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 Terrell Harrison (Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Terrell Harrison (Heroes Uprising)   Terrell Harrison (Heroes Uprising) I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 24, 2012 12:46 am

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"I'm the fucking elemental version of Fusion."

Name: Terrell Harrison
Codename: Compound; Union
Alias: N/A
Age: 24
Height: 6 ft
Weight: 175
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Identity: Secret
Species: Homo superior
Race: African-american
Personality: Terrell is usually a cocky and lively guy, even for his age. He's can be a loud mouth and can be incredibly obnoxious. For a guy, he can be very conceited, stopping to look at his own reflection. He's basically a man made of obnoxiousness. His swagga is over a hundred thousand trillion though. Terrell has only been shown to have affection for Riya. He even badmouths his symbiote. Being with the symbiote for so long, Terrell has learned a great number of things.

Known Relatives: Stephen Harrison (Father) and Martha Harrison (Mother). Both deceased.

Allies: Riya, The Redeemers, Compound. Dark Avengers, HAMMER, Russia, Asgard, Madame Web

Enemies: Avengers, Hunters, Purifiers, Predators, C.O.G, Shadow X Men, X-Force, Illuminati, Monel

Occupation: Criminal
Religion: Christian
Theme Songs:

Stronger - Gamma radiated cancer had almost killed him, but after Jorgan grants him the Venom Symbiote, Terrell not only becomes healthy again, but gains new strength.

Right Now - Terrell misses Riya after he leaves her. He believed that their lives would be better, but he begins to regret his decision...

Monster - In his quest to get revenge on Surfer, Terrell has let himself become a monster.

Skills: Terrell relies on his power more than anything, and has barely allowed himself to learn new skills.

-Molecular Fusion - Terrell has the ability combine his body with any form of matter and energy to the molecular level. He is capable of taking individual factors of matter such as it's mass so if he touched a skyscraper he'd be able to grow to gigantic proportions, or making contact with an ant he could miniaturize himself. This also means biological factors making contact with someone he could take on there strength, speed, durability, and other physical factors, choosing between one, a select few, or all. He is also able to manipulate the molecules of whatever he comes into contact with. This means he is capable of converting you into whatever substance he has currently assumed. Also when he combined with Kosmos he obtained his powers, and even after relaeasing

-Substance Mimicry - Terrell is also able to mimic the properties of any substance he comes into contact with. He has even learned to retain the elements he has come into contact with as well. There is no limit to what substances he can take on, and he can even combine substances so turning into oxygen he can combine electricity with oxygen in the area causing people to 'breath in electricity. When he is converted into a substance he can regenerate damage taken unlike regular elementals. He is capable of expanding any substance he becomes. He can also shift substances such as taking on the form of metal, and shifting his arms into blades. He is even capable of taking on an object's substance, and manifesting the substance's abilities such as Kano's Mjlioner, or the Surfer's board. He has gathered range, and can even mimic substance's from his vicinity.

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Terrell has dawned the name Union, to the combined form of he and the seven symbiotes that had fused with his body. He has all the shape shifting abilities of these symbiotes, can use some of the original abilities they once had when they were individuals, such as the generation of acid, true invisibility, the generation of an unbelievably heavy slime substance, and danger sense.

Kinetic Adaptation is a variation of Reactive Adaptation in which Kosmos' “kinesis” power changes, based on the materials he comes into contact with. If Kosmos were to touch water, he would gain the power to manipulate water. However, if Kosmos were to touch an obscure material, they may be given the choice to just manipulate that material/element/substance or revert back to normal Telekinesis.

Superiority - ability to psychically outdo the abilities and benefits of any desired subject, so they cannot overtake or surpass the user. This can be used when being pursued or to just barely win competitions. The user just barely outdoes the subject who he is up against. Instead of developing an opposite ability to one’s opponent similar to Juxtaposition or regular Reactive Adaptation, one would gain the same abilities, but of a higher caliber, and thus an advantage against one’s opponent

Fear Aura-Due to his native abilities in combination with Serpent's he managed to obtain his fear related ability. He is able to manifest the Serpent's fear aura, and extend it and inject fear into people's minds. He can animate fears mentally or physically. With this ability he can utilize it like Harvey and spread the fear aura over an area making him effectively nigh omnipotent against all who are within the aura, except those who overcome it's effects.

