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 Stating your character

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Stating your character Empty
PostSubject: Stating your character   Stating your character I_icon_minitimeFri May 25, 2012 9:39 pm

Because I'm bored and want more customiziable shit. Add this in either the profile after the bio, or in a separate post of your  character's topic
The ranks go from E to A, including A+ and A++, and finally EX which is beyond ranking
When ranking, take into consideration the character's PHYSICAL CHANGES, not changes brought on by powers. I'll post an example at the end

Strength: Your characters physical strength, STR
E is a regular human, D is a peak/trained human, C is slightly superhuman (around the 10 ton range). B is very superhuman (from around 20 tons to 50 tons) and A is 50 tons to 100 tons
A+ is over 100 tons
A++ is variable. Say Hulk's strength would be A++ because it can rise indefinitely

Agility, your characters speed and reflexes, AGI:
E is regular human, D is peak, C is slightly fast, B is very fast (over sound barrier), A is light speed travel
A+ is beyond light
A++ is speed that constantly increases beyond light. Say for example Peter

Constitution, or endurance, CON:
E is regular human, D is peak, C is slightly resistant/regenerator, B is very resistant, and A is night invulnerable
A++ in this scenario would be say Keeth, as his regen and invulnerability increase when he goes Zarathos

Energy is basically energy emanation. Everything from magical to psionic, ENE.
E is nothing, D is a little, C is average, B is powerful (alpha mutant level) and A is extremely powerful (omega)
A+ would be say a Centurian of the Nova Force, or
A++ would be say Vulcan, or Amber powered by the Giga Slave, or a telepath using cerebra

Luck is a story drive stat, LCK. Just rank your characters luck based on your opinion of his luck in the story. There is no A++ in this parameter.

Intelligence is also self explanatory, INT. It also encompasses tactical and military intelligence, so say, an army commander would have at least a C or a B, even if he's not a scientist or a scholar. No A++ in this skill, with the notable exceptions of users of intuitive aptitude. (Ikon is the most well known example)

Fighting Skill, FSK: One's skills in fighting, both hand to hand, and wielding weapons. No A++ in this

Some examples:

Str: E
End: E
Agi: E
En: EX (she is currently the phoenix host, white phoenix at that)
Luck: E
Int: D (smart human, not incredibly but still smart)

Str: D
End: C (his organic ice is a physical mutation)
Agi: D
En: B (his powers are psionic)
Luck: C (your average luck)
Int: C (leadership skills, planning, and he has a degree)

Str: E
End: E
Agi: E
Eni: A
Luck: C
Int: B

Milo...is a special case. See all his parameters are technically EX because of his absorbium heritage, but we wont go with that
Even WITHOUT his absorbium heritage, he'd still be at least A+ in every rank, and A++ in strength and Endurance because of the Hulk and Ghost Rider states

Str: C
End: C
Agi: C
En: EX
Luck: C
Int: B
Her C in physical is because of her spider clan heritage

Str: EX
End: A+
Agi: A+
En: A++ (Rune magic boost)
Luck: D (he's unlucky sometimes)
Int: B

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Stating your character
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