caused. He took the SXM back to Genosha, and Kano returned to Asgard. The next day Milo had a party to celebrate the earth being safe again, and Kano decided to give Yamairo the Odin-Sword as a gift for his bravery

End Demon Invasion


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Secrete Wars

Chapter 1, Controller's Mayhem: Friends vs Friends

2 weeks go by peacefully earth focusing on rebuilding the damage caused in the Demon Invasion, and the SXM relaxing. Filipe met with Simon, learning Samuel's group was still active. Holst learned from William that Fawkes was disappearing more, and Frank was hanging out with Ledge. Frank and Ledge started fighting, and Alex/Fawkes hunt down a mutant with Voodo doll powers. Filipe went to get Anna and Alisa, to talk them about going to Yamairo to deal with the assassin they encountered. Alex learned the mutant was killed, and Zulan appeared to speak to the group.

Filipe attacked the girls, thanks to the kid. Elsewhere, Troy was also "set off", starting a fire. A drugged Nate escaped the hideout of Benjamin's gang. Zulan told Fawkes that Vinlo was hunting a mutant named Josh, and if he killed him the world was doomed. The kid then used his power to make Katy, Shin, Alex, and Sandra attack next. Fawkes and Keeth took on Alex, Fawkes going to contact Milo. Simon joined the fight against Filipe, while Nate took Kathy to Dave's apartment to visit him and Sandra.

Chapter 2, The Mayhem Continues: Controller's Army

"Nate" had completed the book of lies about the SXM, and planned for it to be published. Meanwhile Ledge's fight with Frank caused chaos. Sandra attacked Dave, Milo received Fawkes call leaving to the X-force base to deal with Alex, Chulance also joined the fight against the crazed Filipe. Rail came to stop Katy, while Amber and Dale joined forces to stop Shin from attacking people in their apartment area. Michael and some other cops came to stop Troy's rampage. Nate left to get James knowing something was wrong with Sandra by her tone of voice, and Isabel took on Troy. Fawkes went to retrieve the Gamma Ray cannon using it to stop Alex.

Nate went to get James, and Harry, taking them back to Dave's house. Anna managed to defeat Filipe, Milo sending Keeth & Keel to find Ledge. Michael evacuates the area, and Anna decided they needed to find Shin and Katy. Controller contacted Sandra, wanting her to go help Frank, Shin and Katy. However, Nate, James, Harry and Kathy arrived before that, noticed something was wrong and engaged Sandra, the latter unleashing the Phoenix Force on them. Chulance took Anna to Yamaira, leaving Alisa and Simon to guard Filipe's body. Sandra's telepathic attacks grew more violent, and Samuel came to stop Sandra.

Chapter 3, End One Problem, Start Another: Controller's Defeat and Angel's Disappearance

Yamairo, Chulance, and Anna went to stop Sandra. Controller used a teleporter to get to Dave, and have him attack Samuel. Yamairo came to stop Dave, and Samuel gave Sandra a stroke. Nate then attacked the other SXM, transforming into Cyber. However the real Nate arrived, and with Harry's help Cyber was destroyed. Isabel spared Troy's life, and Riya helps Rail stop Katy. Nate revealed Cyber's plans about the book to ruin the SXM's reputation, and a small team was gathered to get the book. The Controller freed his victims, and Filipe told the SXM he met the kid. The Small team went to the book's location, and managed to steal it.

Samuel told Yamairo his intentions, Peter meanwhile caught up with Controller. Chulance returned to colledge, and Nate took off with Kathy to start his relationship with her. The SXM regrouped at their mansion, as Peter dragged Controller to the mansion. Catherin had written in the clouds he was the guilty one, and Milo sent Controller to a mutant prison. Six months later, life was back to normal, Zulan leaving his job at Homeland Security. Angel awoke from a Precognitive dream, as Morg attacked NYC. She called the SXM hot-line to speak to Milo, when the phone went dead.

Chapter 4, The Alien Entity: Travler and the Secrete War

Travler the son of Beyonder was speaking to Tyrant, Galactus' clone, and former equal. Travler tapped into his powers making more SXM members vanish. Nate took Kathy to visit Yamairo for information about the situation. Samuel spoke to Peter about the vanishing heroes as only Harry,J ames, Dave, Sandra, and Isabel were still on earth. Travler appeared to Samuel's group making them vanish as well. The next day the SXM Members began to wake up, Travler appeared telling everyone on the planet he gathered them that only one faction could claim victory.

If no one won, Tyrant would destroy the Earth. Travler vanished, and Samuel used Chess-Sight, a new power, unable to find Travler. The SXM teleported to an abandoned city to make it a base, Keeth and Keel joining the SXM group. Zulan left to another city to obtain drinking water, and Mikey wanted to find Milo/Fusion to fight him. Samuel meanwhile set up a residence with molecular control, and then sent Peter out to capture Controller so he couldn't cause trouble. Zulan went to join forces with Jason Samuel revealed Simon, James, Isabel, and Harry were in different area's than the main group. He wanted Wave and Ray to get them so he could have hostages in case he needed to end any conflict with the SXM fast

Chapter 5, The Fighting Escalates: Brotherhood vs SXM

Milo, Yamairo, Dave, Sandra, Silver Surfer, and a super-charged Nate all joined forces to collect all the spread out fighters including Stewart and Gary. Dave went after Simon, Yamairo went after Harry, Surfer went to get Isabel, and Milo went to get Stewart & Gary. Samuel meanwhile, warned the SXM Controller was on the planet. Surfer brought Isabel back to the SXM base, and Wave and Ray overpowered Dave easily. They brought him and Simon to Samuel's group. Samuel then absorbed Dave's power, so he would be unable to escape. Yamairo got Harry and James as well. Wave knocked Dave unconscious, and Ray tried to persuade Simon to join forces with Samuel.

Velon and Dimitri were with the revived Brotherhood, as Dimitri sent Cyber to go capture Zulan and Jason. Simon agreed to help Samuel under certain circumstances. While Samuel tracked down Velon's location, and Velon's group attacked the SXM's fortress. A massive battle ensued, and Samuel devised a plan to defeat Yamairo and Milo. Mastermind used his ability to take control over Kathy, and turn her against the SXM. Wanda joined the fight along with her brother, and Ezekiel took on Blob. Rail & Nate overpowered Quicksilver, while Kathy reduced Harry in size to began killing him.

Chapter 6, Velon and Dimitri Lose: Moving on With the War

Surfer joined the fight beating up Juggernaught, while Kano took on Wanda alone. The Scarlet Witch's powers were used to help Kathy stop Rail and Nate. Quicksilver recuperated joining in the fray, while James finally took down Kathy and Mastermind at the same time. Yamairo stopped time, taking down Quicksilver, and with Milo's help fought the super-army created by Wanda. Velon used his control of iron on Yamairo to turn him against the rest of the SXM, while Quicksilver returned yet again. Harry easily beat Quicksilver in speed, and James knocked out Yamairo. While Harry defeated Wanda as well, and Milo destroys Velon's metallic suit forcing him to flee. Velon and Dimitri escape on their space-ship while the SXM deal with the rest of the brotherhood. Samuel confronting Velon and Dimtiri defeating them and capturing them.

Travler appeared once-more to reveal after someone lost a fight, no member could ever awake till the end of the tournament. Keel took it upon himself to kill the resurrected Brotherhood members, and all the team members controlled by Controller such as Alex and Frank had vanished during the fight. Yamairo confronted Keel, pissed off at his willingness to kill. Samuel absorbed the souls of Velon and Dimitri. He transported the three of them to his base of operations. Keel had the idea of using time travel to kill Controller back on earth, but no one could leave the planet. Surfer koed Sandra, and trapped her in an orb of cosmic energy so she couldn't be used by Controller

Chapter 7, The Showdown: Samuel vs Milo

Milo revealed he placed a tracking spell on the bodies of Velon and; Dimitri, before teleporting off and taking the others to confront Samuel. A massive battle ensued, and Samuel tried to prevent a conflict from taking place. Samuel demonstrated his new carbon copy ability using it to deal with Sufer, Milo and Kano. Simon began a fight with Ray, while the older sibling tried to convince Simon to join forces with Samuel. Anna and Filipe took on Catherine, while Troy fought Vegeta. Peter started a battle with Harry, and Gary and Stew teamed up on Jonathan. Keeth managed to defeat Strade, and the Ghost Rider went on the attack fighting Shawkun.

Keel joined the fight against Jonathan, and Shawkun took over Vegeta's fight against Troy and Katy. Surfer and Kano went to stop Jonathan, while Milo began using power negation to start overpowering Samuel. Shawkun managed to absorb Katy's soul after beating her near death, while Kano and Keel teamed up to defeat Wave. Shawkun managed to capture Abigale, wanting Milo to restart the abilities. Samuel revealed he was Milo's father. The latter used Lie detection to learn Samuel was being honest, and grew angered upon learning Samuel left simply to keep him away from the Agency life.

Chapter 8, The Revelation: Milo's Family Matters

Filipe had began to easily take down the remaining members of Samuel's group with the powers negated. Angel came armed, and ready to stop Milo from killing her husband. However Keel shot Angel, and the enraged Milo quickly took down Samuel. Milo absorbed his father's abilities, and healed his mother, before teleporting the SXM back to the base. Milo meanwhile lost control as Yamairo revealed he wanted to get the members of Samuel's group healed, Keeth and Keel left the group so the duo could kill the remaining enemies. Yamairo took William to heal the members of Samuel's group against Milo's wishes. Cyber met up with Zulan and Jason, attacking them.

However he was suddenly released from Dimtri's technopathic control, and Yamairo threatened to remove Milo from the team if he ever endangered lives again. Yamairo had returned Samuel to a more youthful age, and left the group in Peter's hands. It was then that William gathered all of those who had been manipulated by Controller before, and Milo revealed that Keel had murdered Strade. Keel and Keeth meanwhile took on Benjamin, Glent ,and the gang managing to kill them once and for all. Milo and Nate went after Zulan, Milo planning to absorb his powers. Zulan damaged Controller, and with Jason escaped, as the formerly controlled Cyber did so as well

Chapter 9, The Controller is Back: SXM vs SXM Round 2

Controller had managed to get Alex, and Frank, and they planned to try and contact the others. Yamairo revealed they had to get Troy and Katy's souls back, while Milo, Nate, Keel, and Keeth. Milo located Alex, while Controller went into hiding concentrating to find Sandra. He discovered she was in a power suppressor, and had her tap into the Phoenix Force to escape. Milo restored Dave's power, and he and Surfer went to get Sandra. Milo decided to go back in time to prevent Sandra's escape, however Joe took Sandra away in a portal. Zulan and Jason joined forces with Mikey, while Travler spoke to Tyrant about how the plan was moving smoothly. Zulan's trio joined forces with Controller, and the group went to the SXM's location to attack.

Milo fought Zulan, although the latter wanted to face Yamairo. Milo decided to take on Mikey his arch nemesis and leave Zulan to Yama. Kathy, meanwhile, turned into a giant to save everyone from a massive attack. Nate went to save her with some others, but Joe moved to intercept them, while Zulan easily began overpowering Yamairo. The others tried to convince Milo to go after Sandra with Anna, Harry, William, and Simon decided to take over fighting Mikey. Milo agree, but Mikey said no, instead deciding to wait for Milo to return. Alex entered the Savage Hulk state ,forcing Isabel and Riya to fight him. Keeth also joined in the fight against Alex. Gary managed to trap Alex in a fissure, and Fawkes saved Isabel's life by getting her out of harms way. However, Alex escaped the fissure going on the attack again, Anna came to save Yamairo from Zulan's attacks, but this soon turned out against her.

Chapter 10, The Gray Area: Death and Life

Zulan began to torture Anna, Yamairo went berserk over this and used the Odin Sword's full power to finally eradicate Zulan. Meanwhile Milo began using the Stroke strategy on Sandra. Stew, James, Harry, Nate, and Boota finally managed to defeat Alex. However the gamma radiation he emitted transformed Riya into She Hulk, who went on the loose. Isabel went all out on Riya, managing to injure her, and William used his ability to keep Riya alive. Milo manged to finally defeat Sandra. Controller went to gain control of Milo, only for Abigale to kill him. Milo argued that Yamairo was acting above his rules, while the SXM learned they could not leave unless they completed Travler's game.

Travler attacked the weakened group, forcing them to do battle against the master of Secrete World. Travler used his control over time to wipe out everyone in the SXM, except Surfer, Kano, Milo, and Yamairo. A desperate battle took place against Travler, as Tyrant unleashed the machine he would need to devour earth, and regain his full power. Travler managed to murder everyone but Milo who tapped into Wanda's Chaos Magic Reality Warping to wipe out Travler, and the entire Secrete Wars, returning the group to earth. Kano created a force field to protect the SXM, while William altered their biology so they could survive in space.

Yamairo left the group to get supercharged by Alisa, and returned beginning to tear up Tyrant's machine. Kano decided to perform a god blast, Nate leading the SXM into battle against Tyrant while Kano gathered energy. He defeated Tyrant, the war lord escaping with heavy damages. With that the injured group headed to the safety of their mansion.
Yamairo, after this, decided he had lost his right to lead the SXM, and gave the leadership to Milo, remaining merely as second in command, despite the protests from the others.

End Secret Wars


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Clash of Espadas
Chapter 1, The Earth Circled Once More: Milo's Birthday

After the battle with Tyrant the Shadow X Men joined forces with the World Government's to repair the damage caused by Tyrant's machine. Kano had returned to Asgard, and Angel Milo's mother had vanished. She had joined Samuel's group wanting to find a way to restore her husband's abilities. At the Mansion Milo headed to bed while Nate, and Kathy met up with Yamairo.. and some others..all planning Milo's surprise party. Angel spoke to Samuel about how Milo would cause the end of the world, and Yamairo spoke to Nate about getting Milo to reconnect with his parents. Ray came to speak to Samuel, telling him about how the formula to restore his powers would soon be complete.

Nate and Yamairo decided to get Milo to speak to his parents, after his birthday passed. On Genosha Alisa, Anna, Harry, James, and Chulance relaxed when an explosion went off. At the explosion area they found thow mysterious individuals. The 2 fought the group, and managed to take them out quickly, but left after they received a signal. The next day the SXM surprised Milo with a party. The Leader of the SXM was bombarded with presents from friends and allies. Milo was surprised to gain a book about mutant abilities from Samuel, but decided to keep it so he could push his abilities to the next level. The group began to relax playing video game's, and such.

Chapter 2, Foreboding Skies: The 10 Swords

Vega, the one who attacked during Black Heart's invasion, and the Novena, Cuarta, Sexta (the two that attacked ealier), and Octava met in a room to discuss their current situation regarding. Soon, 6 more joined the group. An Old Man, calling himself, the Primera, directed his words at the Espada, calling them out for the next mission. He sent the Quinta to capture a person of interest to this plan, having the Segunda go with him. Meanwhile, we cut to Leah, Milo's sister, as she's walking along the streets of NY to go meet Nate. She is then meet with the two Espada sent to capture her. She had copied the powers of a Gravity Manipulator and looses control, causing chaos. She's knocked out though, and taken. Nate, who had already arrive, can do nothing due to the intense gravity. At Milo's Birthday dinner was made, and the SXM went to relax. At the Espada's base, the old man revealed to a captured Leah that she would be useful to them

Angel went to Samuel. She told him that Nate thought SHIELD kidnapped Leah. Meanwhile, Leah tried to ask for a deal, but the old man ignored her. He hat The Cuarta lead Leah to a cell, and Vega learned that they were going to use Leah's ability to sink Genosha. Leah spoke to Cuarta about her beliefs, and he brushed it off as simple words with no meaning. Nate made it to the mansion. He told the group that SHIELD had took Leah, with Milo organizing the group for a rescue mission. Peter came to stop the SXM from going to attack SHIELD, and Milo picked up the Espada's location from Peter's thoughts.

Chapter 3, Desperate Struggle: The Dampening Barrier

Milo, Nate, Yamairo, Filipe, Sandra, and Troy were all teleported to the Espada's Fortress, which Milo located using Chess Sight. The Team split up searching for Leah, while Cuarta brought her food. Primera monitored the SXM's location's on a monitor, while Filipe met up with Vega, again. Milo tracked Leah down with telepathy, only to be forced to fight Cuarta. Nate was trapped in a room with the Octava. The Segunda, who introduced herself as Elizabeth Harley, came out to meet Sandra, while Quinta came for Troy. As the fights started, all the SXM fighters suddenly discovered that their abilities were drastically reduced inside the Espada's base. Quinta began to easily overpower Troy, while Vega unleashed his animal transformation on Filipe, doing the same. Meanwhile Elle walked around NYC hunting down her brother Ezekiel. Ledge and Keel came to deal with Elle who was tearing up NYC. Milo went to save Leah by freezing her chains after attacking Cuarta with what he thought was a finishing blow

Cuarta took the chance to kill Milo who hadn't reacted fast enough to use RCR, and was thrown to his death. Yamairo came to save Nate, who was being beaten brutally by Octava. Octava summoned an army of Zombie like creatures, Leah managed to unleash a large amount of gravitational pressure. However she fell unconscious, and Cuarta recovered. Cuarta took Leah to a cell were her abilities were negated, Ely began her battle with Sandra. As the two fought, it was clear it was going to a standstill despite Sandra's phoenix powers. However, mid fight, Ely was forced to retreat. Angel used her ability to visit Milo in his dreams. Troy used his fire dome, draining him. Quinta survived, and took Troy down. Sexta went to Leah's cell, asking her to replicate Milo's healing ability so he could fight Milo full power

Chapter 4, The Prideful Espada: Gorian vs Milo

Leah replicated Milo's healing touch, and healed him. Nate managed to distract Octava, long enough for Yamairo to unleash a fully powered magical energy beam. However, Octava, who was the genius that had made the barriers, managed to negate the attack right before it hit. He was hurt, but literally at one of his zombie subjects to survive and heal. Yamairo and Nate escaped the room after Octava, who had let his vanity get the better of him, left to get new clothing. Filipe managed to defeat Vega, but then he fell unconscious as well, having been drained.

Milo and Sexta duked it out, with Sexta revealing his name as Gorian Barren. Milo tried to persuade Gorian into restoring his abilities, but of course the Espada knew better. Milo began using his head. Gorian however unleashed his animal transformation. Milo managed to use the Carbon Copy ability to deal with Gorian on equal terms, without worrying about power negation. The two Gorian's fought on equal terms until the real one managed to overcome his clone for a while.
Meanwhile Sandra found the injured Troy

Chapter 5, The Espada's Relentless Assault: SXM's Dire Moment

Milo had Leah heal him to restore his energy, then he used Alisa's ability to supercharge Gorian's clone. Gorian managed to kill his clone, but was severely hurt. Milo managed to defeat Gorian thanks to this, but decided to spare his life. Milo went to get Leah, only for the Quinta to arrive, going on the attack on Gorian for his weakness. Octava found Yamairo and Nate again, having been controlling their path to lead back to him, unleashing his animal transformation, and revealing his name, Ericson Sezario.

Meanwhile Katy came to help fight Elle. However, they were still loosing, only for Ezekiel came stopping the fight against Elle, and bonding with his sister. Milo managed to save Gorian's life, and changed the mission to saving Leah AND Gorian. However, Quinta, who was a step above Gorian, defeated Milo.
Ericson revealed his powers to clone others, but Yamairo took advantage of Ericson's powers to create a cave in by having his clones fire a Odinsword blast at him. After it, he began demonstrating his voodoo like powers, injuring both Nate and Yamairo. Septima came to finish Filipe. Quinta got Leah to replicate Gravity Control from Milo and prepared to kill him

Chapter 6, The Backup Arrives: Down With the Barrier

However, as the final blow was about to be delivered to the SXM, reinforcements arrived. Ledge and Peter came to confront Quinta. Fawkes and Alex went to save Yamairo and Nate from Ericson, and Harry and William came to stop Septima. Peter revealed he was never a speedster, and instead had speed manipulation, giving Ledge a speed boost so he could fight and harm the Quinta with his claws. Quinta, however, resorted to this transformation, revealing his name was Noro Jardo. He managed to keep hurting Ledge, the later unable to regenerate due to the power dampening. Meanwhile, Ericson was attacked by Alex and almost killed. However, he used his final power, Grabriel, to absorb Alex's nutrients, killing and reviving himself. Alex's healing factor was dampened by the barrier so he couldn't heal properly.

Harry was likewise having trouble with Septima, Arries Strogger, who turned out to be the fastest Espada. Within the barrier, Harry's speed was reduced to he could only give out short burst. William was having trouble healing Filipe
Just as things looked bleak, the barrier to be taken down by a joint effort from Stewart and Alex, who had set things up before hand
Ledge, Alex, and Milo all healed. Harry now used light gliding to began pounding Arries. The later finally transformed and was about to attack Harry, but before he could even do anything, Filipe killed him with an ice blade to the head. Alex unleashed Savage Hulk on Ericson.
Ledge managed to defeat Noro with his superspeed given by Peter. Noro refused to stay down, and went for the attack again, forcing Ledge to kill him.

Chapter 7, Change of Scenery: The Attack on Genosha

Milo left and used Gary's ability to start a massive earth-quake and damage the entire base, however, Cuarta took Leah with him to fight Milo one last time. The two arrived at the main tower meeting Primera, Tercera and Ely. Primera revealed they were about to attack Genosha, and that his goal was to make sure that the mutants didn't grow in numbers too much, for reasons he kept to himself.
Sandra's group went back for William, who healed Troy. Alex used Gamma Radiation to disintegrate Ericson. Milo returned to save Leah. He learned he was tricked by Primera, and that the three powerhouse's of the SXM were trapped inside the fortress thanks to one last move by Ericson. Filipe, Sandra, and others trapped inside learned the SXM had evacuated Genosha, and had SXM, as well as other heres, had gathered on the island to defend it

Primera, Ely and Tercera arrived, as Primera summoned his own army of specials. Aaron and Katy took on Tercera, and Dale/Isabel joined forces against Ely. While Ezekiel, and Elle took on Primera, who revealed his name as Henry W. Newgate. Velon's waiter drugged him, and it turned out the waiters were Samuel and Angel. They forced Dimitri to hack into the Espada's base. Tercera was overwhelming Katy and Aaron. However, Dale, using his powers defeated both his opponent and Tercera and placed them in evolved human prisons. Newgate, meanwhile, defeated Ezekiel and Elle easily. Milo continued his fight with Cuarta to save Leah

Chapter 8, The Nihilist's View: Urukiora's Defeat

Decima attacked Harry, William, Yamairo, Peter, and Ledge at the base. Cuarta transformed and revealed his name was Urukiora Cinfer. He revealed his final attack, Lanza del Relampago, which caused a massive blast of energy. However, at this time, Dimitri managed to hack into the barriers, and Milo was able to defeat Cuarta with his full power. He decided to spare Urukioria, and as punishment placed him in the negative zone. Cuarta told him that was a mistake. Meanwhile Decima transformed as well, revealing his power was to grow in strength and size with his anger. He started to easily take out the group that was fighting him.

The others had teleported back to Genosha thanks to the barriers being down, with Sandra helping to fight Segunda, who had managed to escape the prison by seducing the guards, and busting out Tercera as well.
Newgate defeated Isabel easily as well. Ely had managed to absorb energy from the Phoenix Force, and now she took on Sandra, defeating her.

Chapter 9, Backup for the Backup: The Fight of Genosha Rages on

However, the rest of Samuel's group came to the SXM's rescue. Shawkun managed to fight Newgate on even grounds, as Vegeta took on Ely and Catherine took on the Tercera. Newgate decided to use Respira to wipe out Genosha, and murder the SXM. Milo supercharged Nate so he could get Leah to safety. He also learned his friends were still fighting, and he left to help the others fight off Decima. He developed a strategy that managed to open a hole in Decima's defense, and Peter used the Odinsword that Yamairo had charged, and using his speed, stabbed it into Decima, killing him. Some people stayed behind, while Harry and Filipe left for Genosha to help
Meanwhile, Catherine was winning against Tercera, until she started using more powerful attacks, revealing her name as Velonica Orchedian, easily overpowering her opponent.
Meanwhile, Ely showed her mastery over energy, which was precisely Vegeta's weapon, and easily defeated him.

Filipe came to Catherine's aid, and Harry came to help Vegeta fight Ely, taking over for Vegeta.
Milo and the latter helped Shawkun take on Newgate. Filipe meet with the same problem as Katy, having his ice turned against him by Velonica's powers. Harry was having trouble as well, due to his light being absorbed by Ely.
Newgate direct his attacks at Filipe and Harry, but Milo saved the duo. However, Velonica and Ely took the chance to take out their opponents
Alex joined the battle against Ely as well. She managed to defeat him by absorbing her gamma radiation however, and used her newly absorbed gamma radiation to damage one of Genosha's supports. Newgate went off to destroy the other, and charged Velonica and Ely with the final one.

Chapter 10, The Last 2 Pillars; The Final 3 Swords: Clavar La Espada

Tanya, Shin, and Ledge joined the fight against Velonica at the support area, and Keeth took on Ely.
As Velonica was overwhelming her three opponents, Katy returned to help the fight, managing to wound Velonica
Meanwhile, Ely had again absorbed to much hurtful energy (Keeth's hellfire). Keeth fired another attack as well as some bullets. Ely choose to absorb it all and release it against the pillar, destroying it. After that, the bullets hit her, and due to her exhaustion, she feel to her defeat. Velonica, in her anger, summoned a massive tidal wave to destroy her opponents, but Gary and Stew arrived, with Stew using an air barrier to protect them. As Tercera prepares to attack again. Catherine returns and hits her in the back with a lightning bolt, causing her to fall to the ground.

Meanwhile, at the final area, Yamairo appeared to stop Primera. As they were fighting, Leah arrived to take her revenge, and was almost killed, but Yamairo saved her. He then continued his fight, but found himself at a disadvantage.
Ray and Wave came to Yamairo's aid, but were not much of a match. However, they edged Yamairo on, telling him to end Newgate. Yamairo killed the Primera Espada with firm resolution thanks to their goading. Primera left him a warning about the mutants becoming too strong for their own good. Yamairo lamented that he had to resort to it twice in one battle.
As the battle ended, Gary and Catherine repairing the island's supports. Elly and Segunda escaped through the water, as the SXM set out to repair the damage to the island.

End Clash of Espadas


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Civil War

Chapter 1: The System: Superhuman's, Sign your Papers

Two weeks passed, and the SXM were now training their abilities. Sindus and German discussed a plan to save the world, with the newly revived Ben. Holst painted a picture of Odessa exploding, Yamairo leaving to stop the Explosion. Sindus forced Ben into destroying Odessa, threatening to murder his family. Later that evening the SXM learned Yamairo failed to stop the explosion, and Sindus met with the President to discuss the events. A week later, the President announced the Superhero Registration Act.

They also revealed the Government sponsored team Legacy, while members of the team were outraged by the unfair act. Yamairo and James planned on joining, as well as Aaron, the latter wanting to prevent the information from leaking to the public. Samuel had Angel contact Yamairo, and Milo banned the SXM members from using their abilities. Sindus later lead an armed force to the island, the President wanting them removed from Genosha, unless they signed the act.

Chapter 2, Ice-Hand's Outrage: The SXM are no more

Filipe decided to leave the team, getting Harry, Anna, Alisa, Isabel, Troy, Katy, Sandra, Abigale, Ezekiel, Ledge, Keel, Keeth, and Dave. Filipe's team then departed from the SXM, a week later more mutants registered. Filipe's group arrived in the West Coast, while the President initiated an act that all SXM must sign. Milo was framed for the explosion in Odessa, causing him to depart. Dave was attacked by German, and soldiers in a restroom, and an army of MK 2 Sentinels came. After a devastating blast most of Filipe's group was downed, while Dave and Alisa vanished.

Filipe's group was defeated, and German revealed they were only arresting the members who had committed crimes. Isabel, now leading the free members, left before any trouble could arise. She decided to go see Aaron for help, as Katy was injured. Meanwhile, Nate escaped the soldiers with Kathy and Dale. Keeth got into a fight with some gangsters the day after, resulting in Law Enforcement coming. Aaron arrived with multiple armed men, including Gary and Stew, the battle growing intense. Harry revealed his new power to change into light, and took out both Stewart and Gary, collapsing after. Isabel helped the group escape.
Vega and Gorian freed Filipe, Troy, and Abigale. Milo met with Sindus, agreeing to join as long as Lucy was kept alive. Milo arrived with an army of Sentinels at Filipe's area to capture him and the others escapees.

Chapter 3, Pro Registration Victory Assure: Milo Joins the Government

Milo used his telepathy to reveal the true situation to the gang, while SWAT swooped down to arrest the group. Milo had Filipe, Troy, and Abigale transported onto a random beach where Keeth was waiting. He revealed that Dale had attempted to use his magic, causing the Vishinti to put him on trial. Meanwhile Zane and agents of Shield arrive and get Filipe's group to safety, and reveals he helped the Espada escape as well. Zane helped the trio locate Harry's group, and German threatened to kill Lucy. Milo departed to stop Keeth and Sandra. Shin, Tanya, Katy, and others hid unwilling to fight Milo. He defeated the team, and had them imprisoned in a Legacy prison.

Alex formed a partnership with Aaron, wanting to get rid of the Hulk like powers him and his sister wielded. Dale had returned to earth de-powered, and met up with Kathy and Chulance. Angela completed the Formula for Samuel, as agents came to get it from her hands. Keeth's group meet up with Filipe's as the pro Registration arrived to stop the meeting. Yamairo stopped time, and the group rounded up the anti registration group. They were placed in one prison, and Milo and Yamairo departed to DC to meet with the President. Meawhile Mephisto showed up, summoning a demonic army, and stripping Keeth of his abilities. James payed them a visit, and revealed the state of the other SXM members, revealing Sandra, and Alisa were located at a different prison.

Chapter 4, The Old Mutant: Samuel's Fall

Isabel, Anna, Tanya, Shin, Harry, Ely, and Veronica united revealing Fawkes was actively helping mutants. German had Samuel, and his group captured. Angel, Leah, Velon, and Dimitri all met up, and Angel forced Dimitri to help her free Samuel. He used the formula to regain his abilities, freeing the prisoners, and starting a massive battle against the Sentinels. Samuel helped the team escape to Genosha, only for the Government to destroy it. They escaped to Angel's mansion facing Milo, Sindus, German, and Armed Soldiers. Milo learned of Angel's plot to kill Lucy and in a state of anger injured Nate. Leah grabbed Angel, and flew away. Milo began a massive battle with Samuel.
Meawhile Dale, Kathy, and Chulance continued their search for the others.

Samuel took responsibly for EVERY crime, the members of the SXM committed. Samuel was arrested, Yamairo showed up and got informed on the events, and then gave the anti registration group visiting rights to see Sandra and Alisa. Milo met with the President, learning World War 3 will start. Alex had Riya arrested in the same place as Sandra and Alisa. Meanwhile, while visiting the captured people, Yamairo learns of WW3 and swears he'll stop it.
Later, Milo departed to China to help the American soldiers.
Two weeks later American had won World War 3, and Milo met with Obama, the world under control the control of the USA. Milo learned Lucy's living conditions improved.
Meanwhile it became illegal for mutants not to sign the act.

Chapter 5, All Out War: Milo's Sacrifice

Filipe and the SXM began to fight the Sentinel army sent to capture them. Milo confronted the President, now a suicide bomber. He shot the President. Meanwhile Yamairo, and James planned to shut down the Sentinels from the inside. Aaron went after William and Fawkes, and Milo met up with Lucy revealing his plan. Mikey had joined the President, coming after Milo. Milo killed Mikey, right before he commuted suicide. Nate received a final text from Milo, while Kano and the Asgardian army came to help the SXM fight the Sentinels. Kano was stripped of his godly powers for this however, as the fighting continued, this time against the demon army and remaining sentinels. Meanwhile, Peter and Catherine helped save William and Fawkes from Aaron

Yamairo got the team together, and they broke into a mutant holding facility in order to free the captured SXM members. Alex duked it out with Riya, while Leah replicated Samuel's abilities in order to fight. Dimitri took over the Sentinels, allowing Leah to teleport everyone to safety. German met with the President, who turned out to be Hitler in disguise. He had the soul gem, using it to control Zulan. German planned to have the President die, and blame it on SXM.

Nate now in control of SXM decided the team must separate..to stay away from the Government's grasp.

End Civil War


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Fear 1, Human Fear: The Nightmare Begins

A few weeks passed, since Nate disbanded the team, with most of the team staying in Genosha, with several others splitting from the group. A man going by Darkness met up with an older one to discuss plans revolving bringing down the American Government. The plans are set into motion swiftly, with Darkness taking out German and the Sentinels, crippling the Mutant Response Division, and then killing the president, throwing the world into chaos. Milo, returning as an Angel, warned the team of a great evil, and stressed the importance of staying together

Carl, a man with an avian mutation, had his agents track down the SXM, before he took off to attain their help. As he discusses this with them, Yamairo retrieves the remaining SXM, and the politician reveals his goal: to become president and create a positive image for mutants. With the former president dead, this was his chance. He asked the team to reform, and to continue what they did at heart...to help people. Yamairo agreed, and along with Nate reformed the SXM.
As these events are transpiring, Zulan convinces Sandra she's a danger to the world and banishes her from the planet.

Fear 2, Toxiphobia: Poison Ivy

As the SXM set out to resume the good fight, Yamairo finds Isabel in the Sahara, and brought her back as well, the two sharing yet another moment. He then went to Samuel, getting him to support Carl. Samuel, and Carl formed an alliance. Meanwhile, the team also took notice of Sandra's disappearance and started a search. During the first night since the reformation of the SXM, Yamairo revealed Velon allied himself with Carl as well, and Nightmare a new antagonist spoke to his team about his ultimate plan, which could start now that the president was dead
Dave took a space suit, and went to retrieve Sandra, as the duo had an encounter with Skrulls.

That night, at the SXM mansion, Abigale had nightmare's, which controlled her to jump off the roof. Leah managed to save her, a small group gathering at the scene. As the group discerns her dreams were manipulated, he also determines they can't trust Angel's visions anymore. Tanya decides to stay in Abbie's room. Meanwhile, elsewhere in the mansion, Tracy aka Infection snook into Troy's room, seduced and then infected him and left him for dead. Lucky enough, Isabel was able to discover his breathing slowly stopping, and brought William to save him. James discovered the culprit soon enough, and Isabel soon tracked her down and subdued her

Fear 3, Eremikophobia: Enter Sandman

As the team sits by Troy's room, William analyzed the poison, and cured Troy. A short power outage took place, quickly allowing Tracy to make her escape. Harry sensed a mutant with darkness control was involved with her escape. The team retires for the night. The next day, Abbie awakes still unable to properly sleep. Keel began to bully Abi, until James stopped him by showing him the dangers of mental assaults. Yamairo decided to get Samuel's help in finding the culprit of the nightmares. Samuel and Catherine (who goes along for some fun at Filipe's expense) head to the mansion and Samuel manages to successfully track the villains

He returns to their hideout. The group soon gathered and head out. As soon as they arrive, a man with water manipulation and another with sand manipulation take Yamairo and Leah out. As the two fight Harry and Filipe, Harry proves unable to harm the man with sand manipulation, Jim. After a very heated fight, Filipe finally freezes the two and leaves them there. As they prepare to leave, the man with water manipulation reveals that he's Katy's brother, Jin.
The group finds the base beneath the nearby lake, and head inside, splitting up

Fear 4, Sanguivoriphobia: Nina the Vampire

The groups decide to slowly leave members behind in order to find their ways through the mazes. As they move forward, Tanya is attacked by a weird woman with a fetish for blood, Nina. Tanya fights her off and is stopped from calling for help. Meanwhile, Isabel is faced to Tracy in a small space, unable to properly attack. However, unlike Tanya, she has other ways and easily subdues her attacker, deducing that the enemy is going after the stationary members. Calling for Harry, the Light Admiral is able to reach Tanya in time and defeat Nina, taking her out. Filipe and Harry force Tracy to cooperate or die, and she takes them across the maze, and at the end, they find the final floor...and Darkness

Harry took on Darkness alone, the two toying with each other, but the later definitely with the advantage. Filipe managed to disable Darkness's abilities. Upon this, he causes the room to collapse by using the darkness around the lake's bottom, showing off his huge powers. Yamairo and Leah awake just in time, stopping time, and teleporting the group to safety.

Fear 5, Kainotophobia: Jason Joins the Fray

Jason the shape shifter who impersonated Obama, had now joined Nightmare's group. As the SXM pondered what the do, Leah went to his father and got him to track down Darkness, as the two engaged in combat. However, Zulan arrive and took father and daughter with him to a distant planet to keep them busy. Darkness takes the chance and continues with his plan, which this time involves getting rid of Carl, who was putting a dent in Nightmare's visions.

Jason took on Carl's appearance, and went back to his office to replace him. He contacted Yamairo telling him about an impending invasion by the skrulls. Yamairo got a space suit, and with directions from Keeth and Harry teleported away to ascertain the veracity of the information. Nightmare invaded Sandra's dreams, and Jason turned into Yamairo convincing Sandra to leave the planet, hereby removing her from Nightmare's way. Sandra leaves the planet. Meanwhile, Zulan, Leah and Samuel have to make time due to Zulan not allowing them to leave, but not wishing to fight as well

Fear 6, Hydrophobia: The Water Siblings

Jason sent Troy, Abbie, and Katy away to investigate a lead, setting them up to a trap. Meanwhile, Isabel finds a bloodied Anna. As she's rushed to William, Harry goes to get Dave and Sandra, discovering the Phoenix's absense. As Dave starts arguing with Keel, Harry takes control. The group suddenly realizes the Aliza is gone. Shin told the group about how TS might be at a digging complex. Jin meanwhile had sprung the trap on the three targets, fighting Troy, Abigale, and Katy. Kano flew off to get Holst, discovering that he cannot paint the events need. Harry, Keel, and Isabel headed to the mine shaft. Yamairo continued his own investigation. Jin slowly overwhelmed them all, including his sister, proving to be more than a match and a much more skilled individual with his powers.

He was however reluctant in killing his sister, wanting her to join him. Darkness intercepts Harry's trio. He told the light mutant to follow the green arrows, and Keeth, and Isabel went without Harry. Jin puts the group within a water prison and slowly lets them drown, while Harry banished Darkness from the area with his Light Mirror. As the group got together, they continued forward, meeting Nina. However, their powers were gone, however they had an advantage as Keel was always powerless. Amber met up with the trio Ray gathered, and tracked down Darkness via tracking spell.