List of Substances
Fire-Fire manipulators like Katy.
Water -Water manipulators like Katy
Ice-Ice manipulators like Filipe.
Electricity-Electric manipulators like Elle.
Earth-Earth manipulators like Gary.
Oxygen/Air-Air manipulators like Marie
Metal-Metal Manipulators like Justin
Sand-Sand manipulators like Jim
Lava-Magma manipulators like Menace.
Radiation-Radiation manipulators like Ben.
Light-Duplicate light manipulators like Harry.
Darkness-Duplicate Umbrakinetics like Jet
Heavenly Energy-He duplicated an angel's substance when rescued during the COG arc, and can manifest Angelic powers.
Marijuana and other Drugs.
Psioninc Energy-With Psioninc Energy he can basically duplicate David's feats. Plus he can manifest psoninc powers like telepathy, and telekenesis,.
Anti Mugen: He is capable of turning into anti mugen despite his X Gene. This means he can become a being made of pure anti mugen, and can even become made of anti mugen energy. This means he is capable of harming mutants regardless of there current substances, and can fire beams of anti mugen either as concussive or explosive force. When he takes on this substance due to his anti mutagenic energy like Adrien Carson he is immune to mutant abilities.

Pym Particles: A class of subatomic particles first discovered by Hank Pym. When used properly they allow a person or object to change size. He can use this to manipulate his mass and others.

Ruby Quartz: He is capable of taking on this substance as well, which makes him immune to most forms of energy including optic beams.

Uru-A mythical metal within Marvel. This allows him to absorb large amounts of magic, and energy. This substance is highly durable, and

Admantium: This substance is virtually indestructible. It is more durable then the toughtest types of titanium, and steel.

Vibranium: The Wakandan isotope possesses the ability to absorb all vibrations in the vicinity as well as kinetic energy directed at it. The energy absorbed is stored within the bonds between the molecules that make up the substance. As a result, the more energy vibranium absorbs the tougher it becomes. It dramatically enhances mystical powers, and when blown up causes massive explosion, vibranium induced explosions can potentially destroy planets.

Antartic Vibranium: Also known as Anti Metal. this isotope is native to the artificially created Antarctic jungle known as the Savage Land. Unlike the vibranium of Wakanda that absorbs vibrations, it produces vibrations. When this form of vibranium is found in sufficient quantities, these vibrations produce a specific wavelength that breaks down the molecular bonds in other metals resulting in their liquefaction. This effect extends to the otherwise indestructible metal known as adamantium.
Cosmic Flames:

Gamma Radiation: High-energy electromagnetic radiation that in large doses is lethal to most living beings. Terrel can use Gamma Radiation to assume a hulk like form similar to Abomination, and the Hulk. He can manifest the same powers of the Hulkings such as Enhanced Strength, Durability, ect. Due to his ability to continually expand gamma radiation he can potentially access the Red Hulk state. A massive boost in physical attributes, along with temperature absorbtion, massive energy absorbing qualities of all kind, and more.

Celestial Bronze: Terrel can combine with Celestial Bronze, a material capable of harming Gods, or beings with divine qualities, and mystical qualities.

Spirit Energy: Terrel has control over spirit energy, a deadly and very destructive force. Spirit Energy is also capable of hurting beings of divine qualities, and even capable of harming cosmic powered beings, and possibly mystically powered foes. He can become made of spirit energy, and can manipulate it like regular energy. Referred to as Spiritual Pressure, this can have a negative effect of the speed of those around Tenshi, slowing them down and ever causing so much pressure or weaker opponents that they'll be unable to lift themselves off the ground. However, spirit energy can also be used to create a type of rapid movement called a flash step. These are short range ability's that can be used in rapid succession. Although appearing as a teleportation at first glance, it is not. It's the ability to allow use to move in quick burst of super speed without having to move as a mass of light required for teleportation. The range of Flash steps varies, it can be so long that one can basically teleport.Terrel is also able to use his spirit energy to create protective barriers, as well he can mask his spiritual signal making him untraceable to most kinds of mutant trackers.

Power Cosmic: He is capable of becoming made of Power Cosmic thanks to the Silver Surfer, so he is capable of utilizing the Power Cosmic on Surfer's level meaning he can also utilize his abilities, and by expanding his power cosmic can make it more powerful. Having his powers grants him godlike physical attributes including speed, Molecular Manipulation, Energy Manipulation, Flight, Teleportation, Self Sustenance, Healing, Cosmic Binding, Mass Manipulation, Time Travel, Energy Detection, perceive matter and energy in subatomic detail, including life energies of living beings, Mind Reading, Cast Illusions, Form Energy Constructs, Control Gravity and influence human emotion, and feeling.

