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 Nina Dobrev (Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Nina Dobrev (Heroes Uprising)   Mon Jan 23, 2012 10:50 pm

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You, huh, I had forgotten you was a hero. Shouldn't you be out stopping a bank robbery or some other job real heroes doesn't have the time of day for.
- Nina to Dale.

Name: Nina.
Codename: Night Walker.
Age: 29
Height: 5.9
Weight: 134 lbs
Personality: Sick, often licking her opponents blood.
Known Relatives: All deceased (all of family.)
Theme Song: Scream - Avenged Sevenfold - [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

-Pulse manipulation: Nina has the ability to create powerful pulses along the ground or through a persons body.  

-- Close range attacks: At close range the ability can easily be fatal to opponents.  By creating a pulse wave within a opponents body, Nina can disrupt the heart beat of a opponent causing a stroke or heart attack and death.   These same deadly waves can easily shatter bones, immobilizing or killing a opponent depending on where the attack takes place.   These waves can cause internal damages as well which, if doesn't kill right away, can kill later if not checked on and healed.   By creating a strong enough pulse withing a opponents body, the wave can actually blow clean through a opponent, and blast out the opposite side. (Example, Nina attacks from the front, the attack rips out through the opponents back.)

-- Long range attacks: Nina can create pulse waves through the atmosphere of the general area she is in.  These waves can easily knock opponents back.  Unlike a shock wave, these pulse waves can act with pin point accuracy and focus there impact for greater damage.  

Vampire - When Nina joined Korin she got turned into a vampire, then later her vampire powers was adopted to super levels. Her skills now are.

- 10X stronger then basic vampire.
- She no longer need that much blood to survive only for fun and to feel a rush.
- Can travel through shadows.
- Regenerate from a single cell.
- Shape-shift into other creatures, people ect but cant copy powers if they turn into mutants.
- Generate fog.
- Manipulate the temperature.
- Telepathically communicate with other vampires.
- Read minds of humans.
- The ability to mind control several people at once instead of one and also control people's perceptions and beliefs.
- Can control any vampires she sire.
- The ability to manipulate pheremones.
- Blood manipulation.
- Immune to every vampire and mutant weakness. (so sunlight, stakes, fires, anti mugen, power dampners ect do nothing).
- Her powers cant be replicated or copied or manipulated
- Can generate powerful illusions that can cause realistic pain.
- Can fly faster then the speed of sound.
- Blood mimicry.
- Can manipulate/raise undead human/animals and control them.
- Has super sense like sight, hearing, vision with a city wide radius.
- High resistance to manipulation powers like time, matter, energy ect.

Bio: Nina isn't... normal.  She has a severe addiction to vampires, so much so that she has convinced herself she is one.  She is so strongly convinced of it, she actually bites her victims and drinks blood.  She also believes daylight is bad for your health, and rarely steps outside at day.  This results in her skin being very pale.  She never wears regular clothing, always wearing a cloak, or black clothing in general.   Her "fangs" that she bites with are suspected to be fake, though some believe she may of had a operation done on her teeth.

Nina had always been this way, she even seemed evil as a baby.  As soon as she was old and strong enough, she started picking off her friends, parents, and family one by one.  At this time, she was still somewhat sane, enough so to act kinda regularly out in public.  However, what others didn't know was she was dragging body's into a cabin in the nearby wood... feeding off them.

This sick act was found out when cops suspected a serial killer and started a manhunt for the person responsible.  When the cops came by the cabin, the sight there was sickening.  Remains, body's, and blood everywhere.  They found various items that lead them back to Nina, and she was arrested with no possibility of bail.  It would soon be determined she would get the death sentence.   Before she was taken away however, a massive sandstorm appear to hit the city.  It would become clear however that this is no storm as the sand seemed to target the police and kill them.  Sandman then formed in front of Nina's cell and gave her a offer she couldn't refuse.

Nina joined the rp as part of Nightmare's group, and developed a rivalry with Tanya early on after fighting and trying to kill her.  She stayed with the group after Jet took over and gladly helped him.  She was imprisoned and later released with what became Metallic's group, and attacked Japan, facing against Sandra along with the others.  After the group was set free, Nina was constantly annoyed when Jin and Jim always kept her in line, and stopped her from killing people.  She was later dragged into the SXM by Metallic's group, facing Tanya again a few times.  Milo even used clones of Nina to help train Tanya.  She was kept around and faced the Hunters with the SXM.  After the Hunter arc, during Dark Reign, she disappeared from the SXM.   She showed up during the Intermission arc, being asked into a new group, The Forgotten, which was beginning to gather.  She meet Tracy, Nightmare, Virus, and Jason there.  Her first mission on the team got Nina involved in a fight with Julie, which Nina herself ended up losing.

She ended up clashing with the Shadow Escorts on multiple occasions, before being recruited into Velon's brotherhood.  She was later beaten and placed in Ryker's during the invasion of D.C.
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Nina Dobrev (Heroes Uprising)
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