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Over the last five months, Terrel the mutant who had helped the SXM had committed seven different heists. He was living in a Stolen Yach in San Fransisco, while Michael and Ego continued to hunt mutants. Sandra, Tanya, and Katy met up at the Graveyard, Dracarot had completed finals, speaking with his friend Joe, he went to meet up with Emma. Kiya revealed she had liked Shin, while Dave had started a new life as a Bouncer at a club. Keeth had become more active in his job fighting criminals, becoming known as The Burning Avenger or so. While Angela had used her resources, connections, and the power gem to put together Illumanti which consisted of the most influential members in the Superhero Community. The Members of said group where Milo, Ganta, Amber, Alex, Kano, Aaron, Fawkes, and Son, she then retired from this whole operation.

Milo sent her off to her home on Genosha, while the group began discussing important matters such as the Tower on Genosha, and using the X-Force as a team to wipe out anyone who's a threat to the community. Milo showed off his more cocky behavior, as he had dealt with many world issues over the last five months. Harry met with a man learning about the Black Reaper's current location, and joined the MI6. While Anna met up with a depressed Rachel, Dale explored Stark Tower excited to get his Iron Spidey suit. Dracarot, and Emma went out to dinner, while Jin was once again fighting Katy. Terrel attacked a Cruise ship, wiping out the guests with his abilities, and taking over the ship. Tesla received more letters, while Chulance went to her, asking her out. While an anti mutant pastor named Desmond used Religion to gather people against Mutants.

Jin began to beat Katy, until Sandra scared him off. Nate met up with Metallic speaking about Jin's violent behavior, While Ego led Michael to the church where they allied them-selves with Desmond. Harry took a plane to Japan, while They revealed Black Reaper killed without powers. James wanted Anna to join Avalanche so she could keep tabs on Illiria. Holst met up with James showing him the paintings of Terrel's killings, while Blackheart returned to earth meeting up with Illiria. While Ganta learned he would be a World Leader once Carl won the election, Riya met up with James, and Holst in the kitchen recognizing Terrel. Milo took Ganta back to his people, while Telsa told Chulance about the letters her family had been sending her, and he encouraged her to reunite with them. Amber went to find Keeth to make sure he was still in control of the Zarathos.

James decided to let Riya take care of the mission, wanting her to go with Manny's Squad. Harry arrived in Japan, and went to the Local English Embassy. Nate showed Metallic around the mansion explaining the perks of heroism, Riya met up with the former pirates, and water ported them to Terrel's location. Harry met the local head of the MI6, Mister Oswald. He learned he had to capture Black Reaper to gain information about the Syndicate, while Riya went to seduce Terrel. Blackheart joined the Innercircle, and took Illiria to recruit Jorgan. Harry met up with his partner Aya, an uptight Japanese woman in the Public Security Intelligence Agency, the Japanese CIA. Aya told Harry about the party being held by the major Chinese Triads, and that the Syndicate's roots were from China.

Riya tried to persuade Terrel not to kill anymore, wanting him to come with her. Keeth, and Amber powered down, and went out to a bar in New York, meeting up with a bar-tender The Parkers knew. BH, and Illiria then went to recruit Ted. Harry dropped Aya off, and met up with her an hour later. James had helped Harry learn many foreign languages, while Metallic didn't expose his past for his family's safety, and how Rocket wasn't the only man he worked for. Nate said Metallic's family could move to Genosha, Ted joined the IC. Harry followed some guards to an elevator, where Dave teleported between the guards having loss control of his ability again. Nate sent Metallic to find James, while Tesla decided to go visit her family.

BH, and Illiria went to recruit Shawkun, and some others. While a drunken Zach met up with Chulance telling him how his family abandoned him after the incident with the Hunters, while Amber, and Keeth also get drunk, and got flirtatious with each other, even dancing. Harry saved Dave from the guards, and they made their way into the Elevator. Katy teleported Tesla to her home town, while Chulance wanted James help to find Tesla. She met up with her cousin Martian who led her to her parent's house. Harry, and Dave met up with Black Reaper, and a fight began. While the Reaper met up with a man named Solf having questions about the Syndicate himself, Blackheart brought the members of the Hellfire club together at Illiria's mansion.

