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 Twilight: Blood Wars(IC)

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PostSubject: Twilight: Blood Wars(IC)   Mon Sep 01, 2014 2:08 am

We open on the ancient city of Volterra in Tuscany Italy, the moon light shining down on a condemned building that was decaying. Here is where Lilith walked towards, it had been decades since he'd graced italy with his presence, he'd always had a soft spot for it but Aro got on his nerves, so he tended to stay away. But that was no longer the case anymore, he thought with a grin as he slipped into the building.

Much of the building was delopatated and looked like it would all come crashing down any moment now. To the ignorant it would appear that a imple fire had broken out and claimed the lives of everyone inside before setting off an explosion. But you only had to look closer and you'd see the truth. Lilith bent wiped his fingers across an ash trail and flicked his tongue over his coated fingers. The tell tale remains of vampire despite the years that had passed since the event that led to their demise.

Lilith spun around and danced among the ruins, shadows on the wall seemed to join his macabre performance. The Volturi, the vampiric goverment or royalty as they'd seen themselves had all been decimated, nothing of their rule was left but such was life, all empires crumbled, even those of the immortal. A strange sent suddenly caught his attention, it was stale, all but gone. But his vampire senses were enough to catch it, a most foul odor indeed that brought to mind a wet dog.

He supposed he shouldnt be suprised, given the company Carlistle keeps. After the Volturi had fallen, there was the predictable power struggle as factions began to crawl out of the woodworks. The egypians, the romanians and so forth all wanted a chance to seize the vacant throne. They fought and raged against each other, plotting and attempting to amass forces as the Volturi had kept them from doing before.

But these days word of a vampire council was beginning to spread amidst the four winds. Carlistle Cullen and his ilk were heading it apparantly, preaching a time for change and stability. It was common knowledge that the Cullens had played a large part in the Volturi's downfall, much to the mass disbelief. The Cullens were considered a joke among their kind for their bleeding heart life style. No doubt that was what Carlistle meant by change, but what really made the vampires weary were the Cullens allies.

The shapeshifters were main force that fought against the Volturi in an impressive number of combatants. Massive, wolfen creatures, not to be confused with the children of the moon but to be considered worse then them. A few were rumored to be working with the Cullens to assist with the new order if not indirectly with a silent threat. Lilith paused in his dance and smiled, his teeth glowing ominously in the dark " If he thinks things will go smoothly then I'm afraid Carlistle is in for some dissapointment.

Lilith exited the building without a backwards glance, he would never return to it again. Though he didnt like Aro, Marcus, or Caius, they were vampires, his sons, his beloved. His dance was his way of bidding them farewell from this stage of existance and one he'd learned from mother. He starred off into the distance, gazing at something only he could see. The wheels of fate were beginning a new rotation and it would all begin in Italy again, like so many other things did.


In an old mansion somewhere in old Italy, the vampire Vincent was enjoying solitude. Sitting in a large chair with a book propped up on his lap, he delicately turned last page of his book and closed it. It had been an excellent read, but it wasnt suprising, it was by his all time favorite author of the last century. He scaled up one of the shelves of his massive library and put the book back in place before searching for his next one. A look of something close to joy but not quite on his face.

That was what his existance boiled down to these days and he was perfectly happy with that entirely. Yes, he did miss his time with the Volturi but ultimately it was Aro's power mongering that led to his downfall and subsuquently that of the Volturi and over one human girl. Bella Swan, a young girl, capable of thwarting a vampires gift, to an exstent he saw the appeal. But really she was no heroine, not by a literary definition.

He still remembered Aro's endless chatter following the first encounter with her. Young Edward Cullen had come to them in hopes that they would put him out of his member. Of course Aro couldnt let a talented vampire slip through his fingers, so he sent him away, so sure that it was the end of the matter. But for Edward to appear again, this time with Alice Cullent, the vampire who could perceive the future, and a young human girl.

She hadnt looked like much to him, nothing special at all but enough for Edward to develop an obession over her. But her hidden worth was revealed the moment she thwarted Janes gift. Nothing of the sort had ever happened before, Aro immediately went to test out his own power and was almost overwhelmed by his shock. Vincent moved to test out his own power before Aro could get the order out.

He can admit to being shocked as well that he couldnt read her. Of course the conflict hungry Caius wanted her killed because she knew to much, but Alice Cullens quick thinking saved her, apparently she'd forseen Bella Swan becoming one of them which changed things. The group left in peace but Aro began his usual routine of planning out scenarios that would lead to Edward, Bella, and Alice join the guard.

