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 Harold Versone (Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Harold Versone (Heroes Uprising)   Sun May 12, 2013 5:45 pm

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Name: Harold Versone
Alias: New Mandarin
Age: 22
Height: 6'2
Weight: 215 lbs
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Identity: Secret
Species: Homo sapiens
Personality: Harold was a man who hated death, and loss. He defended everything he had, in the appropriate situation.
Known Relatives: Father and Mother



Theme Song:


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Harold has gathered the ancient Makluan rings, 10 rings that give the wearer powers. He shares a connection to the rings. He can track their locations when he doesn't have them, and know if someone else tries to use them, even manipulate that person. His hands are reptilian like because of the rings influence.

-Ice Blast Ring (Left Little Finger): This ring allows the Mandarin to project waves of up intense cold and ice, including trapping foes in ice blocks and sheaths.

-Mento-Intensifier Ring (Left Ring Finger): This ring magnifies the Mandarin’s psionic energies, allowing him to mentally manipulate the thoughts and actions of others.
--Mental Illusions: The Mandarin may psionically generate illusions within the minds of others. These illusions are very realistic and are capable of affecting all of the senses (vision, hearing, taste, touch and smell).
--Mental Paralysis: The Mandarin may psionically manipulate the minds of others, temporarily paralyzing them.

-Electro-Blast Ring/Lightning Ring(Left Middle Finger): This ring allows the Mandarin to project blasts of Electrical Energy.

-Flame-Blast Ring (Left Index Finger): This ring allows the Mandarin to project blasts of infrared to produce flame or ignite combustible materials.

-White Light Ring (Left Thumb): This ring allows the Mandarin to generate and manipulate various forms of electromagnetic energy
--Light Burst: The Mandarin may generate bursts of high intensity light to blind opponents.
--Gravity Field: The Mandarin may encase opponents in a field of heavy gravity, pinning them to the surfaces.
--Magnetic Levitation: The Mandarin may utilize electromagnetic fields to levitate and manipulate objects.
--Image Projection: The Mandarin may project holographic illusions. He can also produce multiple images to confuse an opponent, or make a substantially larger version of himself.

-Black Light Ring (Right Little Finger): This Ring allows the Mandarin to create an area of darkness, presumably using Darkforce energy to do so.

-Disintegration Beam Ring (Right Ring Finger): This ring allows the Mandarin to project a beam of energy capable of destroying the bonds between the atoms and molecules, causing inanimate objects to disintegrate. This ring must recharge for 20 minutes after each use.

-Vortex Beam Ring (Right Middle Finger): The ring causes the air to move about at high speed in a vortex. The vortex can be used as an offensive weapon, as a means of levitating objects, or as a means of propelling the ring's wearer through the air.

-Impact Beam Ring (Right Index Finger): This Ring allows the Mandarin to generate and project various beams of concussive force.
-- Force Blast (Electron Beam, Neutron Beam): The Mandarin may project blasts of concussive energy.
--Sonic Beam: The Mandarin may project waves of high-intensity sound.

--Matter-Rearranger Ring (Right Thumb): This Ring allows the Mandarin to manipulate the atomic and molecular structures of matter. It cannot transmute elements or affect objects encased in force or energy fields.
--Poison Gas: The Mandarin may transform the surrounding air into a Toxic gas.
--Solidify Gas: The Mandarin may solidify the air around opponents, encasing them in blocks of cement-like material.
--Rearrange costume and/or alter appearance.

Powers: N/A

Bio: Harold was born in a small town called Columbia, Georgia a student with ambitions to change modern warfare. His parents were both involved in the military, and he had a maid named Daisey. After his parents went MIA, he became obsessed with making American soldiers stronger to prevent other kids from loosing their parents. He began saving all his money, and trying to get loans to start the Super Soldier Project. His project failed, but he was recruited into Stark Industries as a weapon designer.

He had an idea for a new missile, but in reality he would kidnap Foreigners and experiment on them with his Super Soldier Serum. He was exposed, and Aaron fired him. He was homeless again, and then he began hiding bombs all around the US. He decided to hunt down the Mandarin Rings and kidnapped Kyle's mother. He had Kyle join forces with the Avengers to collect the rings. He gained various powers, and then gained 10 million dollars from Aaron. After that, he wanted to capture Dimitri, and use his technopathic powers so he could prevent the Military or other Foreign Countries from getting involved.

However he was tricked by the Avengers, and Velon. He was captured and the Mandarin rings taken from him. He was later placed in a holding cell, but he vanished.


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Harold Versone (Heroes Uprising)
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