Fear 7, Nyctophobia: Fear of the Dark

Amber brought the group to Troy's location saving them from drowning, and defeating Jin. Darkness mused over his friends slow defeat. Keel managed to shoot Nina having faked his death from an early attack. Finally, Darkness decides to use his powers fully and attacks the recently saved group, starting by using two dark orbs to shatter Troy and Katy's bones, leaving them injured. Meanwhile, Tracy arrives at the other battlefield and leaves the group infected and to die, taking Nina with him.

Meanwhile, Filipe awakes in the mansion, discovering the events and preparing to head out to help. Amber continues her fight with Darkness, the mutant proving a match even for her. Harry manages to send out a distress signal
The fight continues, going back and forth and the mutant counters Amber's every magical attack. After toying with her enough, Darkness finishes her off easily. He then departed, planning to kill the group upon his return. Filipe freed Harry's group, Harry taking Isabel to Genosha. Keel joined Filipe's squad,and they moved on to pursue the Terror Squad. They met up with Kano's team, and freed them as well. Amber awoke, and healed Troy, and Abigale. Dave brought everyone to the mansion.

Fear 8, Oneirophobia: Darkness of a Nightmare

As the group continues with their struggle, an eclipse is seen happening in the sky. Darkness smiles upon this event he had been waiting for, and then used his powers to cause a black out on Genosha. He then kidnaps Tanya for leverage. As Manda fails to track him, Nightmare realizes too late of his betrayal. Darkness murders Nightmare, revealing he could now create shadow clones explaining his multiple locations. He revealed he planned to control earth in three days, as a solar eclipse occurred putting the earth in complete darkness. He then took control of the Terror Squad, and William tried to restrain a now awakened Anna from going out to find Alisa. Keeth's ability began to work with Nightmare deceased, Keeth learning Yamairo had been kidnapped by Skrulls while out on his mission.

The team planned their counter-attack, Dave sending Filipe and Anna to save Aliss. Amber used her magical energies to quell the violence in NYC via causing everyone to fall asleep. Dave, Keeth, and Isabel went to get Samuel and Leah, who were playing a card games against Zulan to again pass the time with their would be kidnapper. He decided to let them go as Darkness's plan had succeed. Samuel leaving to comfort his group, Leah planning to help the SXM. Darkness confronted Filipe and Anna, as the cryokinetic mutant managed to convert himself, Anna, and Alisa into mist teleporting away. Darkness, whose real name was revealed to be Jet, went after them, finding the Light Admiral blocking his way. The two fated enemies began their battle.

Fear 9, Photophobia: Fear of the Light

Leah was convinced not to stop Darkness. Harry and Jet duked it out light vs darkness. Jet revealed if he died, Tanya would die. Harry however did not care, wanting Jet to die at all costs, showing off a ruthless side of him that had not been seen before. Secretly he trusted Filipe with the task of saving the ally. Filipe teleported off to Samuel's group, getting Tanya's location. He froze the shadow clone, and freed Tanya. At the base Nina, Jim, Jin, and Tracy broke in, Filipe teleporting himself and Tanya to the mansion. Meanwhile, the fighting continued, neither rival being able to get the upper hand in the battle of opposing elements. Harry was fighting without much restrain despite Tanya's immediate danger, being overwhelmed with his need to defeat his polar opposite

However, as soon as Tanya was freed, Harry was now free to give it his all without any sort of hesitation, and trapped Jet within a field of light, cutting him off from all possible sources of shadow or darkness, and slowly burning him to submission. The Terror Squad attempted to help, but Leah helped the team easily defeat the invaders. As Jet and his group were about to fall, Manda decided that Carl's ideology was not not so wrong and freed the senator, and the cost of her life, as the last remaining shadow clone killed her.
Carl was however able to flee, as Jet feel unconscious and was imprisoned, his team managing to escape.

End Phobia


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The Legacy War

Chapter 1, The Legacy: Mutant War

It began four days after the Solar Storm ended, The Government had announced that the SXM was responsible for the murder of the Government officials. Legacy, The Government's mutant army along with Sentinels began taking the offensive against the mutant race, while Dale avoided arrest by giving up being Spiderman. Leah, Nate, Kano, Filipe, Harry, Troy, and Katy burst into a SHIELD HQ to rescue Carl who'd been captured for infiltrating the American Government, and aiding terrorists. They got Carl, and teleported back to the mansion on Genosha.

Zane contacted them, telling them the Skrulls were planning their invasion for what Yamairo had done. Zulan spoke to Hitler about the plan to deal with healers who could oppose them. Dave took out a gun shooting Leah in the head, revealing himself to be a Skrull. Some of the other SXM turned to Skrulls, and activated power suppressors hidden in the base. Hitler now had the Soul gem, using it manipulate the Skrulls and this the SXM. The SXM learned the Skrulls attacked Atlantis, The X-Force planned to go save Atlantis, as Atlanteon's are immune to power negation, and thus could help them defense against the skrulls

Chapter 2, Cooperation: Aaron's Proposal

The X-Force took a jet to Atlantis, taking pills allowing under-water breathing. The Skrulls wanted revenge for the Government's sins against them, explaining their reasoning. The Skrulls cuffed the SXM Members, setting up explosives as insurance. Hitler sent SHIELD agents to William and Alisa's location. The XF began helping Atlantis fight off Skrulls, while Kathy, on route to William's location witnessed Alisa getting tasered. Sindus promised Alex no one in the SXM would die, German clones came to the scene. William was captured, as Aaron burst in taking down Skrulls. He promised the team a fair trial, if they helped stop the invasion. The team agrees, and Aaron sets them free and gets them working with him

The group splits up, some heading off the save others while another group goes in search of the destroyers armor to even the odds and deactivate the suppressors. Aaron decided to take Nate and Leah to a Legacy base as means to control the SXM. Meanwhile, Angel was staying with Holst learning of the kidnapping, she had Holst find Velon and Dimitri to form a resistance. The Super Skrull was back, however Kano gotr in the armor. He then duked it out with SS, as Aaron had SWAT fight the Skrulls and help the SXM. Meanwhile, Alisa and her group were saved by Samuel's timely arrival. Kano interrogated some Skrulls to learn where the suppressor was, then he destroyed it. The powers restored, the SXM began to easily overpower the Skrulls.

Chapter 3, Counter Plot: Save the Samurai; Save the World

Ezekiel was at Samuel's mansion with Angel and Holst. There it was revealed a mutant infiltrated the Government, and wants SXM to go to war against said Government. Holst gives the information that Yamairo needed to be rescued so they could stop the Infiltrator. Angel had a plan they needed to get rid of German's cloning device, and free Kronos the Titan Lord to train Yamairo with his powers, despite the risk. To get into Olympus they had to defeat the champion Hercules. Kano killed Super Skrull, and Riya used Death Field on the retreating Skrulls. The group decided to have Keel fight Hercules, using the belt of strength.

Samuel located Keel, and went to get him, replacing Ezekiel. He gave the latter under water breathing, and the elastic hero easily crushed most of the Skrull army. The SWAT turned on the team, Aaron revealing Leah and Nate were captured. Kano took off his suit, and headed to the main hall only to be trapped with the others. Hitler spoke to William now captured, that he would help him, or his friends would perish. Hitler had all the Healers captured, and gave them Legacy mind control implants. Hitler wanted William to capture Marco, and Vergil a man implanted with DNA from EVERY extraterrestrial species in a lab accident on Zenn Lavia. Chulance freed Ganta, who joined in on the war.

Chapter 4, The War Rages: Samuel's Group's Separation

Ezekiel had REAL under-water breathing, not artificial kind from the pills leaving him stranded under-water on Atlantis. The X-Force members departed, getting to the base, they discussed the situation with the Skrulls. Keel learned he'd be facing Hercules. Hel ran off to get the Belt of Strength Kathy, Anna, and Alisa coming along for backup. Legacy lead an attack on Samuel's group, as Dave spread the team out preparing for the invasion. Meanwhile, Aaron lead the group to a base. He placed trackers on the SXM members. As this is happening, Hitler decides to partner German with William for the missions he was suppose to undertake

Keel's team fought off SWAT members with Kano to get the belt, which was under their custody, and the group was teleported back to Olympus. Meanwhile, Legacy attacked Samuel's group while their leader was absent. Dimitri and Velon managed to defeat Ray, the former two leading the mutant army. Joe managed to get Shawkun to Manhattan escaping the battle, meeting up with Mikey. The trio united on common interests. Simon came helping the remaining group get into the sewer system in order to escape before it was too late. Thanks to Chase a mutant with X-Ray Vision, SHIELD came to round up Samuel's Squad, only Catherine avoiding capture. Michael met up with Angel, infiltrating Legacy with telepathic assistance.

Chapter 5, The Man of Steel: Luke and the Infiltration of Legacy

Marco was heading to a SHIELD HQ, as German and William moved in. The Shinigami took down the man easily and captured him. Meanwhile, Hitler had Cyber repaired, and reprogrammed. Keeth had Sindus send Legacy agents into Mephisto's realm to retrieve the Zarathos. Back in Genosha, where Samuel's group had been separated, Catherine found an unconscious man by the name of Luke, who had been experimented on by Legacy. he began to awake, regaining his memory of the events. The group in Olympus met Hermes, who lead them to Hercules. Keel put on the belt, and began fighting Hercules.. German told William how the mutant race would be cured by the Legacy Virus, William trying to convince him mutants would die. James in the mean time finds Luke and Catherine on the shores.

Ezekiel came to meet up with James' trio his breathing restored to normal. He told them about Legacy's mind control. Luke had knowledge of Legacy, revealing it to the SXM. He stated they needed to free the captured mutants, then take down Legacy. The group planned to get to Dimitri in order to gain access to Legacy's computers, Ezekiel, Luke, James, Catherine and Holst heading to the main prison base. Keeth led the Legacy Squad to Mephisto's realm, facing an army of demons in an effort to obtain Zarathos' essence. Meanwhile, back in the pantheon, Keel managed to defeat Hercules. Amber arrived on Olympus, meeting up with the team, and using her magical energies to create a gateway to Tartarus with Kyle's help. This shocked the Olympians, as she contacted Kronos. William and German went to get Vergil after dropping off Marco.

Chapter 6, Failed Invasion: Ezekiel's Death

Filipe met up with Catherine's team, as the group prepared to storm the legacy base. Elsewhere, Amber had Kronos sign a soul contract. Kronos warped them all to Genosha, and teleported Yamairo away from the Skrull prison and to the island. Meanwhile, Zane appears to help the SXM. Yamairo began training with Kronos in Genosha, honing his control over time. Back at the Legacy prison, Ezekiel, James, Luke, and Troy teleported inside the base to start the operation, while Filipe, Catherine, and Harry caused a distraction outside. Hitler learns of the four members of Samuel's Squad had evaded capture and the attack on the prison. Filipe's trio duked it out with legions of Sentinels.

Just as the group were getting an advantage, Ezekiel was shot with an anti mugen bullet, as James took down several guards to allow his escape. Ezekiel began dying from blood loss, telling the group to get Dimitri. Holst told Katy to get Dave to save him, with James placed a telepthic cloak around the group allowing them to escape. As the crew make their escape, Ezekiel dies of blood loss. His death was the last straw, as they declared war on the Government. Angel had Samuel round up the ENTIRE team. Meanwhile, Zane's team got Marco, and made their escape as SHIELD agents came.

Chapter 7, The Return of the Samurai: Legacy vs SXM

Elle had a break down, causing global black outs upon learning of her brother's death. Yamairo was tired of following self imposed rules, reversing time to revive Ezekiel, and declaring war on Legacy. Angel stated Samuel's team could attack the main base with Marco freed, Aaron's team left to space to take on the attacking Skrull army, the SXM still under his wing joining him in the attack. Keeth managed to bind with Zarathos getting his Ghost Rider form back. Zulan met up with Zane's squad, wanting to join them to stop the Skrulls. He stated the Power Nemesis could NOT be stopped, if an army of superhumans ruled the world. They teleported to the main base only to see Keeth there having wiped out half of Legacy.

Yamairo dispatched the team to save Leah and Nate. Hitler was Leah's body guard, as he confronted, and defeated Samuel using the soul gem. Meanwhile, Keeth and Kano went to get Nate. However, Hitler now had absorbed Samuel's soul to gain his abilities, he teleported Nate body away, and attacked the SXM. Emperor Zou leader of the Skrulls, had his army retreat the hopeless battle against Zulan. Hitler defeated the team, started a massive global storm, and separated said team. Troy managed to save an injured Kathy, while Dave came to get them but suffered an injury in the process. Troy started to fly Dave to a hospital, but Yamairo found the trio and brought them back to Genosha for healing. The injured team gathered at the mansion.

Chapter 8, The Third Ventro: Giving Love a Bad Name

Angel revealed Hitler had used the gem to gain Samuel's powers, and Nate flew off to get Leah so they could stop Hitler. Angel also revealed how Sindus had gotten Legacy started, and how they needed to save Ben. They learned Hitler was at the SGS HQ. The group however decides to focus on Nate.
After 3 days, the group had managed to rescued Nate. Yamairo got a plan together, taking Ray, Harry, Filipe, and Isabel to confront Hitler. Dave, Nate, and Troy went off in search of the Soul Gem.

Meanwhile, in DC Mikey's trio met up with Benjamin. They organized a plan to stop the American Government by their own means, involving threating them to surrender. Meanwhile, back at the fight, Harry demolished the SGS with one blast, and battled Hitler one on one in an attempt to buy time for the others to find the gem. Fawkes meanwhile, leading Troy's trio decided to get help in tracking the Soul Gem. On Angel's request, the group went to meet a girl, who proved herself to be flirtatious and uncaring. Her name, Rachel, the half sister of Milo and Leah. As she reveals that her mother only asks for help when she needs her, she presents herself unwilling to help, until forced to do so. She thus reveals her powers of precognition, giving the 4 mutants the location of the Soul Gem.

Chapter 9, The Power Nemesis: Ticking Time Bombs

Meanwhile, Angel, Dimitri and Velon attempt to break Ben out. In DC Mikey's gang fought off authorities while trying to put their plan into action. Mikey had Shawkun threaten to encase DC in Lava, UNLESS Biden agreed to ending Legacy. At the battle, just as Hitler seemed victorious he was forced to leave. The group lead by Nate had found the Soul Gem. As Nate was about to get it, Hitler storms in to stop him, and the two tackle each other in the fight for the Gem, both being somehow disintegrated.

Zulan arriving near a shocked team, revealing Hitler was still alive somehow. Velon and Dimitri freed Ben, the trio making their escape. Nate had gained Samuel's soul and his powers through the exchange, becoming a Power Nemesis onto himself. Furthermore, Hitler was in the same situation, and if both weren't removed of Leah and Samuel's souls soon, an explosion that would wipe the Milky Way would occur. The group gets Samuel and Leah's bodies and retreat. Rachel revealed the chaos in DC, Nate learned German had appeared at Legacy taking Velon down, and engaging in a gunfight with Dimitri. Filipe managed to freeze German from a distance, and they captured the frozen power negator. Angel revealed they could NOT kill German for now. With Ben safe and the only order of business to find Hitler, the group set out, with Nate conducting a galactic sweep with his new found powers.

Chapter 10, Giving Pursuit: To the 1940s

After searching and coming up empty, and even Rachel proving unable to help, the group was at a dead end. At this point, Nate deduces that Hitler will most likely want one last thing with his powers, and that's his wife back to life. With this, they reach the conclusion that he must have gone back in time. While some of the heroes stay behind to hold off Legacy's army, Nate and a small group give pursuit through time to World War 2, escaping a battlefield they arrive at. William used his ability to turn the group into Germans for better cloaking, and they headed into a restaurant to eat, and formulate a plan. Meanwhile, the fight with Legacy escalates on Genosha, the army slowly overtaking the few numbering heroes.

Zulan confronted them upon arrival,unable to help himself from helping Hitler. Nate is stopped from tracking Hitler until James engages Zulan in telepathy and blocks him out. Using the chess board tracking, Nate finds Hitler. He decides to quickly go back to stop Legacy from further causing any harm, fearing the others were at a disadvantage. Zulan stops fighting the group, as he knows it's pointless from there on. However, the SXM were to late, and Hitler got his wife's soul, and trapped the group in an infinite loop of time to hold them back.

Chapter 11, Dawn on the Battlefield: Espada vs SXM

Back in the present, the SXM fight off the Legacy army, slowly freeing mutants from the mind control. Just then, Nate arrives with back up to the others and starts overwhelming Legacy. Back in the past, Yamairo manages to use his new training to break the time loop and get back to the present. Meanwhile, Nate's first burst was wearing off and he was now on the loosing end. Rachel revealed Mikey's trio had been sucked into a portal, and transported to the Sahara by Joe in order to save them. Yamairo sent one squad after them, and another to help Nate. With their help, Nate defeats Legacy's army. However, the SXM discover that Hitler had contracted the Espada as his personal guards. Yamairo decides to take a team to end it once and for all, with Nate deciding to fight Hitler and finish him after the others got Eva. Meanwhile, the squad that went after the desert trio returns with Mikey, Joe and Shawkun, with Angel knocking him out, Dimitri using a ray gun to send him into the Negative Zone.

The Battle against the Espada, five on five took begins as soon as the SXM arrive on scene. As the battle rages on, the first to be conclude is Yama's as he defeats Vega. However, Eva tasered him, taking him hostage and making her escape. Meanwhile, Hitler's ultimate plan is revealed. He intends to kill Biden and cause a nuclear winder on the planet. As the SXM that remaining being mused on this, Nate teleported off from his fight to save Yamairo, freeing the Espada from Eva's control. Urukuroia continued his attack, bitter from being placed in the Negative Zone earlier by Milo, with Filipe taking him on alone. Yamairo teleported away Homeland Security, sending Eva to them. Filipe managed to defeat Uru, Nate told the group Angel's plan, that involved Hitler's one weakness, temperature alterations. Nate teleported all the capable fighters to the damaged White House, he sent Troy and Filipe to Hitler's location.

Chapter 12, Dusk on the Battlefield: Return of the Hero

As the fight starts, Filipe and Troy started taking advantage of Hitler's weakness. After a thought battle, they managed to stab elemental blades into the regeneration's weak spot, neutralizing him. Just as the battle seemed over, Zulan arrived with the soul gem, and EVERY Villian the team ever faced. A massive ensued between the SXM, and the Villians. Kano arrived his god-form restored, The Asgardians returning to help him stop Hitler's Sentinels. The Espada joined the fight helping the SXM,but soon fled the scene. Nate took on Zulan trying to get the soul gem in order to revive Milo, but Zulan overpowered him getting the gem. He used the gem to free himself from Hitler's control, and then sent the gem into the sun. Yamairo was awakened, returning Samuel and Leah's souls.

German clones came in stabbing Yamairo. right after he restored the Ventro's. A large army of Sentinels came down, as German revealed Hitler planned for the world to be nuked. He revived Hitler, and then planned to send Samuel and Leah's souls into his body. Zulan however revealed despite the powers being negated he could stop the missile's with his Ghost Rider form. Zulan flew off to stop the nukes as the SXM said their farewells. The nukes hit and...nothing happens. As the SXM wonder just what happened, Milo, returning miraculously from the after life, appears before them while defeating nearly all the villain with a mass psionic attack.

Chapter 13, Cheerful Ends: Legacy Disbands

As the SXM look on in shock, Milo smiles and explains what just happened. He reveals he was the one who stopped the nukes using the chaos magic wielded by Wanda, the legendary Scarlet Witch. With Zulan having left during the nuking and the deceased villains returned to the afterlife, Milo shares a tearful reunion with his friends. He imprisons Hitler for good in the negative zone. The SXM thus leave the battlefield to their home on Genosha once again

German promised Milo they'd complete their plan one day, and teleports away. The SXM then ask the big question, how did Milo return. He tells the story, of how he managed to revive himself via the Phoenix Force. When he tapped into it, he discovers that Sandra was under great distress, with the SXM reveling to him how she was no longer on the planet. Milo himself was unable to track her. As the curtain closes, Milo also reveals he had given up on Lucy wiping her memories and giving her a normal life. The arc ends with Legacy being disbanded after Hitler's imprisoning and German's departure, finally breaking the hold the Government had on mutants since the Civil War.

End Legacy War


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New Hope


Two weeks had passed since the end of Legacy. The SXM remained in their crime fighting position, but nothing intense had happened since then. Kathy heads a group to go stop a terrorist by the codename Dusk. Katy and Troy are putting out fires in NYC. Elsewhere, we find Vinlo and Benjamin in a conversation. It seems Zulan's father had financed Benjamin's new life while he himself had spent time out of the planet. He had acquired some skrull weaponry he gave to Benjamin and his gang. On an unrelated note, Luke, Ledge, Filipe and Rachel were out on a drink, with Rachel's tendencies for flirtation getting the best of her in her attempts to get at the ice user. Meanwhile, Yamairo talked with James over an anomaly and how Filipe would be a good candidate to solve it.

Troy's Squad began trying to deal with the fire, as police came to arrest them. Milo defeated Shakat, escaping with Kathy as cops came. Filipe takes up Yamairo's offer for a vacation, without knowing it was in fact a vacation. Rachel decided to go with Filipe, making a deal to stop bothering him after the trip. Some masked men attacked Elle, but the group fought them off. Keeth came to fight off the masked men, and at the last minute Milo teleported them to the mansion. This group, the Hellfire Cult, were mutant haters out to perform hate crimes against the species. Meanwhile, a woman named Angie was having troubles of her own involving Shawkun. Zulan, picking up her distress while not far from there, decided to kill time by helping her out.

Journal of the Desperate Hunter

Chapter 1: Angie, Hunter and Hunted

We follow the events regarding the hunted mutant Angie, a girl with plasma manipulation trying to clear her name of a murder Shawkun committed. Zulan, the power hungry villain had decided to kill time and help her in her quest. As we catch up, Zulan is in a library doing research when he hears a man badmouthing mutants. He attacks him and destroys the entire library in the process. However, Angie's position is revealed to her hunter, a man with nature control.. Zulan fights him and and reveals his powers to her, but sticks with just telekinesis. As they manage to evade the man, they decided to search for Shawkun's whereabouts in DC, using the president's database

Zulan and Angie entered the Database where Shaun kept the mutant files, gaining the location of Shawkun. However, just then, another person out for Angie's death appear. Kiya, a woman sent out to kill her for desertion, tracked her down. As Zulan and Angie fought her off, the nature man, who revealed himself to be named Jack, arrived on the scene as well. Angie managed to get his trust, and he helped them escape from Kiya. The three of them headed off to Shawkun's current location: Samuel's mansion.

Chapter 2, Jack's Lament: The Nature Man

As they arrive, Angie manages to prove to Jack that Shawkun was the one who killed his son. As Jack turns his anger towards the soul manipulator, Samuel's group protects him and threatens Jack with death. Peter quickly takes out Zulan, who pretends to go down so he can easily avoid further problems for himself. However, before the conflict can escalate, Shawkun agrees to release the soul, albeit with a different plan in mind. Jack and Angie thus take their leave. Zulan, meanwhile, had heard everything, and decides to have a little fun. Taking the just released soul, he tries to force Jack to destroy DC by offering him his son back. When the nature man refuses, he uses telepathy to force him. This act cause mutant hysteria to skyrocket. Zulan then washes his hands from the matter, getting bored with Angie's struggle

Later on, Shawkun, wishing to regain his powers, attacks Angie and takes her soul, intending to use them to steal Jack's soul and thus return things to normal, plus gain a new power. Some of Samuel's allies follow him to kill time. As the group tracks Jack to DC, Angie's body is found by Kiya, still on the hunt.
Shawkun, proving unable to find Jack, as Samuel for help. However, the old man refuses to just kill an innocent, and orders Shawkun to return the soul once he's done with it, retrieving Angie's body with his powers and giving Shawkun the location.

Chapter 3, A Soulless Man: Shawkun the Soul Stealer

As Shawkun finds Jack, a fight breaks out and the two are somewhat matched, but eventually, Jack's power proves to great for the weakened soul manipulator, and thus the nature man conquers his foe. Samuel's group retrieves Shaw and he's forced to return Angie's soul.

Angie is dropped off where she was found. She had proven her innocence...but opened up the doors to a world she's rather not know.

Epic of the Shadow Heroes

Chapter 1, Training: Harry's Two Cents

On Genosha island, Katy decides to train Tanya and Shin due to their slowly weakening and laziness. As she searches for William so he can help, they come across Harry, who having nothing to do since Filipe left, decides to help out. Meanwhile, Dave kidnapped Shaun, taking on the disguise as Pop. He had NASA gather Skrull Warships, wanting to go into space to track Sandra down, desperate to bring her home safe.

Harry, seemingly bored that day, quickly defeats everyone present. Katy is left somewhat annoyed because it wasn't what she had in mind. However, Harry revealed that she herself was pretty weak, and had no right to try and give lectures to the siblings. He says that she'd become complacent with her power, unlike him who had reached a level above what he had started with. Riya and Ezekiel show up to help in the training, but again Harry almost comically defeats them. Dave in the mean time manged to locate Sandra via the Government's Skrull ships.

Chapter 2, Katy's Growth: The Elemental State

Harry continues his lesson towards Katy, telling her that her true strength as a hydrokinetic lies in her power to switch to her natural element. As Katy doubts her ability to do so, Harry attacks with killing force to trigger the change. As Katy managed to turn the part of her body that was attack to water, Harry further tests her by disintegrating her. As everyone starts yelling at Harry's recklessness, Katy reappears, unharmed and with a basic understanding of what it feels like to be free water. As Harry seems happy with his lesson getting through, he then gets blind sided by Simon and William, learning a lesson of his own about being complacent.

Dave released Shaun now that he had what he wanted, going to engage in a conversation with Sandra. Milo and Nate met up with the group telling them about the Hellfire Cult's activities against mutants. Milo further informed the group of a Super Sentinel being built. Sindus now the Vice President met up with Shaun, who Dave had returned to Earth, to announce the construction of the Mutant Response Division, and announced they would be useful in stopping mutants. In space, Dave tries to convince Sandra to return to earth

Chapter 3, The Grim Future: Mutant Response Division

Some time latter, Troy and Katy were sent to save Carl from a vicious attack lead by the Hellfire Cult, as a man teleported from the future to Troy, Katy, and Carl's location. He grabbed all three of them, and took to the year 2026. The trio awoke tied up, the man sent Katy to Detroit where Zombies went after her. Meanwhile, MRD agents burst in tasering the time traveler, Troy, and Carl. The trio was shipped to a MRD holding facility, as General Ford and German where seen planning the execution of the captured three. Suddenly, when all seemed lost, Dimitri, Vinlo, Benjamin and Rail burst in the prison area, allowing the traveler to knock out German. He was revealed to be Milo Ventro, Future Milo took down Ford as well. He grabbed Troy and Carl heading to a bar Future Ray owned.

He revealed they were in the future, and told them about how Katy was dead. He told them they were agents of Milo's organization MPP(Mutant Protection Program). He told them how, MPP was at war with the World Government, and how Sindus had gained Sentinel Like abilities from Cybernetic implants allowing him to take over the world. Future Milo then told the duo about all the events that lead up to this Apocalyptic world. They learned the Government had revived Manda from the dead to use her for their purposes. As they continued to talk, Ray arrived now pretending to be the Messiah of Mutant Kind, taking on the codename Mister M. He revealed Kairi, Machi, and Kujon had to be located in the past to change the future, for Kairi had the power to change everything.

Chapter 4, The Last Straw: Harry's Murderous Rage

Future Zulan met up with Katy, teleporting to the MRD holding facility where Kairi was being held. Kairi and her brothers came to help the duo fighting MRD. He revealed the plan was to kill German, with him and his clones dead MPP could annihilate the World Government and return peace. Future Sindus met with Aaron, and Ford planning to kill Milo so MRD could be stopped.
Meanwhile, back in the present, Milo, Nate, William, and Harry investigated a scene where HFC had beat up some mutants. Milo learn that Sindus had formed MRD to take down any of HFC's targets. At these news, Harry finally lost it, vowing to kill Sindus. Milo went after Harry trying to convince him not to commit murder, Unable to convince him, the two began to fight. Meanwhile, future Milo went to the past to see Samuel, intending to get his help

Katy, Kairi, Machi, and Kujon where all captured by the Government, and Sindus began interrogating them for Milo's location. However, after a brief scuffle, they managed to break free. As Sindus and MRD flee, Kairi turns her gun to Katy, not knowing she's from the past, and thinking she's a shape shifter. Katy is surprised to find out that her future version is dead. As she's shot, Harry's previous lessons turn out the her savior, as she survives being shot, and also manages to convince the siblings that she's the real deal. Kujon realizes that Milo went to the past, and the 4 teleport to the base future Milo is currently staying at with Troy and Carl. Meanwhile, back in the future Milo and Harry continue their battle, and despite Milo's vast array of powers, Harry is able to match him with ingenuity and his usual imagination.

Chapter 5, The Bold Plan: Changing the Past

As Katy's group arrives, future Milo wastes no time to explain the situation, and asks Kairi to train Katy's powers to their full potential, using Machi's dimension creation as a training ground. He meanwhile, reveals exactly to Troy and Carl exactly what must be done must do once they return to the past. They must kill German, end MRD and make sure that the past Milo saves Kairi. They further tell to make sure Samuel is kept safe and that Zulan is recruited to the good side. The last item brings up doubts, but the 2 heroes agree. All that's left now is wait for Kairi to finish the training. Meanwhile, in the past, Harry and Milo continue to fight, Harry slowly loosing his edge as Milo begins to apply more and more force.

As a week passes in the future, the group prepares to return to the past, while the future mutants prepare for the final fight. Just then, MRD manages to finally track them down and attacks. The group defends themselves as Milo leaves to use the final weapon. As he gets aboard the giant Chouginga Gurren Lagann he obtained with Kujon's fiction materialization powers, he puts it all into the attacks, the other members giving him the power with their will to believe and fight. MRD is finally taken out in one final attack, at least for the moment. The three mutants from the past bid their farewells, with messages for their past selves.

Chapter 6, The Three Siblings: Machi, Kujon and Kairi

As Katy, Troy and Carl return to the past, they gather the necessary members of the SXM for the missions their future selves gave them. They all go to Holst to ask for his help, Keeth and Keel joining them. Meanwhile, future Milo pays Samuel a visit, warning him about Zulan's role in saving the world.
As these events unfold, Harry and Milo's fight takes a turn, Milo creating a massive dome of earth where Harry loses full control of his powers. Milo then proceeds to take the upper hand in the fight. As Milo severely injures Harry, the Light Admiral manages to bust open the dome and get outside. As the two continue at each other's throats, Harry yells at Milo for ignoring what the normal humans do to them and prepares to unleash an attack not seen before, but fails as he runs out of energy. He faints, and Milo takes him to the medical bay on Genosha.

As he arrives, Milo and Nate finally set out to get Kairi and her family. Meanwhile, Keel and Keeth move out towards the X-Force base to gather the group. Ray, in the mean time, is also visited by future Milo, under the guise of TOAA, who directs him to what he must do, and the plans involving the cloning of the SXM. Dimtiri met with Velon who revealed with his control over organic iron he had several inside men. TOAA confronted Future Milo about tampering with the timeline, and Keeth gathered the X Force deciding they should kill German to prevent him from making more clones. The X Force recruited Chulance for this mission, and they attacked the MRD base where German was. Milo, and Nate brought Kairi and her brothers to Genosha, and Keel murdered German so mutants would not be blamed for killing him.

Chapter 7, The Old Switcharoo: MRD's Plan Fails

Milo met with the X Force glad that they killed German. They damaged the cloning machine, and took his body deciding to blame the murder on MRD. Nate gathered a team going to destroy the base where Sindone was being constructed, and MRD had used Yamairo, James, Stewart, and Gary using implants from the Civil War to plant anti mugen bombs on Genosha.

Ray however, following advice from Future Milo, developed powerless clones of the residents of Genosha. Milo teleported the REAL residents of Genosha to Angel's private island, as we discover exactly why Kairi was so willing to help them.
Yamairo and Anna meanwhile headed towards the MRD base, and together decimated Sindone, and the rest of the facility. Sancho had meanwhile murdered the majority of the members in the Hellfire Cult, and decided to help Derek track down Ledge. His continued killings drew the attention of Stewart, and Gary, who started tracking them. Aaron met up with Zane at a SHIELD HQ wanting to deal with the current situation mutants were in, and Zane revealed to Aaron that MRD would be shut down soon. Zulan done with his business with Angie, robs a bank, and brings the money to his childhood sweetheart Sharon whom he starts a relationship with.

Chapter 8, Warzone: Sentinel Invasion

Dimitri using his abilities took control of every Sentinel on earth, and began one massive  Global Sentinel Invasion. Vinlo also went on the attack convinced humanity was out to get them. Samuel's group went after Vinlo. Milo also joined the fight against Vinlo. Vinlo turns Vegeta and Peter against the group, also summoning an army of powerful demons. All throughout the battle, he warned the heroes warned that MRD had something huge planned, and to counter Milo and Samuel's combined efforts, attempted to use Aura Absorption to gain Samuel's arsenal of powers. Samuel countered it preventing Vinlo from getting them. Meanwhile Nate met up with Aaron, and Zane revealing how Vinlo had slaughtered a part of the NYC population. Vegeta regained control of his actions, and the rest of Samuel's group managed to take care of the clone
Dimitri's Sentinel army meanwhile had decimated the majority of MRD, with Sindus going into hiding. As their rampaged seemed endless, the SXM appeared to fend them off

Soon after, Harry wakes up and arrives on the battlefield. He takes over Milo's battle against Peter, and conquering his emotional issues he overpowered a controlled Peter in the battle of speed, finishing him off with his new technique, The Solar Flare. Milo, and Samuel finished Vinlo off, promising to save mutants. As the heroes return to Genosha, so does Sandra after her exile. The heroes take a well deserved break. Dave meanwhile took Sandra out to eat at Longhorn steakhouse. At the Steakhouse Sandra apologized for leaving, and the couple made amends.

Just then, Kiya arrives on Genosha looking for help. Katy and Troy interrogate her, and they decided to help her track down her family.

Saga of the Burning Valley

Chapter 1, Village in the Valley: Black Flames

As Filipe heads towards his vacation, he's forced to deal with his unwelcomed guest, Rachel Ventro, who is determined to seduce him. Unfortunately...Ice Hands is just not interested. Milo offers him a way out, but he decides to stay true to his word.
After arriving at the small village where the vacation was supposedly to take place, the meet a local who tells them about the local festival...and Filipe. Something is not quite right. Rachel is wracked with strange visions of murder. While walking around, they meet another local. Noryko, who turns out to be a mutant.

The next day, the duo prepared for the festival, a strange woman is watching them. During the festival, they meet the same girl named Noryko, who they both get along with. As the festival went on, strange black flames had erupted in the forest. The next morning people gathered as an entire mountain was in Black Flames, Filipe went to stop said flames. He approached the same girl from the previous night, who was watching from a nearby roof, but the girl quickly dismissed him. The two then further watched as someone else stops the flames. As the first girl introduced herself as Namini, she told Filipe of the three clans and three powers. They then both vanish. Fillipe met up with Rachel who was upset that he risked his life as the black flames could have killed him. He was shocked by her concern but had her use her power to uncover information about the flames and the 3 clans. Rachel had a vision about Filipe fighting a girl with green hair.

Chapter 2, Time Loop: Conspiracy of the Cotton Fields.

The two met up with Noryko and asked about the girl, with Noryko revealing that they were looking for Miyo who was currently at school. They confront her after, Filipe starting to instill fear in her as he asked about the fire, he trapped her in ice, and teleported them to the burned down forest. Miyo claimed to have no knowledge, and Filipe froze and shattered her. Norkyo was in shock but Filipe simply froze her as well feeling a strange sensation that gave him murderous urges. Namini, who was watching caused the scene to freeze, and stated it was time to move onto the next world. Time has apparently restarted-

Filipe wakes up. It's the morning of the local festival again. As he's going about town, wondering why he's feeling so jumpy, he meets a strange girl with weird eyes. He reveals himself to be a mutant, and she opens up to him, saying her name is Shari. While Filipe doesn't know it, this is the same girl that stopped the flames previously
The blue haired girl, Namini, walks around the Village thinking about the previous loop and that she knew only two people could cause the black fire on the night of the festival, and she needed to figure out who it was as she was running out of power to rewind the events.

Chapter 3, The Three Clans: Rikudo, Byaku and Uchiha

Miyo runs into Namini, who she calls Ini. They speak about the attempts being made on the member's of the 3 families lives and how the foreigner with ice powers going about could possible help them.
Later that day, before the festival, the 3 Clans that Namini had spoken of have gathered to discuss various attacks that have been seemingly perpetrated by someone with the "Kaleidoscope". Namini, the current head of the Rikudo clan, defends Shari's innocence in the affairs. As things escalate Ikari of the Byaku clan broke up the argument and let Shari herself speak. Shari states that both herself and her brother are to be considered innocent until proven guilty, and defends the honor of her clan, the Uchiha. She then calls them, and herself, simple mutants easy to replicate

Ikari and others were outraged, but Izano and Namini stopped the argument with the former deciding to have the investigation team look through all possible outcomes for the attacks from the black flames. During that night, the night of the festival, with see Ikari Byaku being attacked The next morning Filipe saw the black flames engulfing the mountain for the first time again, due to the temporal rewind and raced to stop them meeting up with Namini and Shari who were also trying to stop them. Miyo was fleeing the village carrying someone with her. Shari managed to stop the black flames, causing her eyes to bleed just like before.

Chapter 4, The All Seer: Samsara Eye

Filipe witnessed that and confronted them trying to question them but Namini warded him off. After metting up with Rachel who was having painful visions of Miyo, Namini, and Shari fighting, he returned to his investigation Thinking Shari was causing the black flames from lack of control over her powers, he began a search. Meanwhile, Namini calls a meeting to handle the issues, with Sharin now convinced her brother had returned. Filipe used a new trick spreading ice across the floor and sensing people on top of it to locate Shari. He finds the both of them, but before he can convince them to accept his help, a knife punctures Shari in the throat. Namini holds on to her body as she restarts time again

Time restarts again. A strange man is seen approaching the village. Filipe is walking around the village again, the day of the festival. He eventually ran into Shari training with Namini. He realized they were mutants again, and learned the village was filled with mutants, the eyes these two possessed being considered sacred.
Deciding to fight them for some fun, he was quickly overwhelmed by Namini's eyes, who Shari reveals to be called the Samsara, and that they can replicate any energy pattern, even magical. Filipe was worn out and defeated by Namini who claimed it was a good fight.
Namini noted that Filipe had used the Eight Trigrams technique, and she revealed that a family within the village with the White Eye had developed that skill.