Keeth took Amber to her apartment where they made love. Fawkes gathered the X-Force for a mission, while Reaper, Harry, and Solf had a three man battle. Martian took Telsa to visit her dying father, while Chulance went to Rachel to get Tesla's location. Dale met up with Kairi wanting his Iron Spidey suit completed, while Telsa also met up with her mother learning the Mayor's anti mutant behavior caused them to push her away for her own safety, as he took his last breath, she decided to take revenge on the Mayor. He sent the police force after her, while Chulance, and Zach went after her. Harry met up with Aya, who took Dave away, while he resumed his search for the two fighters. Tesla went down to a hanger, where the soldiers used poison gas in an attempt to bring her down. Peter took Fawkes, Keel, Ledge and Frank to Afansas's mansion in Moscow, Russia on a mission to kill him.

Dave lost control over his ability nearly getting himself, and Aya trapped in the middle of the pacific ocean, while Harry discovered Solf's ability, and how dangerous it was. Chulance, and Zach swooped in saving Tesla from soldiers, and broke into the hangar finding several prisoners, and one who was alive, they went to free her, while Solf seemingly killed Reaper, angering Harry who's last lead was gone. Solf went in to kill Harry, but the Reaper had survived, incapacitated Solf, and made his escape. While morning came in New York, Aaron finally finished Dale's Iron Spidey uniform, Amber realized she'd slept with Keeth, and Agamato came, bringing her to meet the rest of the Vishanti. Harry went to give his report at the MI6 HQ bringing Aya, and Dave along. Dale went off to test his armor which malfunctioned causing him to crash, while Soldiers in Mecha's came confronting Tesla's rescue team.

The X-Force Squad failed to take out Afansas, who was revealed to be a mutant with Territory Manipulation, and had trapped them under his rules, while Riya turned herself and Terrel into water getting them to Genosha abandoning Manny's crew. Dale returned to the Avengers Tower to get the armor repaired, while Zach furious at them for being anti mutant, overpowered the Mecha's with ease. Riya tried to convince James that Terrel had potential to be a hero, while Manny returned to the island angry at being abandoned, and confronted Terrel. Leah went over to James speaking to him about the multiple kidnappings taking place in Miami, and began putting together a squad to go down and investigate. James came down to prevent a fight allowing Terrel to join, but threatened him if he committed bad actions.  Terrell was offered a tour of the island, and wanted Riya to take him on the tour tired of Manny, however Leah dragged him and Riya into the mission to Miami which Terrell reluctantly accepted. With the Mech's down, Regular Soldiers came to finish off the mutants but Zach helped Tesla stop them still infuriated by the Mayor's bigotry.

The Mayor was contacted by the army about how powerful the mutants where, and Sandra taking a stroll on the beach helped move Manny's boat from the shore. Leah told the group the culprit of the kidnapping was immune to telepathy, but was probably a student at Miami University. Amber returned from her meeting with the Vishanti hours later meeting up with Keeth explaining the situation but the two decided to make the relationship work. Afansas began using his powers to raise the temperature intending to let the X Force die from suffocation unless Fawkes had other members retrieve technology from Stark Industries. The Heroes managed to overpower the Military Platoon getting to a hologram of Carson who revealed he was tired of them, and revealed they were all going to die. The Driver was in shock as Carson used a button that activated several planted explosives across the city in an attempt to kill the mutants, Chulance's body adapted teleporting the group to safety in a random desert that he was connected too bringing along one of the surviving prisoners a girl named Tiffany. Keeth convinced Amber that they should work together in combating the various paranormal threats they were up against and the group in Miami decided to infiltrate the university as students to find the kidnapper.

James used his telepathy to make them all appear college aged, and split into four groups Anna, Tanya, Leah for group 1, group 2 was Troy, Katy, and Luke, Group three was Terrell, Riya, James, and group four was Yamairo by himself. Chulance and them were stranded in the desert with the dying Tiffany, which Rachel had a vision about. She found Sandra eating lunch with Manny's pirates seeking their help to retrieve the heroes lost in the desert. Manny refused to let Sandra risk teleportation with her pregnancy, and instead fetched William who altered his DNA to allow himself to teleport to the desert so he could heal Tiffany who revealed how Carson experimented on her and others. While Afansas had Fawkes combat Alex seeking to the Symbiotes, and he went to the Avenges Tower confronting Dale wanting the Symbiotes. Carmen the kidnapper was playing video games when she noticed Anna's group approaching them noting that they were in the SXM, while others continued their search. Carmen told the heroes  a bogus story about how her boyfriend had been kidnapped by a powerful mutant, and they finally gave in revealing their identities to her.

