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 Dracarot (Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Dracarot (Heroes Uprising)   Dracarot (Heroes Uprising) I_icon_minitimeWed Apr 16, 2014 9:15 pm

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Name: Dracarot
Codename: Cloak
Alias: Drac
Age: 19
Height: 5' 11''
Weight: 183 lb
Alignment: Neutral Good
Identity: Secret
Species: Homo superior
Race: Caucasian
Personality: Extremely cautious in regards to others motives, tries to make sure his moral and logic tells him he's made the right decision, believes in Liberty and Justice for all. Wants to at least see a world where the old prejudices are gone. Any body who opposes equality to the point of force is his enemy. Pro human rights. A bit of a lone wolf but knows he can't work alone if he wants to succeed. Has a strong honor code.
Known Relatives:  Parents alive, all that's known
Relationships: Emma's obsession with him quite plainly, scares the bajeezus out of him

Allies: SXM, Avengers

Enemies: N/A

Theme Song: "Spybreak" by propellerhead (Matrix Soundtrack, Lobby Shoot out)

Skills: Combat with guns, piloting (mediocre), tactician (when given proper information, sometimes without) One liners, corny speeches, grenades

-Total Stealth: When he wills it can hide himself entirely, excluding from telepaths, and people actually touching (or tasting him) can expand this non detection field, with a bit of strain. Unknown to Dracarot his ability is potentially omega level in terms of capabilities, and the effects of his abilities are near limitless. While he's became a lot more knowledgeable about his potential during his time in Heaven, he's not yet fully mastered it, nor overcome all of his previous limitations such as some effects requiring touch for a more desirable and potent effect. However as of now he cannot be detected by telepaths, or senses such as sight or hearing. He's learned Selective usage of his powers meaning he can make only his hands undetectable, or use an effect of his power in a selective manner.

He is capable of causing mutants and other super powered beings to simulate negation by causing them to be unable to detect there own abilities. He has the capability to bring down any Computer system, by causing it to be unable to detect it's programs, which makes computer based structures including HAMMER Drones useless against him. He can even cause biological issues such as causing the body to be unable to detect brain waves causing a semi paralytic state. He can even strip biological entities of there senses such as sight, hearing, and taste by causing the body to be unable to detect said senses.

He has limited control over Gravitational Force, as he can render beings and objects unable to detect it causing them to float without any gravitational pressure on them ,and he can lift the pressure off of entire cities causing them to float into outer space. He can make it so something cannot detect heat causing it to freeze.  He can decrease the amount of electricity in the electronics or the human brain by causing the body to not be able to detect entropy. He is basically a Borderline Reality Manipulator, like Zach, however he has more control over the effects he can cause, but at the same time he's more limited in what effects he can generate. However he's still one of the most powerful mutants on earth, and in time can match some of the SXM's top tier members, and opponents.

Bio: Due to his power's being well, not being found, he has avoided being prejudiced against by society. Having lived through the Civil War and having very liberal teachers he developed his stance of equality for all. They also showed him problems in the world other than those faced by the mutants, such as the plight of the children who had been forced to fight and kill for a mad man by the name of Josef Kony. He'd been a freshman in college when he decided to join up with Harish, believing he represented an organization that would help him end Kony's madness after having stopped the "planned genocide of mutants" After stealing the Celestial Heart and abducting Senator Sindus in hopes of stopping the attack on humans and mutants, it is revealed, in short, that he's been had and has only helped to give away the location of the Sentinels and ressurect Apocalypse. Taking the senator with him he fled, to be found by Sandra and Dave. After an encounter with his former allies from the Priest, he loses a chunk of his leg to Emma, who has become somewhat obsessed with him. Left to guard the senator while Dave tried to solve Sandra's body switch problem, he was ambushed by Dimitri and Emma, two of Apocalypses new horsemen. In the ensuing battle Sindus is killed by Dimitri and a trick from Drac in an attempt to destroy Emma internally resulted in him and Dimitri being sent to Emma's belly where he fought Dimitri, eventually crippling him. He held off going for the kill though by Dimitri's plan for saving them both and the camera men that were taken with them. After a nightmarish experience in Emma's tongue he convinces her to let him out and try's to stop her fighting for Apocalypse. After Natsu's blast knocked him out of her hand he knocked out Dimitri and called for Natsu to halt her attack. Once the battle with Apocalypse ended he returned to college life briefly before requesting team 1 to take down Joseph Kony once and for all. The raid, though it nearly fell apart was succesful in apprehending Kony and freeing some mutants he captured. He then prepared for the battle against the hunters, and started dating Emma who's hatred for humanity was beginning to disappear.

As there relationship grew, things took a turn for the worse after Jorgan Osborn become President, and several laws were set in motion against super humans. Dracarot along with Emma began investigating how Jorgan had won, considering the amount of votes Carl supposedly had. This investigation led him to discover Dimitri's involvement in hacking the votes, and confronting his nemesis, he was shot to death by a legion of HAMMER Drones. His funeral was held on Genosha, but his body was dug up by Emma.  His soul ascended into Heaven, where he spent time gathering knowledge, and developing his abilities, while monitoring the events on earth. Months later he was revived by Alastair Cross, whom Emma had held at gun point. He began to discover the  numerous changes that had taken place, as they began making there way to Genosha the Safe Haven for Mutantkind. Returning to Genosha he bonded with Emma, and asked her to marry him, and they became engaged.

He later learned about Transformers being real in Marvel comics, and warned the team scared they may deal with transformers. He aided in the final battle against HAMMER, and ended up joining the X Lords, wanting to get Milo to start a new government after they changed the world. He put together the new Government, but after the global Militia attacked, and Milo disbanded the new Government, he formed a Resistance against Milo with help from Emma, Siya, Menace, Rogue members of the navy loyal to Menace, and others, including Troy's father Greg. He made Aaron the leader of the Resistance, and mobilized against the X Corps, having them develop home-made explosives after the X Lords took all the guns. Dracarot married Emma on a Navy Ship, and had a peaceful wedding. Later Milo confronted him, Yamairo, and Emma, and he debated Milo on his morals, and Milo decided to spare him warning him to abandon his quest, Sandra helped them get back to the others in the resistance, and Dracarot wondered how he could stop Milo, and the X Lords.

In the end he played a key role in bringing down Milo helping Jorgan using the terrigen crystal gun to kill him. Soon after time was reversed and the world resumed prior to the x Lords, Dracarot slowly departed from the front lines, and became a mutant rights activist while beginning his married life with Emma. He eventually retired from that to become a counselor for superhuman specifically mutants, and spoke to Milo when he was becoming distant from humanity, and Ikon when he was trying to fix his life, and get rid of the hunger to kill other mutants. During the Mutant Response Divison's rise to power he got involved with the Shadow Escorts led by Niko and ended up doing work in the Middle east which allowed him to avoid being kidnapped with the rest of the citizens of New York.


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Dracarot (Heroes Uprising)
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