Chapter 5, The All Knowing: White Eye

At the night of the festival Ikari, Miyo's father is on his way to the festival, when the same scene as before repeats. He's attacked by none other then Izoru Uchiha, the brother Shari had mentioned who activated his Wheel Eye and a fight began between the two forces. Another woman joined the fight also having the wheel eye, revealing through science she'd gained the eyes, and wanted Ikari's help to gain his eyes as well. Izoru managed to impale Ikari in his back killing him, and the Woman intended to take his body for science. Just before she leaves, they are confronted by a girl who looks like Miyo

The woman gives the order to kill her, and Izoru instead addresses her as Shiyo. As the two start to fight, Shiyo yells at him for having disappeared only to return to betray them. It drags on, and Shiyo wins due to her use of something called the Empty Palm. During the fight however, Izoru's black flames set off the fire we see every morning after the festival. Shiyo carries him away, and the next morning the mountain is engulfed in flames as usual. Filipe met up with Namini and Shari, where he learned about the nature of the black flames, Namini having a bit more trust in him. They stopped the fire, but the incident confirmed that Izoru had returned. Namini signaled for the meeting of the 3 clans via a fire jutsu and explained the political system of the village. Filipe leaves to retrieve Rachel to help them find Izoru, and Namini was glad that so far this rewind was proving good.

Chapter 6, The All Powerful: Wheel Eye

Filipe explained the situation to Rachel, and brought her back to Namini who explained her visions of Izoru and a woman attacking Ikari the previous night. Just then, the same events as last time happen, as a knife is thrown at Rachel, but Namini saves her in time. They meet the woman who had attacked Ikari
A fight outbreak but the woman proved to be Namini's superior, and threatened to destroy the village unless she gave herself up. Izoru returned to aid the woman, who wanted him to kill Filipe and the others. Namini realized he was no match for the black flames, used a strange summoning that called forth 6 bodies to fight using her powers and overwhelm Izoru and the woman.

Namini's original body was growing weak leaving her defenseless but Filipe erected an ice shield around her to protect her from harm, realizing that the 6 paths technique left her weak. Namini's bodies were starting to win the fight, until the Woman began a tag team effort with Izoru managing to destroy two of the bodies, however Namini summoned the same statue that let her split her powers and used it to absorb and restore the burned bodies. Namini told Filipe to evacuate the village so she could use a technique that could end the fight, and told him that perhaps Izoru was hidding something.

Shari joined the fight against Izoru allowing Namini to focus on the woman. Two people stood guard at a chamber in the burned forest upset that their organization had taken up the job at village. Miyo, Shiyo, and Noryko monitored the "Guards" within some trees and revealed that Izoru stated their father was still alive. Shari began to briefly overwhelm Izoru using the fighting style from Miyo's family, but Izoru used the wheel eye to copy and counter her actions. Namini began to overwhelm the woman, until she combined both eyes starting to overwhelm Namini. The girls attacked the "Guards" only for them to reveal their identities the blond haired one named Alberto, and the red haired one named Al-‘Aqran. Alberto lost control after Noryko cut his clay bird before he completed it and unleashed massive amounts of exploding clay killing the girls, and wiping out the village. As a result time rewound again, and it was winter years before Filipe came to the village on vacation. Izoru and Shari where playing when she convinced him to show her the wheel eye, their father came stating Rikudo had called another meeting.

The Woman made her way into a laboratory studying the traits of the three eyes, realizing that if one had all three their strengths would cancel out the eye's weaknesses. Henry met up with the woman stating the aggression virus had caused a woman to loose control forcing him to kill her, and the woman stated they'd cure the virus. At the meeting of the clans Rikudo wanted an investigation of Izoru's clan and stated the villagers were getting scared due to the disappearances taking place in the village. After the meeting Izoru wondered what was behind their village, and met up with Shiyo who asked him to go to the festival with her. He agreed to, and that night Namini's parents were attacked by Deidara. Sasori stated he'd attacked before time, and Hidan and Kakuzo were after the old man, and Kisame was helping them.

Kisame and the other two continued their fight with Old Man Rikudo who had used the 6 paths against them. Deidara learned the woman's life wasn't important, and intended to use explosions strong enough to kill her, but her husband dived in the way. Sasori berated him fearing he'd killed both of them as they needed to capture Namini's father. Kisame revealed that Deidara had killed the target, and the Elder Rikudo learned they planned to go after Namini. He performed a seal on her using up all his energies causing him to die, and the group was upset that the mission was a failure. Even with the old man dead, once the three assassins left, the 6 paths rose. At the festival, Izoru told Shiyo how he was planning to leave the village to explore the world tired of the clan's affairs making life hard here. The Assassins came together and attacked Namini who'd been playing with Shari, her grandfather's paths came but he'd transferred his energy to them so they were walking corpses. Namini realized what was going on as she manifested the Samarsa eyes sad that her entire family was dead.

Namini collapsed in pain, with Shari trying to comfort her friends, and the Assassins fled as the paths were given the order to defend her. Izoru was heading home when he was jumped by the scientist, at dawn the woman had met up with the assassins and spoke about how Shari's entire clan was going to be exterminated by Izoru aside from her. Time moves forward to three nights before the festival with Yoko meeting up with Namini who explained in the last rewind they were close, and that she was loosing control over her powers due to the constant rewinds. Namini snuck into Filipe's hotel room to speak with him ,and deja vu occured as she introduced herself, and her powers again. She explained the situation her village was in, and making contact with him allowing him to see Yoko.

Namini explained how she believed Izoru didn't kill his clan, but the blonde woman and her assassins. Filipe and Namini went to the base, and attacked Sasori and Deidara. Filipe promised to hold them off, and began fighting them. In another area Izoru was jumped by Shiyo and Shari. Filipe fought Sasori alone as he managed to injure Deidara with a surprise ice spear, however Filipe fell to his knees having been subjected to one of Sasori's more potent poisons. Shiyo had begun the fight against Izoru, with Shiyo not joining because Namini had gathered the group informing them of the temporal rewinds and the plans to stop the assassins once and for all. Hidan and Kakuzo were upset Izoru had been found, but knew capturing the Bakuya was their main priority. Izoru was hesitant to use the black flames as Shari could stop them, but Kisame joined the battle overpowering Shari. He promised to remain in control during the fight which allowed Izoru to unleash his full power on Shiyo.

Sasori and Deidara went into the underground lab to stop Namini, only to be confronted by Noryko shocked they beat Filipe. He came to her aid revealing that even with the poison he could still fight. Sasori went after Namini, with Noryko going to stop him while Filipe continued his fight against Sasori alone. With the battle with Izoru and Shari where in both resorted to using their eye's ultimate technique. Shari realized Shiyo was useless against the Susanoo and the siblings engaged in combat with each other, with Shiyo moving in to battle Kisame. Filipe realizing he was running out of power to maintain his organic ice state resorted to using the Ice age technique to encase Deidara in ice and end the battle collapsing. Sasori nearly killed Noryko, but Namini saved her using the 6 paths revealing she gained information from interrogating Henry.

Namini revealed the assassins were part of Akatsuki, Shiyo managed to cause Kisame internal damage to prevent him from further usage of his powers, Izoru managed to defeat Shari dropping his Susanoo. Shiyo jumped Izoru with the last of her strength, but he tossed her aside his eyes causing him pain and realized the urgency in finishing the mission soon. Namini escaped with Noryko, and Sasori went after her pursuing her to the main village. Kisame and Deidara also joined the hunt heading to the main village, Miyo retrieved Filipe and made their way to the temple so Namini could heal him. The woman had managed to obtain the Wheel Eye, and Zulan arrived in the village with his girl-friend Sharon. Namini had made her way to the temple, where the three assassins confronted her learning she had information on them.

Hidan and Deidara arrived, and they began the fight against the paths, while one of them carried Filipe away. Zulan told Sharon he felt the presence of the mutants, and she warned him that if they missed the festival because of his killing spree she'd be upset. He ran off meeting up with Izoru sensing a battle had taken place between powerful forces he tried to deduce what had happened.
Zulan healed him claiming the woman sent him, and went to heal Shari and Shiyo enjoying causing drama. On his way to retrieve them he killed a teenager with X Ray Vision to allow him to gain powers without cutting heads open. Becoming invisible he healed the girls so as for them to not know who healed them, and left. The battle against Namini and Noryko continued, as Izoru joined the fight wanting to help defeat Namini.

Shari and Shiyo joined the battle against Izoru, while Filipe met up with Sharon taking his girlfriend out on a date monitoring the chaos he'd caused. Filipe joined Noryko's fight against Kisame, and Sasori took down another path stating only three paths remained. Rachel watching the fight on the side-lines saw Filipe was getting serious, while Zulan after dinner came to the fight intending to murder the Akatsuki for their abilities. Filipe took down the Akatsuki (except Izoru) using his full power shocking everyone present, while Ell arrived wanting Namini's eyes. Zulan told Ell people like her motivated him to give into his hunger, and attacked her with a torrent of acid rain deciding to save the village. Shari and Izoru both resorted to their ultimate attacks, and Izoru was tired of playing games using his full power as he went blind. Filipe told Zulan the time loop would never end unless the villagers resolved their own issues, so he couldn't help them fight Ell.

Shari finally managed to overpower the maddened blind Izoru and confronted him as he fell to the ground. She wanted the truth about the clan's deaths, and he whispered something in her ears that caused her immense shock. Zulan managed to get both sights of eye powers by studying Ell's brains demonstrating his use of the black flames on Elle who negated them shocked that he obtained the eyes as well. The Paths noted that Zulan was "Forcing" the energies of the mutants into his body, aka acquiring their abilities via X Ray Vision and his regular studying method. Ell resumed her fight with Namini now without distractions, Zulan tried to convince Filipe to be a real hero, and help the villagers fight Ell.

Ell was desperate to overwhelm the paths, as they began using their true powers. Filipe had Zulan heal Izoru again, only for him to be confronted by Shiyo and Shari who had surrounded him to prevent him from interfering with Namini's battle. Namini finally won creating a miniature moon that crushed Ell to death, and Filipe was happy they finally won. Zulan began to understand the situation in the village, as Filipe explained he'd need his help to deal with a virus in the village that induced aggression in the villagers, and was one reason Namini had to continue restarting time. They revealed the loop had been going on for years, and the black flames activated the bacteria that caused the madness, and Filipe stated even he'd triggered the bacteria occasionally, and Ell had used the bacteria as an excuse to delve into her research of the three eyes powers. Zulan eliminated the bacteria, and pondered on what Filipe would do next, and he decided he could finally enjoy the festival.

Namini came out to meet up with the others glad they won, when Ell emerged from the fake moon still alive but heavily injured. She had faked her death to draw out Namini's main body, and attacked her. Namini snapped using her full power using powerful elemental magic to finish off Ell for good, Zulan impressed by her abilities. Zulan was forced to raise the village into the air when Namini used her ultimate technique. He brought the village back to level ground, and the heroes went over to Namini who had collapsed from exhaustion. Izoru intended to leave, until Zulan confronted him revealing he could read minds and explained Ell murdered their clan, and Izoru was forced to leave or else Shari would be killed. He knew Sharon would be freaking out and left to meet up with her. Filipe met up with Namini revealing the Akatsuki he'd incapacitated he'd made their escape, and later that night spoke with Izoru who wanted to come to Genosha in search for a cure for his eyes. The next morning Filipe, Rachel, and Izoru were leaving when Shiyo confronted them, Filipe wanting to leave by plane instead of merely teleporting. Filipe rushed Rachel away leaving Izoru with Shiyo the journey in the village finally over.

Novel of the Shining City
Katy, Kiya, and Troy came to Milo wanting his help to track down Kiya's family who were being held hostage at a Government facility. Milo located them, and the trio decided to go rescue her parents. The trio decided to simply rescue those held captive not wanting to turn the Government against mutants again. Kiya lead them in pretending that she was still one of there operatives, and Kiya decided to leave them in a cell to search for more prisoners. Kiya accessed the facility's files learning they were not allied with the Government, the soldier revealing they'd been manipulating there operatives, and Kiya was knocked unconscious. Kiya awoke in a city with a warm orange glow, and Milo met up with Nate who revealed several mutants were missing. Katy awoke in the city where she first met Milo, and he went to Amber to find out if anyone had been using magic for mass teleportations involving mutants.  Katy meanwhile found the same fire she put out that caused her to be recruited by Milo, and pondered if she'd been sent back in time.

The President contacted Sindus revealing MRD was being shut down because of the Sentinel invasion, and that the National Guard and other agencies were coming together to ease the public. They also made it illegal to construct Sentinels, and a man in a suit monitored Katy noting that she suspected something and communicated with his superiors getting his orders. Amber meanwhile rejoined the SXM full time, and Keeth & Kano learned of the situation. They split up into groups to investigate what was going on and Alex rejoined the X Force with MRD shut down helping to help the team more. Michael met up with Lucy who'd been working for Damage Control ever since Milo revived her wanting to take a break from the police force.  Troy learned that D.C was not destroyed and met up with Kiya curious at Washington D.C's revival. Milo met up with Sandra wanting her help to erect several barriers around Genosha, and Amber helped via putting up mystical barriers. Using Cerebro 2.0 along with Samuel, Harry, and Yamairo they brought all the mutants on the world to Genosha.

Jet confronted Sandra wondering why he'd been brought to Genosha, and Velon and the New Brother-Hood had damaged Cerebro 2.0 and assaulted James. Manda met up with Jet who thanks to Milo's mass teleportation had been freed from Government custody, and Milo met up with Benjamin wanting his help to subdue Velon and the NBH. Milo had gotten his father to monitor the world with his Chess ability, and Velon pulled together his group intending to take over Genosha and the mutant populace. Milo and Ray formed hotels for the various mutants that were brought to the island, and separated them from the villains. A woman approached Milo and Dave who had been getting a drink, when she revealed all the disappearances had taken place in the northern part of the country, and Milo realized that's where Troy, Katy, and Kiya had went off too. He pulled together a squad with Kano, and Sandra. intending to investigate the situation. The woman introduced herself as Tesla Nova, and Milo went to the area Tesla had described bringing her along.

Tesla revealed their was an old military base in the area but it shouldn't be tied to the vanishings. Sandra decided to investigate it anyway, and they confronted the soldiers at the entrance of the base. They prepared to open fire, but Milo took control of their minds asking about Troy, Kiya, and Katy's whereabouts. They learned that they were located in an area nicknamed the Shining City, and Milo erased their memories of their encounter warping them to the Shining City. Tesla pointed out the city was composed completely of metal, and Sandra touched a flower, only for it to expand and engulf her in liquid metal. She appeared in the area Katy was in, and Tesla stopped Milo from grabbing Sandra as it was a trap. Milo was also ensnared in metal determining that the metal city was the result of a powerful metal manipulator, and on Genosha Yamairo stated they needed to stay on their guard in case Zulan was their as well.

Samuel's group met up with them, and Yamairo revealed he put Filipe in a time loop, and that there was a mutant so powerful the only people who could fight her where Milo, Kano, Sandra, and Amber. Tesla encased Kano in diamond revealing he was too trusting, and the liquid metal dragged him in to. A man composed of metal confronted Tesla stating she had to go back, and Milo continued his search for the others unable to find them with abilities. Everyone that had been trapped was being followed by men in suits, and Sandra located Katy revealing she came with others to find them. Dave brought Tesla back to the SXM's infirmary bleeding, and she revealed they were ambushed and the others needed help. Samuel read Tesla's mind, and decided to take Yamairo and Harry with him to figure out who managed to overpower the others.

Milo managed to track Troy and Kiya down through his power to sense mutants and met up with him trying to figure out where they where. They told him about how they were in DC even though it had been destroyed, and Kano met up with Sandra, and Katy. Kairi and her siblings confronted Jack about DC, while Troy sent up a funnel of flames in the air. Taking that as a clue, Sandra took the others to meet up with Troy. Their stalkers noted that the six had managed to come together, and they confronted a lone man in the streets. He managed to shoot Katy despite her ability to turn into water, and Milo confronted him unable to absorb the man's abilities. The two fought the man proving to be the superior combatant, and Milo attempted to absorb him by drawing all the matter into the area into his body. The Man reappeared and the city was unharmed, and he claimed Milo could not damage this city, and conjured a gun intending to end the fight.

Kano put up a shield around the others allowing Milo to go all out on the man including using the powers of the Dark-Force all his powers proving useless against the man. Another man identical confronted Sandra, and Kano tried to finish him off with a God-Blast. Samuel and co arrived in the Shining City, while Milo managed to consume the man in the Dark Force. The Man reappeared unharmed, both Men declaring all attempts to stop them where futile. Milo concluded he had some sort of control over reality, and gave up fighting him asking him what he wanted. The Man pulled out a gun, but he was cut in half by a swordsman who told Milo to get his friends and come with him as Agents were coming and they were all as powerful as the man he was unable to affect. The man lead Milo into a run down building, and he sent Sandra and the others the message to flee the Agents. They obliged and teleported away ending up in a random part of the city.

The Swordsman introduced himself as Cloy, and revealed they had been trapped in a virtual reality, and the Agents worked for the program. Cloy revealed the only ability in Milo's arsenal that would be useful would be his control over technology, however he said even with that ability the Agents would overwhelm him as they manipulated the coding of the entire world. Kano had been separated from Sandra's group, but managed to meet up with them again. Cloy revealed there was only one exit from the program, and he had yet to find it, and Milo began practicing his technopathy in preparation in confronting the Agents. Cloy told Milo they were not physically in the computer zone, and their bodies were probably attached to a machine of sorts, meaning if the Agents killed them they might die in real life. Sandra and them were attacked by Agents who held  Katy at gun point and threatened them Sandra trying to formulate an escape plan.

Cloy said they had to part ways before Agents overwhelmed them, and Milo stated they should have rebelled and fled to find his friends. The agents overpowered Sandra and the others tossing Sandra onto some train tracks as a train was coming. Milo raced in saving Sandra, and using technopathy he made it so their powers were effective against the Agents allowing them to easily defeat them. They came together realizing they needed to escape, free everyone, and deal with Tesla and the Metal Man. He was speaking to an older man about how he'd jump Samuel when the time was right, and an alarm went off upsetting the old man who concluded it was another technopath. They left to a military base, only to see numerous agents. Milo made it so they could utilize their  powers against the Agents, and tried to make them invisible to sneak by. His efforts were futile as the Agents saw him, while Yamairo was trapped in metal, and thanks to a plan with Samuel they faked being dragged into the liquid metal. The metal man known as Metallic met up with the old man who was still working on dealing with Milo..

Tesla returned meeting up with Metallic, only for her to fed away as it was simply a duplicate Samuel made with his power. Yamairo went to Metallic Odinsword drawn threatening to kill him unless the Shining City was brought down. Milo confronted an agent learning the escape was in area 51, but the agent said war against them was useless. Yamairo continued to threaten Yamairo unless he led him to the others. Milo located Area 51, and with the others confronted the Agents who revealed that even if they couldn't manipulate the code they could access the powers of the people trapped inside. Cloy was shocked that Milo had found Area 51, and upset he'd lead a direct assault against the Agents. They countered Milo with his own powers, causing a massive battle, while Samuel took control of Metallic forcing him to lead them to the others tired of dealing with Yamairo's morals regarding forcing their powers on others.

Samuel stated they needed to find the person who created the virtual world, and absorbed Metallic's powers and rendered him unconscious. Samuel intended to take Harry along with him to find the others, while Yamairo fetched their friends bodies. The President contacted Milo's old friend Lex wanting help to deal with the murder of several criminals at the hands of a powerful mutant, Lex unable to help as he claimed most mutants had vanished. Lex promised to help the U.S Government with the Omega Machine a device that could sap superhumans in range of the device of their powers, Sindus had helped re-construct Cyber wanting his help to deal with the mutant populace. Cyber intended to use the Omega Machine to sap the superhuman populace of their powers to become unstoppable. Sandra and the others delved deeper into Area 51 with all the Agents focusing their power on Milo.

Aaron had pulled together Gary and Stewart wanting their help in dealing with the killer known as Kira. The detective Near contacted Aaron revealing what information he had on the killings, Lex dealt with his fiancee Mercy speaking about he'd be helping the Kira Task Force Near was leading. Velon met with Dimitri on Genosha stating the New Brotherhood was unstoppable under his command, and Sandra and Kano fought the agents allowing Katy, Troy, and Kiya to flee through the exit. The Old man was upset that three managed to escape, while Level 2 Defenses were activated, and the Agents revealed powers were useless, and they were deleting the entire area. Yamairo met up with the others seeing they were awake, and Samuel confronted the Old man determined to save his son.

Several Agents blocked them from the exit, and several other mutants trapped were in fear of their deaths. Tanya, Kairi, and some others burst in having overpowered the soldiers in the facility revealing they interrogate the real Tesla, and learned the truth about the situation but were too late as Milo and the others trapped were deleted. Samuel had forced the information out of the old man, and shut down the program at the last minute saving Milo and the others. Filipe, Rachel, Izoru, and Shiyo had made their way to Genosha shocked at the overcrowding of mutants on the island. Harish one of the captives met up with Lex revealing what happened, and that they needed to deal with the situation. Lex decided to get Homeland Security involved, while they confronted Cloy he revealed he was not a mutant. He had cybernetic implants which allowed him to fight the agents, and the creator James Rocker was a famous man who helped develop virtual technology, and such to the next level.

Cloy explained how Jame's life fell apart because with the rise in mutant activity the Government wanted to focus on weapons that could be used in combat against them not his virtual technology leaving him homeless, and divorced as his wife quickly left with the kids.  James had wanted to help use the technology to eliminate the mutants  and pulled together a team to complete the project. Cloy didn't want to go with them to Genosha, while on Genosha Urukiora of the Espada was on a rampage seeking a rematch with Milo. Izoru confronted him, at the military base Mark the director of Homeland Security arrived along with armed Homeland Security Agents. Harry returned to Genosha running into Jet, while Kathy was injured. Filipe took her to William, and Harry overwhelmed Jet as they began fighting thanks to his perfected light body technique. Milo returned to Genosha to deal with Urukiora after having helped those present deal with Homeland Security, who arrested James Rocker. Near concluded that Kira was working with the SXM since he was targeting criminals, and believed if the SXM really wanted to they could deal with Kira.

Aaron told the others he had to interfere as the mutant rights debate was today, and he needed to make sure nothing happened to ruin any chance of the mutant's getting their rights. Milo, Carl, and Yamairo were in the U.S capitol in debate with the President, and Congress over the rights of mutants in America. Sindus debated against them, and Near and co had also attended, meeting up with Lex who had Cyber to help deal with any mutant attacks during the debate. The Milo fighting Urukiora was revealed to be a clone, he inadvertently due to Izoru's interference revealed his true location to his enemy. Samuel joined the debate as it began to turn in the favor of the mutants, defending themselves and making comparisons to humans. Outside protesters who supported the SXM were being dealt with by authorities,  and Lex revealed his new invention the Omega Machine would could be used to help the U.S Government put together a prison that could contain even the most powerful of mutant criminals.

Sindus was shocked that he was loosing, as Urukiora burst into the building only to be taken down by Yamairo, and Samuel. On Genosha Mikey had found Milo and attacked him, causing him to be encased in admantium restraints. Mikey managed to bend the bars and slip out only for William to force him to sleep. Sandra went to break up Harry, and Jet's fights putting Jet to sleep not wanting to risk the lives of the millions of people on Genosha. After the voting in DC the mutant rights bill was successfully passed, and the Heroes left with the first step between mutant and human peace having been achieved. Aaron came to the meeting as the heroes where about to leave revealing a supercharged technopath was protecting Kira. Samuel deduced it was Zulan, as few had the power. Gary, and Stewart had finished moving the equipment and setting up the Super Computer Aaron had ordered. Upon return to Genosha they celebrated the fact that they had won their rights, while they returned all the mutants to their original locations including the villains.


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The Akatsuki had gathered including Sasori who explained their failure in dealing with Namini, and Ell's death to a man wearing a swirly mask. A Kid roaming around Namini's village met up with him and Shari and began asking them questions about the whereabouts of a man named Kisame. This put the girls on high alert, but upon learning Kisame had left he departed as well. Namini decided to inform Izoru of the confrontation as he had been a member of Akatsuki once. The Man with the swirly mask had arrived at the village, and on Genosha Milo had begun training Tanya determined to help the members of the SXM lacking in power build up their power. Early the next morning Samuel had a meeting with Ray, and Peter needing to have Namini found as he lost her signal over the night. He sent Peter off, and wanted Ray to investigate the Akatsuki's reasons for aiding Ell. Milo completed his training with Tanya, explaining to her why she originally couldn't create more clones, and met up with other members of the team who were relaxing.

Ledge and some few members left to Chicago to deal with Benjamin, and his gang. Samuel gave Ray information on Deidara, Sasori, and Kisame explaining the last one may have dabbled with a rare magic known as Elemental Creature Magic. Then spoke about Hidan and Kakuzu. Ray used a wormhole heading to the village in search of the Akatsuki, after Ledge, Elle, and Luke had stopped Benjamin they went off to Five Guys for lunch happy with their new-found popularity with the law with their rights legalized. Meanwhile to give Tanya another test, Milo generated a clone of her rival Nina to fight with her. The Swirl Mask had a meeting with the other Akatsuki via astral projection magic explaining they had 5 targets, and 3 more with one the fire kid being under their surveillance. He stated they needed all 9 Dragon Slayers rounded up, and two more members of Akatsuki where seen a Venus Flytrap hybrid man, and a woman. The meeting was dispersed and the man was determined to use the 9 dragon slayers to regain his power.

Ray ran into one of Namini's paths, the Deva Path and as he began asking about Akatsuki the path told him to leave. Deidara, and Sasori had managed to capture another dragon slayer. Milo met up with Tanya who took care of the Nina clone, and had finally gained a grip on her potential. The Akatsuki then dealt with the captured dragon slayer, ripping his essence from his body, and sealing it into a statue. Ray refused to listen to the path, determined to fight him. Some other paths confronted Ray, and he was overpowered, and his soul severed from his body killing him. Vegeta met up with Wave wanting a sparring match, and the two received an urgent telepathic message from Samuel. The Kid who went to the Village in search of Kisame was continuing his search on Genosha.

Milo left the heroes in order to search for Rail and Kathy who went missing, while Samuel revealed to the group he gathered that Ray was dead. The Kid met up with Abigale, and began asking about the whereabouts of the SXM. Sandra and some others fought crime with help from Jorgan who was using his Cyber Goblin gear. Samuel revealed Ray was murdered by Namini, and she had joined the Akatsuki.  They met up with Ezekiel, and Nate confronted them not trusting the kid and wondering about him being connected to Akatsuki. This infuriated the kid causing him to lash out with his powers, only for Troy to counter him realizing he manipulated fire. The Kid introduced himself as Natsu one of the dragon slayers Akatsuki was after, and the man in the swirly mask confronted Isabel revealing he had the Wheel Eye. He promised her a fair fight against Isabel to get the revenge she deserved for the past 3 years, and she agreed seeking a fight.

Natsu was overwhelming Troy until Filipe stopped the fight revealing they knew nothing about Akatsuki, and had proved unable to track them down. He felt lost, and apologized for the damage he caused getting assigned a place to stay overnight. Natsu explained the nature of his powers to Troy, and later that night Isabel had went off to her roof-top looking over the island. The Deva Path decimated Samuel's mansion countering his powers with a spell, and Samuel noted that Namini could now utilize regular spells using her paths. Jonathan was glad Samuel had saved him, but he was instantly murdered by Sasori. The Venus fly trap man emerged from the ground revealing his name to be Zetsu, and went on to say they only needed to capture two more Dragon Slayers Natsu Dragneel, and Laxus Lariot.

In his room Ezekiel decided to contact Samuel to repair the damage Natsu caused as Milo was gone searching for the team-mates missing, and Wave realizing they were under attack sought out Vegeta. Joe hadn't gotten involved in any direct fights, only for Hidan to surprise attack him causing their fight to begin. Deidara joined the fight attacking Vegeta, while Catherine was attacked by Sasori. Wave failed to meet up with Vegeta, instead being attacked by Izoru who was back with Akatsuki. Isabel assaulted the main SXM base, shocking the others members as Kisame helped her assault on the base. Natsu went after Kisame,James tried to reveal it was a trap only for Isabel to drain him of his oxygen supply rendering him unconscious. She called out Troy, and Hidan meanwhile managed to consume some of Joe's blood entering his reaper form. Kakuzu had also surprised Shawkun launching him into a tree, noting how he use to be a strong mutant.

Isabel sought vengeance on Troy, while the swirly mask man managed to trap the others at the base in a powerful illusion. Izoru easily beat Wave using the Kaleidoscope's illusions leaving him unconscious. Samuel's fight continued, and he knew he'd need Milo's help to defeat Namini. Isabel began her vicious attack on Troy with powerful air pressure missiles, and Deidara used his most powerful explosives in an effort to end Vegeta's life. Hidan then finally killed Joe using his natural power finishing him off, Isabel tird of playing games went to use immense air pressure to crush Troy to death. Samuel's battle with the paths resumed as he pushed his powers to their maximum limit only for the paths to overwhelm him and trap him in a miniature moon which they then ignited. Sasori poisoned Catherine, nearly winning but she removed the poison by removing 2 liters of her blood nearly killing herself. She almost defeated Sasori until learning he was a living puppet so trying to manipulate his blood was useless, and Sasori won the fight silting her throat killing her.

Sasori decided to turn Catherine into a puppet, and she felt bad for letting the others down. Kakuzu was giving Shawkun a serious beating stating their group was finished. Namini confronted Samuel who managed to survive, but she stabbed him with one of her blades that negated abilities. Namini revealed the SXM commanded the investigation of her ability, and lead the Akatsuki to her village. Samuel jerked out of the blade, however he died shortly after, meaning the Akatsuki had managed to defeat Samuel's group. Shawkun was filled with large amounts of power, and easily killed Kakuzu. Seeing the rest of the group was dead he left, Deidara met up with Sasori revealing Samuel had teleported Strade to safety away from Genosha. Kakuzu was alive noting that Shawkun had destroyed only one of his hearts, and Kisame overpowered Natsu. Katy stopped him from crushing Natsu's legs revealing that she had become water when the swirly masked man trapped everyone and had followed Kisame. The two began to fight, while Troy finally entered the plasma state becoming fire stopping Isabel's attempts at crushing him.

Strade was back in his old home in China upset the others were dead, while Isabel got more serious determined to hurt Troy who was now living fire having finally used his elemental shift. Natsu had recovered and used the full power of the Dragon Force to duke it out with Kisame, who fused with his sword and both resumed their battle. The Swirly Masked Man confronted Isabel stating  they needed to leave, and she needed to prepare for her next fight with Troy. She agreed and left, while Isabel fled with him. Kisame trapped Natsu in a water dome and managed to beat him. Zetsu met up with him, and they left with Natsu's body leaving Katy watching them barely alive. The Paths had gathered on Genosha intending to wipe out the Shadow X Men, while Namini used a time displacement field on Genosha preventing Yamairo from reaching his max potential. She began a massive attack on Genosha much to shock of Filipe, and Shiyo. Shawkun watched the battle pondering if she had help the heroes until Milo returns or watch.

Troy had found Katy's body and met up with William and some others revealing he couldn't find Natsu. William was killed, and Filipe and Harry died in a desperate attempt to stop the Deva Path. They even managed to bring down  Sandra who figured out the paths were just corpses with energy so she couldn't read their thoughts. Keeth in his Ghost Rider form was easily overpowering the Paths immune to their attacks until they jammed several transmitter blades into his chest killing him. The Shadow X Men continued their desperate battle against Namini, Alex had snapped entering the Savage Hulk state fighting all 6 paths at once. Shiyo explained the nature of Namini's paths to Kano and the others after they took down Alex and Riya. Kano began battling against all 6 paths, nearly suffering a fatal blow until Yamairo moved in taking the blow for him repaying his debt from the Soul Tournament. Kano unleashed a God Blast, but the Paths stopped his ultimate attack, and finished him off right as Milo arrived. Milo flared up with energy, and did battle with the paths to avenge his friends.

As the fight went on Milo murdered the Asura path and noted that Luke was still alive. Milo read his mind, and also Amber's mind who explained how Namini's magic operated in the paths.  Milo then snapped going on a rampage, overwhelming the paths with his vast powers. Namini used Deva Path to save herself, however he managed to kill all the other paths. Namini managed to stab Milo with several of the transmitter blades, revealing she murdered Samuel and his group. Milo destroyed the last path leading to Namini confronting him ready to fight to avenge the destruction of her family, and Shawkun appeared grabbing Namini. Shawkun revealed Samuel had given him his soul, and Namini tossed him aside. However the momentary distraction allowed him to transfer his soul into Milo who stated Namini's anger was justified and he needed to understand the situation.

Milo temporarily halted their battle making it so Namini could hear Samuel. Shawkun had gotten to safety on Genosha he'd only helped Milo fearing that Akatsuki would kill him after the Shadow X Men fell. Samuel revealed that the Masked Man had sent Ell to the village not the SXM, and Namini was being driven by vengeance. Samuel decided he needed to die tired of the revivals, leaving to the afterlife. Milo met up with Namini sparing her life wanting to follow his father's advice about not abusing their abilities, and she used a giant statue to revive the lives of everyone she killed. Everyone was confused many believing they had been dead, and Milo did his best to explain the situation. They revealed they needed to find Izoru, and Milo revealed he had rejoined the Akatsuki upsetting the others and they decided they needed Shari's help. Izoru met up with Zetsu, and Deidara stating he was worried about Elsa interfering with the mission to get the last dragon slayer.

Elsa walked through the mountains searching for Laxus, while Milo used his powers to help rebuild Genosha. Strade had met up with Zane, Michael, and Lucy wanting help from SHIELD and police against the Akatsuki. Shawkun awoke in a blank room with the choice written in blood of Yes or No for if he wanted to live or die. Elsa managed to track down Laxus, however Hidan and Kakuzu were already their. A Man appeared to Shawkun claiming he had a mission for him, and Milo felt bad about his father's death, and the rest of his group but know funeral arrangements would have to be for later. He transferred some of his energy to Namini who used up most of her life energy to revive the others, but wanted nothing more to do with her.

In the blank room Zulan in the guise of Samuel confronted Shawkun wanting him to revive three bodies his mother, Alice(Kathy's mother), and Blot. Shawkun agreed to do it as Zulan explained that their revivals were essential in saving the world, Milo instructed Holst to paint the future to see if they could predict any of Akatsuki's movements, while Filipe said they'd need Shari's help to deal with Akatsuki since the leader seemed to possess a Wheel Eye just like Izoru. Sandra brought Filipe to the village where he reached out to Shari, while Elsa and Natsu worked together to hold off their Akatsuk attackers. They explained Izoru and Namini's betrayal of the village, Shari and Miyo upset, but wanting to accompany the SXM to deal with the situation. Shari explained the legends regarding Madara, and the founders, believing the Akatsuki sought out the dragon slayers energies to restore Madara to full power.

Milo met up with the heroes at the village listening to the stories and wanted to stop Madara and the others at all cost blaming them for his father's death.  Elsa cut Hidan's off, and joined Laxus in the battle against Kakuzu, Laxus having mastered his Dragon Slayer abilities making him a bigger threat then the other inexperienced slayers. Hidan recovered using his ability to wound Elsa, but Laxus escaped. Milo brought the group back to the village, wanting to go after Madara despite the fact that he would be far more powerful then Namini. Milo was consumed by rage the more he thought about his father's death even pondering on allowing Madara to reach his full power wanting to crush him mentally, and physically.  Yamairo meanwhile had went to the future to see what Akatsuki was planning but came back revealing he hadn't found out anything major.

Sandra tried to reason him wanting to team to pretend they had a Dragon Slayer in captivity, while Filipe wanted to try to find out if any more slayers remained uncaptured. Shawkun finished reviving the three, and Zulan formed HD(Hideout) who's goal was to hide mutants from humanity, and in exchange for giving the soul reaper his father's soul he wanted him to support the Hideout. Sandra sent out a telepathic message to the remaining slayers, drawing Laxus out who went to the meeting place, while Milo kidnapped Shari intending to fake her death to draw her brother out. Madara came to get her telling Milo to stay out of his way as Rachel had been captured, on the beach Rachel was captured by Isabel.

Madara warned Milo to stay away from the meeting place, and Milo warned the others. Yamairo brought those who went to the meeting point back to Genosha, but James set up a psionic field around the area to detect the presence of those who entered. Laxus arrived only to be confronted by Kisame and Izoru, after a brief battle Izoru's wheel eye techniques allowed him to overpower the dragon slayer. James monitored the battle, Filipe pondering if they could even stop the Akatsuki. James tracked them down to their resting spot, and the team split up James staying on Genosha with some members, while some others went to confront the villains. Upon arriving they found a massive statue and spotted Laxus and Natsu getting drained of of their slayer energies. Filipe attempted to smash the statue, but a powerful force field protected it.

James explained via his telepathic connection that the statue was connected to the Akatsuki's energies, so if they defeated the members the field would fade allowing them to smash the statue. James tracked down their location based on which direction the fingers were pointing Milo, Chulance, Riya, Ledge, Sandra, Troy Katy, Luke,  Filipe, and Shari splitting up to face their opponents.  Filipe faced off against Sasori who had new puppets, Shari faced off against her brother, Isabel confronted Troy to seek her vengeance, Luke faced off against Kakuzu, Ledge came to confront Hidan,  Katy confronted Kisame, Chulance confronted Deidara, Riya against Zetsu, and Milo confronted Madara who revealed Rachel was trapped within the statue, and if he lasted against him until his power was restored he'd spare Rachel's life.

The various battles broke out against their opponents, Troy assuming plasma form to clash with Isabel, who used her influence over the atmosphere to affect him in a way to nerf the effectiveness of the form. Sasori's grandmother Chiyo joined Filipe in the battle wanting to aid him against his poisonous puppets. Sasori revealing his newest puppet was made with Catherine's body, Shari faced off against Izoru who revealed he aided Madara by killing their family, and clan, for the sake of testing out his new level of Wheel Eye he achieved by murdering his best friend. Isabel explained the nature of Troy's plasma, before utilizing her own power against his fire dome using his attack against him to finish him off. Katy proved useless against Kisame, as he proved highly resistant to her hydrokinetic abilities, as Katy tried and failed an attempt at melee, as Kisame drew the amount of water equivalent to that in a lake to continue the battle, while Filipe was barely able to maintain his organic ice against Sasori's poisions combined with Catherine's elmental manipulation. Luke did battle with Kakuzu who used a combination of threads and shockwaves to restrain and put him down despite his organic metal form.