Alex rendered Dale unconscious and told Aaron that the Symbiotes were connected to the mission to assassinate Afansas. While Harry convinced Dale to join the MI6 tired of his boring life as a bouncer. Tiffany now healed explained her ability of Mirroring to the heroes, and Dave took on the Codename November 17th. James began opening up to Riya, and Terrell as their mission continued, Alex revealed he wanted Aaron's help on the rescue operation but he still needed to borrow the symbiotes.  Carmen opened up to Anna, Leah, and Tanya before teleporting them into Grand Theft Auto 4 and raising their wanted level. The cops came after them, and the trio ended up fighting after realizing they couldn't reason with them. Within the video game they realized their powers weren't working meaning they were in trouble, and ended up stealing a police cruiser and fleeing. The police came after them, and they opened fire but Leah crashed getting injured. The girls had to take her to the hospital to get help, while Anna spoke with Tanya suspecting something was weird about the people in the hospital.

James ended up hearing thoughts of a man who lost his girlfriend to the kidnapper, and they talked to him. Carmen spotted them and sent James, Terrell, and Riya into Grand Theft Auto 4 as well. Terrell realized they were in a video game recognizing the surroundings and having been addicted to the game.  Chulance, Tesla, William, and Tanya began walking to Vegas to catch a flight back to Genosha as William was too exhausted to manifest teleportation as well and Chulance was burned out from constant use of his powers. Zach and Chulance got tired, but William gave them extra stamina to keep up the walk. Alex informed Aaron they needed the symbiotes because of the mission and didn't want to get the rest of the team involved with Illuminati business.  Aaron had trackers in the symbiotes, and had removed their bonding abilities. They went to the X Force base meeting up with Simon, Peter, Kathy and Erica setting up a plan to deal with Afansas. In the end Kathy ended up shrinking the symbiotes so Simon could deliver them easier, and they went to Afansas. Simon went to deliver them to Afansas while at the same time Erica waited for an opening and managed to shoot Afansas in the head. They ended up heading back to the X Force base to regroup only for a mutant named Ian claiming to be sindus's brother to incapacitate them and steal the symbiotes. He ended up delivering them to Jorgan Osborn who instructed him to go after more targets.

Milo was fighting crime in a city before he left back to the base  and ended up getting Chulance and them from the desert. Tiffany met Sandra, and quickly revealed how blatant she was. Tesla took her to meet Nate so she could get a place to stay on the team, and she left to be a hero. Troy, Katy, and Luke got sent to GTA 4 as well, but were quickly moved to Prototype by Carmen. They faced up against Alex Mercer who nearly killed them, before Carmen allowed them to use their powers to battle him. She was eating chinese food, and when she went to throw out her trash she ran into another mutant named Kayeston who came to Miami to search for his sister who went missing. However he bumped into Carmen nearly knocking her off her feet by accident before asking her for help. Carmen feeling irritable teleported him into Prototype as well, and he ran into the rest of the SXM members there and used his own powers to help them fight Alex Mercer. Terrell ended up using cheat codes taking advantage of the game and getting the cops off their back by lowering their wanted level. He used a code to spawn an APC and drove them to Drusilla's an Italian restaurant in the game where they ate.

They began talking about strategies of what they can do, and Carmen came to talk to them in the restaurant.  James taunted her causing her to negate cheat cods in the game and leave summoning a SWAT team to kill them by raising their wanted level all the way up. They ended up being busted, and respawned outside a police station with no weapons or money. Desmond the anti mutant pastor called Carson learning about Tesla coming to his city, and the city being destroyed. After talking with him Desmond working with Ego went to hunt down more mutants, while Dave had to stay with Harry at his place.  Dave and Harry found out Solf had escaped, and Harry went to get information, before talking to Aya and she managed to covertly give him the information he wanted. Later the trio went after Solf and also ran into the Black Reaper, leading to a battle. Dave ended up leaving with Aya as Harry fought them, and Solf escaped.

