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 Yori (Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Yori (Heroes Uprising)   Thu Nov 27, 2014 3:44 am

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Name: Yori
Codename: N/A
Age: Unknown
Height: 5'7
Weight: 156 Ibs
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Identity: Public
Marital Status: Single
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Species: Kami
Ethnicity: Japanese
Personality:  TBA

Religion: Shintoism
Theme Song:
Powers: God of Calamity

Divine Physical Prowess- Yori has the strength to shake a mountain, the speed of the quickest arrow and the hardiness of the strongest ore. This is what some used to say about him, but his powers are similar. In modern times his strenght would be describes as powerful enough to bring down a skyscraper, the speed to out run a bullet and durable enough to withstand any small arms and most heavy weaponry.

Spirit- While described as a god at least a very minor Japanese god Yori is still simply a very powerful Spirit taken physical form. His body can be hurt, but his mind would take more mystical means to affect. He is immune to psychic abilities not enhanced by magical power. He is still highly resistant to most magic unless used by powerful sorcerers.

Spirit Knowledge- Yori is very old and has great knowledge. He knows much of war and how to wage it both strategically and tactically. He also can use a large degree of magic making him more than just something that can destroy.

As a god of Calamity or War Yori's natural usage of spells comes from his experience with conflict. He is capable of gaining knowledge through observing battles and even experiencing them. In some ways it involves less participation and more observation. Its why his need for violence isn't as great as some would believe.

Soul Blade- Yori gains his true power through worshippers and a soul he must adopt. It can be the soul of a dead human that will accept him. By doing this he gains a companion and weapon that can be used either as a sword or simply a battle mount with its own special abilities.

Theme Song:  Hello Sleepwalkers

Not much is known about Yori that he hasn't generally stated as fact. His legend wasn't well known until recently with the help of Emmett. Its a tragedy filled with love death and more death than necessary. He often says the story is a fake with little truth to it except for the hundreds of impaled samurai. Yori for a time acted in a very mercenary manner centuries ago. When a certain Daimyo needed an uprising or rival dealt with Yori was the one who completely decimated them. Its not something necessarily regrets doing, but he doesn't wish to go back to the old days. If he helps its for a friend not someone who bounds him.

For the last century Yori has done simple mundane work for people who asks for wishes to be granted. He wants to be a powerful god the whole of Japan pays tribute to. An old friend recently has asked him for help in exchange for spreading his own influence. It was an offer he couldn't pass up especially since their would be action and of course glory he can add to his own legend. How could a God not go out and shape the world?
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Yori (Heroes Uprising)
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