Troy drew out his battle with Isabel having managed to survive her every effort to kill him, he decided to put all his power into one final fire dome to wipe out Isabel proclaiming that if this attack failed he'd die but revenge was not as satisfying as many imagined. Isabel fell to the ground in tears regretting the death of Troy and the right middle finger ring disappeared. Izoru overpowered Shari and intended to kill her to gain the EMS and then wipe out Madara before he could harness his full power and become unstoppable. Shari furious at his betrayal began clashing with their clan's powers. Shari managed to activate her own wheel eyes in the course of the battle to fight her brother on an even level.  Sasori managed to put down Chiyo's puppet, and Filipe offered to be used as a puppet despite the fact he might die to avenge Catherine's death. Chiyo agreed using her power to attach strings to him and let the battle resume.  Katy was desperate to find a way to harm Kisame who proved immune to her powers and also used his blade to drain energy from her with every successful slash.  While Luke utilized brute strength to tear through Kakuzu's threads and counter his various elemental attacks.  Ledge dealt with Hidan who had kidnapped Elsa and tied her up and used his power so that any injury dealt to him hurt her. Hidan quickly managed to consume Ledge's blood and began self inflicting injuries on himself to kill Ledge who only survived due to his ability of regeneration. Chulance engaged in battle with Deidara using his adaption power to survive his various clay creature explosions, while Filipe managed to destroy Sasori's iron sand puppet and began battle with Sasori who converted himself into a puppet as well.

Zetsu dealt with Riya using spores to drain her energy and easily won his fight. Katy used her powers to form a mist and snuck up on Kisame grabbing him and converting all the water in his body into an orb threatening to let the orb expand and kill him. Kisame was forced to fuse with his sword using his full power to free himself from Katy's attack and overwhelm her in combat. Milo used various powers to combat Madara which all proved useless as time was running out before Madara regained his full powers. Shari ran out of energy to support her wheel eyes and Shiyo intervened saving her from death and doing battle with Izoru. Filipe managed to defeat Sasori breaking his connection to the statue and Chiyo used her power to pour her life energy into Sasori to convert him back to human. Sasori gave Filipe the cure to the poision he'd put in his body and left giving up. Ledge used his claws on tree's in the area causing them to collapse on Hidan. He then tore through the branches and ripped Hidan's head off and tore his brain to pieces with his claws. While Deidara used a powerful attack to complety disintegrate Chulance. Chulance slowly regenerated and confronted Deidara who felt his art insulted and poured all his power into one final suicidal clay attack to kill them both.

Zetsu then left after defeating Riya to watch Izoru's fight breaking his connection to the statue while Filipe arrived at the Gezo statue with Chiyo uniting with James realizing they had 5 minutes before Madara regained his full power. Sandra teleported herself and Filipe to Katy's side. Luke threw a rock to distract Kakuzu and move in close to crush another one of his hearts, although with the last heart he used a massive fire attack engulfing them both. Natsu was drained of energy and Madara regained his full power. Filipe came to Filipe's aid freezing the lake forcing Kisame out of his fused state as he was unable to breath, and Filipe began assaulting him pissed about everyone they killed, while Sandra showed up to save Luke from getting killed by Kakuzu. Sandra tapped into the Phoenix force using matter manipulation to break Kakuzu up into pieces disintegrating him, and teleported herself and Luke back t James.

Chiyo managed to revive natsu from the dead by transfering more life energy and he joined Filipe in the battle against Kisame. Sandra retrieved Izoru on James order that he could help stop Madara. Sandra brought Izoru to stop Madara and he revealed his intentions to stop them and avenge their clan. Chiyo used her power to revive Laxus revealing she had 5 minutes left and contemplated how everyone Madara manipulated had their lives destroyed before he took them under his wing. Sasori found Isabel who regretted Troy's murder and found out Madara had regained his powers and would murder them and the SXM then continue his own agenda. James comforted Chiyo as she died now at peace about her grandson's fate, and Madara revealed now he had converted into pure energy and could be everywhere in an area simultaneously, localized omnipresence as Milo failed to do anything to him even with Peter's speed manipulation.

Ledge freed an awakened Elsa from her binding and caught her up on the situation. Elsa assumed her armor and flew off, while Natsu desperately did battle with Kisame unable to defeat him around his element. Elsa came to the statue and found out Kisame's location from James rushing, and James revealed he read her mind and that Natsu and Elsa were part of a guild of magic users and Kisame murdered them all except them. Milo began using IZoru's powers using amatesuro against Madara who mangaed to counter it. Milo, Sandra, and Izoru formulated a plan to stop Madara, but it failed and Madara managed to kill Izoru. Milo was desperate and began using various powers against Madara that all proved futile against the pure energy manipulator. Madara was amused that Milo didn't care about Izoru's death as he'd played a role in Samuel's death. Madara revealed for the past 90 years he'd manipulated members of the Akatsuki to join him destroying their lives and manipulating them in various ways to serve his purpouses. He bragged about how he framed Kakuzu for murder to drive him out of his village, gave Hidan a false religion to form him into a sociopath, murdered Deidara's friends to help him become a crazy bomber, murdered Sasori's parents to drive him into loneliness, made Kisame hate Dragon Slayers by convincng him they were the cause of his ugly mutation, burned a forest and blamed humanity to convert Zetsu to his side, used Izoru to murder his entire family, and the real kicker three years prior he used fire powers to murder Isabel's parents and lover and blame Isabel triggering their rivarly.

On the battlefield Kisame nearly drowned Natsu but Elsa rescued him and Natsu explained the nature of Kisame's powers. Sandra was disgusted with Madara and left to gather the others leaving Milo to fend off Madara alone. Sandra located Riya's unconscious body, as well as Shari and Shiyo whom Izoru who had rendered unconscious before leaving to make his desperate final stand against Madara. She returned their bodies to James's location, and Sandra confronted Isabel finding out Troy was dead. She picked upon his faint telepathic signal, and rescued him teleporting to safety. Isabel was enraged to find out Troy was still alive, and Sandra teleported everyone back to Genosha to go to William. Sandra then teleported herself and James to Sasori's location to talk to him. Isabel returned and Sandra revealed how Madara manipulated them all, Sasori was too tired to get angry about the situation but warned James to get Troy to fight or else he'd die. Isabel threatened to murder James unless Sandra brought a healed Troy for round 2. Milo did combat with Madara and used his powers to copy his transformation into energy but it was far more taxing on him then it was Madara. Madara then began using the dragon slayers essence's to have an edge against Milo, while he sent ice, fire, and metal to kill Sasori and Isabel.

The Dragon essence's had assumed human forms, while Troy showed up to let Isabel to kill him to end their rivarly. MEtal and Fire did battle with Sasori's remaining 10 puppets, while Isabel and Troy worked together against ice. Sandra went to Sasori's aid doing battle against fire, The Sand essence showed up to help Zetsu do battle. Madara summoned water and earth essence's to aid him in his battle against Milo, Chulance finished regenerating and was awakened by Ledge and they went to join the power against the essence's. Milo poured all his power into one final attack on Madara and reverted to a physical form while Madara managed to block it and began gathering fire while using the elementals to hold Milo down. Zetsu easily overwhelmed Filipe while Harry showed up to join the battle against the plant manipulator. Yamairo came to Isabel's aid against the Ice DS, while Peter saved Milo from being obliterated.

Madara used mystical flames to burn Peter, but Milo counter-acted them with his own ability. Namini appeared using her magic to break apart the Dragon Slayer essence's, and used a statue to heal Milo, and Peter. With the essence's defeated Isabel turned her rage to Troy and began trying to kill him, but Sandra stepped in to defend him. Isabel overwhelmed Sandra to crush her with air pressure, while an injured Yamairo rose again to hold off Isabel. Harry and Filipe joined the fight holding off her vairous attacks but unwilling to attack their friend. Sasori used some puppets to stab Chulance, and Ledge to poision so him and Isabel could escape. The battle raged on against Isabel as even Troy who was teleported to safety by Yamairo rejoined to aid his friends. Katy engaged in battle with Sasori to save her friends but was afflicted by his poison as well. Kano sensing the battle with Milo and began trying to pin-point their location. Milo had teleported himself, Madara, and Namini into an alternate dimension where they could all do use the full extent of otheir powers without hurting anyone.

Madara summoned his energy armor to block the attack, but the odin-force obliterated that attack. Milo then activated the wheel eye, and began using numerous powers to strengthen himself such as speed manipulation, energy, light, and managed to absorb Madara since he'd transformed himself into pure energy. Milo's body raged with energy before falling to the ground Madara finally gone. Using the rest of his power to teleport himself, Namini, and Kano back to the regular dimension. Namini revealed that Rachel was alive, and near the statue and Madara had been masking her. Milo was grateful her sister was alive and was surprised to learn from her that Filipe had feelings for his sister. Milo dropped Rachel and Peter off at the hospital, and was coming to terms with his father's death. Using the pinnacle of his powers he breached dimension barriers, and managed to enter Heaven to go see his father, and the rest of his deceased group that had been approved for paradise surprised to find Deidara, and Izoru, while the others had been too evil to make it to Heaven. Samuel was proud of Milo for forgiving Namini, and Izoru made a request to Milo to retrieve his eyes from his corpse and give them to his sister.

Katy extracted the poisoned blood from her system weakening herself, and Samuel informed Milo to help Isabel who was consumed by her rage. Milo then returned to earth and located Izoru's eyes storing them in an alternate dimension before seeking out the battle with Isabel, Milo warned Isabel not to harm Troy or face the consequences. Isabel fled the scene taking Sasori with her who gave up on his fight against Katy seeing as how Milo arrived. Milo healed all his friends wounds and returned them to Genosha before going home to sleep. William revealed to Namini that her friends Shari and Shoyu had been healed, Peter was dealing with the fact that all his team mates were dead. Shiyo woke and had a flash back during the final battle when Izoru trapped her in an illusion and revealed everything that transpired between them and Madara and how he was on their side along. He danced with her revealing he'd learned how too, and kissed her before convincing her to fake being defeated so he could go help stop Madara. Shiyo regretted listening to Izoru now that he was dead and wanted to go back to that illusion. Filipe found Rachel sitting alone on the beach thinking about Samuel's death but claiming she didn't care because he wasn't her biological father.

Sandra found Abigail and reflected on the recent tragedies that happened with Isabel abandoning the team, and Samuel's team's death. Peter ran up on Simon asking him if he wanted to join him on a trip to Genosha. Peter wanted to join the SXM but they way they operated was too soft for his liking. He revealed Strade, Shawkun, and Wave where alive the latter of which was in a coma that James had awakened him from. Troy also sat with Katy on the beach who was sad about Joe's death, and reflected on if he ever really loved her or if their time together was him faking. Ezekiel was alone thinking about how Rail, Kathy, and the Silver Surfer were still missing, but Chulance and Ledge promised to help him find the missing team members. Harry told James about an idea he had and moving at vast speeds went to collect Filipe. Milo upon waking up decided to spend his time with his girlfriend Kairi, Maski, and Kujon. Harry revealed his idea for them to put on a concert to forget about eveyrthing going on, and went to get Simon and Peter as well. Namini agreed to help as James pushed the information on how to play musical instruments into their heads. Simon opted to put together the stage, and Harry left to find Nate to get access to his musical instruments. Carl was hanging out with Cloy investigating a mysterious message that had been targeting several television station's and radio's.

Namini used her magic to teleport the whole team, and those involved in the recent battle including Shiyo and Shari to the stage for a music concert. The concert was great and allowed the members of the team to ease their minds briefly. After-wards members of the team went for drinks, before hitting the sheets. The next day eveyone was gathered for the funeral and Milo spoke about his father, and his group and how they had to go forward from there. Shiyo and Shari had returned to the village with Izoru's body. The team reflected on all the times they had with Samuel and his team good and bad, but the threat of Madara had been put to rest, allowing the heroes to rest knowing the world was safe for the moment.


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The Invasion

A couple of days after the Funeral a strange message had been going to several Electronic Devices such as Tv's, and Radio's. Cloy translated the message into English and met up with Carl. He revealed that an alien race wanted them to hand over the Phoenix, or they would invade the planet, giving them three days, and since 70 hours were left, they only had 2 left. Carl decided to head to Genosha to warn the SXM, who were currently having a pool party, Ezekiel, Ledge, Milo, Nate, and many others relaxing. Katy used her ability to turn the pool into a wave pool, while Troy refused to get in the water. Carl arrived revealing they had only an hour, and 15 minutes left, delivering the message, Milo using his Telepathic abilities to deliver the message to the rest of the team.

Dave and Sandra were the first to arrive, and were instantly interrogated, she told them how when she went into space, she realeased her full power lost control, and made enemies with several alien species. Milo wanted to restore the species planet, and homeworld. The only other two options being that Sandra gave herself up, or they fought against the invaders. Milo let Leah replicate his Molecular Manipulation, then left to continue his plan to develop peace. The team decided they should defend Major cities such as DC, while Carl went to speak to the President. They decided to split up to DC, NY, LA, Chicago, Tokyo, Moscow,Madris, Paris, London, and Berlin. They also thought about Texas, Miami, and some other locations.

Milo instructed Rachel, and Holst to paint, Harry taking Holst to his apartment to paint in peace. They divided them-selves into groups, while Harry, and Filipe ran off to speak to Namini, they returned having confirmed her assistance. A ship showed up at one of the major cities, a countdown started. Milo attacked the ship unable to penetrate it's shields, he teleported everyone to safety, as the ship decimated a city block. Troy, Katy, and others began trying to penetrate the Ship's shields. Namini along with the paths, and Shari defended LA, while Harry was unable to use Solar Flare without Isabel around. Kano arrived planning to repair the atmosphere if necessary, and Harry unleashed a massive Solar Flare.

Zach a high school student was headed back to his apartment with his drum teacher Kelly, when one of his fellow students spotted the Predator' s space ship. Jorgan, and Sindus met up with the President, while Jorgan went out to help deal with the Predators in his cyber Goblin gear. Zach went into hiding, while Dale changed into costume, going down to see what was causing all the commotion. Yamairo evacuated LA, while Smaller Ships were released from the big ship, which unleashed attacks on the SXM, although their shields were worker then the larger ships. Milo generated an army of fifty clones to defend DC, while Alex unleashed his Savage Hulk form. Zane, and SHIELD agents came to assist Jorgan in DC, while Aaron, Gary, and Stew came to help Namini.

Zach's Probability Field activated, as all of the Predator's attacks missed him, while Harry, and Filipe spotted him, Harry going over to get his help. Peter came down to DC, slowing down the ships to allow Jorgan, and SHIELD to combat them more effectively. Zach made his way inside the field, his PB causing all beams to miss the building. Alex began enduring another transformation, as Peter began easily decimating Predator ships. Alex transformed into Guilt Hulk, assisting the Predators on the attack against the others. Ledge, and Dale teamed up manging to hijack one of the Predator's smaller vessels, Harry began coaching Zach on how to use his ability, unleashing a Solar Flare to decimate ships to give them more time for Zach's training, while Riya worked on reappearing the atmosphere. Zach now in control used all his energy getting Harry's Solar Flare to destroy the large ship's shields.

Filipe immobilized Alex, who reverted back to his regular Hulk state. Filipe then grew to massive sizes, and damaged the vessel even more, the others helping him take down the spaceship. Zach fainted from overuse of his abilities, and Peter used the Lazy Punch to destroy the Predator vessel in D.C. Gary overworked himself in L.A to wipe out the Predator Vessel, and also fainted along with Kano in D.C who'd used a massive attack to aid Filipe's onslaught. A new massive shape came blocking out the Sun revealing they'd only dealt with battle ships, and this was the mother Ship, and destroying it was a risk as it's gravitational force colliding with earth's could eradicate the planet. The mother ship unleashed an attack with Sandra teleporting everyone to safety, and legions of Battle Ships moved out to continue there attack on earth. They made a plan to bring down the mother Ship involving stealing some of the Battle ships in order to penetrate the mother, and remove it's power core.

They set up a plan involving decoys, and a full force attack as a distraction. Zach came too ecstatic to be part of the Shadow X Men. The SXM moved out guns blazing against the Predator's legions of Battle Ships. Aaron and Nate initiates the plan getting the attention of two battle ships, and leading it to an enclosed space. Both were taken down, but Sandra and Riya moved in to save them. Aaron then fainted his armor converitng into a Brief Case, and Alex, William, and Dave came, where the Shinigami Doctor learned that Aaaron had been infected by something he could not heal without causing irreversible damage. Sandra brought them to his lab in L.A where they met up with his butler Alfred, who told them how much he respected the SXM, and he injected Aaron with the Extremis formula realizing there was no other choice. The Swarm was starting to overwhelm the SXM, as Yamairo teleported several of the ships inside including one to the Skrulls home planet, and angered they merely destroyed the ship and mvoed on with there lives.

Dimtiri operated on the two stolen ships, and with Milo's Intuitive Aptitude he managed to create a third. They put together a Six man team of Milo, Harry, Sandra, Zach, Kano, and Filipe to lead the assault on the mother Ship, and use an illusion to disguise them selves as Predators. Harry erected a Photon Shield around the group, and they began the search for the core. Making there way through the armory they learned the Predators had Thermal Sensors, and Filipe used a technique of his to suppress there body heat to allow them to remain undetected. They reverted there temperature to normal after moving out of the armory, this proved futile as the Predators them selves were equipped with thermal sensors, another fight almost broke out but Filipe encased them in ice, and lowered there body heat once more. Harry decided to split from the rest of the group, and provide a distraction so the other group could search for the core undisturbed.

The group agreed, and Milo put up a second Photon Shield for the group. Sandra tried to destroy the core but walked into a trap, as the core tried to absorb the powers of the Phoenix from her which would give them enough power to decimate entire galaxies.  Milo along with the others launched a barrage of attacks on the core to destroy it before Sandra was depleted of her energies. Sandra escaped the machine aiding the combined assault in destroying the core,  as debris filled the area Milo healed everyone injured. Harry busted a hole in the ship, however the ship's main shield began to re-activate. Sandra retrieved Harry, and learned the Predators had a back up power source, and they were intending to use there ultimate weapon to wipe out earth, and Sandra wanted them to use the battle ships to assault the super weapon the moment it was unleashed from the ship. Zach used his own ability to increase the potency of the battle ship's attacks on the super weapon.

Sandra realized the Predators were using the portals to transverse through time and space quickly, and intended to drag the mother ship into one of there own portals, telling Milo and the others to handle the swarms of Battle Ships attacking earth. The rest of the SXM came to join the battle using Tyrant's ship now resized to join the battle against the battle ships. Riya set up a massive temporary atmosphere allowing the SXM to battle the Predators without restraint. Sandra using Telepathy learned how to operate the ship, and used the portal she dragged the ship into to bring it into a massive sun far larger then the earth's own sun. As the ship was pulled into the super sun's gravitational pull, she teleported to safety in space watching the predators demise.  In the battle in space Aaron, Gary, Stewart, Shari, and the six paths aided the SXM. Gary broke the moon in half, and used both halves to crush the remaining Predator Forces, before putting the moon back together.

The heroes returned to earth, where some of the members wanted a celebration party. Aaron ran off with Gary and Stewart now in control of Extremis, and returned the ship to Milo. The heroes on Genosha began to party, and Dave went off in search of Sandra. During the midst of the party another bluish portal appeared, the heroes thought the Predators had returned but it was Sandra who returned revealing she'd learned how to use the Predators Stargate portals.  Dave had a happy reunion with Sandra, and the celebration resumed the world saved again.

End Invasion


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The Phoenix Alliance
Two weeks had passed since the Predators Invasion had been fought off by the SXM, and the search for the missing SXM members Kathy, and Rail had resumed. Milo was working with Keeth in Canada searching when he received a text message from an anomyous source warning him to locate Kira in seven days or his friends would perish. Milo got Yamairo, Filipe, Troy, and Katy together at the SXM mansion wanting them to help him track down Kira. Sancho continued to kill glad that he'd wiped out the majority of the Hell Fire Cult with his powers, and was continuing the war against crime. The Team discussed a plan to go after Kira, admitting they hadn't been trying to capture him due to his impact on crime.

They contacted Dimitri to get his assistance, while Near had gathered the KTF(Kira Task Force) like Sancho getting names from the anime Death Note. He hoped to out the others searching for Kira, while SXM members split up to search Keeth, and Katy in NYC. Dave and Sandra went on a movie date, Yamairo told the team about Sancho before they split up remembering him from when Jason took over D.C. Troy suggested they go after Jason to see what he know, while Yamairo went to Aaron. Lex contacted the President explaining how successful the Omega Machine Prison was going with support from Cyber, and Aaron, at the movies a Japanese man appeared out of nowhere where Dave was sitting alarming Sandra. Dimitri met up with Aaron wanting to help them track down Near, as Aaron explained the KTF had connections to Sindus which was bad for them.

The Japanese man revealed to Sandra that Dave was fine but she'd never see him again before leaving the theater. Dimitri tracked down the computer Near used to contact Aaron giving them the location allowing Milo to send him home. He told Yamairo to investigate, James meanwhile told Filipe that Jason was a prisoner at Lex's prison MHF(Mutant Holding Facility.) Filipe, and Troy headed to the prison meeting up with Jason, while Katy and Keeth split up to cover more ground. Shakat a dust manipulator with a grudge against Milo and Kathy attacked a police station, and confronted Katy asking where they were. Dale joined the fight using water for a fire hydrant to weaken the dust manipulator, he assaulted him as well blaming the heroes for being in prison six months. Yamairo returned to the group revealing Near had abandoned that location, and Aaron had retrieved Stewart and Gary. They understood they'd met Sancho before, but Zulan was hiding him, and only Milo & Namini had enough power to fight him.

Milo met up with Aaron to understood the situation revealing that Surfer who had been searching for the missing SXM had gone missing as well, and that their opponent was very powerful. Shakat escaped into the sewers as Dale asked what was going on while Lex allowed Filipe and Troy to go see Jason. They saw he was injured, and ranting incoherently questioning if Lex was abusing the prisoners, but he claimed he'd been fine until yesterday when he screamed "Devon". Sandra contacted the others about how Dave was missing, while Stewart put his plan into operation eliminating the world's various criminal databases, while storing a saved company on his super computer and making his actions untraceable Near was upset connecting the situation to Aaron who had tried to get involved with KTF, and went to contact him.

As Near went to speak to him, Stewart hacked into the conversation posing as L, another alias from Death Note, revealing what he'd done with the criminal database, and told Near to blame him for the situation. He explained his plan for a criminal on death row to pose as him and declare war against the killer, Near telling Rester, and Gevanni to go along with the plan. A man named Ivan stopped time kidnapping Alisa and Anna who were William, as he resumed time William in panic went to warn James about the girls vanishing. Lex allowed Filipe and Troy to take Jason with them so James could repair his mental condition, and upon bringing him back James was unable to mend his mental condition or read his mind. When he attempted to Jason merely cried out to Devon again, and when Sandra returned from the theater James asked for her help to fix Jason.

Sandra proved unable, and when William revealed the kidnapping, James ordered the team to come together, having Sandra bring everyone together including Milo and Yamairo. Milo accidentally burned Yamairo with radiation, the samurai noting that Milo hadn't lost control of his power since they had first met. A message appeared out of thin air as the team gathered stating they had 6 more days to find Kira, or their captured friends would perish. Milo instructed the team to let Aaron and Stewart handle Kira, and keep up fighting crime. Sandra was upset telling Troy, and some others that she refused to stand by while Dave and others were in trouble. She gathered the Phoenix Force, and left to begin her own search, the next day none had heard back from Sandra. Riya and  Keeth overheard Katy talking about how Sandra could stir up trouble or get captured. Riya thought they should warn Milo about Sandra, but Keeth convinced her to keep that information on the team.

Near went through with Stewart's plan to draw Kira out using a criminal named Walter connected to a food poisoning serial killer case. Posing as L to draw out Kira failed, as Sancho proved to have a clear head, Zulan advising him. Two Hours later Milo went to speak to Aaron explaining the plan had failed, and Yamairo explained he could stop time across the world for 30 minutes allowing Milo, Harry, and Peter to search the world at light speed. Aaron realized they were desperate and contacted Zane to get SHIELD's approval of the plan, while Stewart got in contact with Near to discuss the effectiveness of their search plan. Near reluctantly agreed, but wanted to meet Stewart in person stating they could both bring necessary protection. Jorgan met with the head of DHS Mark to discuss a plan to deal with Sancho, while Zane told Aaron how insane the plan was with the mutant rights bill just being approved, but contacted the President to see if he could get the organization's support.

Milo decided to see if he could get Ganta's help as well, stating with his aid they'd be able to search land and sea. Ganta agreed so they'd owe him a favor, and Stewart convinced Near to request the SXM's help. He contacted them via the hot line, giving them permission to use more aggressive means to pursue Kira. Milo brought Ganta to meet up with Yamairo to explain their search plan, Milo teleported Peter to them to explain the plan. Peter gave Ganta super speed, then Milo supercharged the group present, and Yamairo strained to stop time completely stating they had 5 minutes, Milo and Ganta searching the oceans, while Peter and Harry searched the continents. Milo and Ganta found an underground facility in the ocean,  allowing Yamairo to let time resume. William healed the damage from straining himself, and after James pin-pointed their location he sent Yamairo, Troy, and Katy to aid.

Sandra had come to Japan searching for the man who kidnapped Dave, when Katy tried to call her earlier she had merely blocked her phone. She began kidnapping people every hour that Dave wasn't returned, and got into a fight with the Japanese authorities.  Inside the facility the Principle I commanded the mutants to attack, causing the SXM to engage in battle against the mutants hiding out in the facility including Jack, the mutant Zulan framed for an attack on D.C.  Harry used the light mirror to bring in more reinforcements bringing in  Simon, Kairi, Keel , Ezekiel, Filipe, and Tanya. Troy took on Jack, and realized if he combined his powers with Katy they could win, so working together they overpowered the nature man.

They also ran into another mutant one who'd been hunted by Jack, Angie Ezekiel and Kairi double teaming her, while Milo faced off against Principle I who had extremely powerful Telekenesis. Suddenly the same Japanese man who kidnapped Dave appeared making everyone in the Hideout vanish, including Principle I, Ganta realizing the magnitude  of power their new enemies had asked to be removed from the mission. Milo removed him to Atlantis, and took everyone back to the mansion where they found James bleeding, and saw Genosha had been decimated in a massive battle. As Milo healed James, his body was overwhelmed with radiation, and to prevent a nuclear explosion he teleported away.

Harry went to search Genosha to help round  up he injured but quickly found out William was gone, so they couldn't heal anyone. Keel, and Kairi went to check to storage unit to see if they still had their weapons,  The Situation in grew worse in Japan as Sanra kidnapped an important authority figure, while Near contacted Lex for help. He went to Metallic's cell offering him freedom from prison, explaining he'd put a team together to deal with Sandra, and he'd led them. He revealed Nina, Tesla, Jim, Jin, Manda,  and Mikey were to serve under him on the team. Lex had them take an elevator to meet the pilot, while Nina caused arguments with her beliefs that she was a vampire. A Pilot flew them to Japan, where they began an attack in the ensuing chaos, Near collaborated with SHIELD to evacuate as many citizens as possible from Tokyo.

Kairi had gathered the group searching for Milo and the other members using satellite, upset that her boyfriend was gone. She made tea for the group, as they turned on the news seeing the situation in Tokyo. Yamairo still drained from the fight sent Simon, Tanya, and Keel to stop the villains. They proved ineffective against them, with Keel being taken down first by Mikey and Jim. Wave came to stop the villains, while SHIELD used flash grenades and smoke screens across the city to speed up the evacaution process. Yamairo arrived with Kairi revealing they sent SXM to make the fight look realistic, explaining they respected Lex's command that they earned their freedom. Manda was getting nervous as she detected Sandra's presence, while Quelter confronted Sandra.  Quelter played on her rising anger, and she confronted the SXM and the Villains stating none would take Dave from her.

She snapped attacking everyone, Yamairo evacuating the heroes leaving the villains at the Phoenix's mercy. Yamairo dwelled on how hopeless the situation was, revealing that from an earlier convo with James he learned Kano had vanished as well.  Ezekiel pondered on if they should kill Sandra, while Filipe went to Namini's village to find her. He met up with Shari learning Namini was gone making herself hidden while she trained, and he ended up falling asleep. Harry went to confront Sandra to buy the villains time to escape, warning her about the Dark Phoenix. The Next morning the group was desperate as they had a mere 5 days to find Kira before their friends suffered a horrible fate, while Quelter met up with the Devon, the same one whom Jason muttered about.  Quelter called Sandra with Dave's cell phone, revealing he found it near Sindus's mansion, revealing he was connected to Dave's disappearance.

Sandra left to Sindus's estate bursting into his mansion to confront him,  while Near and his crew had evacuated Tokyo with help from one of their members Lidner, an expert and former soldier. Near was in hiding having left to Paris, contacting Near, who wanted to meet up with the  KTF in LA, so they could pool their resources together in person. The News reported the chaos the SXM had reportedly caused in Japan, Near fetched their anti mugen gun, and stated they had no choice but to meet up with the mysterious L.  Yamairo, Harry, Filipe, Ezekiel, Leah, Troy, and Katy went to Sindus's place, they went to stop her Leah using invisibility to stay hidden having replicated the ability from Fawkes.

Harry began pummeling Sandra at light speed not giving her a chance to react, while Quelter contacted Filipe with his cell phone revealing his family had been kidnapped, and he had 10 hours to bring Sandra to the main gym in the SXM mansion or risk his family dying. Filipe snapped pushing his powers using Ice Flower Funeral to immobilize her to the point that not even her cosmic pryokinesis could help her escape. Filipe nearly fainted from pushing his powers to such a high level, James explained Filipe made the area around Sandra so cold it negated any electron movement, stating he'd made her colder then absolute zero. Yamairo brought the group back to the gym except James who stayed to explain the situation to Sindus. Suddenly all the SXM in the area fell asleep as Quelter and Ivan arrived taking Sandra's body with them. Near met up with Gary who expanded the ground making a tunnel to lead him to Stewart, giving him anti telepathic helmtes.

Near was impressed pondering if he was being led into a trap, but he'd given the KTF advice and a plan to barricade LA, and come full force if he died. Nate found the SXM that had fallen asleep, while Sindus called a taxi for James to get him away from his estate. Ivan took Sandra into an area composed of pure eternal expanding white color, and awoke her revealing they needed her to tap into the Dark Phoenix for the Reshapment plan. He tormented her with illusions of her family and Dave getting torn apart, as she dug deeper into the powers of the Phoenix he struggled to keep the illusion up. The Japanese man came taking Ivan to safety as Milo came also under the influence of the Dark Phoenix happy that Sandra had awoken, and had brought the other Phoenix hosts in the world.

In the rubble from the battle against the Phoenix in Japan the villains regrouped Mikey staying in his rock form just in case Sandra returned. Manda helped pull the team together many who were hiding in the rubble, explaining Sandra was far away now, and they could escape now that they were free. Milo gathered the Akatsuki including Isabel ,and with DP Sandra led an attack on Genosha, Namini appearing revealing not only was the Dark Phoenix influencing Milo but Madara as well, whom was alive in side him as pure energy. Namini explained that because of this unholy union Milo also had complete control over Madara's powers including the eternal kaleidoscope meaning he could become pure energy. Sasori was immune to Milo's iron control which he used on the others, but stated they'd follow him regardless if the were against the SXM, but stated he couldn't let Milo kill any elemental users for non disclosed reasons.

Filipe stated since Milo was an enemy now, Nate was the leader of the team again. Kisame, Zetsu, Isabel, and Sasori upon release from the control aided Milo regardless, battling the SXM who were vastly outmatched with many of their members missing. Namini struggled to hold off Milo using the black blades to immobilize him. Not wanting to risk anything anymore he used the eternal kaleidoscope and Namini began struggling to counter act his attacks with omnidirectional gravity techniques. Milo struggled for control against Madara to prevent a localized omnipresent nuclear explosion, managing to send away Isabel and the Akatsuki, as well as himself. Harry had damaged the atmosphere with a solar flare calling for Riya to fix it, but Ivan appeared having kidnapped her as well, and Namini used her magic to mend the atmosphere.

Yamairo was at a loss as these new villains had come out of nowhere, and knew all of their weaknesses, and separated them. They team discussed recruiting Metallic's gang, and also Darkness. Harry didn't want to work with Jet, but Namini ignored him leaving to go get Jet trying to convince him they needed his help to stop the corrupt Milo and Sandra. Yamairo along with some of the other SXM confronted the villains proposing an alliance against the new emerging threat, Metallic stating they left them to fend from themselves early. Manda reluctantly pointed out they'd need to work together to survive against the new threat if it had control over Milo and Sandra. Dimitri sent out a text for help, as Filipe was getting his family to safety in the SXM mansion. Filipe, Harry, and some others came finding Quelter who'd murdered everyone in Velon's alliance and had a knife to Dimitri's neck.

Namini and Harry tried to stop him after he made Yamairo's powers vanish, and as Harry tried to stop Quelter, Lezune his brother came in using his power to paralyze them. Dimitri was under  Lezune's control, and several mutants under their control surrounded them. The SXM revealed they'd given the PA Sancho, and Quelter turned on the news revealing they'd use Kira to kill several criminals including ones who'd served their sentence. Velon was sent away, while Kano and several Asgardians led an attack against the mansion. As the battle was under way Alex became Savage Hulk duking it out Kano in one on combat, while Namini and the SXM struggled to deal with the Asgardians and mutant onslaught. Nate and a few of the weaker members had stayed behind at the mansion as the last line of defense if Yamairo and the rest were slaughtered.

Near spoke with Stewart about understanding Zulan's motivates, stating it was behind pure evil as Kira targeted criminals only. Lex was with Sindus, Jorgan and some others at the White house at a meeting, when all the Secret Service agents were killed and Quelter and Lezune appeared to confront them having left Velon's mansion, the magnetic master being held captive by Devon. James sent Peter, Wave, and Simon as back up to aid the battle in Velon's mansion, and with their aid they overpowered Kano however they accidentally killed him, seeing as how him and the other Asgardians attacked had come down with Warrior's madness.  They managed to immobolize the rest of the attackers with Filipe's ice funeral, and Near wanted to speak with Wave the last surviving member of the Agency to get information on Zulan. With the fight over Wave went to Aaron's mansion to meet up with Near, while Quelter and Lezune held Lex and others at the meeting at gun point until 100 million dollars were shipped to them.

They spared the lives of the President, Jorgan, and others at the meeting, before teleporting them with the aid of the mysterious Japanese Man to a mysterious place. There Quelter explained they were the Phoenix Alliance and they intended to use the power of the Phoenix to wipe out the universe, and create it with control of Phoenix to become invisible, and force an illusion of peace and harmony upon the new world. As the SXM returned to Genosha they saw the PA had launched yet another assault Nate injured but had managed to save Leah, he told Harry to go find Zach as they would need his help. Harry left to do so, while the team went to search for survivors bringing Metallic's crew and Jet with them, Filipe finding Rachel. He was determined to save Milo for her sake, and Troy told him that Future Filipe told him to "Go for it." Filipe understood the message, and the team gathered together. Devon gathered the PA including the mysterious Japanese kidnapper, as Milo struggled against Madara and the Dark Phoenix.

Namini sensed that Madara was only 1/3 within Milo, and gathered the team together for  a counter attack. They explained the situation to Zach who was fearful, and Nina only served to contribute to his growing paranoia about the situation. Wave snapped at Aaron and them attacking, but Stewart and Gary took care of him realizing the PA had gotten to him too. Keeth decided to help revealing he was still the Ghost Rider,  while Milo, Sandra, and the other Dark Phoenix Hosts led an attack on a major city. Yamairo, Namini, and Peter took on Milo combining their abilities for more effective attacks, while Harry, Jet, and Filipe took on Sandra, leaving the rest of the scrambled team to face the remaining hosts. Zach used his powers to help while Alex joined the fight as well, and Keeth entered the Ghost Rider form joining the fight against Milo as he had them on the run.

However with Sandra frozen, they all diverted there attention to Milo who managed to hold them all off at the same time with his superior powers.  However they began to overwhelm him until Sandra regenerated rejoining the fight, while James used his powers to enhance Manda's so track down the Phoenix Alliance. Manda found out their location, but not exact co-ordinates which proved useless to Aaron. However Manda detected Amber's return, and met up with Aaron, Stewart, Gary, and Near getting information from Manda she teleported them ,and the SXM not fighting the Phoenix Hosts into the dimension where the PA was, Kairi, and Kujon realizing the mysterious Japanese man was their brother Machi.

Amber subdued Quelter and Ivan stating they would feel the wrath of her for endangering the universe. Machi easily took down his sister Kairi revealing since he created the pocket dimension he had complete control, and took on Kujon who summoned the Elder Wand from Harry Potter to continue their battle brother vs brother. Lezune used his power to call Kira's army including Jack, Angie, Zulan, Shawkun, and the Hideout mutants sending them to battle Amber and the team. Kujon meanwhile got Cyborg's battle armor from Teen Titans clashing with Machi, James revealed he could manipulate the dimension being a telepath joing the battle, while Stewart tried to use telepathy on Lezune and Quelter. They proved immune having telepathic barriers and Devon appeared stating with Machi being the inside man for the SXM, and the PA having the specific abilities needed for their mission they were unstoppable, as Splitter(Leo) joined the fight with his psionic drills the "Strong man" of the Phoenix Alliance.

Milo attempted to end his own battle by stripping Namini of her experience, but she recovered, Milo intending to finish her off with powers instead of magic using the time dilation field to eliminate her and the others. Amber took on Zulan and Shawkun by herself testing her new and improved magics against them,  As both of the villains began drawing on the power of the Ghost Rider, Amber pinned them down wtih holy magic as Ivan approached her stating he could save their friends. Near pondered how Kira got involved, stating mere control couldn't affect Zulan and Shawkun, which led Stewart to understand Lezune's ability.  Devon confronted the heroes causing them to ponder why he looked similar to Nate Grey, and where the original X Men where.  James meanwhile managed to immobilize Machi, and Kujon summoned a green lantern ring, and with a powerful blast ended his brother's life.

Lezune commanded Near and Stewart to shoot themselves, Quelter providing guns. Stewart took the air away from Lezune, but they both fired shots at each other. Aaron intervened saving both, and questioned Devon about the original X Men. James tried to comfort Kujon as he broke down into tears, while Devon explained to Aaron that the Hunters killed the original heroes. Kujon went over to Kairi both of the siblings crying together.  Devon explained their belief in the power nemesis, and how they gained powers similar to Zulan. He explained they intended to use the Phoeniz's powers to end them, and Sancho was their back up plan intending to use him as a cosmic war machine to eliminate surviving Hunters in the new world. Milo meanwhile stopped fighting falling to the ground ranting about the Second Coming, while  Aaron realized the Phoenix Alliance's motivation, and told Devon if he handed over those captured they could be forgiven.

