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 Ikon Iltore(Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Ikon Iltore(Heroes Uprising)   Tue Jan 24, 2012 9:00 pm

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These powers..this hunger, when I gave into it, I was a powerful force, but Milo acsended beyond me, because he is not like the rest of us, his power is pure it's true. But I don't give a rats ass, about it's purity, or the truth to it. I will no longer be linked to people like comrades, in a way that ignorant fool is more intelligent to power. Risking my life for others ppft it is foolish, the only true way to power is to take it wherever I get to continue to acculate it and THAT is what I will do, none will stop my Pursuit of Power..
-Ikon Iltore

Name: Ikon Iltore
Codename: Zulan
Alias: Principle I, Z, Intuitive
Age:: 29
Height: 6.1
Weight: 185 lbs
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Identity: Secret
Species: Homo-Superior
Race: Caucasian
Ikon, or Zulan as he was know, was and still remains an individual with no qualms about killing other human beings. However, arguments can be made he no longer actively enjoys doing these things as he once did, and if anything he is trying his best to regain some sense of humanity and be worth something to society.
Perhaps his resurrection and persecution by HAMMER opened his eyes somewhat, and he is now on the road to redemption.
Ikon was not always as he started in the story. Once a hero deep down, he attempted to stop what he came to know as the Power Nemesis, as both him and his father had connections to the Hunters. However, his power slowly corroded him, and his hunger for more abilities lead to him becoming a ruthless killer who actively enjoyed causing pain to others.
Him and Milo share a great rivalry that dates back to their first fight in DC, and perhaps as a result they came to respect each other greatly.
Known Relatives: Vinlo(Father) Feline(Mother,Deceased), and Angie(Lover.)

Allies:  Shadow X Men and Assistants., X-Force, Avengers

Enemies: Vinlo, Samuel's group, S.H.I.E.L.D, Hellfire Cult, HAMMER,

Occupation: X-Force member, (formerly)Serial Killer/Legacy Agent/New Agency Founder/Assistants Agent
Religion:: Roman Catholic
Theme Song: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Skills: He is a skilled painter, and he's a master of training other Mutants. Due to his mastery of his vast arsenal, he's capable of training other mutants, and helping them find ways to easily understand, and control their abilities. Due to joining the Agency, and the Government he's a master of  armed, and unarmed combat. He's a skilled tactician, and a master of setting up plans to take down enemies more powerful then him. He's a master of tracking down others, and evading capture.

Zulan is an omega level mutant and possibly one of the strongest beings in the universe. He's one of the few beings able to fight Milo on an even ground.

Intuitive Aptitude. He can instinctively understand and manipulate the workings of a complex system. For systems that he already understands (like watches), he can detect and identify flaws in the mechanism with only a cursory inspection.He uses this skill to analyze his victims brains and steal their powers. Zulan does not need to kill someone to gain their ability. However, a physical study of the victim's brain requires direct observation necessitating the removal of the upper part of the skull, so the victim soon dies of blood loss and trauma. His recent ability X-ray Vision allows him to study the brain without physically removing it. However, he's still prone to murder.
Victims with rapid cellular regeneration, however, can survive this by repairing the damage. Zulan has demonstrated that can also "emphatically" copy abilities without injuring the source.
Zulan can also detect some medical conditions, such as someone's aneurysm or brain tumor. He had enough knowledge about it to remove someone's aneurysm without hurting them.
A side effect of his power is the "hunger". In his case, the "hunger" manifests itself in the need for more powers.