Cosmic Pyrokinesis: The ability to create, control, and manipulate cosmic flames, flames which are not dependent on oxygen. The source of Sandra's cosmic flames derives from her ability to manipulate matter at the atomic level, which allows her to generate intense heat, combustion and concussive blasts by stimulating heat molecules, or simply from her access to cosmic energy, or by combining both powers at once to create more powerful cosmic fire. When using these flames offensively, she burns her victims at the molecular and sub-molecular levels; thus no ashes or other combustive by-products are produced. Her cosmic flames are different from flames that are usually created by common pyrokinetics (like Troy), because her flames are not dependent on oxygen. As a result, she can create cosmic flames under seemingly impossible conditions like underwater or even in the vacuum of space. Only Filipe's Ice Flower Funeral has managed to stop her flames. When using her Cosmic Pyrokinesis, the flames usually manifest in the shape of a large fiery bird, a Phoenix. Sandra, however, has complete control over her cosmic flames and can shape them however she wishes; as a fireball, fiery claws, or even the appearance of an ordinary fire. The pain caused by these flames can be either mental, physical or both simultaneously. Her cosmic flames (particularly when augmented by the Phoenix Force) are theoretically powerful enough to destroy entire galaxies. However, Sandra's lack of control doesn't allow her to access the full destructive force. She can, however, limit the flames to an extent where they only harm what she wants them to harm, doing absolutely nothing to the surrounding vicinity, her clothes, or her allies. Terrel can use this. Very Happy

Mjlioner: He gains Weather Manipulation(Magical), Resurrection, Alpha Particles, Negation of Mystical Energy, Cosmic Energy, Matter Manipulation, Thermo blast, EM control, Invisibility, Intangibility, Barriers, Energy Absorption, God Blast, Anti-Force, Transmigration of Souls, Flight, Teleportation, and a Mystical Link.

Surfer's Board: He gains the power to move at incredible speeds, as well as enhanced durability. He can also draw matter into his body, and store it.

Destroyer Armor: This gives him Superhuman Strength, Speed,Stamina,Durability,Agility,Reflexes, and Energy Projection. He lends it to Yamairo when they face universal threatening level threats.

Cosmic Cube: He can take on the properties of a Cosmic Cube. With this he can control matter, and energy, and can make his desires reality, and others as well. He is capable of controlling reality with enough training.

Ultimate Nullifier: It is "the universe's most devastating weapon. As such, the Ultimate Nullifier has the ability to completely eliminate any target the wielder chooses, along with the user if his or her mind is not focused enough. In the hands of a being with an extremely powerful mind the Ultimate Nullifier can destroy (or in conjunction recreate) entire time-lines from beginning to end. He is able to control the level of damage he releases when duplicating this object.

Infinity Gauntlet: He can take on the properties of the Gauntlet to become durable, and increased strength. He can also take on the powers of the individual stones, when combining these substances he become a living Infinity Guantlet granting him a level of omnipotence that only beings such as Living Tribuneral can combat. When assuming the form of one of the gem's he becomes indestructable, and gains enhanced physical attributes.

Soul Gem:This gem is sentient and has a hunger for souls. Allows the user to steal, manipulate and alter souls, living or dead. The gem is the gateway to an idyllic, pocket-universe. Takes on a green color.

Time Gem: Allows the user total control over the past, present and future. Allows time travel, can age and deage beings and also be used as a weapon by trapping enemies or entire worlds in unending loops of time. Takes on an orange color.

Space Gem: Allows the user to exist in any location (or all locations), move any object anywhere throughout the universe and warp or rearrange space. Takes on a purple color.

Mind Gem: Allows the user to boost mental power and access the thoughts and dreams of other beings. Backed by the Power Gem, the Mind Gem can access all minds in existence simultaneously. Takes on a blue color.

Reality Gem:Allows the user to fulfill wishes, even if the wish is in direct contradiction with scientific laws. Takes on a yellow color.

Power Gem: Accesses all power and energy that ever has or will exist, and can back the other gems and boost their effects. Allows the user to duplicate almost any physical superhuman ability and become invincible. Takes on a red color.

--Terrell lost these abilities after using his powers to fuse with Zinnon energy, and instead become corrupted by the energy, which he fought for control over, often the energy takes control of him. As a result of bonding with the energy he lost his powers, and gained new powers Fusion and Fission.

Fusion and Fission: Terell's new ability allows him to Fuse, and Fission on a molecular level but he's not limited to a molecular level as he can use his ability on intangible subjects such as souls or even superhuman abilities. He is capable of fusing similar to his old ability of Substance mimicry, and can fission such as separating biological material or abilities from a mutant's genetic code. When he utilizes Fusion his hand glows blue, and when utilizing Fission his hands glow red. When using both at the same time his hands glow black, and it's called Nothing. He can render anything nothing even concepts such as hope, and willpower.

Bio: Terrell was born into a very sickly family, but he had been the only exception. Many of his siblings had died at birth, so his parents treasured him. In other words, Terrell was spoiled since the day he was born. His ability manifested at the age of six after he was almost tagged while playing a game of Marco Polo. He immediately became one with the water in the pool. His parents were wealthy, so they were able to cover it up and any other mishap that occurred with Terrell. At the age of twelve, Terrell's mother passed away. The loss made resort to using his power to act out. After a bank was robbed by a boy who could not be stopped, the government stepped in and arrested Terrell's father. Terrell managed to escape, but with no money and nowhere left to go, he decided that he would live a life of crime. It wasn't a difficult decision either. Terrell then went under the alias, Compound.