Ivan took Amber inside his mind revealing she was victim to his ability,  Devon had an emotional break down no longer wanting to fight. He explained Charles Xavier's dying wish was to stop the Hunters, and he failed him, and stated he committed mass murder among other crimes for the PA's plan to recreate the universe. He stated  they had no way of stopping the Hunters, Ivan meanwhile interrogated Surfer who recovered his memories from the First Hunters war. Yamairo tried to calm Milo down as he understood he was the Hunter's secret weapon hence his ability to assimilate powers from others and showed him visions of the Hunter's perfect future of the extermination of mutants. Ivan confronted Amber who promised they could stop the Hunters, Ivan wasn't convinced but Devon said their mission was over. Ivan freed everyone captured, and Devon returned everyone to their rightful dimension.

The Phoenix Alliance had vanished without a trace as well as Zulan, Shawkun, and the Hideout. They had left Sancho, and Near decided to share the credit with Aaron and Stewart for his capture. Dave was reunited with Sandra embracing her, while Milo cried himself to sleep Yamairo returning him to Genosha.  Zane contacted Jorgan upset about the prison break from MHF, and revealed Cyber was aiding with re capturing the prisoners.  Aaron had Sancho placed in police custody, and shipped to MHF for a long sentence for crimes against humanity. Jet abandoned the group promising to return to face Harry another day, while Dave comforted Sandra taking her back to their place on Genosha. Sindus was confronted by his brother the Bearded Men who revealed he was connected to the power nemesis. and Sindus revealed every project he did from Legacy to the Civil War was to keep him hidden. Metallic's group now free fled to an apartment complex to start new lives in New York, while Milo, William, and Ledge restored Kano to life, and the other Asgardians returning them to Asgard.

Milo had a tearful reunion with Kairi who was affected by Machi's death, and revealed she was leaving earth with Surfer to complete Machi's mission to find a way to stop the Hunters. They both left their relationship over, and Milo more depressed then ever realizing the future with Kairi was no more.  Zeus met with Poseidon on Mount Olympus stating the Asgardians had caused too much trouble among the mortals, and intended to have a council of the Twelve Olympians on how to deal with Asgard once and for all.  The Titan Lord Kronos was seen in space upset that the Phoenix Alliance had failed, having intended to use them to become master of the new world, and also had helped William spread Warrior's Madness to the Asgardians. He left into space to obtain the Time gem intending to use it to restore the Titans to full power, and conquer the universe.

End Phoenix Alliance Arc


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The Smell of Brimstone
Dave tried to comfort Sandra over her actions as the Dark Phoenix, blaming the Phoenix Alliance for manipulating her and unleashing her darker psyche. Troy and Katy discussing how they were happy to get some peace with the PA defeated,  Fawkes, William, Yamairo, and Milo gathered intending to tell the rest of the team about the threat the Hunters posed. Fawkes agreed but decided they should split the team into different squads lead by co leaders. Amber met with Namini stating next time Sandra went out of control like that she'd have to kill her. The remaining Akatsuki came together having now confirmed Madara was still alive, and they planned to execute their plan. The remaining Espada had also gathered, Urukiora telling Ely that with the information about the Hunters he understood Newgate's motivations, and explained they had to revive him.

The SXM was informed of the divisions and squad Filipe, and Anna both surprised they'd been chosen as leaders,  Fawkes telling Anna he'd train her to use her powers for more stealth tactics. Troy was proud he'd been picked, intending to whip Shin, Tanya, and Abigail into shape, while Yamairo instructed the leaders to develop closer bonds with the members of their squad. Yamairo intended to give Zach and Riya personalized training Zach so he could learn to fight, and Riya to learn to gain complete control over the She Hulk state. Fawkes told the stealth squad how he was grooming Anna to be the leader, and their goal was survival not to save one another. In the middle of the ocean far from Genosha a mutant with a demonic appearance appeared on a ship scaring all the sailors aboard and threatened to strip them of their souls. The mutant revealed to be joking, however it didn't stop him and the rest of his crew from robbing the sailors of their belongings.

Fawkes was grooming his team explaining how a stealth team worked, and how any mistake could lead to death. He went on to say they all had to control themselve's especially Harry, and Leah's usefulness came in the fact that she could replicate enemy abilities to use against them or further analyze them back on Genosha.  Filipe continued to doubt himself as a capable leader but Kathy supported him claiming that if it wasn't for him the team would have been torn apart during the Civil War.  A week and a half later Leah and Rail were discussing they training they went through with Fawkes, while Rachel went to talk to Milo to persuade him to let her go on a trip with Filipe. Milo was still dealing with his depression from finding out he was the hunters secret war, and the role he played in his friend's suffering. Milo contacted James to reason with Rachel but James sided with his sister claiming Filipe deserved a break. Milo continued to sulk thinking about his past love interests Lucy and Kairi both of whom had left his life, as well as the fact that Madara was still living inside of him.

Harry, Anna, Alisa, and James burst in trying to get Milo to go to a celtic punk concert. James convinced him that he could take care of the team with Yamairo's help. Milo reluctantly agreed to go, while Rachel pleaded with Filipe to go with her on the cruise ship to the carribean. He agreed on the terms that they gave the other two tickets to Troy and Katy. Rachel approached Katy with the tickets convincing them to go, and Troy who had been training with his team gave them the rest of the day off.  Later that night halfway through the concert an extremely drunk irish woman got into a fight with some thugs at the concert demonstrating excellent hand to hand skills as well as the ability to manipulate air. Troy and Katy were just happy to be able to relax, and went to get a bite to eat inviting Filipe and Rachel. Rachel declined for the both of them claiming she needed his help to "unpack". She ended up leading him to an empty part of the cruise and confronting him on why he didn't like her. She pondered on whether or not it was because of her mommy issues claiming she didn't hate Angel only the fact that she manipulated their family's lives under the guise that it was the "right thing". She ended up kissing Filipe while he argued and he gave in returning the favor.  At the concert Anna tried to calm down the elemental mutant but was ready to fight her self after being blasted with air. The thugs from early intended to blind side her, but Milo intervened blitzing them at super speed, tying them up with rope, and converting said rope to metal to immobilize them until authorities came.

He resorted to using telepathy to put the girl to sleep, and took them all back to Genosha. Milo opted to be on guard duty and watch the girl until she woke up so she wouldn't cause any damage. He altered his physiology to prevent him from needing sleep and transported Marie to a guest room on Genosha, while Harry and Alisa cracked jokes about Milo's intentions Anna snapped on them claiming Milo was depressed and felt bad to see her usually happy friend like this. The next morning the drunk girl woke up startled at her surroundings and figured she got too drunk. She flew off but Milo flew past her to confront her claiming she needed to be more responsible as they'd just gotten the mutant rights bill passed two months ago.  The heroes on the cruise ship were enjoying the pool and the sun when it was rocked by an explosion. The ship was boarded by the same pirates that had robbed the sailors a couple days prior.  Filipe and Troy sprung into action to defend the crew from the mutant pirates, the same demonic mutant Shadow teleported on board bringing along a man who summoned blue fire, and four other pirates Eston, Henry, Jean, and Jon. Milo let the girl fly away going to Harry to ask if he should go after her, although he revealed she would return on her own as he'd snatched her wallet. He revealed her name was Marie Alexandrian Holden and with how adept she was with her powers they should try to recruit her.

Milo used Hank's ability to locate Marie, and rendering them invisible he ported them to her location. Jean was quick to convert her arms to guns to attack Katy, while Filipe quickly used organic ice and engaged in battle with the leader of the pirates the one capable of manipulating blue fire. The captain of the pirates was able to hurt Filipe as if he was physical despite his organic ice.  Jean and Jon opted to help Shadow transport all the stolen goods to their pirate ship, while Eston engaged in combat with Katy, and Troy entered his plasma form to do battle with Henry who had the same ability as Anna but less control. Katy was quick to realize that Eston just like the captain was able to hurt elementals, and realized it was an ability shared by all the pirates. The leader revealed himself as Captain Manny, and revealed he had phoenix like abilities, causing Filipe to resort to regular ice armor to fight with him on a more even level as becoming a pure elemental state put him at a disadvantage against Manny.  The fight only got more dificult as Manny revealed he could heal all his injuries with his blue fire, while Milo and Harry had arrived at a temple of sorts and watched Marie training with her adoptive grandfather Master Hong.

Hong revealed he knew they were watching due to his intuition and Milo and Harry made themselves visible. Milo explained their intentions to recruit her to the SXM, and Hong agreed but insisted on Milo going to talk to her alone. Eston managed to bring Katy down by punching a hole in her chest while Shadow intervened with Troy's fight and brought him down. Similarly Manny brought down Filipe by using his full power, and the pirates fled from the ship.  
The pirates quickly learned that they'd put Katy in alot of pain and that if Filipe was too injured to teleport them they'd die. Manny not wanting a body on their conscience used a secure line to contact the coast guard about the situation but hastened their escape knowing authorities would be searching for them.  Milo introduced himself to Marie, and offered her a position on the team. She was on unsure on how to respond and offered to join if Milo could catch her using only flight. She used her power to take off into the sky playfully teasing Milo as he struggled to keep up with her using only flight.  Marie tried to get Milo to loosen up but he claimed he had to be responsible for the world, and that their powers were meant to be taken serious and not for fun. Marie disagreed with him stopping their flight upon realizing he was fusion but Milo who didn't have time to stop crashed into her. Marie agreed to join the SXM as long as she convinced her grandpa to let her join.

The Coast Guard had arrived at the ship just as Rachel had helped Filipe out of the rubble and did her best to tend to his wounds. Jim was at a cheap restaurant with the rest of Metallic's group when two members of the Espada Noro and Ely showed up blasting the roof off. They revealed they came for Jim, but refused to reveal why they wanted him for only explaining that he might die.  Kisame and Zetsu went to a marine admiral's house named Menace who had the power of lava manipulation and Kisame engaged in combat with him fusing with his sword to gain the edge. Ely used her powers to splash Jim with a large bit of water to prevent him from using his sand form and brought him down. Filipe teleported his group back to Genosha once his injuries were checked out wanting to warn the others of the powerful pirates wreaking havoc.  As the pirates were partying at the harbor celebrating their gains Sasori appeared to speak to Manny. Upon arriving at Genosha William came to heal Filipe, Katy, and Troy, while explaining not only did they have strong powers but they could hurt elementals.

A young female spy was entering a house in Moscow planning an assassination when Urukiora confronted her revealing she was a CIA agent named Jessica Rhodes with steam manipulation. Urukiora engaged in combat with her, while Mikey assumed his rock form and joined the fight against the Espada to save their accomplice.  Leah and Rail who were hanging out overheard Filipe's conversation and wanted the stealth team to go get intel on the pirates before Filipe rushed off to fight them with his team. Urukiora managed to defeat the girl with ease wrecking the mansion leaving as the Russian police came to investigate the damage. Hong approved of Marie joining the SXM and Harry helped her pick the codename Aeris based off one of their favorite Final Fantasy characters. Ely took Jim's body and fled the scene while Nono engaged in combat with Mikey, Metallic, and the rest of his allies.  Milo took the trio back to Genosha just as Isabel arrived. Milo warned Harry that they needed to get Marie to get more serious before leaving to go monitor the world, while Marie began exploring the mansion and stumbled upon the costume collection room. She made her way in and ended up taking a liking to Rogue's old costume, and Harry approved of her keeping it because of how attractive she looked in it.

Harry took her to meet the rest of the SXM while explaining why Milo had become depressed. Urukiora came to retrieve Nono stating they had more important matters to attend too. Marie was introduced to various members of the team while Anna got the stealth team ready for their mission and was intrigued to find out about Henry a mutant who had the same power as her. Stewart and Gary were relaxing in Miami glad the Kira business was over, when Deidara arrived having survived his "suicidal" attack he used on Chulance.  Milo was in his room mourning the lost of his father, his team, and his lovers. Deidara started a fight with Gary, Dave sent the stealth team to the harbor Manny's ship was docked at. Filipe had Sandra gather their team and they left to Miami to join the battle against the clay manipulator.  Marie had come with Filipe's team and freed Stewart from rubble, and began using her powers to help people escape the battle. The Stealth team observed the pirates were in a hurry to get to Manny while Sasori joined the fight having reconstructed the Catherine puppet more powerful then eve.

Manny had also joined the Akatsuki and was helping battle Filipe's team. Sasori poisoned a giant sized Kathy but she reduced herself to normal before she fell and crushed several buildings.  Manny entered his phoenix form and began doing battle with Sandra. Henry's power let him feel Leah inside his head, and they attacked the stealth team.  Isabel raised a Tsunami to drown Miami but Sandra was forced to abandon her battle to save the city.  One of Sasori's puppets managed to infect Filipe with poison bringing him down, while they also managed to bring down Gary.  Zetsu took Gary and Filipe's bodies escaping under ground, while Isabel used her winds to take off with Kisame and Sasori with Manny in pursuit. Henry charged the whole harbor to explode and while Fawkes kept them invisible Rail made them all intangible so they could all float, the pirates leaving to track down Manny. Deidara formed five C4 bombs sending them to different spots in Miami and the resulting explosion would kill millions. Sandra warped them into space allowing Deidara to make his escape.

Sandra took the team back to Genosha including Stewart, and Marie who were unconscious. Stewart revealed he scanned the Akatsuki's minds and they were targeting everyone who had elemental powers. Fawke's team followed the pirates to Miami, and Harry left to investigate as did Shadow. Sandra got Troy, Katy, and Marie, while Marie flew off to her home. Akatsuki gathered and had managed to capture Menace as well.  Their plan was to get Katy, Elle, and Troy, and let the Espada got Roy, then they'd have to come after them since they had more elemental users captured. Alisa and Rachel rushed into the mansion Rachel distraught that Filipe was kidnapped. Alisa revealed what she saw on the news revealing the Espada was involved in targeting elemental users, and figured out Manny's crew wasn't involved in targeting elementals.  Milo decided to accompany Marie while Harry returned to the team to reveal what information he picked up. By easedropping on the pirates as Shadow returned they figured out Filipe and Gary had been kidnapped as well. Leah managed to replicate Eston's power before Harry blinded the powers and used the light mirror to help them escape.

Milo informed Marie on the enemies they were dealing with, and teleported them to Marie's house only to find it in ruins with the fire department, and police on the scene. The house had collapsed on top of her grandfather and Milo felt bad thinking back to his father's death. Not wanting to see the newest team mate crushed like this he teleported them back in time to when Isabel arrived at the house. The Stealth team had returned to Genosha while Harry pondered why they weren't after him and Jet.  Leah discovered her new replicated ability had something to do with the nervous system,  Marie attacked Isabel pissed about her grandfather's death. Milo resorted to stopping time, and replacing her grandfather with a clone, while taking the real Hong to Genosha with Marie. Milo revealed Akatsuki was gathering elementals to free Madara, and took himself, Marie, Troy, Katy, and Elle back in time to Madara's battle against the great Hashirama to discover how to defeat him. Being this close to Madara in the past caused Milo to struggle with dealing with Madara within him.

Yamairo came to the destroyed restaurant finding Jim and the group.  Leah asked her sister to use her power to find more elementals and she had a vision of Velonica fighting an elemental in the forest. Veronica was caught in a trap by the perverted old man Roy Peterson who had the power to manipulate wood and plant life, and quickly used his powers to subdue her upon realizing she was after him. In the past Madara and his opponent both began using the Dragon Slayer essence's against each other. Milo began fighting Madara's influence as he lunged for Elle who converted to electricity to escape while Marie stood up to him trying to reach out to him.  The conclusion to the battle that led to Madara loosing was epic showing how powerful both fighters were.  Yamairo realized the Espada took Jim and claimed them as temporary SXM members before bringing them to Genosha.  Marie was glad Milo had gotten control of Madara, while Roy in his old age struggled in his battle against Velonica.  Yamairo teleported a team to the forest to aid Roy with Riya and Kujon being the first to launch attacks on the Espada.

Milo returned the group to the past, and upon reuniting with Leah used Zulan's power to understand Leah's and gave her all the information on it. He revealed he knew how to defeat Madara thanks to their trip to the past, and using illusions showed everyone present the battle they'd witnessed.  Riya combined her powers with Kujon and Zach's to overwhelm Velonica who gave in, only for back up to arrive. Urukiora had arrived at the last minute taking down Roy and also trying to bring down Yamairo. Yamairo had the evaded the full strength of the blast but was unable to prevent the Espada from escaping with Roy. Milo went to Yamairo's group finding his favorite samurai downed, and brought them back to Genosha while James deduced that the Espada and Akatsuki would never work together, and they should let them fight over the elementals then strike when they were weakened.  Marie realized however including her there were four more elementals on Genosha which meant they'd come after them first. Her plan was to let them all be captured, let the two teams duke it out, and then strike knowing with Milo on their side they could defeat both of them. Fawkes thought the plan was more risky but made sense and Milo thought about using his father's power to absorb Marie and the others powers so their plans would be useless. However they didn't know if the elementals could be used for the plan with or without their powers.

Fawkes wanted to ask Namini for help but they were shaky on her loyalties and Amber was too busy being the sorcerers supreme.  They decided to partner the elementals with powerful members putting Elle with Ezekiel, Marie with Milo, Sandra with Katy, and Riya with Troy.  Harry decided to accompany Master Hong, and Yamairo decided to stick with Elle and Ezekiel. Later that night when all the members were sleeping when Akatsuki arrived on a raft, James discovered this and reached out to the other telepaths as he was put down. Isabel burst in Troy's room attacking her and Riya, while White Zetsu appeared to Milo mentioning a name that caused him great pain in containing Madara. Isabel crushed Riya's spine lamenting on how William could heal her but she began transforming to the She-hulk state on instinct. Isabel flash froze Riya before her transformation completed, and began fighting Troy. Zetsu continued pushing Madara to control of Milo's body, Sandra and Katy came to Troy's aid fighting off Isabel and freeing Riya.  Dediara came to Genosha unleashing various clay bombs while Sandra teleported to Milo trying to get him to fight off Madara's influence.

Madara finally managed to gain control of Milo and assumed the form of Midara.  He used Tsukuyomi on Marie causing her to constantly relive the moment her mother killed her boyfriend by breaking a bottle over his head. Marie suffered a mental breakdown, Zetsu took Marie and fled the scene.  Midara began taunting Sandra about releasing the Dark Phoenix again, Manny came to Isabel's aid fighting off Riya. Isabel left to help Sasori, while Chulance went out to search for James.  Riya completed her transformation to do battle with Manny, while Kujon, Kathy, and Ledge joined the fight against the Akatsuki members outside.  Manny was left to deal with Troy and Riya alone, until Kisame joined the fight blasting Troy down. Isabel launched a massive lightning bolt at the house but Yamairo got himself, Elle, and Ezekiel to safety. Yamairo did battle with Isabel refusing to stop time and finish her easily wanting to duke it out with her because he loved her sending Elle and her brother to help Milo.

Midara intended to break Sandra and raced to Dave by the time Sandra arrived he already had him in a TK grip.  Sasori and Catherine snuck on Katy attacking her.  Sandra pleaded with him to spare Dave's life but Midara used amatesuro to burn Dave alive killing him and tried to convince Sandra to unleash the full power of the Phoenix. Sandra broke down screaming unleashing enough power to push Midara back and becoming the Dark Phoenix again.  Abigal came to Katy's aid,  while Riya began using various aspects of the weather against Kisame who used his blade to absorb her energy.  Yamairo continued to battle with Isabel who claimed no matter what she couldn't live with herself as long as Troy wasn't dead.  Yamairo revealed he was in love with her regardless knowing it was the wrong time.

Yamairo in the end warped his first original sword into Isabel's stomach knowing she could never let go of her hatred of Troy. Kisame managed to overpower Riya using the blade to drain the energy out of her. In Isabel's final moments she confessed her love for Yamairo and thanked him for killing her as she'd have never been able to let go.  Yamairo held her close as she died knowing she was finally at peace. Midara offered Sandra a chance to face Milo if she brought him elemental users and fought Milo's influence.  Troy continued in his desperate struggle against Manny who's phoenix powers proved superior to his mere control of fire. William and Fawkes came to Yamairo's aid and offered to revive Isabel but he knew she was too consumed by her revenge. Sasori began trying to infect Katy while Anna showed up to help battle the clay manipulator. Midara promised to give up Milo if Sandra brought him Katy, Elle, and Troy.

Riya reverted to her human form and lost consciences due to all the energy she lost to Kisame's blade. Henry and the pirate crew arrived on Genosha to help get Manny back to his senses. Namini came to confront Midara ready to kill him, while more SXM members joined the fight against Deidara. Luke began tossing Tanya clones at Deidara's birds to trigger the explosions, while Sandra appeared bringing down Shin and Abby with ease.  Sandra then used telepathy to render Katy unconscious. Manny tried to convince Troy to give him promising him he wouldn't die, while Midara and Namini began to do battle. Sandra showed up bringing down Elle with ease and leaving with Deidara, before porting to Troy.  Sandra felt some sort of connection to Manny but couldn't put her hands on what it iwas.

Sandra brought Troy down with a mind blast, before taking herself, Manny, and Troy away.  Midara struggled to compete with Namini as he was not use to Milo's body and each time he used his powers Milo's presence surfaced. Sandra joined the fight against Namini wanting to get her out of the way so she could have access to Milo blaming him for not being strong enough to resist Madara. Midara threatened to wipe out the valley unless Namini summoned the statue and she oblidged not wanting her family to die.  Midara had Sandra, Manny, and the others sync themselves to the statue. Yamairo arrived to kill Midara to get revenge for Isabel's death but Midara blocked his attacks, and Sandra intervened wanting to restore Madara and Milo to their respective bodies to kill them both. He then teleported them all away except for the now deceased Isabel, Yamairo recruited Namini knowing they'd need all the help they can get to stop Madara. They returned to the mansion and along with William split up to find their injured team members to heal them. The team members began learning that Isabel and Dave were among the casualties.

Shadow teleported to the team members and revealed he was trying to find Manny. Midara gathered Akatsuki and planned to go after the Espada to gain their elementals, and then revive himself, while Manny tried talking with Sandra. Henry offered the crew's services to the SXM until they managed to get Manny back to his senses whom they had convinced if Akatsuki ruled the world the life of the pirates would never end. Abby began crying over the fact that Dave died as he was a father to her. Namini revealed Madara was at the center of the planet and was gathering elemental users, while Manny began bonding with Sandra talking about his values instilled in him despite being a thief. Manny and Sandra began bonding over the fact that their parents had suffered gruesome fates. Sandra explained how Dave saved her life from Zulan and how Dave meant everything to her, and was more then a lover. Urukiora arrived with the Espada explaining he was going to use the elementals to revive their leader Newgate, while Midara laughed claiming their plan was foolish.

William meanwhile had used all his power to extract Sasori's poison from Leah, and James tracked down Madara using Namini's co-ordinates realizing the Espada had arrived, and all the elementals were in one place.  Yamairo, Harry, Namini, Luke. Abigail, Tanya, Chulance, Ledge, Anna, Riya, Kathy and Kujon, while Midara explained to Urukiora that he was not born in his human form and he was a type of mutant demon known as Neyaphem.  Midara revealed the Cheyarafim had banished his kind into another dimension the brimstone dimension. Midara revealed that Iliria was the daughter of Azazel and current leader of the Neyaphem and did as her father did seducing humans and producing offspring. Midara revealed Manny's team mate Shadow was one of them and used that dimension to teleport. He revealed using the elementals at the center of the earth it acted as a nexus of reality of sorts and he could open portals to other worlds. He planned to liberate Iliria to use her powers to separate himself from Milo's body, but didn't care what she did afterwards.

Urukiora realized he had been manipulated by her, and there was no chance to revive Newgate. Midara used Milo's powers to grab Jim, Roy, and Jessica telling Zetsu to start the ritual.  The SXM then teleported to the island to join the battle, while the Espada wanted to stop Madara. Yamairo, Harry, and Namini began doing battle with Sandra, while Midara engaged in combat with the Espada. Anna stepped up to battle Deidara, while Manny's crew began fighting him hoping to bring him back to his senses. Zetsu took the elementals to the center of the island while Abby and Tanya went after him. Luke began doing battle with Sasori's various puppets, while Ledge, Kujon, Kathy, Riya, and Chulance did battle with Kisame.  Kisame managed to use the team mate's powers against them as Riya and Kujon worked together to trap him in an atmosphere full of poisonous gas.  Kisame used said field to render Kujon unconscious before escaping.

Anna struggled to keep up with Deidara and suddenly gained the power to fly in the middle of the fight. Nate came to William and James revealing he felt the others were putting too much faith in their powers and not in their minds. He'd devised a plan to deal with Sandra by reviving Erica the shape-shifter from the dead using Ledge's blood, and then having her assume Dave's form and manipulate Sandra back to their side to bring down Madara. Midara took down Yamairo quickly using a combination of space manipulation and biokinesis rendering him unconscious. He told Sandra to finish Namini, and Harry before resuming his battle with the Espada. Kathy got the unconscious Kujon to safety leaving Ledge to duke it out with Kisame trading blows with his blade trying to use his claws to tear it apart while getting support from Riya. Nate had Erica revived, using William to give her teleportation, and James to implant Dave's memories into her.

Kisame once again managed to overwhelm Riya, while Kathy shrunk Kisame down to toy size and tried to step on him, and Ledge went to check on Riya.  Nate gave Erica an anti mugen gun, and had Alisa supercharge Stewart & Dave and put together an extremely powerful mental barrier. Erica  teleported to the battle field reaching out to Sandra yelling for her to stop. The Shrunken Kisame fused with his sword to survive and propelled himself into Kathy's throat to start an internal attack. Erica tried to convince Sandra that he'd been revived with Ledge's blood, Eston meanwhile stimulated Yamairo's nervous system to turn his body back on. Kathy in intense pain reduced Kisame to normal size within her body, and Ledge jumped inside her body in pursuit of Kisame. Tanya and Abby discovered Zetsu doing a weird ritual with the bodies of the various elementals.  Erica embraced Sandra but instead of shooting her in the head he continued hugging her as she had absorbed Dave's memories and emotions.

The orders given to her overrided those emotions, and he tried to kill her, but Manny ignorant to the situation sprung into action to save her incinerating the gun and their only chance to kill the Dark Phoenix. As Anna battled Deidara she continued to manifest new powers the next one being the power to slow people down, while Dave formed his arm into a gun and fired an anti mugen bullet into Sandra's chest. She was in shock asking who he was, and she claimed to be her lover still pretending to be Dave as she shot more bullets into Sandra's stomach. Shadow sprung into action knocking Erica away, while the others SXM watching were very confused. Zetsu split into two with the black half going after Tanya, and  Abby with plants, who used her vectors to free herself.  Manny moved at mach 3 speeds diving in-front of the majority of the bullets to save Sandra's life, while Deidara surrendered to Anna wanting to live and claiming she was "Art".  Sandra rose and choked out Erica but Yamairo came to calm her down getting her to spare the shape shifter.

All the elementals awoke with a bright light surrounding their body, and they began questioning what was happening. Sandra realized Dave wouldn't want her to live a life consumed by vengeance and managed to remove the anti mugen bullets from Manny's body with telekinesis allowing him to heal.  Midara used a blast of force to repel the Espada done toying with them, while Manny healed with the anti mugen removed from his body. Iliria was liberated from her prison dimension and Filipe froze the elementals restraints making them easier to break out of. Midara made a request of Iliria to separate him from Milo's body, and she obliged  but shortly afterwards crushed his energy body not liking taking orders from others shocking the Akatsuki present. Iliria was glad to be free and quickly made Filipe bow converting him into one of her slaves. She took interest in him as a pet as well as Troy and made a rock shoot forward piercing Katy's heart so Troy would love no one but her. She turned her attention to Milo whom she considered a demi god with little emotion and planned to enslave him as well.

Marie was pissed at her for messing with Milo and sprung forward to attack but Iliria overwhelmed her with ease and began choking her. Menace and Jim charged her tired of her, while Milo was finally from Madara and feeling immense regret for all the villain had used him for. He was pissed when Marie was hurt and stood up to Iliria wanting her to leave his friends alone.  Yamairo arrived with Sandra to confront this new foe, while Iliria was intrigued to meet the current Phoenix Avatar. Iliria revealed the rest of her kind had been wiped out by the Hunters, the majority at least. Iliria summoned her pets monstrous bird like creatures called fire birds, and grabbed Milo to began draining his life energy.  Sasori unaware of the events transpiring continued his fight with Luke while Kisame brought down Kathy escaping her body and doing battle with Ledge outside. Milo was growing tired of Iliria and used one of his oldest powers to encase her in ice. Upon shattering she reformed behind Milo and revealed her ability of physic vampirism revealing after she's fed on someone's life force there slaves forcing Milo to bow to her.

Marie began battling with Iliria, while Filipe joined the fight. Iliria realized their wills were strong, and the only way to truly enslave them was to strip them of their life force and completely enslave them. Yamairo, the elementals, and such began doing battle with Iliria's onslaught of creatures while Namini who had copied Amber's magic planned to call on the Vishanti to close the portal to the brimstone dimension. Milo snapped reversing time around himself to escape Iliria's control and snapped trying to immobilize her working with Marie to fight against the succubus.  Ledge and Chulance were the last two left standing against Kisame,

Troy snapped launching a massive blast of fire against Iliria because she hurt Katy, Sasori was forced to unleash Catherine to deal with Luke who's durability proved annoying. All the heroes present defended Namini as she used her magic to try to close the portal, with even Menace putting aside his difference's with Manny the pirate who got him fired to work together. Filipe, Milo, and Marie all joined Troy in his assault of Iliria, while Anna came to Ledge and Chulance's rescue blowing up Kisame's arms and dragging along the defeated Deidara. While some fire birds where overwhelming Sandra, an injured Katy unleashed a high pressure water blast to protect her friend. As Namini was about to close the portal Iliria came to kill her only for Jim to use a blast of sand to stop her allowing Namini the time to close the portal. Iliria was pissed and fled the scene with Zetsu doing the same going to Sasori telling him it was time to make their escape.

Milo healed Katy's wounds to prevent her from dying, and spoke with Yamairo about how with Madara dead he was the only one in control of his body. Zetsu came to Kisame and Deidara's rescue fleeing into the ground, while Milo and them pondered why Iliria left. Milo was about to leave to get the others but was in physical and mental pain from Madara being forcibly separated from him and Iliria toying with him.  Milo finally passed out and Yamairo took them back to Genosha where Ezekiel was happy to be reunited with his sister. Milo was still drained as he had no way to heal from Iliria's powers without resorting to some of his most dangerous powers. Sandra confronted James, William, and Nate bringing the unconscious Erica while James explained their reasoning and how out of control Sandra was. Menace decided to let Manny and them off the hook for the part they played in saving the world, while Katy and Troy finally admitted their feelings for each other kissing. Milo wanted to speak to Marie and at first she assumed it was because she had ignored all his orders but reminded him she wasn't an official member of the SXM yet. Milo took her to the SXM library to speak in private, and questioned her on why she risked her life to save him despite the short time they'd known each other.

Marie told him how while she had feelings for him it was because she felt he was similar to her with a bad family, and shitty life but still managing to be happy, and that if he could be like that she could end up like he was too. Sandra was infuriated with her friends that they planned to use the clone Dave to kill her, but left Erica to them. She left tired of her "friends" and wanting time away. Milo confessed to Marie lately that he felt he was constantly ruining people's lives so he didn't want to get close to others feeling emotions made people weaker but realized he was wrong and thanked her for opening his eyes to that. Anna came to talk to Henry about his powers wondering why he'd had his longer then Anna but hadn't evolved them to her level yet.  Filipe spoke to Yamairo who felt bad for assuring Isabel she could have revenge, wishing he'd never told her that.

James woke Erica up reverting her to her normal form. Milo kissed Marie revealing he had mutual feelings for her, while Sandra went to an empty grass field feeling betrayed by her friends and tired of everything in her life. Erica objected to having her soul returned as the experience could crush her, and she still wanted to make a difference in the world, with Fawkes watching over invisibly. Yamairo revealed to Filipe that Shari had put out the mystical flames that consumed Dave but he was too damaged to be revived. William explained the situation to Abby who felt bad but knew they were trying to do what they had to in the situation. Sandra cried as she lay in the fields thinking about Dave,w hile Manny told Anna he only joined the Akatuski for fun and didn't think they were going to kill anyone. The pirates parted their ways with the SXM, and the next day Sandra teleported to Abby who was happy to see she was back. Sandra gathered the team and revealed she was leaving as Dave died here, and some of her friends betrayed her trust. Abby was sad but Sandra entrusted her safety to Milo and Yamairo. She offered her help any time they needed it before teleporting away, while hours later the funeral service was held for Dave. Hours after everyone said their final farewells Sandra appeared at his grave, and began crying as she left a rose at his grave promising to not let the Dark Phoenix take over again. Sandra went to Manny's ship later on saddened but needing a place to stay, and Manny offered the same position he'd left open earlier feeling some sort of connection with her.

End the Smell of Brimstone Arc


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Wrath of the Kree

(Iron Man arc, took place two weeks after the Brimstone arc)

Two weeks had passed since Harold's infamous escape from Stark Towers, and now The Avengers had cleaned up crime in the west coast area. The Kree contacted Aaron, and hours later a humanoid alien named Vell-Lyn came down to earth. They decided to arrange a meeting in the interrogation area, were she announced that the Kree learned about the Phoenix's return, and wanted to monitor it. Kano scared Aaron would betray the SXM, attacked Vell. After a short struggle, Vell departed from the earth. The Avengers began to discuss the issue, resulting in various arguments.

Kano and Aaron both went to see Sandra, leaving Cyber in charge. After a brief chat with Sandra, the Avengers reunited, and gathered all the information they had on Sandra. Back in orbit Vell decided to head back to the leader. However the day after the Kree lead an invasion in Los Angeles. Aaron had Near contact the SXM, Aaron, Kano,Cyber, Marco, Elsa. Cloy, and Natsu all split up to fight the invading Kree in LA. While Dale was seen in his Spiderman costume stopping some robbers, as Ganta lead an Atlanteon invasion into The Big Apple.

Near and Aaron decided to send the SXM to NYC to stop Ganta's attack. On Genosha, Milo took Yamairo and Troy's squads down to New York. SHIELD dispatched several soldiers to help deal with the invasion in LA, and Yamairo began the evacuation of civilians. Vell confronted the Avengers, revealing the Kree determined humanity unable to contain the Phoenix Force. Manny's crew learned of the invasion, planning to go down to help the SXM when a man who'd stopped by Genosha earlier came by.

The man destroyed their ship, and Kano intervened in Aaron's battle. He managed to take down Vell..as the man threatened to destroy earth unless Sandra came with him. The Other Avengers helped SHIELD complete the evacuation, allowing Kano to take down Vell. The telepath took Sandra with him, as Ganta told Yamairo the reason for his attack. Filipe arrived in the city, revealing Genosha too had been attacked. Aaron took hold of Vell, as both ended up being beamed up. Vell had the ship simply fly away, as the Avengers gathered minus Aaron.

The group began to plan a counterattack, as Yamairo convinced Ganta to retreat. Kano had the Avengers meet up with Manny's crew, learning the island busting telepath had teleported off with Sandra. The Atlanteon's retreated, as Kano contacted Cloy revealing the current situation. The group planned to rescue Sandra & Aaron, heading to Genosha to find Milo. He located them, and revealed the location. Kano teleported the group to the outskirts of the Kree capital, as the ship that had taken Aaron and Vell arrived. Aaron was placed in a jail cell, and Sandra met up with the telepath named Son-Aris.

Son told Sandra about his lethal sound manipulating abilities, and so they began to communicate telepathically. They discussed the Phoenix's power, as Kano began to deal with teleportation blockers. A woman came to Aaron's aid releasing him, as Kano used his hammer's abilities to render the Avengers undetectable. The woman named Poll-Aris told Aaron about how the inhumans fled Earth during the Hunter Massacre, and took over the Kree home world. Aaron and Sandra learned the Kree's origin story, and Son lead Sandra to the Terrigen Crystal area.

Son planning to use Terrigen Mists on Sandra, as Poll abandoned Aaron going to stop her brother. On Genosha with the island repaired Milo gathered the entire team with the intention of invading Hala. Cyber managed to use his technopathic abilities to shut down all of the Kree's technology, causing the armies to mobilize. Aaron's escape was stopped by Vell-Lyn, and an army of Kree. Poll confronted Son, starting a fight wanting Sandra and Aaron to escape. Sandra escaped, and the Avengers came to Aaron's aid.

Milo formed an alliance with Ganta, and together they lead an invasion on Hala, Milo using molecular manipulation to generate large amounts of water for the Atlanteon army. Aaron gave the Avengers the task of PREVENTING an all out war, Sandra confronting Milo. Aaron and Kano went to help Poll stop Son. Milo told Sandra to flee, and that war was unavoidable. Milo met up with Aaron intending to stop Son, while Yamairo also came. Yamairo, Poll, and Aaron decided to travel back in time to see what happened to Son. Milo joined the battle quickly getting even with Son.

The time traveling trio stalks Son to a council meeting. The trio learns Son was taken over by Supremor, a highly intelligent and evil computer. Yamairo manages to get them back to the present, however they were taken down. Aaron managed to contact Cyber, the robotic ally fleeing the planet. Cyber met up with Sandra, and the Avengers needing her help to annihilate Hala. Sandra placed everyone fighting on the Kree homeworld inside a planteary sized space vessel, then destroyed the planet.

With the planet destroyed, Son was freed from his control. Sandra met up with the two, and the situation was explained. Milo restored Hala, and Sandra returned everyone back to the Kree homeworld. Cyber had explained the situation to everyone, and Milo sent Kano back to Asgard. Ganta raged, causing Milo to banish the Atlanteon's to earth, and repair Atlantis. The Blue skinned Kree removed Son from power, angering Milo. However to prevent more bloodshed Son, and Poll planned to leave the planet. Milo attacked the leader of the Blue skinned Kree Orla.

The SXM discussing Son's move to earth, and Milo returned the team to Genosha the earth and Hala saved. Hours later Aaron met up with Zane to discuss the conclusion of the invasion. Milo had placed the Terrigen crystals in another dimension, as they agreed to find an area for the Kree-inhuman hybrids. Poll, Vell, and Two days later the inhumans-Kree were placed on the moon.

