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 Posu Belle (Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Posu Belle (Heroes Uprising)   Wed Apr 16, 2014 9:57 pm

Name:Posu Belle
Weight:165 lbs

Personality: Posu is a very controlling individual, who does not like to be disobeyed. He enjoys giving others orders,and doing whatever he wants. He dislikes being bossed around, and obeying rules. He loves having people to command, and  has very few friends. He believes friendship is weakness, yet he desires it.

Fyi, he loves donuts.

Known RelativesFather(Deceased),Mother(Deceased), and Brother(Remech)
Skills:He's skilled at imitating others.

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-Puppet Master: Posu appears to have complete control over another person's actions, but not their thoughts. He is able to force people to perform any physical action he desires, even if it would force them to harm to themselves or others. Most of the time, he forces the user to mimic his own actions, but he is also able to exercise some control with simple hand movements. He has not yet forced someone to act without some kind of gesture or movement of his own.

Posu can simultaneously immobilize at least three people with this ability. He can also force at least one of them to move while keeping the others paralyzed. Posu does not require a line of sight to his victims to keep them paralyzed, but he has not yet shown that he can force them to move when they are not in his line of sight. While he can maintain control of someone that he cannot see, he has not shown that he can establish such control over someone he can not see.

Posu can force another evolved human to use their ability. Posu has to concentrate on an individual to control their actions. If he is unaware of their presence or believes there is no longer any reason to maintain control, they are no longer influenced by his power.

Bio: Posu was born in the slums of Russia, and his family was uneducated. His mother died early on due to lack of dental treatment, and he worked with his father. His power manifested as he entered his teenage years, he stopped a man attacking his father. He learned he was a mutant, and his father helped him learn control of his ability. He and his father finally got jobs in a Dunkin Donuts, which is were he developed his donut addiction.He used his ability to steal money and food for the family. He used money from the ship to help support Remech's slave labor camp.

He helped with the capture of the various Fugitives, homeless people, and strippers. He lived at the camp, and later trained Jason. Later his brother was captured by SHIELD, the camp was torn apart, and he became a homeless fugitive again on the run from the Avengers.


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Posu Belle (Heroes Uprising)
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