But alas life doesnt work that way, Bella had not stayed with Edward but instead she'd gone into the arms of a shapeshifter. Much to the pleasure of Aro as this allowed for a different course of action. Here Vincent was now, free to his own devices, for the moment anyway. He'd been ignoring " vampire politics " but soon he would have to get involved. As one of the last survivors of the Volturi guard he was sure to have no love by the shapeshifters, the Cullens attack dogs.

He knew enough about history and trends, though the Cullens would want the rest of their kind to adhere to their life style under a peaceful pretense, the shapeshifters would take the more direct approach and go after them. He picked out his next seat and returned to his chair, one last book before he moved out.
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PostSubject: Re: Twilight: Blood Wars(IC)   Fri Sep 05, 2014 9:18 pm

Drip… drip… drip… drip… drip.

The sound seemed to echo through the dark apartment. The only light that seemed to break through was the sunlight barely shining through the dark blue window curtains in the apartment. If it weren’t for the stench, the darkness would have hidden the evidence of the horrific scene that practically painted the walls and floors. It was the sweet yet sour scent of decay. You would think the apartment was abandoned, but a faint whimper discouraged the idea.

“Why…” Chelsea cried as she sat herself in the farthest corner of the apartment from the door. Her legs tucked in her arms against her chest like a frightened child. She kept her eyes shut tightly, just so she wouldn’t have to see what she had done in her own apartment. She didn’t know what to think, except that this was some sort of nightmare. How many did she kill? Was it three? Four? Her body trembled as her thoughts revolved around the answer. She just hoped no one would come to the door. She prayed to god that no one came.

Drip… drip… drip… drip… drip…

She held her breath to keep the stench from her nose… How long had she gone without an inhale or exhale? She was trying to hide the world from a monster, and she was losing with every second she fought. The dripping; it was slightly driving her insane, yet it was drowning out the sounds from the outside. Was it the sink? The blood leaking from the landlord’s… No! Chelsea shook her head repeatedly.

Drip… drip… drip… drip… lub-dub… drip… drip… drip… lub-dub… drip… lub-dub… drip… lub-dub… lub dub… lub-dub…

The sound of a heartbeat… The sound that broke any resistance the Chelsea had. Her head slowly stopped shaking as she took in the sound. It was getting louder, CLOSER! Then, without holding on any longer, her red eyes shot open. They shot open to lead her to her next kill
“Egyptians? Aren’t you on the bottom of the food chain?” An olive skinned vampire said as he walked forward toward two others. One was a male that held a complexion similar to his own, while the other was a female that was as pale as any other vampire. This confident vampire walked forward with a confident smirk. To the human eye, he would appear to be outnumbered, but his mate lurked half a mile from the site.

“Who is that?” The female asked as her red irises gazed upon the vampire known as Raphael Vasquez. He had interrupted the couple’s meal on a group of men herding goats. The meal was fresh, yet Raphael didn’t seem to show any interest in it. The male scowled on him as the colors this man wore identified him.

“Volturi… I think you should take a look at yourself before you start talking. Your coven is broken, disbanded...” The male vampire said as his words made Raphael stop in his tracks. Raphael’s smirk did not fade however. He only kept his smile before nodding, almost in a agreement.

“You’re right…. You’re right according to the rest of the world.” Raphael said before snapping his fingers. In an instant there were dozens of vampires at the Egyptian coven vampires’ backs. Raphael peaked around the two at the small army before chuckling. “In reality, we’re stronger than we’ve ever been!” Raphael shouted as the male vampire’s eyes widened with fear. With a quick movement, the male rushed forward before punching Raphael in the jaw in order to get past him. The male ran as fast as he could before turning around to see his mate still standing in front of Raphael who was recovering from his blow.

“Crystal!” He yelled as she looked at him in confusion. Had she not seen her doom at the hairs of her neck? She shook her head him before running at him frantically. She might have only taken two steps as Raphael caught her by the throat and slammed her body down into the ground. In that same moment, the male vampire found himself in some sort of headlock before he was decapitated by none other than Raphael’s lingering mate, Olivia. As he died, the army he once thought real vanished. Olivia held a cold stare as she watched Raphael handle Crystal.

“You saw her, right? But him…” Raphael chuckled before lifting Crystal up with his grip still on her throat. “He was too focused on something that didn’t exist! He was too focused what’s to come.” Raphael said as he tightened his grip. “Spread the word… if you can.” Raphael said the last part politely before tossing the female vampire to the dirt floor. He found amusement in watching her scurry herself up before running away.