End Wrath of Kree


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Death to Immortals

A couple days  after Sandra's departure Shin and Tanya where engaged in combat training with Shin being unable to hit Tanya. They talked about how Abby was still dealing with Sandra leaving and were discussing various strange behavior people had began picking up including suicide. Milo had went to New York with Troy, Katy, Ezekiel, Rail, and Elle to seek out and investigate any strange behavior. Kiya was in Shawkun's hideout complaining of being betrayed and he didn't care having granted her invisibility and teleportation to complete a task. Milo flew through the city using his enhanced senses once again enjoying his job as a hero. After a few hours of searching yielding no results Milo took the others back to the island to catch dinner, Kiya was pissed to be following Shawkun's orders informing him that his plans would fail no matter what new ability he obtained.

Yamairo met up with James who inquired about his recent whereabouts although he claimed he'd just been keeping to himself ever since Isabel's death, and James said Sandra had gone off the radar but they could reach out to her if they needed her help. The Secretary of Defense had called Menace to a meeting at the white house talking about re-instating him with his position in the navy since the mutant rights bill passed, and Carl was in full support. Menace was happy to have his position back his only request was returning to where he was previously stationed.  Katy and Troy who'd opted not to be teleported back to Genosha when Milo and the others went home earlier while James got report of a disturbance in New Jersey in the form of Metallic's group. Yamairo took his team there to investigate and the source of the chaos was a fight that had broken out between Metallic and Mikey. Milo met up with Nate and they went to his place to play Grand Theft Auto, while Yamairo learned the fight broke out over the debate of whether play station or xbox was better. Yamairo calmed them down and Milo came to repair the damage. Yamairo warned them about causing pointless violence because S.H.I.E.L.D could get wind and intervene next time.

Yamairo found out the diamond manipulator Tesla had abandoned the group not wanting to trust others, while Kiya found a deceased immortal and realized Shawkun was right about their target hunting immortals. Tenshi snuck up on Kiya who yelled out his name in surprise causing him to wonder how she knew his identity.  Kiya told him about a mutant named Yamairo in the SXM who could manipulate time and explained how the deceased immortal Z an age manipulator was one of her primary targets but she could never get to him. Tenshi knew she was lying by the tone in her voice but Tesla came to Kiya's aid firing a diamond spike at the hunter. Troy and Katy were laying together having just finished fucking when they overheard a noise and Troy was pissed thinking someone was spying on them. Tenshi quickly used a blast of energy that Tesla's diamond armor couldn't really protect her from and before Kiya could teleport to safety he stabbed her irritated with her for not telling the truth. Manda picked up on Tesla's injury, and also sensed the other person near her dying telling Metallic they needed to get the SXM's help to save her or she'd die.

James picked up on Tenshi's power via cerebro and contacted Yamairo informing them of a possible omega level mutant on the loose. Yamairo quickly gathered his squad consisting of Chulance, Ezekiel, Riya, Zach, and Elle teleporting to the area where Tenshi's energy signal was picked up only to find the area destroyed. They only found Kiya in a pool of blood, and Tesla who was unable to sustain her diamond armor anymore and passed out after telling them a powerful mutant was the cause of their injuries. Katy went to go look for Troy who'd went missing in his search for their pervs, only to find Troy making out with another woman. She tried to attack but Troy stopped her with the other woman claiming that Troy was in love with her now. Katy quickly deduced the woman was manipulating Troy's emotions and tried to reach out to him that his feelings for her weren't authentic. The emotion manipulator continued to string Troy along using him to defend herself from Katy's attacks, and they both entered their elemental states with  Katy realizing she'd have to fight Troy.

Yamairo used his powers over time to accelerate the healing of Tesla and Kiya's wounds before interrogating them about what happened. He learned about a powerful mutant named Tenshi who was hunting down immortals, and Zach pointed out they should warn Milo as he was immortal. Kiya introduced herself to the SXM with Yamairo having a feeling that he'd met her before. He took them back to Genosha, and left to find Milo, leaving the two girls in James care. Zach became extremely flirtatious with Tesla who rejected all his advances, while Milo wasn't worried about Tenshi claiming the immortals were some of the strongest members of their team and instead of heeding his friend's warning invited him to play GTA with him and Nate. Yamairo declined the offer going to rejoin James who discovered Kiya had some sort of mental blocks installed in her mind. He also told Tesla about how Yamairo wanted to recruit her to the SXM, and upon return he teleported the horny Zach away and made his case to Tesla. Chulance added on to support him, and finally Tesla caved in agreeing. Milo came to James's aid to help with the interrogation deciding to use Lezune's powers of persuasion since they could bypass mental blocks. Using his power on Kiya he discovered Tenshi hunted immortals not for money but because he hated them, and that she was working for Shawkun who'd granted her abilities to help lure out Tenshi.

Milo realizing they were dealing with Shawkun and finding out he was after Tenshi realized the seriousness of the situation. He placed Tenshi in a holding cell and spoke to James asking him about what powers he demonstrated when he witnessed him fighting Amber in Machi's pocket dimension. Tesla broke down telling Yamairo and Chulance the reason she was adamant on being alone was her own family discarded her so she had trouble trusting others. Yamairo assured her she could make herself at home on Genosha, and retrieved Zach after he calmed down.  Milo realized he, Ledge, and Yamairo woudl be prime targets for the immortal hunter, and Yamairo ran into them as he was giving Tesla a tour of the mansion. Milo sought out Holst and Rachel wanting their help to find Tenshi with their powers, and quickly finding out he was on the way to Genosha.

Troy and Katy continued to fight until they both returned to their regular forms with Troy proclaiming he had to protect the girl he loved. Katy was happy he seemed to have broken control and went to hug him only for him to knock him out showing he was still under the woman's control and simply manipulated Katy to take her down. On Genosha Chulance showed Tesla around and escorted her to her new room. He went to the kitchen to grab some food and Tesla decided to come with him.  Yamairo teleported his squad to him causing Chulance to be whisked away from Tess and Elle to appear naked as she was about to shower. Milo materialized her clothes for her, and the heroes began fucking around until Yamairo knowing Tenshi would arrive soon.

Tenshi arrived on Genosha, and Yamairo teleported his team there to confront him. Tenshi demonstrated the vast speed and power spirit energy granted him by hurting Yamairo before he could respond. The two began to battle as Yamairo drew the odinsword, and he used his temporal powers to assault Tenshi with energy waves he couldn't avoid, and Milo stopped time taking them into the skies and unleashing Troy's fire dome to take Tenshi down. However Yamairo stopped Milo explaining they needed him alive, and Milo resumed time and Tenshi continued to attack them with Shawkun watching from a distance.  Tenshi realized he didn't stand a chance against them as they could both manipulate time and plunged his sword into the ground fusing the world with a world in which time didn't exist. He merged the spirit world with the living world and liberated the spirits of the dead intending to defeat the SXM in this world, while Shawkun made his presence known.

With the spirits in the living world Shawkun began absorbing numerous souls growing more powerful with each second and Katy returned to the group seeing the situation was getting worst. Milo created a clone of Shawkun so there was someone with an even level of power to face and Katy launched her own attack against the soul manipulator but with his powers he began absorbing all of their attacks. Milo combined his powers with Riya launching a massive attack on Riya as Harry, Filipe, and Marie also came to join the fight against Shawkun. Tenshi realized Shawkun was just absorbing their attacks, and even closing the spirit dimension would be useless as it wouldn't free all the souls Shawkun absorbed.

At the SHIELD HQ Aaron was talking to Near about the origin of why the whole world went red, and Manny's crew observed the sky wondering what was going on and Sandra assumed they had it under control as they hadn't called her.  Milo decided to fight Shawkun the old fashion way holding him off with Harry's help until Filipe tried to immobilize him with ice colder then absolute zero. Shawkun had a clone frozen and escaped the attack himself before going to absorb Harry who was in light form. Jet came to his rivals rescue blasting him claiming no one would finish him but him. Milo converted Shawkun into a stone statue and raced over to Filipe to restore him from his fatigue making a plan to cast him into the negative zone. Shawkun's body converted to lava then normal revealing he'd absorbed Jack and Angie's souls as well so matter manipulation couldn't be used against him.  Shawkun read Katy's thoughts taunting her about Troy's new love interest and raced over to Tenshi to absorb his soul. Katy snapped on him but Shawkun easily overpowered her and absorbed her soul as well and planned to keep the earth in the spirit dimension liking the new atmosphere.

Shawkun revealed no one could die as long as the spirit world was fused with the regular one, while Yamairo resorted to using the odinsword to hurt him knowing magic could bypass all defense's and told Milo to utilize spirit energy as it was more effective then hell-fire. Shawkun snatched up Tenshi's sword and used a wave of dark spirit energy in an attempt to destroy Tenshi and Katy's bodies. Jet meanwhile decided to pick a fight with Harry, as both of their elements where enhanced in the spirit world. Yamairo used the odinsword to block the attack with Marie and Filipe leaving with their bodies, and James masking their presence.  Shawkun intended to kill Jams only for Milo to began assaulting him with nuclear energy and lightning bolts one after another to hold him off. Shawkun raised a demonic army to fight the team while Harry finally managed to kill Jet only for him to rise from the dead thanks to the spirit barrier. Milo used Blackheart's magical energy to convert the demonic army into fish's that began dying being out of water only for Shawkun to sprung up on Milo bringing him down and trying to force his soul out of his body. Yamairo moved in quickly to rescue Milo cutting Shawkun's head off,  warping his head then the rest of his body into the sun and realized they needed a plan knowing Shawkun would regenerate and return for round 2.

Shawkun regenerated and debated on wiping out the entire planet only for Milo to send an army of clones into space and charged them all with nuclear energy setting off 99 nuclear explosions near Shawkun to hold him off longer.  Milo focused on Tenshi's power using it to put the barrier to the spirit world back up causing the world to return to normal and contacted Aaron giving him the details of the current situation. Shawkun had absorbed the bulk of the explosions gaining radiation powers and teleported back to earth to resume his fight with Milo fighting at super speed.  Shawkun began savagely beating Milo and he manged to escape the brutality by summoning a Shawkun clone to assault the original with a blast of energy. Milo abandoned Genosha breaking into MHF and returning with Sancho. and put his master plan into action. Milo used Peter's ability to absorb all of Shawkun's speed while simultaneously combining Shawkun's power with Yamairo to reverse time on Shawkun removing all the souls he'd absorbed leaving him effectively powerless. Milo then used body insertion to push Shawkun into Sancho's body leaving him trapped in the death manipulator's body but not under-estimating Shawkun's ability to wreack havoc in his new body he used his father's ability to remove Sancho's powers leaving Shawkun in a frail human vessel.

Milo returned Sancho/Shawkun back to the point in time he took him out of his cell to prevent the Government from knowing Milo had ever taken him from his cell. With the world back to normal Harry managed to overpower Jet in their battle as it was day time, and Milo transported Jet to a cell in MHF. Harry began protesting threatening to break into the facility and get Jet out to resume their fight. Milo gave into Harry's demands freeing Jet but Harry was too tired to resume their fight giving up and Milo invited him to join the team for lunch as he'd helped them save the world. All the souls Shawkun had absorbed from the spirit world returned to their place in the after-life while Tenshi and Katy both regained their souls. Milo disabled Tenshi's ability and sent him to a holding cell in MHF,  while Chulance went to sit with Tesla while they ate. Jet and Harry competed to see who could eat the most food, although Katy wasn't in the mood for food. She came to James explaining her situation and how she needed to save Troy from the emotion manipulator. Milo finished his food and overhearing Katy decided to help her out if only for the chance to gain a new power. He tracked down the woman finding out her name was Kelly a mutant with the power of empathy. He took them to Troy and Kelly's location,  as soon as they arrived Katy materialized near Kelly punching her in the face causing Troy to start fighting her. At lunch James began asking Tesla questions about her power and whether she could turn into organic diamond. Tesla told him he couldn't and James asked her to come hang out with him in the morning.  Troy and Katy began to duke it out, and Milo analyzed Kelly's power and after managing to get it returned Troy's emotions to normal before knocking Kelly unconscious. Milo then transported her to MHF and reached out to Lex apologizing for sending in so many new villains at random. Katy punched Troy in the face to get even for him knocking her out and kissing another woman to which he jokingly apologized as Milo took them all back to Genosha the world once again safe for now.

End Death to Immortals


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Olympian Wars
The day after Shawkun's defeat, Tesla had met up with James who led her to the danger room. James used his technique Sakande on her to screw up her perception causing her to see everything upside down and mirror wise. James took advantage of that disability using his admantium sword to do battle with her in her diamond coated state. He explained how his technique work to help her out, while other members of the team were enjoying themselves. Milo relaxed playing video games with Nate, Leah was working on her latest fashion design, and Keeth & Ledge sat back watching television sharing beer.  James overwhelmed Tesla in combat before finally trying to plunge his blade into her chest. This triggered for the first time Tesla's organic diamond form allowing her to survive the ordeal, and James was happy he'd helped Tesla reach another stage of her power. James ended the training session and took her to find William to heal her wounds from training. Katy had met up with Troy, and Yamairo to discuss what to do with Kiya who they'd imprisoned, and to discuss whether or not they should go looking for Jack & Angie.

A week later the SXM were partying enjoying a pool party with several members of the team including Milo, Nate, Rachel, Leah, Ledge, Harry, Filipe, Troy, and Katy where drinking and enjoying the warm weather on Genosha.  Yamairo, Marie, and others came in joining in the fun, however suddenly a large earth-quake occurred interrupting their fun. A man dressed in a Hawaiian t shirt and shorts revealing he was looking for Kano, Amber, Alisa, Anna and Keel because his brother Zeus wanted them and was getting impatient evidence by loud thunder heard in the sky. Poseidon noted Anna was underusing her powers noting she had control over kinetic energy and stated Anna & Alisa were under arrest and would have to go on trial on Olympus. He called forth an army of Olympian soldiers to do battle with the SXM, and revealed the charges were for freeing Kronos.  Anna tried to defend their actions explaining how they accepted the challenge to go against Hercules and won.

The Olympian army began to attack, and the SXM began to do battle with the divine soldiers.  Milo decided to do battle with Poseidon directly, only for the god of the oceans to encase him in ice and convert him into steam claiming battling the gods was pointless.  Milo regenerated and tried to resume the fight only for Poseidon to get irritated, and a massive bolt of lightning to be cast down causing Poseidon and his army to vanish. Milo was amazed to find out the SXM had freed Kronos finding out Samuel had made the call to free him so they could get Yamairo up to full power to deal with Legacy. Nate told them their only chance to stop an all out war against Olympus was to capture Kronos and return him to Tartarus. Milo wanted Yamairo, Harry, Filipe and Troy's help to capture Kronos, while Harry suggested they take the whole time as Kronos was the most powerful enemy they'd faced. On Olympus Poseidon spoke to Zeus about how powerful the SXM was compared to the previous generation of heroes but stated they damned the rest of the mortals and mentioned Pandora.

Milo realized they had to warn Kano since Asgard might be targeted but didn't want to recruit them to the mission so Olympus didn't think they were preparing for war. Milo sent Yamairo to Asgard to warn Glano, and sent Harry to the Avengers to speak to Kano before locating Sandra and teleporting to Manny's ship to seek her aid to deal with Kronos.  Yamairo explained the situation to Glano who agreed to support them but understood why Zeus was angry about Prometheus giving mortals fire, and Kano supported them but urged them to get Kronos. Milo took Keel, Anna, Alisa, Holst, and Ezekiel to an pocket dimension using Kairi's brother power, making it a splitting image of Genosha and leaving them with enough supplies to survive for a while. Milo got Tyrant's ship resized it, and took the group into space. Yamairo having had a past connection with Kronos currently in an incorporeal form bonded with time tried his best to find Kronos and ended up in NYC finding a bunch of people smoking weed. The god of wine Dionysus appeared clearly intoxicated confronting the people smoking turning one of them into a dolphin revealing they were Titans.  Kronos reversed time on Atlas to reverse his transformation and pondered why Yamairo came. He revealed the situation they were in and asked Kronos to surrender giving him a chance since he'd helped him save his friends and the world.

In Mexico a massive earth-quake began and high winds began picking up.  Kronos knocked Yamairo out and sent him away, while Jason the shape shifter woke up in a Russian concentration camp with no memory of his powers while Remech a russian criminal who was barking orders at the inmates to load weapons into various trucks.  Nate witnessing the scene in Mexico went to get Troy's squad consisting of Marie, Shin, Tanya, and Ezekiel claiming without their teleporters they'd have to fly to Mexico to help out. He took off with Shin and Tanya, while Marie used her air powers bringing Ezekiel along. Harry was worried as Yamairo had vanished, and they teleported to his location where Dionysus was still doing battle with the Titans. Oceanus the titan of water launched an attack at Sandra, while Kronos grew bored with the fight and let the Titans leave. Dionysus wasted continued attacking until Milo assumed organic steel and knocked him unconscious.

Milo revealed he could sense Yamairo's aura becoming more evil, and Remech went to hit Jason for not listening only for him to stop him with his enhanced strength and questioned him on why he had no more memories. Milo tried to teleport them to Yamairo only to encounter Kronos who used his powers to trap them in an alternate time-line, this one being the first future they ever traveled too where Homeland security was on the verge of wiping out mutants and Strade, German, and Zulan were high up.  Milo awoke in the destroyed NYC only for Homeland Security agents to begin tasing him, while Sandra teleported herself and Troy to safety realizing they were in an alternate time line and began reaching out to the others.  Remech revealed his men had found Jason and took him in as a slave worker, and tried to coerce him into working for him by threatening him with his men. Jason managed to grab Remech's gun and took him hostage ordering the soldiers to fetch him a get-away a vehicle and Remech ordered them to give into his demands. James pulled up in a van to get Milo taking down all the homeland security agents with telepathy while Milo claimed they needed to find Sandra. James assumed German erased his memories revealing Sandra, Dave, Lucy, and countless others died when he exploded in New York all those years ago.

Milo left to link up with Sandra revealing they were in an alternate-time line and figured out which one it was. Sandra realized this was a sticky situation asking Milo if he could manipulate reality, and he revealed he avoided that power because of the potential danger of letting his thoughts become reality. Remech's men brought him a vehicle, and he got in along with his men while Jason questioned him for information Remech had none. Milo tracked down Filipe and Harry who where in a holding cell with German, he stopped time leaving Troy unfrozen and took them to the cell to free Filipe and Harry before getting back to safety on the roof top, while German & Strade planned to go after Milo and kill him.  Milo took them to find their alternate time line counter parts, and since their powers had progressed far beyond there's they easily overpowered them in battle, with Milo taking down James and Harry defeating his counter part with ease. Milo went to put the mutants to sleep with telepathy only for German and HS agents to break in opening fire. Sandra teleported them to the old warehouse, while Remech tried to recruit Jason apologizing for trying to kill him but claiming his powers could do wonders in their business.

In Mexico a mutant named Emilio helped destroy some falling rubble before it hurt some people but Nate swooped in to save him from being swallowed by the earth. The team continued doing their best to evacuate people, while Harry suggested they save the time-line but Filipe reminded him the time-line where they failed would always exist.  Remech convinced Jason to join him and they returned to the camp where he returned his wallet to him.  Milo was forced to warp reality returning them to the original time-line only for Kronos to return still unable to assume a physical form demanding they get the time gem in return for Yamairo's safe return. Nate contacted William for help who altered his DNA to teleport there but injured himself in the process coming to start healing the various injured people. Kronos agreed to sign a soul deal if they found it but Milo couldn't agree so Atlas appeared attacking him. Milo assumed the hulk form and began doing battle with Atlas, while Kronos slowed Troy down to fight Sandra. Filipe attempted to freeze Atlas to aid Milo, while Harry joined the battle against Kronos. Hyperion appeared to join the battle melting the ice around Atlas and all the titans vanished again.  Milo planned to go after Yamairo when a massive earth-quake began in NYC and Milo began evacuating people at the speed of light.

Milo tracked Yamairo down to Olympus and teleported there only to be attacked by Hercules, while in L.A a massive earth-quake began and it began pouring down rain with Zane contacting Aaron to get Kano's help to stop this disaster. Aaron rushed to Kano to wake him up and he gathered the team, Kano used his powers to stop the storm only for an army of Olympian soldiers to attack.  Milo entered the hulk state again to do battle with Hercules, while the Olympian soldiers began to duke it out with Troy, Sandra, Filipe, and Harry.  Ares began joining Hercules in battle attacking Troy, while Poseidon used his powers over water to control Aaron's blood to send him against the others. Kano began doing battle with Poseidon, Aphrodite joined the fray as well using her powers of love on Harry to turn him against his friends, while Milo turned to Ares to start doing battle with him after he attacked Sandra with his shield. Poseidon teleported himself and Kano into the depths of the pacific ocean easily taking over in the fight. Harry blinded in his love for the goddess began fighting Filipe to defend her. While the un-dead began to rise in LA with machine guns opening fire on people, while a black mist enveloped the city and dead soldiers began to attack and Cyber went out to fight only for him to realize their weapons were enhanced by powerful magic as they could easily tear through his armor.

Sandra used her telepathy to bring down Harry knowing they couldn't overcome Aphrodite's powers with any type of persuasion they had at their disposal, and Milo managed to use phasing to put a hole in Hercules chest to bring him down and used TK to drag Yamairo's body over to them. The black mist appeared on Asgard, and began converting Asgardians that inhaled it into undead soldiers, while more undead soldiers attacked various gods Glano feared the end was near. With Poseidon battling Kano in the ocean Aaron was free from his blood contrl and joined the fight only for the undead to bring the Avengers building.  Amber appeared in LA to help out the heroes as she was able to intervene since the pantheon of gods invading earth was an issue worthy of the sorcerer supreme.

Poseidon managed to overpower Kano in the ocean and returned to LA to join his brother in combat. Hades began unleashing the mist into humans to convert them into undead soldiers, and attacked Amber not wanting to deal with her.  Milo returned them to Genosha explaining how the Titans had taken human hosts, Hades proved superior to Amber and began using the undead to drain her life energy, while Poseidon angered that they struck his brother summoned a giant tsunami that wiped out LA. Amber used her magic to teleport herself and the Avengers to safety. Milo teleported the unconscious Yamairo to his bed to rest, and Rachel rushed in having a vision revealing a tsunami wiped out LA and everyone was dead shocking the SXM. Zane had been brought along the SXM and realized they'd left Near's group alone.  The Avengers were in amazement of Amber's home where they were taking refuge and Amber used magic to repair the damage the undead soldiers did to Cyber, who began to self repair. She went to Olympus seeking an audience with Zeus who complimented her on her looks and declared the reason for the god's attack on earth was because of them harboring the titans and Amber promised to aid them in getting the Titans captured but asked that he stop Olympus from causing more damage on earth or face the consequences.

Hades came to Zeus revealing he'd managed to take down Asgard, and Kano was being held captive in the under-world and was debating on casting him into Tartarus. Zeus declared the Big three would have a meeting later and Hermes would deliver his message.  The President contacted Aaron to get an explanation about the events taking place, while Amber went to LA to remove the water so any survivors wouldn't drown and teleported to Milo. Milo explained how the hunt for Kronos was going and Amber suggested they recruit Namini and Sandra free Kano from the under-world and go at Kronos with everything they had.  Milo suggested they develop a plan to deal with the Olympians and suddenly a gigantic lightning bolt came from the sky disintegrating the island, in a split second Milo managed to teleport everyone to Angel's island. Amber and Namini quickly erected mystical barriers around the island, the Avengers were doing search and rescue operations in LA while Aaron was at the S.H.I.E.L.D HQ dealing with the fallback from LA going under-water and trying to get the situation under control.

As they arrived on the island, it began to fall apart as a massive global earth-quake began taking place, and giant tsunami waves began rising across the globe.  Kyle got in contact with Aaron who was requesting his help in dealing with the greek gods, but Kyle explained that while he was in good standing with Olympus being one of Zeus's son's the best he could do was get them to spare the Avengers from their wrath. Amber began using her immense magical energies to try and with Namini's help they put the extreme weather to rest with Milo doing his best to help them as well. Poseidon's laughter was heard as the global earth-quake resumed and Milo struggled to use Blackheart's magical energies to put them to rest before using outright reality manipulation to quell the quake's before falling to the ground drained, and Amber and Namini heading to Olympus to confront Zeus demanding he give them information on how to find Kronos. Poseidon went to Atlantis to recruit Ganta and his people quickly submitted to the god wanting to help him exact vengeance on humanity.

Filipe thought of a plan to get them more time and to help Kano telling Harry about Gaea knowing she didn't want Kano or the earth to be destroyed. Harry rushed over to Milo to get his help to find the elder god the one person who could help them hold off the gods of Olympus. Milo managed to locate her but was too tired to accompany him on his search, and Harry went off on his own to find her using his knowledge of her to try to find someone who matched her description. Zeus was unwilling to talk to Amber knowing she played a role in liberating Kronos, and claimed the Titans would take over earth unless they were stopped.

Namini spoke up for mortals defending them and explaining how the nature of her powers let her see how the Olympian gods energies flowed but didn't attempt to recreate them out of respect for the gods. Harry spoke to Gaea who assured him despite how angry the Olympians were she wouldn't let them and began talking to him about Yamairo and Isabel's tragic end to their relationship and how deeply she felt her fall since she was tied to the earth. Zeus admitted he respected the SXM for all the good they've done for the world but was upset none the less about the damage they'd caused by freeing Kronos. Zeus gave them 3 days to bring Kronos or he'd eradicate the earth in an attempt to stop the Titans who had human vessels. Before Harry could ask for help in freeing Kano, Gaea admitted she'd take care of that situation herself. She teleported to Olympus to confront Zeus about how he was acting with too much violence and that he should free Kano instantly. Amber and Namini returned to deliver the news to the SXM about how they had 3 days to get Kronos or the earth would be wiped out. Harry returned and mentioned that they still had hope as Gaea had agreed to help them.

Zeus tried to defend his actions to his grandmother claiming Asgard had attacked earth twice in the past few years, although Gaea noted both times they'd been manipulated by outside forces. Milo figured the best way to track down Kronos was to get the time gem, while Alex and Ezekiel decided to work together on a method to find the time gem. Milo formed a cone to help Troy's squad with finding survivors in LA before leaving with Ezekiel to the lab to meet up with Alex to devise a method to find the gem. Jason wanted to find out information about a Professor Bill, and Remech went to do research on him finding out he was dead. Milo's clone helped S.H.I.E.L.D, Cyber, and Troy's team find any humans still alive that survived the tsunami. Jason did research learning he was infamous for helping a dangerous mutant gain superhuman strength, and upon doing research discovered he was that mutant which scared Remech.  Milo had gave himself, Alex, and Ezekiel enhanced speed to work on the machine and completed a devise that could locate time alterations. Milo used the machine going through various alterations and managed to track down the time gem with it.  Zeus contemplated freeing Kano claiming how he hadn't even reached Odin or even Thor's level of power and he'd already caused havoc claiming the Asgardians were a threat that they didn't need to deal with.

Remech went to fetch Jason an Ak-47, and promised to introduce him to his brother Posu also a mutant who could help him gain control of his abilities. Milo used the time gem along with his telepathy to send a message through-out time that he'd obtained the gem and told the Titans to meet him on Angel's island. Remech took Jason to introduce him to Posu who revealed his power of puppet master and tried to give him some pointers on how to shape shift.  Kronos and the Titans refused to give into Milo's demands and show up on the island, so Milo hid the gem in an alternate dimension where he stashed the others Olympus was after. Milo wanted to give Tanya the mission to search the planet for the Titans knowing they were stuck in their human vessels,  Milo granted her unlimited stamina and teleportation to help with her mission. Posu helped Jason successfully become a splitting image of him and took him out to the yard to test how strong he was starting by asking him to toss a metal crate.  After doing that effortlessly he asked Jason to move an armored truck with ease, Posu was impressed with his power and began giving him a tour of the facility. Milo went to go talk to Shin asking him questions about his power and talk about what to get Tanya for her birthday.

The next day Zach and Chulance were playing video games in the lobby when Ezekiel and Troy were invited to join them,  Milo teleported in to join them playing GTA 5, while at the Mutant Holding Facility Lex was working on something when a massive explosion went off and several security guards were shrunken. Zulan found Sancho's cell and was quick to break him out knowing Shawkun was imprisoned in his body. Regan lead a S.H.I.E.L.D team to Russia planning to invade Remech's concentration camp and liberate his slaves.  The woman who shrunk the guards was none other then Kathy's mother Alice who was murdering several guards when Zulan linked up with her and took them to the Hide-out also speaking with Wave who had been liberated from imprisonment in LA when Poseidon sunk the city. Zulan explained his plans to go to war with the gods by targeting Mount Olympus, Remech was enjoying breakfast with two hookers when he heard gun shots outside. SHIELD agents began their assault while librating slaves with Regan leading the rescue operation, with Remech requesting Jason's help to deal with SHIELD wondering how they found them when their mutant worker Hector had the power of cloaking.  At the Hideout a man with the ability to duplicate Bryan came in revealing training with Angie had been going well, and soon they'd be ready to go on a mission.

SHIELD called for reinforcements in the form of a hellicarrier that rained down bullets from the sky as well as rockets damaging parts of the concentration camp that had been cleared of any captives, with Remech trying to figure out what was going on. Bryan want to get Angie who was training wanting to get her help for a mission, while Posu made his way to Hector's room finding out SHIELD took him down. An agent confronted him but he used his power to take control of the agent and make him shoot himself in the head. Zulan went to Angel's island masking himself before locating Tenshi and Kiya imprisoned in prison cells requesting their help while Kiya told Tenshi who was, and tried to understand why Zulan had let Shawkun absorb their souls and left them in their cells. Zulan revealed Jack and Angie's souls had been restored when Shawkun was defeated, and that he wanted to come for them earlier but the SXM weren't the forgiving type and being moved to this island they lacked the same security measures making coming after them easier. He recruited Tenshi seeking his help to attack Mount Olympus revealing the gods would destroy the earth in two days unless they stopped them.

Posu managed to reunite with Posu as another missile hit their facility, while Jason shape-shifted into a SHIELD agent then quickly turned on the agents who assumed he was one of them gunning them down.  Zulan also explained that Angel and his mother had restarted the Agency due to the hunter situation, and planned to keep mutants hidden to preserve their race from the hunters second attack. Jason began to undergo some sort of transforming growing more muscular, gaining superhuman speed, and his eyes becoming red allowing him to tear apart SHIELD agents with ease. Zulan took himself, Kiya, and Tenshi back to the hideout running into his mother Feline, and Angel finding out Wave, and Strade were training in the dojo getting ready to invade Olympus.

Kronos and the Titans still trapped in their human vessels were enjoying lunch at a sea-food restaurant planning to take a trip to Russia to find Remech then go after the time gem afterwards. Zulan returned Tenshi's blade revealing he witnessed the battle and retrieved it afterwards. Zulan teleported himself, Wave, Bryan, Angie, Kiya, Tenshi, and Wave to Mount Olympus. Zulan used his powers to form a celestial bronze blade for Bryan who summoned several clones to aid him as Olympian soldiers came out to do battle with them. Regan had managed to flee the scene with several captives but many were left behind due to Jason wiping out a vast number of the agents assigned to the rescue mission. Zulan formed a celestial bronze gun with unlimited ammo for Kiya, while Ares and Hercules came to join the soldiers in the battle against Zulan's team. Zulan began taking Ares on one one doing battle with him at superhuman speed using various powers to combat Ares's divine weaponry, while Hercules was surprised when Tenshi's spirit energy hurt him not knowing of it's anti god properties, and charged Tenshi and Angie.

Zeus sensed Zulan's presence on Olympus, and was irritated telling Gaea that the mortals kept aggravating him and giving him reason to wipe out the earth. Gaea shed a tear upset with all the death and destruction going on and quickly weakened Zulan's team before teleporting to confront them asking why they were attacking Olympus, explaining who she was and why she wanted the fighting to end.  Amber had been meditating when her magic alarm she left on Olympus went off and she went to Milo explaining how Zulan had launched an attack on the gods and asked whether they should help Zeus and co to buy them time or let Zulan continue with his attack. Zulan wasn't keen on listening to Gaea using one of his abilities to restore the life energy Gaea had sapped from them, and Zeus snapped tired of his grandmother meddling in his affairs and launching a massive bolt of lightning at Tenshi who Gaea was trying to persuade from continuing his actions claiming immortals couldn't control their everlasting life. Remech intended to use Jason to make money in the illegal underground fighting ring, and took Jason down to the ring betting enormous amounts of money on him. Milo was hesitant to help Olympus claiming they'd waste more time then they had and that the Olympians would hate them regardless if they helped them deal with Zulan, knowing Gaea was more powerful then him and none of them could actually die.

Gaea used a blast of holy energy to bring Zulan down literally crying tears begging him to stop the attack on Olympus, and the others on his team were in shock at her awesome power. Zulan manage to use a combination of various powers to heal the damage from the elder god's attack trying to get her out of the way to continue his battle with Poseidon joining the battle to defend his grandmother, but Gaea once again interfering wanting them to stop the battle and try to realize none of the fighting made sense as Kronos was the real enemy. Amber informed Milo she'd picked up several magical signatures on earth and any of them could be Kronos. Milo got the locations from her mind and began his search, while Amber reached out to Filipe's squad to go to Olympus with her to stop Zulan's madness. Gaea continued to plead with Zulan to stop his attack on the gods claiming this was counter-productive to saving the world.

A Dark mist began spreading through Olympus and several gods were being injured by the mist, while Zulan continued to argue with Gaea. Zeus began doing battle with Tenshi entertaining him to learn more about his mysterious power which was able to hurt him easier then most mortals, and Poseidon began to attack Angie, and Kiya wanting to eliminate them but Gaea was preventing him from disintegrating them. Zulan getting tired of debating trapped Gaea in an admantium prison only for her to escape effortlessly and realize arguing with him was futile and begged Zeus not to kill them all not wanting to feel their deaths. Amber arrived on Olympus and went after Zulan not having any qualms about hurting him unlike Gaea, while Filipe, Riya, Kujon, and Kathy joined the battle trying to prevent injuries on either side. Poseidon was about to kill Kiya and Angie when Hades attacked him revealing he was hte one manipulating the black mist and had turned against the other gods, and the two brothers began to do battle. Remech was making more and more money as Jason took down opponent after opponent only for Regan and the SHIELD agents to burst in the fighting ring using flash grenades and smoke screens while attempting to take down Remech, which caused Jason to began transforming again. Zeus was getting tired of playing games gathering a massive amount of energy and unleashing a massive beam to which Tenshi responded doing the same resulting in a beam struggle  that thanks to the property of spirit energy he managed to win.

Filipe began trying to reason with Zulan's team mates, and Bryan used a clone to sneak up on Poseidon to stab him with a celestial blade, giving Hades the upper hand in the fight while Filipe used his ice powers to freeze the clones. Amber and Zulan began doing battle, with Zulan demonstrating vast progess with his powers causing Amber to up the ante and reign down mystical attacks to bring down the super powered serial killer. Atlas appeared tossing Regan into a wall calling Jason Typhon, as SHIELD called on the Avengers for back up to deal with the super powered attackers. Zeus was in immense pain due to the spirit energy attack realizing he under-estimated Tenshi and should have simply used his powers to disintegrate him when was at full power pleading with him to spare him in exchange for godhood and his wildest dreams come true. Amber revealed to Zulan that they'd already gotten the time gem and they simply needed to set up a trap but Zulan was too paranoid to trust the SXM, while Filipe struggled to keep Poseidon and Zulan's team mates from fighting each other getting harmed in the process by one of Bryan's clones with a celestial blade. Milo teleported to the Titans location and used his powers on Atlas to form a voodoo doll on him and set it on fire to burn the titan alive, but Kronos reversed the damage on the doll, and Atlas resumed battle with Milo who entered his hulk state again. Oceanus appeared to Jason revealing he was the current host of Typhon and with his help they could crush Olympus and rule the mortals again.

Oceanus cast a spell and began causing Jason to began transforming even further into Typhon, while Cyber managed to apprehend Remech who was attempting to flee. Posu used his power on the android causing him to blast himself and went to retrieve his brother so they could flee the scene, while Tenshi was unable to be bribed by Zeus and put his full power into one massive blast of spirit energy to finish off the king of Olympus. Natsu managed to burn Kronos with his fire, with the titan lord discovering in their human forms they were vulnerable to magical attacks. Milo went over to Jason to stop the transformation but he was too strong already knocking Milo aside with ease, giving Posu the distraction he needed to try to escape with his brother. Kronos not wanting to risk getting further injured by magical attacks teleported away with Jason who was almost fully converted into his Typhon form. As the dust from the explosion cleared on Olympus and nothing was left of Zeus, Zulan fled Olympus with his forces taking Aphrodite with him. Elsa managed to capture Remech causing Posu to flee on his own. Cyber spoke up saying they should track Jason and kill him before his transformation was complete as Typhon was so powerful he caused the gods to be afraid.

Milo was tired from battling the titans and went back to his mother's island planning to rest and continue the search for Kronos afterwards. Milo embraced Marie but was sad to reveal he failed in capturing Kronos only bringing bad news that Typhon had found a host and would soon reach his full power again.  Riya suggested they get Zach's help to use his power against Zulan, while at the Hideout Aphrodite's corpse was seen as Zulan had pushed his powers to another level managing to ascend into godhood thanks to killing the goddess of love and gain immense emotional powers. Angel came to speak with Zulan saying that everything they were doing was necessary, Amber was able to trace Kronos's energy signal again only for him to block her out leaving him hidden again and with Typhon about to reach full power. The Heroes ended their day on a bleak note while Milo suggested they send the stealth team out to find the Titans to discover what type of power Typhon had in Jason's body.

Kronos came to the underworld using his powers of time to revrse time to liberate Kano and the Asgardian gods who'd been converted into slaves of the death world. Hades sprung forth unleashing a blast of magical energy on his father, revealing Zeus was dead, and he'd managed to absorb Poseidon and planned to kill him while Kronos proposed that his son join him and they could rule the universe together claiming he was his favorite son. Hades turned down his offer still holding a grudge while Kronos managed to heal the Asgardian warriors and escaped the underworld with them. Namini came to see Amber who'd been searching for Kronos all night, while James was using cerebro to try to track down Zulan. Kronos and the titans had come to the island to do battle with the SXM bringin along Jason who quickly transformed into his Typhon hybrid state. Milo went to do battle with Typhon, while Hyperion also came to join the battle against the SXM. Leah replicated Riya's ability, and took herself along with Kathy to join the battle against the Titans, with James reaching out to Sandra for help to stop them. Filipe, and Harry also joined the fray doing their best to bring down Atlas. Amber used a spell to negate temporal powers in the area, only for another titan Krios to join the battle going on the offensive against Amber.