Leah was healed after a brief stay at the hospital, and became even more suspicious, while Carmen controlled a player to go in and shoot up the place killing eveyone in the hospital. Anna escaped into the hallways and with Tanya took down the player.  They took his weapon and left, while they were transported to DBZ and Goku was about to fight Leah. Anna revealed their situation being transported by Carmen, and Goku took them to Capsule Corp asking Bulma for the dragon radar to find the dragon balls to summon Shenron to get them home. James, Terrell, and Riya were teleported into Modern Warfare 2 where they were put in a mission and Riya remembered the mission having played the game with Alex. Terrell tried to open up to Carmen and claim he loved her more then Riya but Carmen saw through his trick and was upset she tried to manipulate him.  Harry had uncovered from Solf before his escape that the Syndicate had agents in every branch of the government and the Black Reaper had been one of their agents.

Yamairo came to find Holst seeking out the other members of the team that had been kidnapped, and Holst drew pictures of Carmen's dorm room at Miami University as well as the others in trouble.  Yamairo went with Isabel to investigate, and she detected Carmen breathing in her room. Yamairo burst in stopping time but Carmen was immune to the time stop and sent Yamairo & Isabel into Modern Warfare 2 as well. Yamairo met up with James and them and they realized they had to survive in the video game until Carmen got bored of toying with them. James was killed, but respawned and so was Riya, and Terrell at one point as they used their knowledge of the game to survive.  Dracarot had woken up after a night of fun and sex with Emma, and they learned about the situation in Florida. Dracarot wanted them to catch a plane to Miami to learn more about the situation,  while Troy's group managed to defeat Alex Mercer only to deal with Blackwatch. After defeating them as well they talked to Kayeston trying to find out more about the situation, and where they were.

Jorgan Osborn who was running for President managed to win the election despite Carl being ahead of him before, and Zach was upset wanting to go after the new President. Kujon and Sandra calmed him down explaining they couldn't go after him because they were upset that Carl lost much to Zach's displeasure. Justin confronted Jin about his brutal "Training" methods towards Katy, and he went to see Nate to inform him about the situation and that they should have James look into it claiming Jin was either an abusive brother or he wanted something from Katy. After the conversation Justin warned Jin that his mind would be looked into but he showed no fear.

Dracarot contacted Kujon wanting help to be teleported to Miami but he revealed everyone they had was busy and the situation was being taken care of. Dracarot was iffy but decided to look into Jorgan's election with Emma instead as that was less life threatening. Harry, Aya, and Dave ended up in ahotel room, and Dave had to teleport them to a location he hadn't been too. He ended up taking them to the house Harry & Filipe were held at during the Legacy Virus. Dave was separated from the group, and ended up almost getting stabbed by a Black Reaper.

Another woman from the CIA who'd been following the Black Reaper managed to arrive at the house wanting to take him into custody. She ended up stumbling upon Solf fighting a Black Reaper named Hei. The woman revealed she had to arrest him, and Solf revealed he had to kill him. Solf tried to kill her but Hei managed to form an ice shield to save her. Solf tried to kill the woman only for her to turn to steam to avoid being killed, while the Reaper Dave confronted met up with a cat named Mao who revealed that Huang said their hide out was compromised. Solf ended up shattering the reaper's mask only to find it wasn't Hei, while Dave had shot off the reaper's mask revealing it to be the real Hei. Harry wanted to find out what happened on Genosha five months ago, and Harry came with Aya confronting Hei. Harry realized who the other reaper might be, and Hei revealed they all got to safety. Dave teleported himself, Harry, and Aya into the middle of Solf's conflict. Harry confronted Filipe and they began to duke it out, both of them having greatly dampened powers. As they fought they expected each other to stop messing around and overpower them not knowing they were both de-powered. In the end Filipe managed to escape despite Harry going after them, and upon failing to capture him regretted not pursuing the real Hei when he had a chance.

Aya ended up driving up to Harry, and Dave as they'd gotten separated while pursuing Harry. Solf who was bleeding out struck up a partnership with Steam, revealing how much more dangerous the real Hei was then Filipe. They agreed to work together despite their different end goals and she drove him to the hospital. Ian came to Carmen in her room with another person revealing Jorgan had won the election so the SXM no longer needed to be distracted. Carmen released them from the game, and they had their memories wiped but in that instance James had shut his own mind down. They were returned to the shores of Genosha, and Sandra picked them up via telepathy, sending William to go get them. They all began to wake up with no memory of meeting Carmen or being trapped in various video games. Solf was stabilized at the hospital, and told Steam to look forward to their partnership. Thanks to James's last minute maneuver he remembered Carmen but the others didn't so he couldn't get their help. Jorgan got into a limo meeting someone happy that he managed to win the election and having big plans for the country.

End Prelude


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