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 A Heroes Uprising Christmas!

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PostSubject: A Heroes Uprising Christmas!   Fri Dec 19, 2014 4:33 am

In light of the holidays..a tradition we haven't really upheld in recent years..a Heroes Uprising christmas time. It's getting close to christmas for the heroes, and the Shadow X Men/League are getting ready for the season.

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Across Genosha..snow was coming down..on the island of the superhumans. Milo was off in New York zipping through the city when he arrived near a robbery in process. The Man had a weapon drawn.

Man: You don't get it motherfucker I'll blow your fucking head off
Owner: Please..I can't it.s

"The Man put his finger on the trigger pointing it at the man who was loading the new xbox into his van for his son which he'd purchased for holidays. The man gave up the xbox to the robber who grabbed it hoping in his car going to speed off, while the owner of the console broke down on his knees."

Owner: No..I promised my son..I...
Milo: Cheer up pal this what you're looking for?

"Milo walked over to the man with the box in his hand, handing it to the man who looked up in awe at the superhero."

Owner: Fusion..you..
Milo: Merry Christmas hold on..gotta make it special for ya son.

"Milo used a power causing the power to instantly be wrapped, and handed it to the man, and a second gift appeared in his hand handing to him."

Milo: That ipad your wife wanted..figured you shouldn't have to choose between gifts.. merry christmas don't worry about that guy he's taken care off..
Owner: Wow!!!! You really are the best hero Merry Christmas Fusion

"He hugged the super-hero, and got in his car with his gifts, a smile on his face driving off, while in the distance the robber was seen in the distance webbed up, upside down, and a letter left for the cops while Milo made his way into the mall he had some Christmas shopping to do himself."


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A Heroes Uprising Christmas!
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