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 Heroes Uprising: Alternate Universe groups.

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PostSubject: Heroes Uprising: Alternate Universe groups.   Wed Jan 01, 2014 2:33 am

I though it would be a good idea to list the members to each group. Not only will it help us remember, but it'll show use which group is outnumbered and where we should add characters if we want to keep things even.

Genosha Mafia.
1) Troy.
2) Jin.
3) Joe.
4) Megan.
5) Eva.
6) Alex.
7) Sean.

Glee Club Hero Group. (we should probably get them a better name. XD)
1) Emmet.
2) Sandra.
3) Katy.
4) Adrien.
5) Tie.
6) Kaiser.

Not yet official but likely joining.

- Milo.
- Dave.
- Tesla.
- Roberta.
- Tyrone.

Right now Mafia has 7 confirmed, Glee Club has 6 confirmed and 5 looking like they'll end up joining, for a total of 11. Minus 2 (Katy and Sandra) as they are currently injured, and Glee Club is still already outnumbering mafia 9-7.

Glee Club is growing faster then I expected. lol

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Heroes Uprising: Alternate Universe groups.
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