Raphael turned to his mate who just stood over a body with her arms crossed. His smile faded as he approached her.

“I’m spreading a message.” Raphael justified.

“You could have easily left the male to do that. The female could have as easily taken his place.”

“Maybe I couldn’t let him insult me.” Raphael said with a smirk.

“Eat me… please… drink all of my blood!” A man said as he lied on the ground. “Please Olivia!” The man begged with his face down in the dirt. Olivia raised an eyebrow before a smirk broke her hardened face.

“Hungry?” Raphael asked as he enjoyed the sight of his mate being amused by his illusion.
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PostSubject: Re: Twilight: Blood Wars(IC)   Wed Sep 10, 2014 9:50 pm

Location: Italy, Mistal Manor
City: Unknown

Operation Conquer Mistral Manor


At least that was what Adeline thought she heard as the howls of shifters in the night were loud enough to seemingly shake the fragile the structure of her family's old manor. The young vampire was barely even deterred by their roars of anger. She looked through a few bookshelves in the master bedroom finding some books that weren't saved when they were last here.

"More ancient artifacts barely worth my time." Adeline blew the dust off of one of the books wondering aloud whether or not to even attempt to recover these tomes of knowledge some of her family would gush over. Of course as she contemplated she could hear the footsteps.


Whoever it was didn't even attempt to hide their presence in the hallway. She frowned knowing who it was. "Taren nice to see you again. Sorry about your brother."

The bedroom wall shattered as he charged through. The wolflike creature struck, his claw flying through the air in a blur. Adeline deftly evaded tossing the book aside and moving back towards the window. Adeline wasn't going to play around now. She spoke with him and his brothers trying to reach a deal. Of course her arrogance mixed with her brother's own aggressive nature began this little battle. Now Adeline was split up from her brother, but they sent the big one after her. His dark grey fur was thick. Nearly 7 feet tall and touched the ceiling. Even the heat coming off of him was almost unbearable to deal with, but she spoke with this one and observed his movements in the chase.

Her eyes were crimson for one moment then changed. They were green, dark, yellow even her pupils changed forms until it locked on and replicated his sulfur colored eyes.

"Your strength my advantage." she mumbled just as he lunged.


The enemy charged Adeline. She tolled to the side and jumped on the large bed evading a nasty bite. Taren immediately stopped from slamming into the window and dug his paws into the floor ready for another lunge.

Use Structural Weakness

Adeline dashed forwards briefly surprising the enemy and punched the floor. They were on the second floor and the ground was weak enough that it nearly shattered. Taren fell through first followed by Adeline landing a few blows against him while they fell. He hit the ground first and snapped at her nearly ripping off her head with his sharp teeth. She fell back in a rather ungraceful tumble to get away. He made it back on his feet shaking off the dust. Her eyes could see dark areas at certain areas of his body. She grinned seeing her openings.

Dislocate Jaw

Just as the thought entered her head he flew forwards faster than ever. Adeline could barely evade each attack. His paw slapped her into a wall and came at her again at lightening speed. This time she moved in just as he attacked and was able to land a solid kick on his chin briefly stunning him, but Adeline was far from done. She punched him at each spot her eyes targeted for her. Keeping the pressure on while evading using expert footwork. Eventually Taren was pushed back. As he growled the pain was building up in his mouth. Even opening it took some effort, but he was far from done and Adeline knew it.

"Come on one more time puppy."

They both dug their heels in ready for the next charge. Adeline herself was even bent low to prepare herself for the next attack. Taren roared and attacked in a burst of speed like never before. Adeline moved forward one step then ran back. He chased her too the nearest portrait covered wall. She ran up the wall her feet making small indentations as she climbed up. Taren was mere inches away his large mouth ready to swallow her whole. Just as he was ready to snap she sprang backwards and grabbed the bottom half of his mouth and twisted through the air along with his weakened jaw snapping it.

Adeline let and landed on her feet. The shifter was on the ground growling trying to fight through the pain. It was a surprise it was still conscious, but she knew these things could still heal. She ran towards him and kicked the creature through a wall. Adeline moved in again and kept punching and kicking Taren evading any desperate strikes until he could barely move or she couldn't stand his unbearable heat.

"You are the first casualty in my coven's war. Don't worry you won't be the last." Adeline grinned as her eyes went back to its crimson color. All she needed to do was finish this. Maybe slowly.


Operation Conquer Mistral Manor.....In Progress

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PostSubject: Re: Twilight: Blood Wars(IC)   

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Twilight: Blood Wars(IC)
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