Powers he had gained include.
-Telekenesis (From Alice)
-Rapid Cell Regeneration (From Ledge)
-Bone Claws (From Ledge)
-Psioninc Possession
-Indetectability( From Dracarot)
-Plasma Manipulation (From Angie).
-Shadow Manipulation
-Elasticy (From Larry)
-Force Field Generation
-Electricity Manipulation
-Sound Manipulation
-Insect Communication
-Animal Communication
-Shape Shifting
-Weather Manipulation
-Sound Manipulation
-Senses Manipulation
-Microwave Emission
-Hive Manipulation
-Deflection/Reflection (Tyrone)
-Portal Generation
-Concept Disruptor
-Self Duplication
-Air Manipulation
-Light Manipulation
- Matter Substitution
-Space-Time Manipulation
-Matter Manipulation
-Energy Manipulation
-Optic Beams
-Molecular Fusion
-Nerve Manipulation
-Distance Manipulation
-Perspective Manipulation
-Speed Manipulation
-Plant Manipulation
-Probability Manipulation
-Sexual Inducement
-Behavior Manipulation
-Fiction Manipulation
-Strength Absorption/Dispersing
-Dream Manipulation
-Personality Manipulation
-Memory Control
-Soul Manipulation
-Essence Control
-Emotional Manipulation
-Muscle Manipulation
-Sleep Manipulation
-Sloth Inducement
-Mirror Manipulation
-Knowledge Manipulation
-Mental Manipulation
-Efficacy Manipulation
-Vector Manipulation
-Effect Field Manipulation
-Explosion Inducement
-Matter Absorbtion/Emma
-Mindscape Transferal
-Container Imprisonment
-Artistic Animation
-Omnifarious(Impossible Man)
-Ability Manipulation
-Addiction Manipulation
-Control Manipulation
-Hulk Transformation (From Alex)

Bio: Ikon Iltore was born in Italy the son of Vinlo, and Feline Iltore, born into a rich family,  and destined for greatness, even in pre-school he was able to understand situations and such his ability manifesting at a young age, and he was determined a genius, unknowingly sharing the same ability as his father. He had dreams of helping others, wanting to cure conditions and illnesses such as blindness, and cancer, his baby sitter having a disability. By the time he was in middle school he was a Straight A Student, and skipped eight grade, making his way into High school when he was merely thirteen year old, having a promising future ahead of him, and he wanted to be a Doctor. He had dreams of medical school.

His family moved to America, specifically New York, where his parents opened up there own Italian Restaurant, and he began learning English attending an expensive Private School in Manhattan. He was quickly placed in advanced classes, however his life changed when Vinlo murdered Feline, and went missing the police after him. Ikon had witnessed the incident, and ran away from home, the police after him as well, he dropped out of school, and became involved with The Italian Mafia, adopted into the family, he quickly became the Financial organizer, and worked his way up over the next two works, and developed a nicotine addiction smoking more. He was tracked down by the NYPD, and arrested, placed in custody, he was placed in a Detention center, and his biology teacher Sylvester adopted him wanting to help him, and he was set on a path of redemption, learning Sylvester was made his legal Godfather a few months before his death. With some help he managed to graduate High school when he was Nineteen, and got a scholarship to NYU, determined to be a doctor to atone for his sins, and the people he hurt during his time with the Mafia. During his time in High school he dated a girl named Shannon Lennins, but she moved away during the middle of his Senior year.

Despite setting his life straight, he never exposed the Mafia as they had helped him in a tough time.  During his time in NYU, he met a girl named Alice whom he fell in love with, even after learning she had a daughter named Kathy. Being a man who loved children he helped her raise Alice, and they got into a serious relationship, and dated until his Junior year in NYU, and he was already working part time. His powers began to manifest more, understanding more, after completing his time in NYU, he went to Medical School, and proposed to Alice. However after her abilities manifested he helped her gain control of them, and he murdered her a few days later. Being Kathy's legal guardian he gave her up from adoption, and left to Italy heading home to discover his origins, meeting his family's lawyer he claimed his inheritance, and the Iltore family's possessions. One was a DVD from Vinlo, and he learned about the Ability Nemesis, The Agency, and Evolved humans, and how there ability was a curse, and what allowed them the power to stop the Power Nemesis. Motivated by the deaths of Kathy, and Alice he began seeking out Evolved humans via newspaper articles, internet, and began hunting them managing to murder four before becoming obsessed with a man named Ledge with Rapid Cell Regeneration.

