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 My take on Bigger Stronger Faster

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PostSubject: My take on Bigger Stronger Faster   Wed Mar 07, 2012 3:32 am

This topic is to discuss the documentary: Bigger Stronger Faster which has made me see things in different ways. I am going to place the movie found at youtube, with some comments and then we will discuss.

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00:00 That date I was a year and 9 months, so I had no idea what was going on.

00:56 Wow, he talks like everything had something to do with the actual things going on real life.

01:30 Love how he narrates this, like if he is remembering something awesome in somebody he admires. A hero.

02:17 To date I wonder. None considers Arnold an excellent actor like Tom Hanks or similar, but those lines sound great! Wonder if they would be taken seriously if said by someone like Clint Eastwood or even Robert DeNiro.

02:27 He-Man, my very first hero of fiction.

02:34 When I was 12 years old, I already had noticed many things on life, than this guy. After all, my childhood died at that age.

03:15 My dad wasn't my hero neither. Back then I only had heroes of fiction. It took me years before I would take real life heroes on Kurt Cobain and Don Rosa.

05:58 You don't have to be an american to have such side effect.

06:45 To date I am 28, and I feel short when some people at my age, have already accomplish a lot.

07:40 He wants to be in movies again?

07:57 He lives in a van, on the parking lot.

08:23 He is more than 50 years old. Still trains everyday going after something that might not return?

08:43 Dreams. Work hard, and you will get your dreams.

08:55 I too wonder, what will I be in the future?

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00:00 Cont. I too did the same. Do my best everyday, just as I was told, so I could reach my dreams and goals.

01:04 I also now how does it feel, when you find out that what you believe in is a lie.

01:35 I realized wrestling was scripted, when I was way younger.

01:40 Yeah, who can I believe in? Hard for me to trust someone as the people I trust usually do something to me.

02:12 Same with me. I have to say that certain things don't affect me; when I am actually am.

03:50 Well not only he did steroids, but drugs too.

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00:30 Wow, the words of the father really make you think.

00:48 Back in his days, people also had heroes; but didn't felt like to day the need to emulate them; nor be like them as like he says in...

00:57 People didn't had such large expectations, nor had the pressure to get more.

01:11 Things have changed. Now instead of good ol' sluggers; we have roided monsters. You can notice as the music changes for more "extreme!"

02:22 How things have changed

03:58 Wow can't believe U.S. politicians take this too seriously. I don't even want to think of what would politicians in Mexico would do if something happened in our football league

07:41 John Romano talking how the media say things and influence the people. Straight from Guadalajara México. Who knows why?

08:05 A Benavides pharmacy in the background. One of Mexico's widest pharmaceutical chains, not as good as Guadalajara Pharmacies, and owned by a company from Chile.

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2:35 Weird how that guy that knows nothing is the guy the media and the government go to; instead of Dr. Frost.

3:10 ...and all that from something they tell us we should eat to stay healthy...

3:32 I knew someone who was allergic to onions.

3:51 All medicines have their side effects, which could be lethal.

5:18 I always hated the after school specials. When they aired, it meant no DuckTales.

7:11 Facts on steroids. What the media don't say.

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1:21 And here comes the truth on the Carl Lewis-Ben Johnson thing

5:30 Many believe Greg Valentino is a very smart man, here is the proof

8:06 The pre-steroids story, of getting superstrong without effort nor sacrifice.

9:06 lol at that kid

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0:00 Smelly is really a good teacher. While not booksmart, he really tries to get to him

1:08 Pretty much the philosophy of any conflict

3:27 I have always wondered why do the physically weak, do complex things to make non-smart individuals physically strong?

4:03 The question of all sciences and technology. What moral and ethical values would bring?

5:40 Is that an unfair advantage over others?

5:57 Those things are worse than anabolic steroids. Yet they are legal and are spoken of them in a light way?

7:24 Well it seems one is legal. Is it because you work hard there to get it? And with the others you do little effort to no sacrifice despite you get the same results?

8:09 Is this true? Trust none?

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0:35 More revelations.

5:08 Waxman is a true politician

6:48 Everything is a grey area?

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2:14 ¿Could it had been the psychiatric drugs?

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0:29 His dreams...

0:36 Feels bad for the wife of his son.

1:03 Small town USA. That is something big for someone outside the U.S.

1:19 And he was right...

1:23 The words of a mother.

1:55 a breaking revelation

2:23 Are heroes for real?

2:50 But spinach is good for you

3:01 Is it really to give up and live reality?

3:06 Sounds familiar...

3:47 Because the real world works different

3:58 Dr. Harrison Pope is a great researcher on the pysque of men looking for the great body. Is it a mental problem?

4:23 Look at the "evolution."

5:07 It is true... of steroids are "bad" why are they looked as something cool when used on other subjects? (The economy on steroids?)

6:17 The start of a revelation

7:03 More revelations, sadly it seems the photographer guy got into trouble for saying this.

7:34 More revelations, one very important for people's health.

8:27 Politicians...

8:47 ...going on in Mexico right now.

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0:18 Anyone can make suplements

0:42 And so it goes...

1:08 Business in general

1:12 Yes, this is something very common from mexican labor, just ask dad.

2:03 Photoshop

2:48 And so... that is everything we see everywhere

3:00 Yet, most mexicans aren't aware of this.

3:54 How to get "steroids."

4:53 What if this applies to any disease and treatment?

6:27 Dear lord...

7:15 For music performing...?

7:50 So... it is Ok for anything else that sports?

8:13 But there is competition on music

8:47 This is why the Dear Lord

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0:18 Free of charge

0:23 Everywhere is competitive

1:01 Medicines are everywhere, yet side effects from them happen

1:33 I see the same on Mexico

2:27 Dubbya knew for sure

4:38 Politics in the making

5:35 That is what I used to believe...

6:03 Yes... it seems even the Bible had "heroes..." so is there really hope...?

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0:35 Many around the world work hard to reach their dreams... and they don't make it...

1:54 The words of general Patton

4:58 That is what I used to believe...

5:15 Someone told me that shortcuts are not good...

5:22 I always believed that doing the right thing... was the right thing...

6:23 Of this song... I prefer the Genesis version... specially its music video...

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My take on Bigger Stronger Faster
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