Milo continued to do battle Jason who grew wings and grew to nine feet becoming more of a monstrous form only for Prometheus to spring forth grabbing Milo using his divine psioninc powers to raid Milo's mind and cause him to bring the time gem to him. Prometheus then caused himself and the Titans to vanish with the time gem with Milo falling to the ground in pain realizing he'd failed to stop the titans from getting what they want and doomed the world.  Kyle showed up at the Avengers base bleeding and injured with a body bag and inside was an injured Zeus whom he managed to retrieve. Both Kyle and his father were given immediate medical attention by Aaron, while the Avengers tried to figure out who managed to injure Zeus to this extent. Cyber contacted the SXM's emergency hot-line revealing they needed a healer, and Yamairo took William to the Avengers HQ to heal Zeus. Yamairo managed to use his time powers to heal Kyle's wounds since he was only a demi-god, but explained healing Zeus one of the most powerful gods would take longer and probably drain William who went to work. Kronos used the time gem's powers to summon forth an army of various mythical monsters from the ancient days when they roamed the earth, and set forth the monsters to attack the entire world.

Nate and Zach had went to check the news to see what was happening, and say from various source's that mythical greek monsters were attacking the entire planet. Upon being healed Kyle told the Avengers about spirit energy, and how it was basically like kryptonite to the gods, which is how Tenshi was able to bring down Zeus despite being far less powerful then him. Milo realized they had no choice but to face the full wrath of the Titan's army, and the whole team began to do battle with the monsters that began attacking the island. Several monsters began attacking the Avengers including a dangerous mythical creature known as the Ladon. The Asgardians began to join the monsters attack as Kronos had used the time gem to revert them to the state when they had warrior's madness induced on them by the Phoenix Alliance, and Cyber launched a large beam of energy at an asgardian god, and began doing battle with them.

Milo decided to take on Kano alone, and began doing battle with his divine friend trading various blows and powers. Kano attempted to end the fight by opening up a portal sucking Milo into the sun only for him to reform and resume the battle tearing apart the island. Amber jumped into Milo's fight using Hex magic claiming she'd picked it up from Wanda but avoided using it to prevent herself from jacking up her mental state, while asking Sandra to help because at the rate they were going Milo and Kano's fight would destroy the planet. Amber went to Olympus finding it damaged and found Hercules and requested their help revealing Zeus was alive.

Zeus had finally recovered and stepped in saving Aaron from a group of monsters that overwhelmed him. Amber returned to Angel's island with Olympians to help, while Hercules came to aid Zeus. Milo took his battle with Kano into space where they could go all out without worrying about wiping out the planet, with Kano tossing Milo into the moon ripping off a chunk of it. Milo responded by using pieces of the moon as a weapon against the god of war, Milo reformed the moon to prevent damage on earth and summoned a giant jar around Kano to drain his cosmic energies only for him to escape, and get warped into the sun by the hero. Kano emerged unharmed before Milo used a massive beam of plasma and heat on Kano blasting him into Mars destroying Mars in his attempt to stop Kano. Kano emerged and the battle continued in space with Milo blasting Kano aside to get time to reform Mars, and they both began realizing the vast majority of their powers were useless against each other. Milo ended up combining Peter and Harry's powers to move faster then light and became the size of the planet earth dealing a bone crushing blow to Kano. Kano having no other option tapped into the Odinforce managing to become the size of the sun and Milo did the same and they began to do battle with shock-waves traveling through the galaxy rocking all nine planets, Milo grabbed Kano warping them far far away as they both became the size of galaxies to continue their battle  only for Milo to put all his power into reducing Kano to his regular size and remaining galaxy sized quickly unleashed the spirit cannon a massive galaxy sized blast of spirit energy to tear Kano apart winning the fight and causing several galaxies to experience shaking from the sheer power released.

Milo resumed his normal size and healed Kano using magical energies and biokinsis to cure Kano of his warrior madness before stashing his body in the same dimension he put Anna and them. He returned to earth weary from his battle only for the Titans to have been restored to their original forms and unleash massive blasts of energy on the planet. Hyperion appeared on Genosha and unleashed a massive beam of light that the SXM with Amber and Namini's help managed to block, while in the ruins of LA Atlas showed up to do battle against Zeus, Yamairo, and the Avengers.  Oceanus joined Hyperion both proving immune to Filipe and Harry's powers now, while Milo attempted to blow them up and the Titans revealed in their true forms they could choose to ignore the effects of most powers. Amber and Namini began doing battle against the restored titans who didn't want to kill them as they wanted entertainment, and Leah suggested trying to replicate Hyperion's powers, but Milo revealed he'd already copied their powers but they weren't on the same level as the titans.

Milo ordered the stealth team to track down Jason to prevent him from becoming Typhon or they'd have no chance of saving the planet. Amber drew the soul sword managing to cut Oceanus's head off only for him to regnerate, and Zulan arrived with Tenshi both using spirit energy to ham Oceanus and Hyperion revealing that spirit energy could not only harm the gods but the titans as well. Milo snatched the soul sword infusing himself and the blade with large amounts of spirit energy and stabbing Oceanus causing him to yell out in pain as he caused a wound the titan couldn't heal even in his true form. Milo partnered with Tenshi to go against Oceanus, while Zulan worked with Amber to go against Hyperion each duo using spirit energy to enhance their partner's attacks against the titans.

Zeus and Aaron were working together fighting a loosing battle against Atlas, while Zeus mentioned the mortal Tenshi who had defeated him and the nature of his powers which could be used against the gods. William was working with Filipe to freeze Asgardians and purge them of warrior's madness. Milo and Tenshi working together managed to defeat Oceanus, and a darkness swallowed him into tartarus as Hades appeared regretting turning on his family and causing the whole planet to be enveloped in a dark mist as he summoned limitless undead fighters to aid the SXM, Avengers, and Olympian gods, while Poseidon had been freed from Hades captivity and recruited Ganta and the Atlanteon's to help battle the monsters unleashed by Kronos. The stealth team reunited by Anna who Milo had let go from the dimension since Olympus was no longer after them went to the mansion to get Rachel and Holst wanting their help to find out if Jason was still in his human form.

Zulan enhanced Amber's magic with spirit energy and they managed to bring down Hyperion who was dragged into Tartarus as well. Hades explained how the other Titans were more powerful then the ones the SXM had brought down and they'd need more then spirit energy enhanced attacks to stop them. Milo teleported himself and Tenshi to the ruins of LA to join the Avengers, while Tenshi was impressed Zeus was alive. The god launched a massive planet shaking bolt of lightning at Atlas.  Working together with Tenshi and Milo they managed to defeat Atlas and Zeus overpowered the titan sending him back to his job of holding the sky up for eternity.  Kyle hugged his father glad to have saved him, and Zeus told Yamairo how he could use his powers to locate Kronos although the strain could probably kill him. Milo did it instead and located the Titans on a twisted replica of Mount Olympus teleporting them there to find Kronos and establishing a telepathic link between them, while Fawkes explained the situation to Holst who went to retrieve some painting gear to find Jason.

Amber arrived to find the stealth team to teleport them to the Titans dwelling place, while Milo and them found an army of all the Titans in their original forms in the war room except for Kronos and Prometheus.  Milo used Alisa's power to supercharge Zulan and Tenshi working together to form a massive spirit bomb composed of spirit energy and detonating it in the war room before teleporting the team to another dimension for safety hoping they wiped out the titan army. The Stealth team was in the midst of about to kill Jason when time froze and Kronos and Prometheus appeared claiming the spirit energy bomb was impressive but he could restore the army and only Typhon mattered. Milo learned a good bit of the titans survived their bombing, and Prometheus immobilized the stealth team.

Prometheus discovered only Krios and Iaeptus survived the bombing, while Jason went to NYC in his Typhon armor and began doing battle with the X Force   clashing with Alex, Keeth, Erica, Peter, and various other members. While Yamairo had managed to save the stealth team, Tenshi, Zeus, and others confronted the titan who gave mortals fire.  Prometheus revealed he still wanted to help humans and planned to betray Kronos and his plan was to unite humanity through pain and suffering, and unleash Typhon every 100 years to kill millions to force unification.  Milo went to New York to join the heroes in the battle against Jason,  while they did battle with Prometheus Tenshi managed to harm him with spirit energy and he pleaded with them claiming humanity wouldn't survive.

Prometheus discovered some more titans besides those he initially detected had survived, and activated a false safe causing portals to open allowing the Titans to flee back to Tartarus. Milo began doing battle against Jason who grew to 50 feet tall nearly completing his transformation as Keeth and Alex did their best to support the battle against the father of monsters. Yamairo, Sandra, Tenshi, and Zulan teleported to New York to help Milo while Typhon proved highly resistant to a barrage of spirit energy attacks from both Zulan and Tenshi, with Kronos stopping Yamairo from stopping time. Milo became pure psionic energy and entered Jason/Typhon, while Yamairo began a desperate assault on Kronos. Milo managed to drag Typhon from out of Jason who unlike the other Titans hadn't reached the point where he was stable without a host body, and began to use various powers including spirit energy and magical energy to pound the monster into oblivion before he could recover, while Kronos had the time gem and attempted to go back in time to wipe out the entire SXM before they were ever born. Prometheus appeared taking down Kronos having retrieved both the mind gem and space gem, he took the time gem from Kronos reverting him to his human body and fleeing the scene promising to return to earth at another time. Yamairo drew the odin sword and attacked Kronos in his human body using his own time powers to cause the wound from the odin-sword not to heal, and Peter moved in to deliver the final blow against the time god.

The final portal opened up dragging the defeated Kronos into tartarus and Milo fell to the ground drained from defeating Typhon. Zeus forgave the mortals returning to Olympus with the gods to make amends with Hades, while Milo re-energized himself and tried to capture Zulan who escaped with Tenshi. Milo decided not to pursue them as they'd figured out the key to defeating the Titans at full power and saving the world. Milo returned the team to Angel's island and Yamairo suggested Milo repair Genosha and LA but they had to do something about all the lives that were lost. Harry was worried that Prometheus had three gems and Harry suggested they find the rest to prevent him from becoming omnipotent. Kano & The Asgardians headed to LA to help with the reconstruction efforts, while Milo revealed Prometheus had left the space gem in Dave's grave, and spread the other gems out to prevent someone like Kronos from getting access to them as in his own twisted way he did want to help humanity after-all. Milo then repaired Genosha and teleported the team as well as the population from his mother's island back to the restored Genosha. Yamairo and Harry doubted they could trust the titan in light of recent events, while Rachel was quick to embrace Filipe glad he was alive and the whole ordeal with the gods and titans was over. Katy tried to get Sandra to come back to the team but she decided she wasn't ready to go back to being a full time superhero and planned to go off on her own again. Sandra teleported away to return to Manny's crew with Milo wishing her luck and the team happy that despite everything they overcame the odds and saved the earth from it's biggest threat yet.

End Olympian Wars Arc


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Two days had passed since the defeat of Kronos and the Titans, and the Olympians held Aphrodite's funeral on Mount Olympus. In honor of the goddess of love as well as their restored truce with humanity Zeus had reversed the deaths he'd caused in his hunt for the SXM members he blamed for freeing Kronos. Milo took out his super laptop Stewart gave him and began researching current crimes hoping to track down Zulan. Nate joined Ezekiel, Elle, Kathy, Chulance , and Leah for breakfast cooked up by the elastic genius himself. Sandra was enjoying a nice day out with the pirates when a blast of magma was launched at the ship and Menace came stating it was time to bring them in.

Nate talked to the group about his new record deal, and how his music career was finally kicking off, while Zach complained about homework and still being in high school. Tesla had finished going shopping and showed Katy her new clothing enjoying the perks of being able to make diamonds. Leah went to talk to Katy and Tesla explaining alot of stuff was vanishing in Brooklyn and suggested they investigate, while James came to Fawkes with a job for the stealth team explaining there were numerous strange assassination's taking place in Japan and no one could trace them. Fawkes was busy with the X Force and suggested Anna take the reigns. A fight broke out near the heroes as the arrived, but Katy was quick to break it up with one man accusing the other of stealing all his food. Milo roamed the streets of the Big apple invisible going to visit Ben to check on him, finding out his daughter was doing good. Milo told him he could always contact him if his daughter manifested an ability dangerous like his but declined staying for dinner as he was searching for Zulan. Mikey got back to the apartment complaining to Metallic about how he got fired for getting into a fight with his boss and didn't want to go back to MHF.

It turns out the two men fighting one was the boss accusing his employee of stealing all the food in the restaurant claiming it randomly vanished. The man begged his boss not to fire him as he needed his job to support his family.  Manny suggested Sandra stay out of the fight as she was known to the public as a member of the SXM and he began to do battle with Menace. Fawkes contacted the stealth team via James, and Leah realized her search for the missing food would have to take a halt. The FBI came to apartment looking for Mikey in connection with an assault on his boss, Manda answered the door and lied for Mikey to the agent. The man who was fired revealed his name as Lenny Bolzworth while Tesla went to investigate a scream finding an unconscious woman and a man charging her with a knife asking about the whereabouts of his son. Tesla easily took down the attacker only for him to reveal himself as Jave, Dave's father wanting to locate his son.

The agent drained energy from Manda and tossed her aside, before Metallic stepped in to encase the man's feet in metal. Mikey came forward only for the man to stop time and teleport away with Mikey. Tesla realized Jave was Dave's father and took him to Dave who was saddened to learn his son was dead, and threatened to kill people until they revived his son. The man turned out to be an aura absorber and Sindus's brother Ian also known as the Bearded man who'd captured Mikey for Sindus. Fawkes told Anna to lead the mission and revealed the main weapons were katana's and police suspected Yakuza. He instructed them to intervene if it was mutants and if it was human to just deliver information to the police. Jave kidnapped two teenage girls and left their bodies in the street, while Katy and Tesla returned to Genosha putting two and two together realizing Jave had been stealing food and various things to lead the SXM to him to find out where Dave was. They explained the situation to Yamairo,  while Sindus asked his brother what powers he had at the moment and wanted his help to take down the SXM.

Jin and Jim found Nina trying to eat someone, and Milo came to listen to the girls talk debating on reviving Dave not only to stop Jave but to get Sandra back on the team. Jin was unable to contact Mikey, Metallic, and Manda worrying him, while Yamairo suggested it was too late to bring Dave from the dead. Fawkes had given the stealth team some money and arranged for them to have five days at a decent quality hotel in Tokyo. Leah replicated James power before they went on the mission while Milo decided they needed to stop Jave and get him to accept Dave died. Yamairo suggested he read her mind so he could know what Jave looks like and track him down. Leah began using her telepathy to listen to various thoughts in hopes of finding a Yakuza member, Milo explained Jave was wearing a mask when he confronted them so Hank's power couldn't help. Milo began painting the future to try to find Dave's father, while Leah managed to locate a Yakuza.

Leah managed to mind control the Yakuza man and planned to use him to get to their superiors, Harry and Rail combining their powers to make them invisible and intangible. Leah read the boss's mind figuring out the killings had to do with rival sections within the Yakuza, while Milo stopped painting teleporting right after Jave had stabbed  a man. Milo healed him saving him from death but Jave had already teleported away, Milo returned to Genosha getting irritated with the cat and mouse game. Milo went into the future then returned finding out Jave was going to kill a bus driver causing the bus to crash and cause a major traffic accident. Milo went to the bus seconds before the murder happened and moving at super speed he took down Jave knocking him unconscious. He returned to Genosha with the unconscious teleporter and absorbed his power before sending him to a holding cell. He stripped him of his knife as well and informed Katy to help him get it through to his head that Dave was dead and he went to bed, while Katy explained they all loved Dave he was dead, and Jave woke up crying about his son's death not being able to accept it.

The next morning Milo was trying to reason with Jave about how Dave was gone, and that without his power he was on lockdown. However an explosion went off, and as the debris cleared Jave was gone. At the hotel Leah had woken up entertaining herself with some TV, while Anna went to talk Harry who was impatient with their mission and wanted to get back to the danger room to keep training with the duplicate of Hyperion the titan of light. Anna learned he was attempting to become as strong as Milo which she felt was impossible while Harry stated that her and some of the others had been stagnant in terms of their power development. Yamairo, Troy, and Katy came to Milo's aid as he revealed someone was gathering mutants for something and they pondered if it was Zulan and if they knew if Jave's powers were gone.

Anna decided with everyone up the stealth team could get started on their mission, getting Rail, and Leah ready, Harry made them invisible, and Leah used her telepathy to find the meeting place, and they headed out. In a church like area a priest had a book and was working on a sermon about the beginning of humanity and the celestials ties to their development. The Stealth team arrived at the meeting and Leah tried to read their minds only for them to figure out they had a telepath with Anna realizing what they meant for them. Right then an explosion went off with only Rail and Anna being able to use their powers to save themselves from being knocked unconscious by the blast.

Elle, Shin, and Riya were out shopping with the girls trying to help Shin get something for Tanya as her birthday was coming up. Many mutants came to the Priest's sermon and he began preaching about a mutant religion speaking about various things tied to the religion including Magneto. Two mutants were responsible for Harry and Leah's defeat Zin-So, and Hui-Ren.  Anna realized they could still read her thoughts but not Rail's as he was intangible. Zin used his powers to cause a massive shockwave causing Rail to spring into action turning Leah and Harry intangible to save them as the floor collapsed beneath them.

Marie walking through the base stumbled on Rachel helping Filipe hone his powers in the danger room. Filipe was contacted by Yamairo and them about the situation with Jave, his escape, and the mutant army being built. Zin ordered Anna and the stealth team to surrender, while Anna realized the minute Rail became tangible to grab her these two mutants would take him down. Several ninja's with peak human speed members of the Yakuza began doing battle with the Yakuza while Rail floated away with his team mates. Milo had called a meeting of the squad leaders to discuss the situation with Zulan putting together an army, and decided they should devise a system to monitor mutants to stunt Zulan's recruiting process, but that there system shouldn't alert the government.

In Chicago some people were enjoying a party when an entire building vanished and people were screaming in panic.  Anna began doing her best to fight off the ninja army having a flash back to a training session she had with Filipe shortly after the battle against Illiria with Filipe going into detail about how she had total control of kinetic energy like Gambit a member of the former X Men. She realized he was right having seen her powers develop in her battle against the clay manipulator. Anna began tapping into her full control of kinetic energy to do battle with the ninja's and overwhelm them. However her powers didn't guarantee her victory against Zin and Ren, the former of which had the power to manipulate shockwave's of various strength and along with his armed combat skills and knife managed to overwhelm Anna in the end stabbing her after pushing her powers to the limit. They fled the scene while Rail got to a phone booth and contacted the SXM hotline getting in contact with William revealing how bad the situation had gotten and how he had to leave Anna behind to escape with Harry and Leah.

James devised a plan to use cerebro to find all the mutants, and then with Milo's help form psionic links with them to keep track of them, and then the next time Zulan got a mutant they could use the link to track him down. Chulance and Ezekiel burst into their meeting interrupting revealing an entire building in Chicago had vanished. This caused several concerns among the heroes including how did Zulan manage to snatch an entire building at once, as well as the safety of the people within the building.  At the church sermon the priest congratulated a girl named Emma who was responsible for the building vanished, and invited her to be one of his ushers, and she was happy to help knowing how bad normal humans could be.

Nate took Chulance and Ezekiel away to go monitor the news stations and see what information they could pull up, while Milo went to seek out Alisa to work on putting together the telepathic links to the mutant race. At the sermon the Priest told Kevin another young mutant that it was his turn to play his part in their mission to save the mutant race. William got in contact with Yamairo with situation with Anna, and Milo came immediately as his sister was involved. He sent the unconscious Harry and Leah back to Genosha, and took himself, Yamairo, and Rail to Anna's location only to find she was missing as well as those she did battle with and the police were already at the scene.  At the white house Kevin used his power to hijack bodies to hijack the body of a secret service agent putting a gun to the President's head. He threatened him revealing they had 24 hours to pay them a sum of money or the hostages wouldn't be returned alive, and set off a flash grenade to make his escape, while the secret service agent was shot multiple times after Kevin left his body.

Kathy came in to talk to Nate, Ezekiel, Chulance, James, and Kujon revealing the situation at the white house, and the ransom. James decided it was best to get in contact with Aaron, and Carl.  Milo tried and tried to find Anna but was unable to but was suspicious about what ablility was keeping her hidden, thinking it was similar to telepathy but different. Yamairo returned Rail to his room as he could contribute to the search no more, and Milo left to get Harry.  Anna woke up with Zin as memories flooded her mind, and Zin claimed the SXM had done a number on her without further elaborating. The Secret Service Agent who'd attacked the President earlier was arrested despite claiming he was manipulated. Riya, Elle, and Shin were finishing up shopping when the felt tremors and decided to head back to the mansion. Chulance, Kathy, and Kujon where enjoying lunch when they all put together the plan to spring the SS agent out of jail to find out of he was innoent or a mutant manipulated them. Riya went to spend some time alone while Ellen and Shin joined them for lunch, and Marie did as well. She was somewhat against their plan to cause a prison break but Chulance sympathized with her claiming the SS Agent might be innocent and stuck in prison because of powers.

Nate sought out William wanting his help to open up a hospital full of healers, and William's only stipulation for the healers is that they have medical knowledge. Nate revealed they did, but if William chose he could still give them private classes. Filipe went to see Harry in the infirmary talking about what Milo suspected earlier that someone with the same power as Mastermind had helped defeat them. Harry found out Leah, and Rail were okay but that Anna was missing, and Rachel had volunteered to go break the news to Alisa. Yamairo and Fawkes had went back to the crime scene, and Fawkes rendered them invisible before they went back in time to try and track down the people who kidnapped Anna. They got their faces, but the kidnappers teleported away so Yamairo was unable to track them.  They returned to Cerebro to talk to James revealing the kidnappers identities Zin-So and Hui-Ren, while Kujon, Kathy, Shin, Kathy, Elle, Chulance, and Marie went to the prison to break out the agent. Kujon summoned a GL ring, and Kathy shrunk them down and they went to infitlrate the building, while Chulance broke into the air vents adapting his way through security. Shin and  Elle were converted into electricity to sneak into the prison, and Marie monitored them with her air powers not wanting to get involved but prevent them from doing something stupid. They eventually triggered the alarms when Chulance shook the agent awake, and explained who they were. Kujon formed a brick of GL energy to block the guards from entering, and they escaped the prison another route only for SHIELD agents to arrive in hellicarriers and toss smoke grenades and open fire. Marie came to join them using her air powers to blow away smoke while Chulance adapted at the last minute and teleported the group back to the mansion.

As they went to watch the TV, they saw reports of the prison break with the media painting it as a terrorist freeing an ally attack. Kujon remembered he left the brick of energy, and summoned it to the ring but it caused destruction to the prison, guards, and some media person ell on live TV as it flew back to him and was re-absorbed into his ring. Marie lectured them on how Milo would be disappointing, but gave up saying they should take the man to James to be further examined. Kathy and Marie went to Cerebro with the agent getting there at the same time as Milo who had stopped a massive storm in Mexico.

Elle and Shin went to grab some grub before Troy, and Katy joined them talking about events that were going and how Anna was still missing. At Cerebro Milo supercharged James and they began forming psionic links with mutants across the planet to see if they go missing. Milo suggested that perhaps the same person who targeted the President took Anna but James deduced they were different due to their tactics.  Tanya came to join them eating, and Rachel finally got to Alisa's place telling her what happened with Anna. Zin spoke to none other then Iliria about his end of the deal, and the next day at the Genosha harbor early that morning Zin launched a shockwave, and several heroes including Kujon, Kathy, Elle, Yamairo, Filipe, Harry, Troy, Katy, and Shin came to deal with it. Milo was playing a demo of an SXM video game, but Nate even convinced him to come, and Zin revealed they wanted Milo to come to an undisclosed location.

The heroes protested wanting Anna to come back to them safely, but they revealed they were part of a group of assassins known as Avalanche and Anna was a former member who's memories were tampered with. Yamairo recalled when he first recruited her, and Chulance refused to believe Anna was a traitor. Anna herself attacked Harry and the group fled after Milo accepted their proposition being allowed to peak into Zin's head for the location time. The group then split up amongst themselves with Milo going to the dangeroom to train, and began using one power at a time trying to push the limits he could get with each power, and Harry found him in the danger room bleeding as he was suppressing his healing factor and other abilities. Harry encouraged him but said without Ikon's IA it would be impossible for him to reach the level of finesse with their powers they had gained over the past 3 years.  Milo and him ended up sparring before leaving to go relax afterwards, Iliria on the other hand teleported to Manny's ship as it sailed the sea's confronting Shadow revealing she was his mother, as well as Urukiora's. Shadow didn't want to join his mother, and she revealed she needed Eston to come to a location tonight.

Shadow refused, but Eston was listening in using his powers to scramble with his mind so he couldn't be detected by the rest of the crew. Sandra came as Iliria threatened to wipe out Manny's crew, and Iliria bamfed her away to the brim-stone dimension. She gave them an ultimatum and left, while Sandra returned quicker then expected.  Yamairo teleported to the Secret Service Agent to help him, while he explained what "Weird" people he'd encountered  lately. Later that night Milo came to see Iliria who tried to persuade him that they were powerful and to leave his friends behind. Milo claimed he was in love with Marie, and wanted to help people with his power. She was disapproving claiming Samuel had been one of the strongest mutants ever, but died trying to help too many people wondering if a similar fate would befall Milo.

Milo began questioning her about Anna, but claimed she had no knowledge. Marie was on a roof top with a bottle of whiskey worried about Milo, when Telsa attacked her and managed to take her down. They were both bamfed away, while Milo left Iliria to go join James finding out about Marie being kidnapped and he was torn having already lost Kairi and Lucy. Eston had abandoned the crew to go after Avalanche alone, but Sandra brought the rest of the crew along to confront him having tracked him down. Eston didn't want them to get involved with his past claiming Avalanche was nothing but trouble. James revealed he found out Avalanche was a group of top notch super assassins and they're most dangerous members were known as Class 1 assassins  and revealed the history of one of their missing assassins who fit Anna's description.  Milo decided to search the entire planet for crime to track down Iliria and at one point got to a beach where Kujon was battling a dust manipulator Shakat, and gave him some help but didn't want to steal his shine and left to continue his search.  Eston refused to rejoin Avalanche but Zin wanted him as he needed all the Class 1 agents for a new client, and they began doing battle with Sandra and Manny's crew, with Faust taking on Shadow.  Iliria tormented Marie with images of her past tied to her abusive mother, and threatened her to get her to break up with Milo by force or else she'd leave.

Milo continued to use several powers to search for Marie, before Iliria returned her and Tesla as the former agreed to her demands. James picked them up, and Milo went to hug both of them but Marie was unsually called. Milo didn't make anything of it and went to his quarters to rest, while a battle broke out as Faust used his powers to beat Manny and bring down Shadow, while Ren assaulted Sandra with tortorous illusions of Dave's death on Anna's order. Sandra had stopped time and placed a telepathic tracker on Anna but was incapacitated by the illusion, while Anna joined Zin and helped defeat Henry, Jon, and Shadow, while Ren's illusions had already brought down Jen as well as an explosion by Anna. Avalanche won and left with Eston, Sandra healed the injured, and Jon was pissed that they'd failed to stop the kidnappers from taking their comrade.

Sandra brought the pirates back to Genosha to meet up with the heroes, while Zin tried to convince Eston to work with him, and he agreed even when mentioning their goal was bringing back some former member named Sefirot. Shadow revealed that Iliria was involved so surely trouble was to follow, and the heroes realized they needed to stop Avalanche who was gathering old members for some purpose. Iliria tormented Marie with images to remind her to end her relationship with Milo.  Milo came to join the team while Sandra revealed Anna and them were in the outskits of Japan with Zin managing to strike a deal with Eston to get help but he refused to fight the team.  Milo went to go check on Marie who revealed she wanted to terminate her relationship with him out of boredome, and he left to his room saddened by the news. Iliria came to talk to him, and taunted him about love which hurt Milo who was trying to ease his mind by going back to playing the SXM demo. He ended up going to Marie's to search through her memories but was discovered upon peaking into her memories of her alcoholic abusive mother. He was unable to find any indication that she was manipulated to leave him by Anna which he had initially suspected and returned to his room to discover Iliria still present. Iliria questioned Milo about the Hellfire Club, and said he had a spot as the Ventro family consisted of powerful influential mutants.  Anna revealed to Zin that she found love in the SXM and he teased her about being bi-sexual. They went to New York to meet Iliria while Zin retrieved a container asking for Iliria to fufill the end of their bargain.

Marie went to a roof with her bottle of whiskey drinking herself into a stupor before being confronted by Filipe and Harry. She used her powers against them acting erratically, before James called them both to come for a mission.  Milo ended up going to sleep to avoid thinking about his situation, and had a precognitive dream about Anna, Faust, and a third man together facing up against a tall silver haired individual in all black. The silver haired man was int he container Zin had, and Illiria revived him. Milo came to join the group James had called and they began debating on who would be going after Anna. Milo used his powers of illusions to show them the future dream he'd just had. Anna recalled an immense hatred of Sefirot, and began to fight as the memories began flooding her, and she remembered her powers playing a role in killing Sefirot for what he did to her brother and Igneel.  Milo brought the team to confront Sefirot, and they began to do battle against him.

Kujon launched a vicious assault of GL energy on Sefirot only for him to block it with his superior powers being able to absorb biological energy as well as send it into others to control them. Sefirot took control of Kujon who summoned Superman to do battle with Milo, while also exerting control over Ledge, Kathy, Katy, and Troy  sending them to do battle against Manny's crew, while Faust revealed he had a portion of Sefirot's powers and was not actually a mutant. He revealed the rest of Avalanche figured Anna had a portion of Sefirot's powers too due to her ability to cause explosions, but during her time in the SXM figured out she had her own powers. Anna went to do battle with Sefirot, while Faust and Zin joined her to do battle against their former comrade, and Illiria was upset that by fufilling her end of the bargain she'd inadvertently got involved in this conflict. James was monitoring the fight back at the mansion and Yamairo planned to go but Alisa wanted him to bring her. Alisa somehow forced Yamairo to send her to the battlefield, and also caused his powers to malfunction afterwards as he was unable to teleport after her in pursuit. Milo began doing battle against Superman before using Kujon's power to summon kryptonite and stab Superman before teleporting the weakened hero away. Kujon then resorted to summoning Doomsday, who began to overwhelm Milo before he could react.

Alisa came to the battle to help only for Sefirot to stab her killing her causing Anna great distress, as the battle resumed. Troy began his battle with Manny who was eager for a rematch, while Kathy grew to gigantic sizes and began to overwhelm Henry, and Jon in combat. Eston engaged in combat with Katy, while Sandra summoned the power of the Phoenix to join Milo in combat against Doomsday. Filipe and Harry joined the battle against Sefirot with his biological powers proving too much for Harry who he quickly took down. He then switched over to Faust, and Zin both of whom he managed to ovewhelm in combat while Anna was distraught over Alisa's death. Filipe went to battle Sefirot on his own, while Milo & Sandra used a variety of powers against Doomsday even managing a powerful assault that killed him only for him to come back to life immune to that attack. Troy's battle with Manny raged on until Manny finally overwhelmed Troy and beat him unconscious with physical force. Eston ended up in combat against Katy his nerve electrical powers proving to be able to defeat Katy upon managing to severely electrecute her but not without sustaining injury. Ledge ended up in battle against Shadow his claws proving painful to the brimstone mutant until he finally used his powers in quick succession and incapacitated Ledge intending to put his head back on after the fight against Sefirot was won.

Sandra used telepathy to bring down Kujon, while  Milo summoned an army of Kandorians to overwhelm Doomsday, and sent them all back to fiction after that victory. Filipe's battle against Sefirot proved pointless as he too was defeated, before Anna tapped into the full potential of her kinetic energy manipulating powers to do battle with Sefirot.  Ren attempted to help out Anna by trapping Sefirot in an illusion but he was wary of his tricks and broke free taking down Ren with ease. With Doomsday defeated Milo joined in using a variety of abilities against Sefirot who was taken back in surprise by the amount of powers Milo had, before using a brutal combination of attacks on him with his sword chopping him up while simultaneously draining life energy to prevent him from merely healing.  Milo had already duplicated Sefirot's powers and gained an understanding of them performing a brutal attack on Sefirot stopping time and draining him of nearly all of his biological energy before going to heal Anna who was injured. As time was resumed Sefirot forced Harry and Filipe up drawing biological energy from them to rejoin the battle.

Milo was determined to figure out which power could beat Sefirot who claimed as long as there was life energy he couldn't die. Milo ended up using his powers to teleport him into HFIL in DBZ leaving him stranded in fiction. However Sefirot managed to manipulate Ren's biological energies to use his power on Kujon to force him to summon Sefirot from fiction and he used Harry & Filipe to launch another attack on Milo. While Milo was distracted Sefirot revealed to Anna he'd complete the plan he had all those years ago before her powers killed him. He used his powers to fuse with the life-stream of the planet to become in his own eyes a god. Sefirot then revealed that the only way to kill him in the state would be to wipe out the planet, and Milo ended up supercharging himself teleporting into space, and moving the entire human race to an alternate dimension before destroyingt he planet in an attempt to finish off Sefirot. Sefirot however still plagued humanity in the alternate dimension revealing all life had to be wiped out for him to die regardless o what dimension it was in, while the SXM pondered what to do they only reached crazy conclusions such as trying to kill every human including themsleve's which might still leave Sefirot alive.

Amber came into space to confront Milo about why he'd destroyed the planet but he explained to the sorcerer supreme why he'd done it. She decided they needed Gaea's help, and Milo recreated the earth and they sought her out to get her advice on how to stop Sefirot. The Elder Goddess revealed she was capable of suppressing Sefirot's powers but not forever, and Gaea decided to send them into the lifestream after Sefirot to fight. Milo summoned Sandra, and Anna, while Amber opted to stay on earth in case they drove Sefirot out the stream. Milo, Sandra, and Anna did battle in the life stream against Sefirot with Milo using Sefirot's own power against him, and since they were both using the same power it amounted to a battle of wills in which Milo did prove superior.

Sefirot used his power to create numerous clones while also trying to corrupt the life force as the three heroes launched a desperate battle against Sefirot.  Anna theorized that the clones, and everything Sefirot currently was is just his conscious. Milo combined his psionic powers from James, Sandra, Blackheart, and others for a massive attack on Sefirot's mind. Sandra supported his assault but Milo sent Anna and Sandra back to earth so he could focus his full psionic might on Sefirot. Anna reflected on how weird being in the life stream had been while Sefirot's body faded out and Milo enjoyed this new existence before Gaea pulled him out as well. Anna went after Sefirot, and they did battle with Milo deciding to let Anna fight this battle. Anna used her full power and just as it seemed she would loose seh had a vision of Alisa from beyond the grave, as well as her brother, and she became pure energy, and managed to completly destroy Sefirot. This attack caused him to fade away without leaving a physical body, and both Amber & Milo where unable to sense him afterwards concluding he was dead. Milo brought back the human race to earth, and wiped their memories of the alternate dimension besides the SXM. With life resumed the SXM was back to it's conflict with Iliria in her damaged mansion which Milo repaired. Eston was forced to pick between Manny's pirates, and Avalanche and instead choosing neutrality much to Manny's annoyance.

They all decided to attack Iliria blaming her for the situation, while Amber told Milo to go help his team before they got killed. Milo teleportd to Iliria's place to break up the fight and ended up attacking Iliria out of outrage for helping bring back Sefirot. Upon finding out she did it because of her contract with Zin & Avalanche he broke up the fight, and repaired her mansion before warping everyone back to Genosha. He told Manny to sort out which side Eston was on as it had nothing to do with the SXM, and Sandra had ended up taking down Ren who kept using his illusions to mess with the SXM as some of the members still wanted to fight Avalanche. Milo decided to go help the secret service agent who got framed for attacking the President to get his mind off of Anna and Marie. Troy and Katy were upset they didn't get to fight Iliria but figured they'd encounter her again sooner or later.  Sandra had taken Abigail to an empty grass field to talk, and they talked about life with Abby wanting her mom to come visit more, and wondered if Dave was happy in the after life.  Sandra assured her that she felt he was watching over them and Milo learned the agent's name was Fred, and revealed he had an ability that might help prove his innocence before they left to begin the investigation, the heroes resuming their life with the threat of Sefirot finally over.

End Avalanche


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Milo ended the dispute between Illiria, and the Shadow X Men needing he Hellfire Club to locate his mother, and Zulan. Milo met up with Fred, while Leah gathered Troy’s group to go after a mutant with disintegration. The group began dealing with the deaths of Anna and Alisa. Harry and Filipe learned of Marie’s break up, while Troy’s team split up, and gained info on the mutant named Sean. They went to stop him, from causing havoc, only for Zulan to arrive. He kidnapped Sean, and Metallic’s crew continued their search for Mikey.

Harry continued to push his limits against Hyperion, and Ian came to Metallic’s group needing someone captured. Illiria sent Zin, and Ren to retrieve something, Katy, Luke, Kujon, Kathy, Tesla, and Chulance went to train. Katy took Kathy home, and the latter became ill losing control of her ability. She shrunk Katy, and later Nate who was leaving the mansion. Zin & Ren broke into Isabel’s house, while Milo sent Fred to meet up with Holst and Rachel. Priest planned to hunt down The Brotherhood so they could stop the human race.

Marie’s team escaped, leaving Troy to go hunt down Zulan. Yamairo got Marie’s team & Milo met up with them to heal Leah. Milo tried to track down Zulan, instead learning mutants broke into Lex’s prison, and Sancho was freed. Milo went to see Lex, getting details about the attack. Milo delivered the money to the white house, only for the group to steal it somehow. Kujon helped Chulance teleport away, and then took the group back to the mansion. Milo returned to the mansion to get the spider tracker, and teleported to an abandoned church to confront Priest. Illiria met up with Jet, and they formed a partnership.

Dracarot a mutant with undetectability stopped an armed robbery, and the chronokinetic Harish came to get his help. Glano met up with Kano, revealing the Hunters invaded Asgard. Kano met up with Aaron, leaving the Avengers, and heading to Asgard. Howard met up with Sandra, having trapped Dave in Hell, he sent Sandra to kill Velon to save the world. Illiria attacked Genosha with a newly revived Isabel, and Kathy lost control shrinking the mansion, and everyone within. Marie took on Illiria, and Ren managed to defeat Chulance. Zin took on Filipe, and Troy in combat. Menace and the Navy attacked Manny’s crew, while Jet took on Harry.

