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 Shadow League (Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Shadow League (Heroes Uprising)   Sat Mar 31, 2012 4:48 pm

Name: Shadow League
Other names: SXML (short for Shadow X-Men League), The league
Location(s): Genosha capital
Halo 3 OST - One Final Effort [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

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Protecting the world from superhuman threats

Filipe Costa (Ice Hands) (last exerting)

Milo Ventro (Fusion)
James (Psych)
Hasaka Yamairo(Jikoku Dono)
Isabel (Tempest)
Aaron Stark( Iron Man)
Chulance (Darwin)
Sean Bishop(Iota)
Shaun Jackson
Sandra Fuller (Phoenix)
Katy Karma (Hydrogirl)
Tesla Nova (Diamo)
Joe Dark
Juliette (Julie) Sanders
Justin Lynch (Metallic)
Jim Manson (Sandman)


The League was formed at the wake of the separation of the various superhero teams caused by Castiel's war on the Heavenly Host. Milo regathered everyone into a single, joint team. Him, Aaron and Oliver funded the group, and constructed, at the center of Genosha city, Genosha, a massive tower to serve has HQ for the new superhero team. Milo modified the tower even further to serve the member's needs, and the first issue they dealt with was the returning Kosmos, who joined the team after a short fight with Dale, Troy, Keeth, and Sandra. This showed the team's ability to cope with situations, and they learned to work together. Together they made a large impact on crime, but they were not without faults. With the SXML Milo made ir so as long as they had a membership card they could be on the team even if they didn't stay on base.

Many of the members of the SXML helped out with one of Milo's new Projects, the Academy to train the next generation of super heroes, many such as Sandra, Yamairo, Julie, Fawkes, and Filipe got involved with training them. They dealt with the war in Heaven which spilled into earth, with a massive demonic invasion unlike any other they'd faced before. Working with the Heavenly Host they managed to overcome Lucifer's invasion, proving the SXML where here to stay. After this however  Keeth left the team to form his own supernatural agency to deal with supernatural threats specifically to help prevent things like the demon invasion from happening. However Keeth kept his membership with them, and after that the next series of drama emerged within the team itself, specifically the Fuller Family.

It lead to Mephisto gaining control of David's body, and using him in a bid to get a Cosmic Cube, and gain control of Hell. The team worked against SHIELD to steal their cosmic cube, but Mephisto played the team getting the cube, and nearly wiping out the SXML. However SHIELD having been experimenting with the cube ended up saving the heroes, and proving they were on the verge of getting technologically superior to the heroes. However the team showed it effectiveness against fighting off Dark Serpent, and the Worthy. Due to support from Aaron and Odin, they created The Mighty aka members of the team granted similar powers to the Worthy. After winning and saving the world, they dealt with the aftermath of fear incarnate roaming the earth one being Death's curse. With Deadpool's help that too was reversed, and the team continues to battle against world wrecking threats.

Their following fight was against an invasion from another universe, fighting evil alternate versions of themselves corrupted by death, and against Milo's absorbium comrade Zed. They once again triumphed.
However, a previous run in with HYDRA, coupled with the inability to protect the Earth properly, led to anti-superhuman hysteria returning. US President Tyler ran on this platform, and reformed the MRD, giving them new untold powers and liberties. As the team once more split itself apart, with Filipe going to so far as to disband the Shadow League and reform the X-Men, a foe hidden in the shadows, Mother, slowly sowed the chaos until she caused a completely unraveling of the team. As she was about to be defeated, she cast a spell that completely sealed off all pantheons from Earth, and severely reduced the power of the major fighters of the team. MRD now had the superiority. With these events, the team was thus considered terminated, with the X-Men once more taking its place. However that team was also fractured and divided, so it can be said the remaining community was both the Shadow League and the Shadow X-Men


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Shadow League (Heroes Uprising)
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