He hounded him, coming into conflict with Yamairo's group, and Milo, who attempted to stop him gaining powers, however after killing a telepath he evaded them, and murdered Hank one of Yamairo's closest friends, which allowed him to track down the members of Yamairo's group, he instead tracked down Ledge murdering the members of his gang, and acquiring his ability, before placing Ledge in a coma. He then allied himself with Strade, and the Military Squad from the future murdering a speedster to counter Space-Time Manipulation, and used the media in New York to garner Milo's attention. He fought  him, and the rest of Yamairo's group in New York, at one point thinking he killed Milo, but he was beaten and imprisoned in a lake. He was rescued by the Agency, but imprisoned, and studied they planned to use him to develop a formula to rid the world of abilities, two weeks later he managed to escape murdering a mutant with omnilingulism during his escape. He remained hidden with so many forces searching for him, murdering one of Milo's close friends Erica, and later went to the hospital where Benjamin was, he got into a confrontation with Yamairo, who he scared off, and Rail a phaser injected him with a power dampening formula, and captured him.

When Yamairo and co came to rescue there captured friends, they freed him as a result of his abilities being dampened. He was interrogated, and gave them information regarding the Agency. He told them about the Power Nemesis, and later helped them in there rescue mission, but had no intentions of saving Nate. He acquired the formula to restore his abilities, targeting and trapping Ledge, then killing another special, he got into a confrontation with the group, with Yamairo decapitating him. Hunting became harder thanks to Jason who framed him for murder, and the police came after him, he was targeted, monitored by Stewart, and Gary, Wave a special working for Samuel. Ikon joined Samuel's group, capturing Angel Milo's mother, and leading Milo into a trap. He later betrayed Samuel after learning his true intentions rescuing the the members of Yamairo's group, he went with them to Germany to recruit German in the mission to kill Samuel. After his death he fled dealing with the Government's persecution, during the time of persecution he killed Benjamin, and after the SXM were formed, he was set up, captured.

He managed to escape, a few days later he was brought into the Soul Tournament meeting up with several beings with powers he intended to kill Shawkun to gain enough power to defeat Milo.

He took Kathy to foster care and returned to his home seeing a message from his father to stop the Power Nemesis. He began hunting down evolved humans killing them to gain their powers  and planned to eventually become the only evolved human left. He the took on Yamairo's team, and after being imprisoned by Milo , the Agency freed him. He helped Yamairo's team fight, and stop the Agency, and the he joined Samuel's group wanting to get rid of Milo. He later betrayed Samuel after learning his true intentions, and resumed his hunt during the Fugitive Arc. He then began the search for his father, and fought in Shawkun's tournament. Milo killed him, and Blackheart revived him, forcing him to work for him.

Then he joined the Government after the Outburst happened, and later gained all of Samuel's abilities during a fight on Genosha. He was forced to fight in the Secrete Wars, and this time Yamairo finally killed him. Later Hitler revived him using the Soul Gem, but was once again forced to work for him. He helped start the Civil War, by saving Ben from his death, and then joining Legacy. He later helped the Terror Squad , and was forced to work with SHIELD to deal with the Skrull invasion. He teamed up with Shawkun, and they gathered a super-villain army to prevent Milo's resurrection. After his plans failed, he decided to help out Angie to try being a hero. After failing at a heroic life-style, he went to live in peace with his child-hood sweet heart Sharon.

His hunger overpowered him a few months later, as he killed Kesow, and resumed gaining powers gaining some Akatsuki and three clans. He then met Kira, and formed Kira's Army with home, in hopes of cleansing the world of criminals. Later pretending to be Samuel, he manipulated Shawkun into forming the Hideout to gather mutants from Kira's Army, and hide KA from KTF. Later Milo, and Ganta tracked him down bringing reinforcements, he posed as Principle I, fighting Milo and the others pretending to be an omega level telekentic. Machi arrived rescuing him and the rest of the mutants at the Hideout. After the rescue he was placed under Lezune's control, and later was defeated by Amber. After the Phoenix Alliance he vanished with the rest of the Phoenix Alliance.