Howard returned Dave to Sandra, and sent them back to Genosha. Ledge came to save Chulance, only to be decapitated. Keeth came to help Troy, and Filipe the trio defeating Zin. Harish and Dracarot went to steal something, when armed men came to the area. They used suits that dampened their powers, but Harish & Dracarot managed to escape. Isabel seemingly killed Yamairo yet again, however Anna arrived to stop Isabel. Marie managed to defeat Illiria, learning the demonic villain had merely created a humonculus version of Isabel, with the original memories. Harish took Dracarot to meet Priest, while the events of his confrontation with Milo went unknown.

Sandra escaped Ren's illusions, and confronted him. Dave was freed, but placed in a coma were a Black humanoid came to visit him. Harry took on Jet using the lion flash technique to damage him badly. Iliria ended up leaving with just Jet feeling like the Avalanche were a liability even since freeing Sefirot. Priest explained some more about the organization to Dracarot who questioned it and their intentions, while Priest explained he was a former pastor, and that's how he chose the code name he went by. Two hours later after the attack on the mansion Yamairo had reversed time on the mansion to restore everyone to their regular sizes, and some of the SXM were watching the news when they reported Velon's death at a charity events with the Phoenix being one of the suspects.

Dave had teleported to his bed not wanting to talk to anyone after Sandra, but he was no longer in a coma. Abigail met up with Sandra talking about how Dave had come back to life, and how they were worried about him. Sandra looked into his memories after he fell asleep seeing he had missing time in his memory. James got word they'd been invited to a funeral, and two days later the SXM attended Velon's funeral in costume with reporters everywhere and the whole team in attendance except Milo and Kathy, the excuse being given to the media is that they were on a mission in another galaxy. At the funeral Dimitri spoke dismissing rumors about Velon's rumored criminal ties. Some more of his business partners spoke, and after that the funeral was dismissed with the SXM leaving. Filipe ran into Anna who was not in attendance of Velon's funeral as Filipe's reasoning was he'd done too many bad things to the team including Anna. Anna was watching over the Isabel clone, while Ian had gotten Metallic's group and brought them to Genosha giving them the mission of capturing Nate in exchange for the safe return of their team mate Mikey.

Nate met with James to discuss how not only was Milo missing but Dave was back somehow. Nate told James to go to the Fullers house and find out and he went to go get Holst. He found Holst unconscious, but was quickly taken down by Jin and the others in the group. Manny's crew came to Genosha looking for Sandra whom they hadn't seen since the day Howard came and got her. Sandra had been so focused on Dave she'd forgotten to contact her brother, and they all went to talk to her finding out about Dave being alive again. James and Troy came as well, and Sandra explained the whole ordeal with Howard, murdering Velon, and Dave's return since he was trapped in Hell. Dracarot had lunch with some of the other members of Priest's group including Emma and they discussed their powers with each other. The Priest came to see William and used his power on him to make him abandon the healing center and alter the beliefs of one of the nuse's to make them a crazy killer, giving her an AK-47 and letting her go on a rampage.

Kevin came to talk to Emma, and Dracarot, revealing they'd been given a mission to capture Senator Sindus and they went to his quarters in a jet. Jimmy used his powers of color manipulation to form a black mist around his quarters letting Drac use his power to sneak in and take Sindus. He injected him with a sedative, and escaped back to the plane with Kevin taking off. S.H.I.E.L.D jets came after them and Jimmy contacted Dimitri for help.  Ian came and got Nate returning Mikey to the group, and bringing Nate to the church.  Katy found Kathy washed up on the shores of Genosha, but she was unconscious. Kathy shrunk the entire island of Genosha upsetting many of the SXM finding themselves's shrunken again, and they were in danger as she began inhaling and was in danger of inhaling the  entire island with Katy and some fearing if she exhaled too heavy it could blow the island away with both scenario's looking bad.  Rail went and got Troy and Manny's crew bringing them inside, and Dave had taken Sandra to their old apartment where he began ranting about Decimation, meeting God, and the end of the world for humanity. He ended up letting Sandra see into his mind seeing visions of the end of humanity, sentinels slaughtering them, and how Dave said humans were getting judged.

Dave revealed Abby would play a role and potentially be a victim, and wanted to try get Sandra's assurance they wouldn't get involved in the situation. The object that Dracarot had stolen turned out to be a celestial heart which Dimitri had been using to rebuild a body. Dracarot used his powers to mask the entire jet to let them escape while Jimmy used his color powers to form black color mist around the S.H.I.E.L.D jets to cause them to crash into each other, while Dimitri used his technopathy to remove them off any other government agency's radar so it would be a smooth flight back to the church. When Sindus got to the mansion Priest interrogated him about the location of the Sentinels, and Dimitri used his power to seemingly locate them and began taking control of them.

Kathy continued to endanger Genosha drawing it closer to her, as members of the team struggled to find a solution as being shrunken to the size they were left their powers vastly depowered. Apocalypse was the one who needed the celestial heart, and once completed he activated declaring the end of humanity. Apocalypse summoned his horsemen turning Dimitri into war, and sending out three other beams to find his other horsemen. Dracarot realizing he'd been played, and used to help revive Apocalypse felt bad for endangering the world. He rescued Sindus wanting his help to get the U.S Government involved in stopping the threat Apocalypse posed to the world. Dimitri/War caused the launching of several nuclear missile's with an estimated landing time of thirty minutes to an hour.

Dracarot tried to get Sindus to contact the SXM or the Government but was unable too as Apocalypse had jammed phone lines all around the world. Dracarot and them fled using one of the Church's jets heading to Washington D.C for help. Jets went after them controlled by Dimitri, and Drac used his power to mask but the jets opened fire with several guns and missile's and one took out one of Drac's wings.  Kathy ended up eating the island of Genosha, and the SXM fled into a safe room. Rail was trying to keep them safe, but they discovered Tanya was outside and would die unless they let her in. Rail tried to protest letting her in, and Ledge supported them at once, but Troy punched Rail in the stomach letting TAnya in as well as saliva as they almost drowned but managed to stay aloat and close the door again thanks to Ezekiel's elasticy. Tanya was thankful she mangaed to get saved, but the island had been eaten, and Rail felt apologetic but unrepetant as they'd almost drowned proving his point abot why it was dangerous letting Tanya in. James was still upset and put Rail to sleep with a telepathic attack and reasoned that he couldn't send out random telepathic signals especially at his currnt size as if they reached Zulan or some other villain first they'd be in trouble.

Dracarot mangaed to convince Sandra they had to work together to save the world although Sindus continually complained about how he wanted to restrict and imprison mutants. They used emergency eject seats to escape their falling jet, while Sentinels came into the air to attack them. Sandra used her powers to save Dracaort, and Sindus teleporting the four of them back to the apartment in England. They discussed the situation with Dracarot paranoid due to trusting Apocalypse but upon finding out Sandra was one of the SXM and could help he eased up. Earlier Sandra had managed to get through to Dave about stopping decimation, and revealed several celebrities were connected to the scheme going on. They tracked down an ex of Britney Spears Frank Cholster, and confronted him only for them to find out he was controlled by the body manipulator Kevin. Along with Jimmy, and Emma they fought Dracarot, Dave, and Sandra, while Sindus tried to keep himself safe in the midst of the battle. Emma tried to absorb Dracarot before he tricked her into absorbing tranquilizer darts causing her to render herself unconscious, Kevin managed to place sandra in the body of a middle aged obese human leaving her powerless as she had been distracted raiding Kevin's mind to find Milo's location.

Before being trapped in the powerless body Sandra found Milo's location, and Dave took Sandra, Sindus, and Dracarot to safety. Emma had managed to absorb a chunk of Dracarot's leg leaving him injured, while dave took Sandra to get Milo claiming he could heal Dracarot.  They found William still under Priest's influence guarding Milo's body, and without Sandra's help Dave couldn't ovecome the bio manipulator, and they teleported elsewhere. Filipe arrived at where Genosha should have been freezing Kathy, allowing the shrunken SXM to climb out of her body and Filipe restored them to normal. Sentinels descended upon them, while they managed to restore Genosha as well and began doing a massive battle against the army of the Sentinels. Dave, and Sandra linked up with Dracarot and Sindus again heading to a lobby where Dimitri/War attacked coming with Emma who had been transformed into a horsemen as well in her case Famine. She began attacking using her power to absorb several civilian's, and reporters in the hotel lobby, while Dimitri shot Sindus in the heart on national television killing him.

Dave took Sandra to the Stark tower to get the Avengers help, as they arrived the tower exploded. Dale had managed to get Dave and Sandra out of the way of the rubble, and Cyber had set up an energy field to protect him. DRacarot tricked Emma into absorbing Dimitri but was absorbed as well as other people as Emma continued her rampage against people. Dracarot and Dimitri had a brutal battle inside the stomach fighting on rapidly sinking piece's of debris and rubble.  Dave warned the Avengers about Decimation, and Simon became the horsemen Death and began fighting Keeth, LEdge, and the other X Force in a brutal battle.  Virus was also turned into the horsemen of Pestilence by Apocalypse's horsemen beams, and Filipe worked with Marie to use his powers on a wide scale to finish the rest of the Sentinels attacking Genosha. Apocalypse brought the rest of the horsemen to his location  as Dave arrived with the Avengers, and they did battle against Apocalypse and his horsemen as well as Priest and the army of mutants the church had gathered.  The SXM after dealing with Genosha came to Michigan as well to join the Avengers in the battle against Apocalypse.

Several of the SXM were gradually getting sicker and weaker as Virus who hadn't joined the main fight used his powers to target the SXM, and they realized he used his powers to make Kathy sick and nearly get them killed. Dimtri was injured and nearly fell into stomach acid but Dracarot saved him upon finding out he could help them escape. Dimitri used his powers to put together a force field generator, and spread it around the survivors before they were burned, and they tried to escape but were nearly killed trying to escape as Emma was still using her power on others warping them into her. Dracarot managed to distract Emma giving into her obsession over him allowing Dimitri to escape with the rest while Dracarot distracted her. Dracarot tried to reason with Emma to figure out why she hated humans, talking about all the evil things they'd done but all the good they were capable of as well. Emma broke down crying struggling to see his view-point because of what MRD had done to her family in the future she came from. Natsu launched an attack on Emma, while Dracarot escaped her linking up with Dimitri revealing that in his current state he couldn't stop the nuclear missile's he'd launched when Apocalypse first turned him into War, and that humanity probably had five minutes left before the missile's hit.

Dave teleported to Milo's location with Yamairo, Aaron, and Cyber to get Fusion. They were confronted by Priest, and some of the mutants drinking celebrating the end of humanity. Dave managed to use his power to shoot Priest, while the others overpowered his assosicate's in combat. Harish escaped with Kevin and Jimmy fleeing the church with the SXM. They dug Milo's body out of the rubble and he was "sleep" as a result of Priest's powers but with Cyber's help they managed to wake him up. Apocalypse had sensed the SXM about to revive Milo, and teleported to the location stop him but was too late. Milo and Apocalypse ended up fighting  while Poll & Son managed to divert the nuclear missile's with their powers.  Katy and the others were still struggling against even lower tier mutants while trying to deal with the effect of Virus's ability on them.  Poll-Aris after helping disarm the missile's come down to join the SXM and Avenger's battle against Apocalypse's army, Yamairo attacked Priest who was about to use his power to control Priest. Yamairo overwhelmed him using the odinsword, and Priest was defeated. He went out upon finding out Emma was injured by Natsu running out claiming he had to save his daughter.

Yamairo managed to reverse time to restore Dracarot, and Dimitri to normal size, restore Simon's injuries he sustained as they fought him as a horsemen but left him unconscious. Yamairo also healed Emma, and Priest as well, while Milo battled Apocalypse overwhelming him with a combination of powers before their fight ended in the streets at giant size. Milo managed to phase into Apocalypse's heart, charging the celestial heart powering him an dblew it up to defeat him. Priest turned into a woman revealing her real identity as Siya Wells, a resistance member from the future in which the legacy virus was unleashed on mutants, and the majority of the reduced mutant population was killed and imprisoned by humanity. With the legacy virus revealed, some of the members were scared, and Siya revealed in her time-line she'd married Harish, and he'd managed to send her and Emma back in time when Emma was an infant. She had Emma raised by a family of mutant sympathizers and went on to build her church using religion to try to gather an unstoppable union. Her plan had failed as Apocalypse was dead, and she felt the world was doomed. Emma was in tears after being reunited with her mother, and they were left alone by the team due to all she suffered through in her time-line.

Milo freed Sandra from the body Kevin had imprisoned in her in, and Dimitri left the group to go back to Velon's mansion to rest. Milo restored the rest of the people Dimiitri had saved from Emma, as well as restored Genosha to full size, and all the damage it had suffered from Kathy. He sent the team back there, and Kathy was in the infirmary. In Russia Afansas was speaking to his men about the red room, and went their seeing Nate and Riya there. On Genosha Milo was alerted to the fact that both Nate & Riya were missing. Howard teleported to the team speaking to Sandra again, revealing Milo would soon have to make a choice that decided the fate of mutants and humanity. Dracarot asked if he could join the SXM, and both Milo and Yama agreed. Sandra found Tanya who was sad thinking about the possibility that Shin had died thanks to Kathy's powers, but Sandra tried to cheer her up assuring her that Shin probably hadn't been on Genosha at the time. The heroes went to rest in their quarters the threat of Apocalypse over, but a far greater evil loomed over them in the horizon.

End Decimation


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Legacy Virus

It began in Boston, with Drac talking to his family about his adventures in the SXM, and then he called Milo, having a mission for the SXM. While Kony was in Sudan, most of his army dispersed, due to organized mutant movements lead by the Government. Kony decided to gather mutant children, while Dracarot was brought to the SXM mansion by Milo. Yamairo called his squad together to help Dracarot take down Kony, while Milo began trying to find Nate, who was imprisoned in the Red room with Riya, Shin, and Kiya.

At the X-Force base Alex and Ledge left in search of Riya, who was missing.Kony had his men round up mutant children, planning to generate a mutant army. Kony had the children kill their families, Yamairo took his Squad to Sundan where they took on Kony's men.Tanya met up with Milo wanting to locate her brother. He learned of Sindus's murder, while Dave ended his relationship with Sandra tired of the constant dangers. The group in the Red room began arranging a plan to escape, Afansas telling the group about their new life-style.

The group learned the drugs negated their abilities, as Kano escaped Asgard, which the Hunters had taken over. Sandra lost control with Dave gone, and Abigale, Troy, and Kujon raced off to stop her. Milo healed Kano, and an energy manipulator lost control. Kano raced off to retrieve her, Rail left prison duty, to go confront Sandra. Troy, Luke, and Rail got together to formulate a plan. Kujon tried to stop Sandra, but was taken down by a telepathic blast.

Alex, and Ledge made their way to Sundan, joining the battle against Kony's men, as Sandra nearly killed Abigale. Regaining control, William, James,and Harry came to the scene. Sandra told the group about Dave leaving her, as Kony learned about the future from a precognitive old man. The battle in Sundan took place, as Yamairo confiscated all the guns. The group in the Red Room organized a plan to escape, Kony had Charity unleash her ability taking down everyone. James located Dave, and Troy went down to Vegas to get him.

Kathy meanwhile left the team, deciding she was merely a safety hazard, heading off to join the X-Force. Milo met up with Kano, getting the mutant to Genosha. Luke found Kathy's departure note, deciding to tell the others. Kano met up with Tanya to resume their search for Shin, Luke told James about Kathy's leave. Troy returned to Genosha to meet up with James, Dracarot used Kony's radio to get his army to stand down, after taking down Kony himself. Abigale woke up learning what happened, Manny's crew spotted Sandra's flames earlier, and Manny headed to Genosha to investigate.

Harry took Abi to see Sandra, and Manny got Dave's location from Troy. Manny confronted Dave at the hotel, and Marie met up with Filipe, telling him her grandfather wanted to speak to him. Kano, and Tanya's search continued in Chicago, On Sundan Ledge began an interrogation of Kony, and Quelter came to free siya, and Emma from their cells taking down Rail. Zulan, Alice, and Angel discussed their plans to save the world, Milo gathered the team to prepare them for a final battle with the Hunters. The Group in Red Room decided to take down a guard, and help Riya escape, so she could contact the others.

Kano went to search solo, when some agents from the Red room came and forced Tanya to drink some lethal liquid. Nate took down the guard, Riya took his clothes, and escaped, while the trio decided to constantly inject the guard with sedatives to keep him unconscious. Zulan came to Genosha to kidnap Ezekiel, and Elle, Milo failing to save them. Howard came to speak to Sandra, revealing his job to help the Phoenix force host, and revealed Zulan placed Dave in hell. Milo had Sandra use Cerebro 2.0 to find Zulan, and Tanya got the Legacy Virus from the drink.

Luke found the downed Rail, and Riya escaped to the vehicle area. The Russian agents contacted the SXM, but Kano came in and took them down. Kano brought Tanya to the medical infirmary on Genosha, and Afanas learned of Riya's escape, deciding to experiment and torture the trio. Filipe met up with Hong, and William was unable to heal Tanya. Yamairo brought his Squad to Genosha leaving Alex, Ledge, and Dracarot to monitor Kony. The Virus resurfaced in William who lost control, and severely injured Rail. They met up with a duplicate of Nate Milo created to help take control of the situation.

Milo and Sandra met Angel, who tried to persuade them to leave, after revealing he was connected to the Hunters. Yamairo came to heal Rail, but he himself came down with the virus. William had everyone present evacuate the room, and James used his ability to organize a quartine on the island. Dave realized that Sandra had suffered in "hell" when Shawkun had taken her soul, and Manny left the hotel. The SXM evacuated the mansion heading outside, Zulan came to Angel's aid fighting Milo, and Sandra.

They defeated and immobilized Zulan, while Sandra went searching for the others but was unable to pinpoint an exact location. TOAA bored came down to confront Kony, revealing he was never allied with him, before vanishing, and encouraging Dracarot to follow a new lifestyle with the SXM. James had Rachel, and Holst began searching for Virus. James contacted Dave, who decided to rejoin the team. Coming to Genosha, he brought Troy, Katy, and William to Virus's apartment. Milo and Sandra bonded in their shrunken prison, and started a relationship.

They got Virus, only to learn Dave was missing.Several armed men came to the scene, to attack the trio getting Virus. Troy took Katy making his escape, while William, and Virus took down the Russian Soldiers. Anna spoke to "Isabel" about her feelings for Yamairo, while Filipe ignored the SXM training with Hong. Afansas began the interrogation of the people in the Red Room trying to discover the Physce's true identity. While William healed a wounded pilot, learning several pilots were kidnapped, and forced to fly planes for the Russian Soldiers. Riya made her escape still powerless, she regained her mutant abilities, and made her way to phone contacting the SXM. William's group returned to Genosha, where James interrogated the man learning the other pilots were being held hostage at Dock 88 in Seattle. James had Rachel contact Filipe, who returned to Genosha.

James located the docks, and Filipe brought Troy and Katy, they froze the water, and made their way inside. While William, and Virus began the examination of the Legacy Virus, Virus needing a boost in power. They located the pilots, and freed them from their bindings, as Russians in Mecha's arrived, a short battle taking place. The Russian Authorties come to get Riya, who makes her escape into the sky. She made her way to Genosha, as Filipe defeated the Mecha's, and Katy evacuated the group, getting them to Genosha. Kano went to meet the Avengers, While Harry robbed some stores bringing pizza, and Tesla brought an injured Riya to the infirmary. William, and others came, and Tesla told them about the red room she mentioned, and Filipe explained what that was. Alice released Milo, and Sandra, allowing them to return to the island.

Milo saw Riya's memories, locating the others in the Red Room, deciding they were safer there, and decided they couldn't leave the island, or risk infection. He set up a shield around the island, and while Dave told the group in RR about why, and how he left Sandra. Filipe planned to leave despite the Virus outbreaks taking place, causing Milo to storm off to contact the President. Dracarot made a call, Milo going to Sudan to get the group, and Alex had a reunion with his sister. Milo sends scouts out to help with the situation in DC, Ledge met up with Dracarot in order to train him. Troy, and Katy headed outside to train, while Milo, and Sandra grew closer. However he had a vision learning his scouts were dead, and that the virus also caused mutants to loose control over their abilities.

Milo told every one on the island about the situation, he then went to speak to Rachel, not wanting her to get Filipe. Harry burst in wanting a location, so Milo placed Rachel in a telepathically induced coma. James burst in to quell the situation, releasing Rachel, who revealed Filipe's location, while Harry raced off to get him. Milo, and Sandra went to see William, and Virus learning they had to remove the X Gene from the infected to cure them. Harry arrived in Everest finding a Red Room there, while they decided they needed to prevent the Power-House's from being exposed, the Russians prepared to go to war with the SXM. Anna met up with Marie wanting to help her out, while The Russians attack Filipe, Harry comes to his aid, only to be shot by a tranquilizer filled with the Legacy Virus. William, and Virus decided to retrieve Harry, Milo created a clone and the three went out to Everest.

William encountered a masked man with electrical abilities, he was defeated, and the masked man made contact with someone over a com. William came too continuing his fight, while Milo learned Harry came down with the virus, but he made sure he'd survive the temperatures. The Clone met up with the masked man getting the pass codes to the Red Room, revealing his Syndicate is working with the Russians. He retrieves Harry bringing him to the RR, while Virus located RR trucks heading to the base. Milo, and William met up with him, planning to rescue the captured mutants. They Formulated a plan going in, while Dracarot's mother contacted him revealing Emma had escaped prison. The Masked Man located Filipe, and he learned the Syndicate's time with the Russians was done.

The Milo clone technopathically gathered all the information about the Red Room base, then the three returned to Genosha, while Sandra went to Namini to warn her about the Virus. Rail went to Ledge wanting to get more combat training, while Sandra contacted Amber who was dealing with some Time Traveling Demons. Anna and Tesla met up discussing the Isabel clone, while Harry, and Filipe were taken hostage by the Syndicate, the masked man aka Hei spoke to Huang learning how long he had to keep the mutants captured, and that Yin would assist him. Filipe awoke, and Hei engaged him in a conversation. Some others met up with Anna, and Telsa and they went to see Milo, while Riya met up with Alex who'd invented a machine top view their memories. Harry recovered taking down Huang, and making his escape, while Hei rendered Filipe unconscious and went to his friend's aid.

Harry returned to Genosha, James, "Isabel", and Milo detecting his return. He met up with Harry, who lost control unleashing a massive Solar Flare. "Isabel" went to restore the atmosphere, while Abi ran to Sandra getting her to create a barrier. Huang, Yin, and Hei had taken Filipe along into their truck, Hei planning to train him, in return for Filipe joining the Syndicate. The Silver Surfer, and Kairi arrive, Surfer using his cosmic energy to heal Harry. Surfer revealed the Hunters were planning an invasion of the earth, and had allied them-selves with the Russian Government, and the Virus was a way of weakening their opponents. The President met with Carl revealing a bill to kill all mutants would be passed, unless the virus was cured. Hei told Filipe they had three days before the Hunters attacked, Kano met up with Aaron telling him about the Hunters, before leaving.

William came into the room managing to make Yamairo immune to the virus, while Aaron wanted to gather the team in preparation. Carl contacted the SXM telling them about the situation in DC, Luke deciding to pass on the message. Milo enhanced his telepathic abilities with Cerebro 2.0 telling every mutant on the world about the war with the Hunters.

End Legacy Virus


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The Second Hunter War

Milo enhanced his Telepathic abilities with Cerebro 2.0, and sent out a message to every mutant on the planet. Illiria, Sasori, Deidara, Gary, Stew, and various other received the message. James had Milo send out the message to the entire Superhero community, Metallic decided to take his group to Genosha. Milo created a massive storage unit of weapons, and even created another Mansion for their "guests." Alex finished scanning Riya's memories, while Ganta gathered the Atlanteon's planning to assist the mutants. The Espada decided to join the SXM, while Zulan and Angie got their team together, when several Hunters appeared.

They freed Shawkun from Sancho's body, and left with his body. Jet met up with Milo to gain information about the Hunters, while one hunter named Groso recruited Shawkun, and gave him the standard Hunter's abilities. Milo brought Metallic's group back to Genosha, while he generated the bullets Dracarot asked for. Kairi set up a new security system for the SXM, while Alex, and Riya met up with Dracarot, as he learned Emma had robbed a Dollar General, and was looking for him. Milo sent them to the main Red Room base in Russia, Kairi disabeled the Security Systems, while the trio began fighting Security Riya leading them to the Cell area. They Freed Nate, Shin, Kiya, and Dave, while Milo retrieved them before more Security came.

Milo removed the drugs from them, and met up with Yamairo, Harry, and Tanya whom Surfer had cured. Emma met up with Dracarot, revealing she no longer had an interest of the eradication of the human race, and wanted a relationship with him. Milo boosted James powers allowing him to contact Espada, while he sent Milo to Akatsuki to speak to them directly, as they refused to help him. Dave met up with Sandra revealing he still loved her, while Devon contacted threatening to kill Dracarot if he didn't love Emma. Sandra took Dave to a secluded area, where she revealed how she'd entered a relationship with Milo. Dave infuriated ended their relationship, and departed, heading to Russia to kill Afansas. Yamairo told James how he planned to obtain "Isabel's" freedom, while Marie bonded with the Homoncolus deciding to get her freedom.

Jin met up with Katy, where they had a family reunion. Marie met up with Harry deciding to put together a squad to attack Illiria, while Milo told Yamairo he'd take care of his demonic ally. Marie went and put together a fairly large squad consisting of Anna, Chulance, Zach, Ledge, Rail, Alex, Riya among others. Milo went to meet Illiria, Sandra convinced Dave not to murder, but he teleporrted away from her. Tanya engaged in a rematch with Nina, while Jin and Katy began fighting, Mandy telling Metallic about the fights taking place.While Milo's clone, and Mikey began fighting, While Jim fought Dale. Harry brought the group to Illiria's mansion, Yamairo going as well, James keeping him hidden. Milo stopped the group from Attacking Illiria, While Jave, and Lily made their way to Genosha. Harry, and Milo had another rematch, Zin came and fought Anna, Marie taking Illiria, the others remaining on the sidelines.

Milo created a clone who snapped Marie's neck ,and threatened the others, Alex deciding to fight him. Katy, and Troy planning to track Jin down after the Hunters. Abigale, and Shin restrained Nina ending her rematch. The Clone met Luke, and took him to meet James. Anna went to heal Marie, while the others attacked Zin. Milo teleported everyone away, except Marie who'd converted herself into wind. Maire took on Illiria, and Zin by herself, as Illiria easily overpowered Marie. Harry put together the events that took place, an angry Milo confronting Illiia. Yamairo returned to the mansion meeting with Luke, while Milo had a tearful reunion with Marie. Harry went off to train, while Milo decided to take Marie with her for some private training. Illiria had Avalanch repair her place, as Milo sent out several Clones to heal the one's infected by the Legacy Virus.

Two Days Later the Russians decided not to attack America, thanks to Milo's army curing the infected. Ledge wanting to find Elle, and Ezekiel, as Blot was training his children at the new Agency base. While "Isabel" followed Yamairo around, while Anna reunited with Bernard. Nate met up with Metallic inviting him, and his team mates to the SXM. Bernard went on the attack, Emma, and Dracarot coming to her aid. Sandra, Troy, and Katy went to investigate, while Bernard brought them all into his Reality Marble. Yamairo, and"Isabel" went in the marble, as a mutant named Emmet with Phoenix Mimicry made his way to Genosha entering the marble, and also engaging in combat against Bernard.

Alex made his way into the Marble having ascended to Green Scar Level's of power, Bernard fought Yamairo on one one, however he was forced to retreat after being contacted by the Hunters, and the group was released from the marble. Emmet had come due to Milo's call, while Sandra found Milo's goodbye letter. One Day Later Milo, and Marie returned meeting up with everyone on the team including X-Force Members. While "Isabel" revealed she had the original Isabel's feelings, and memories. The Avengers made their way to Genosha with Stewart, and Gary. Hei, and Huang were on a ship with Filipe asleep, planning to get to Genosha. The Espada made their way to Genosha, and Deidara formed a massive clay bird, the group heading off to Genosha. Manny's crew along with Menace were headed to Genosha, and Illiria got Jet, and Avalanche.

Jin told Katy about how he joined the team, and gave the members with less combat oriented abilities Iron Man suits, as thousands of Hunter ships appeared, and the Hunters attacked. While an attack began in space, that Son, Nono, Buster Corps, and the Kree Skrulls fought against. Kano appeared in Space, now having mastery of the Odin Force's immense power, as well as the Runes, allowing him to easily decimate several Hunters. The Phoenix Alliance, and the Silver Surfer also joined in the fight against the Hunters. The Hunters targeted every location with mutants including the MHF, The attack there caused Lex to contact Carl for help. Anna and members of Avalanche took on Bernard, while Carl told the President about the alien invasion taking place. Metallic, and Tesla reunited in the heat of battle, as Groso told Shawkun the Hunters planned to help him gain a massive increase in power.

Feline, Zulan's mother was working with the Hunters, meeting up with Carl, commanding him to contact the SXM. The members of Zulan's team bust into MHF ,freeing the Prisoners, and teaming up with them against attacking Hunters. While an Elite Sentinel named Prime, who had murdered Sentry, and obtained his limitless powers arrived, and decimated the New Mansion with a single attack. To make matters worse Zulan arrived, having murdered Aphrodite he revealed he could gain powers via physical contact due to her empathic abilities. He gained all of Milo's abilities, while Emmet the newest ally turned into pure fire, and joined the fight. The Hunters began to respawn, as Prime began easily beating Alex, Keeth, Troy, and even punching a hole in Shin's stomach. Milo began his final battle with Zulan, Prime overpowered Dracarot, and tore Devon's arm off.

Milo revealed Zulan could not duplicate his abilities without permission, and The Olympians arrived on earth wanting to wipe out the Hunters, an army led by Ares attacked Hunters on Genosha. Shin died in Tanya's arms, as she and Kiya unleashed an onslaught of attacks on Prime, he easily shattered Kiya's armor, while Milo downed Zulan with the Penance Stare. Prime even managed to overpower the Phoenix Force, as Emma managed to Consume Prime. He burst out of her stomach, and resized himself. Sandra rescued Emma from death, sending her, and Dracarot to William. Milo, Sandra, Troy, Alex, and some others resumed the fight with Prime, Keeth needing to get near him to use the Penance Stare. While a mutant named Michael planned to kill all the Hunters, while Bernard desperate brought Avalanche into the Reality Marble.

Amber arrived on Genosha to help the group, wanting to formulate a plan to stop Prime. While in Space the group began focusing on the Hunter Flag-ships, while Laxus returned to the Avengers, now having full control over his abilities. More Hunter ships came down, as the Shore battle continued, as Manny's ship was decimated. Akatsuki finally arrived as Deidara began bombing Hunter ships, The Espada saved Illiria, allowing her to have a brief reunion with her son Uru. At the original SXM mansion Holst, Rachel, James, and William fought off Hunter using any resources they had, and were nearly killed, until Filipe arrived his abilities mastered, he saved them from the Hunters. Donny was unable to affect the Hunters with his oxygen manipulation as all of the Hunters were Self Sufficient, and Prime even defeated Milo, coming to wipe out the group Amber had amassed, but Surfer moved in to defend the group, and tanked Prime's blast in order to save the others.

Kairi infuriated whipped out the Ultimate Nullifier, and used it against Prime, who managed to dodge it thanks to his extreme speed. He claimed for himself, while the President had the Military evacuate Civilians leaving the situation in Mutants Hands. Jet met up with Metallic's squad, Hei, and Yin roamed Genosha as Harry spotted them. In the Reality marble Ren had been downed, and Bernard defeated Zin, leaving Anna, and Faust alone. While on Genosha the Hunters began overpowering many of the SXM members, while Kujon arrived in space summoning the Green Laterns, and the main antagonists from DBZ to help in the fight against the Hunters. While in New York ,Dale, Chulance, and Zach had put together a team of mutants to defend the city, as Ezekiel, and Elle arrived to help. Feline tried to get the other members of Zulan's group to join the Hunters, only for Tenshi to kill her not wanting to be allied with Immortals.

Jean was murdered by the Hunters, causing Jon to snap and go full force against Hunter ships. Zane, and legions of SHIELD agents made their way to the Avengers Mansion to help fight the Hunters. While the Leader told the Hunters to wipe out humans as well, as their genes could be used to restore the Mutant Species. Kano made his way to earth working with the group fighting Prime, while some SXM members began retreating. In the Marble Anna and Faust managed to kill finish Bernard, releasing them from the Marble. Rulk, and Several Hunters invaded Namini's Village, and Namini was easily overpowered by Rulk. While Hundreds of Flag-ships respawned in Space, while Yamairo revived Jean, calming Jon down slightly. While Asgardian warriors came down to assist the Olympians in the battle against the Hunters, also seeking Vengeance for the death of Thor, and many others.

Kano allowed Milo to duplicate the immense powers of the OdinForce, and Runes, as Kano overpowered Prime, and transmuted him into a statue via the OF. Kano thanks to his new omniscience had learned that whenever one hunter died, one thousand more appeared, and Milo revealed the only way to stop the Hunters was to cool them down to Absolute Zero. The Hunters overpowered the Avengers group, only for Angel to arrive easily wiping out the attacking Hunters. While Warp the most powerful Hunter, thanks to murdering Franklin Richards arrived in NYC, and caused Elle's head to explode. He removed Chulance, and Zach's abilities, while legions of Hunters came to decimate the army gathered. Namini gathered information about Rulk via the paths, and while Faust died from his wounds. While a Hunter stabbed Yamairo with an Anti Mugen blade, while the Hunters killed Dony, Peter, Simon, and Dante regrouping.

While the Hunters managed to kill Kisame, the Akatsuki, and Manny infuriated both unleashing their rage on the Hunters. While Filipe met up with Harry, the two having a rematch. Terrel a mutant with molecular fusion came to Genosha aiding the SXM. Kano, Milo, Sandra and Amber decided to put together a team to attack the Leader, Milo heading to Namini's Village where he duplicated Rulk's abilities, and fought him with earth shattering blows. Kujon summoned the Chougin Gurren Lagann, while Alex told Yamairo about how the Hunters invasion was global, and they needed to divide to lead the Hunters away from Genosha. Blot and Ezekiel went full force against Warp, while Chulance contacted James for help. Milo sent Rulk to the Negative Zone, and generated some clones to help defend the Village, bringing Namini back to the Powerhouse group on Genosha.

Warp overpowered Blot, while Troy, Katy, and Abigale tried to retreat, the Hunters killing Abi, causing the two elementals to attack full force. The group's divided Akatsuki, Yamairo, Peter/X-Force, and Alex all going out to defend major locations on earth, Gary, and Stewart remaining to defend the Shore, while Jean was sent to the other injured. James sent the Espada to New York to rescue Chulance, as Marie had mastered her abilities due to her sessions with Milo. Hei, and Yin made their way to the center of Genosha nearly meeting up with Metallic, Tesla, and Kiya. Yin went into hiding, while Hei took on the trio defeating Metallic. While the hunter who killed Black Bolt went up against Son, Hei fought against the two girls, The Asgardians and Olympians also moved out to defend Major locations. While Angel told the Avengers how she'd gotten the Power Gem, while Milo's squad went to the Hunter's home planet, a massive ship, The Leader warning them their deaths were imminent.

While Mikey came to Metallic's aid, Milo's squad was aided by Nono who helped take down Hunters, the group locating Leader, Groso, and Shawkun. Groso, and Shawkun teleported to Earth, where Tenshi broke open the barrier, feeding Shawkun with souls. While Nate met up with James giving him the Mind Gem, so he could use a global Sakande on the Hunters to give the group an edge. Hei made his escape, while Filipe used Ice Flower Funeral to immobilize Harry, draining all of his energy, he moved out to find Harry. Warp easily overpowered the Hunters with his reality manipulation, as Kathy reunited with Luke unleashing the Fastball Special. A battle against Leader began, while Ares faced off against Groso. Groso absorbed the Mutant Holding Facility, and the powers of all the mutants inside, using his new abiltiies to face Ares. While Bryan generated an army with Anti Mugen Bullets using them against the Hunters in DC, Zetsu wounded, in his final moments unleashing a massive attack on the Hunters.

Angie came to stop Shawkun, as he easily overpowered the Plasma manipulator. Tesla went to interrogate Hei, While Yin being able to control mutant abilities caused Tesla to revert to normal, allowing Hei to finish her. Hei went to face Kiya next, while Yamairo learned Tenshi broke the barrier as the sky turned red. One of Simon's arms was torn off rendering his ability useless, while he, and Peter were caught in a massive explosion. Hei took down Kiya, wanting to get to the center with Yin, they moved away, while Mikey went to check on Kiya, and Tesla. Peter managed to save himself, and Simon, Illiria made her way to New York unable to gain control of Warp with her Vamprism, as Warp went to retaliate, she sent him into the Brimstone dimension. Nono sacraficed herself to allow Milo to finish Leader with the Ultimate Nullifier, but learned that he had duplicated the Leader's abilities, and the Hunters were now immortal thanks to Milo.

Milo in his anger murdered the weakened Leader, while Hei, and Yin arrived at the Center of Genosha. Filipe confronted them, learning that Yin could control abilities, and that the Syndicate was allied with the Hunters. Hei revealing Yin was going to cause everyone to kill them-selves with their own abilities, while Hei emitted a bright light trapping himself, Filipe, and Yin in some sort of Tower. Harry barely managed to escape Filipe's attack, while the team began to regroup on Genosha spotting the scene taking place. Milo brought the squad back to Earth, Kano taking Nono's body, as Milo used Leader's abilities to get rid of the Hunters, Dave transferring the Void over to him. He repaired the barrier, but Shawkun retained the souls he got. Sandra decided to take Dave's memories of the SXM and such so he could start a new life. Rachel learned Filipe was trapped in the tower, while Yamairo brought Nono to the Avengers. Aaron planned to repair Nono, as Angel wanted them to talk later.

Five Months Later Yamairo spoke to James about recent events, remembering speaking to Telsa, and Kiya about Chinese Electric Batman, and Yin. They also discussed all the lost members, and allies, plus Harry had suffered damage William could not heal, and left the team his abilities now on a lower level. Metallic, and Manny's groups had joined the SXM, while Sandra was pregnant, and Nono had been repaired by the Avengers. While they also discussed how the center of the island was sealed off, and using magical means to get in could be dangerous.

End The Second Hunter War


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