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 Tyrone HIll (Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Tyrone HIll (Heroes Uprising)   Wed Mar 28, 2012 12:08 am

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No one has loyalties to anyone but themself. Even Heroes save others for their own selfish reason. I'm just far more honest about it.

Name: Tyrone Hill
Age: 32
Height: 6'2
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Species: Homo Superior
Race: African American
Personality:Free spirit may not necessarily be the correct word for what he is. More of a selfish asshole who cares about himself and those close to him. In a way he acts accordingly. Sociable person and can be fun to hang out with due to some of the crazy things he gets up to, but if you want him to do something for you its a necessity that it has to benefit him in someway.

His study into Psychology and human behavior in general made him gain a larger understanding of people in general. This knowledge led him to feel more apathetic towards general society. To him changing a single person is far more important (and easier) than affecting millions. He cares less about large causes since to him it causes more problems than it fixes. It is rare for them to actually fix anything.

Known Relatives: Alexander Hill (Father), Carrie Hill (Mother), Sarah Hill (Sister)
Allies: Family
Enemies: Non
Occupation: Playboy/Actor
Religion: Non
Theme Song: Forever
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Skills: He went to college to Major in Psychology and actually to get a PHD. Of course he couldn't pass up the chance of acting. Due to actually being in a lot of plays in College and taking classes in the field he could pass for a great Psychologist and his experience in the film "Just Life" shows he he is above the average for most actors.
Weapons: Non but his fists and mind
Powers: Telekinesis

His Telekenisis is good enough to crush a car into a perfect sphere (under considerable strain) but has enough brute force to move objects at considerable speeds if he focuses. He could force a pencil straight through someone's skull if he needed to and it is also fine tuned enough to work like a scapel. Although his ability is strong he tries not to use it. He only trains with it on his off time but does it nearly religiously. Living on a planet that is filled with others like him or stronger makes him far more paranoid of a 'judgement day' then he should be.

Grew up in lansing, Michigan into a wealthy Family. The Hills own a Company called "Loki" that primarily focuses on the Fashion industry. They own a chain of stores similar to JC Penny but also sells their own formal business clothing.

His family wasn't really large and in general he got a long with his parents and sister. While his parents was busy with work he kind of had to raise his younger sister. The feeling of being burdened with taking care of himself and his sister while young didn't bother him. Tyrone was taught to be a good kid and act a certain a way. In essence he was what you would call 'a good boy' but also Tyrone never liked talking about his problems even to family or friends. To him it was something he had to conquer. It eventually just resulted in unreleased feelings and made him far more easily angered than most.

Eventually those who pissed him off were dealt with in his own way. Bully's in school were eventually expelled through a lot of manipulation that resulted in fights or simplly a lot of stress that made them want to act out more. Eventually it got to a point where it bordered on sociopathy. Although a series of events involving [Redacted] and [Redacted] he began to actually learn how to release his emotions. It was in the form of verbal insults and being more blunt to others but it worked.

While in College he wanted to Major in Psychology but also he always had the dream of being an actor. While the likelihood of the latter occuring was slim it was still a possibility he would entertain by taking any classes related to it in College. His family paid for his education anyway.

At 29 he auditioned for a secondary role in the comedy "Just Life" as the main character's best friend who was a bit of a comedic yet a bit sociopathic lawyer. The movie was a success and made the Hill's son far more famous than usual. Eventually his late night activities was seen as playboyish by many. Since he never crossed the line his family was never bothered and actually being a good actor with an education wasn't bad for the Family's fame.

Of course they didn't know about his abilities yet. It was something he always kept private but trained with in secret, but during HAMMER's purges he had no choice to tell them. His family had enough money to keep him off the radar and hide the fact that he had abilities. The discovery of his abilities during his teen years was part of the reason he became far less inward. The feeling of power made him feel more free.

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PostSubject: Re: Tyrone HIll (Heroes Uprising)   Wed Dec 25, 2013 3:26 am

Young Tyrone

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Tyrone HIll (Heroes Uprising)
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