He then teamed up with Angel, building an army of Mutants in order to combat the Hunters invasion, however he ended up joining the Hunters to stop the power Nemesis.  He attacked Genosha, revealing why he killed Aphrodite. Due to his statement, Ares lead the Olympian army into combat against him, but Milo finished him for good via the Penance Stare. He was left in a comatose state, and brought to a HAMMER facility, later freed by Alice. Later he was reincarnated by Alastair, but lost his memories. He lost his connection to Angie's group, and was persecuted by HAMMER. He escaped to Genosha, where he joined the SXM seeking redemption for his past sins, but Carmen imprisoned him. Milo rescued him,  and they trained together in various fictions, they emerged. He also regained his memories, and aided against Amdeus, and ended up killing the ATEOTW empowered Sefirot. After murdering him he left the SXM, and instead joined the X Force. He kept his hunger in check by killing terroristic mutants, and forming bonds with his team members.

He continues to rise in power after loosing to Terrell, he wonders if his existence has purpose, and if his power is dwindling. He was captured after being beaten by the Reedemers, and injected with a formula that destabilized the majority of his abilities. He escaped, and started a new life in New York as a Guidance Counselor resuming his hunt for mutants while searching for Angie, and co tracking them down he broke them out of MHF.  Zulan seeking vengeance against the heroes used his powers to understand the Will of the Universe, and taking control of the Hunters lead the third hunters war against the heroes. He battled Yamairo, and then Milo who only had access to his mutant powers. He willed his death, however Milo was fully restored by the Phoenix and defeated. He lost his memories of the 3rd hunters war, and was stripped of most of his power. He has since moved in with Angie, and started a repair shop in Manhattan. He sought out Islam to further peace not wanting to return to physiology with Dracarot, and did not remain starting to develop his own form of religious schizophrenia to satisfy his lust for power. He sought out people to deal with the emerging of the hunger, and turned to marijuana despite it being against his own supposed religion.

He decided to delve into hallunagenics and other drugs to find his purpouse in life now feeling inferior not only to Milo but several others and the Serpent incident only furthered this depression. Struggling to survive he bonded with Dracarot during the attack on Manhattan using his ability to help Angie and himself avoid the Worthy's rampage. After the incident was wiped from humanity's memory, and upon thinking he murdered another person obtaining the ability to manipulate shadows. Indulging his habits he sought out rehab while monitoring others in the facility seeing many still partook in their habits and treated it as a vacation, with even staff being corrupted he murdered the corrupt members of the staff. He reunited with Angie and continued the shop getting more business and used his ability of psionic possession to get rich people to put money in his account for items he "Repaired" in their shops. Setting himself he went with Angie to resume the hunt for mutants determined to gain enough powers to take on the world, and sought out Manda hoping to use her to locate Joel hoping to get his flash drive he had given to SHIELD to obtain the database of the superhuman populace.

Thanks to his wealth, and now database he planned to resume his hunting of other super-humans, but upon running into Dracarot sought redemption helping him evacuate to the Middle East before the city was shrunken and kidnapped. Ikon took that as a sign, and after Angie was captured by the Mutant Response Division, he made a deal with them agreeing to work with them in exchange for getting to confiscate the powers of some of their more dangerous members. And so a shaky but stable partnership began with Kingsfield, he ended up helping bring down Chulance, and tesla which led to  MRD using the adapter's power to stabalize their prison dimension which contained so many super humans. Ikon eventually went rogue having felt like he betrayed Milo, and sought out Sandra and co on Emmet's refuge island. He began training Danny helping him delve more into his power, and tried to earn the trust of Sandra and them revealing how he gave into his cowardice and did work for MRD.

He also revealed that although he kept his powers unlike Milo, he suffered at teh and of Mother's wave as well. He ended up playing a key role in getting Marie, Danny, and Abby to safety while nearly getting killed by Cain and other MRD agents fleeing. He ended up going into hiding using Drac's power and invisiblity, but was rescued by Sandra,and recruited into the resistance. He helped them battle MRD, and later the BROOD. After the BROOD we're defeated he opted not to rejoin the X Force, and instead wanted to join the team or what was left it to atone for not only his sins in the MRD, but for all of the atrocities he'd committed.  Going back to Dracarot's advice he began delving into the empathic aspect of his power to relate to the others, and ended up transferring Karen's memories from her corpse to Luke, and also seeking out Anna to make amends for blowing her up back in the Soul Tournament.


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Ikon Iltore(Heroes Uprising)
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