After aiding in the Hunter invasion, Terrell joined SXM with the persuasion of Riya Banner. His stay didn't last long as he found himself unfit to be a true hero with his selfishness. He was arrested shortly before being freed by Riya, making the two fugitives. Later, Terrell joined Jorgan in exchange for saving his life from cancer. Terrell had been given the Venom symbiote. When given control the Symbiote was able to transform them into Poison. During his time with Jorgan he got into many fights some at the White House including with the Hunter Bernard,Sandra Fuller the Phoenix, and Desmond's power negating assassin Elven. After proving near useless against The Resistance, he sought more power. After Dark Reign, he went into hiding in New Yorks gathering information, after gruesome training he went to D.C in search of Darius wanting revenge as he had been responsible for Riya's cancer. However both him, and Darrius were captured by Adrien Carson's forces, and managed to escape with help from Riya.

Terrel resumed his relationship with her, and freed the symbiotes from a HAMMER base, absorbing Scream, Phage, Lasher, Riot, Agony, and Carnage. Due to absorbing the symbiotes he developed a multiple personality disorder, and aided Riya in battling the Predators. He went into a coma, trapped in a struggle against the Symbiotes for dominance working with Venom he managed to absorb them all becoming Union an amalgamation of all the symbiotes. When ATEOW began killing, Terrel was the one who uncovered the connection with the humunculus Isabel. He rejoiced when the X Lords took over,and later aided against the demons. When going against COG, with help from the rogue Olympian forces against Zeus, and SHIELD he gained access to Celestial Bronze, and Spirit Energy. He beat Athena, and later he managed to retain the substances he mimicked similar to how Milo mimicked powers.

He got into a fight with Kosmos who thought he was allied with the COG, Terrel managed to absorb him with his base power. Surfer witnessed this "murder" and later going on patrol in NYC learning the Symbiotes were amassing an army, and considered him a traitor. Going to the Avengers for help, getting into a fight with Surfer ending with Riya paralyzed by Surfer's cosmic energy. He left her, and met up with a clone of Milo getting various substances, teaching him how they operated. He spent two months training moving to the war infested Sudan, Africa where he changed the village and become somewhat of a Messiah to the people. After making an impact on Africa he moved on to China to obtain and learn more about various substances. Completing his training he went after Surfer, clashing with the Avengers, a mutant named Mike, and Alex. He formed an alliance with the trio, and continued his hunt for Surfer. However after a confrontation with the Avengers Alex abandoned the mission. He managed to kill the Surfer, and most of the Avengers, after doing that he went to war with the Superhero Community. In the end begun a new team Trill Squad with Mike after Milo spared his life due to their past friendship and on his advice sought out Riya for another chance.

He resumed his relationship with Riya, and formed a new Superhero team the Redeemers wanting to start a new leaf. Using his powers he revived Dale from the dead but accidentally left him with amnesia, and also tried to correct his mistakes such as seeking out Amber, and seeking forgiveness for his sins against her family, and she accepted his forgiveness. The Redeemers made there public debut taking down a hunger filled Ikon on live television, and become famous heroes in the public's view while Aaron still plotted his revenge on Terrell. While on a date with Riya he was assaulted by Monel's Black Zero Squad, and lead to a war on Zenn Lavia with Monel whom he defeated. Kraven's men sought to kidnap Terrell, and working with Keeth they fought off Kraven's hunters, and rescued Dale whom Kraven had captured, and tortured.

Terrell meanwhile set Mike up with Tiffany whom he eventually nearly started a relationship with, and with Union went to a desolate planet to complete his training when the universal Zombie Invasion caused by the Absorbiums assaulting Death lead to him fighting zombified versions of Union's brethren. He later helped Milo overcome his recent boredom with life, and tried to encourage Milo to leave the Superhero business to the next generation to help with his stress. Aaron lead his assault on the Redeemers, and Terrell played along so Aaron could feel fulfilled. During the Galaxy War Madame Web pulled him aside to give him a valuable moral lesson that would help him. During the Rebellion lead by Zadkiel he proved a massive aid in the war against the Voidlings, and eventually joined Void after failing to help the overtaking of Asgard, and the fall of Kano.

Working for Void he kidnapped the Antichrist Sammie, after a confrontation with the New Avengers lead by Oliver, where he overpowered them. He clashed with an out of control Mike but Void managed to get Sammie, and use her to decimate most of the Heavenly Host. During the time of the Rebellion working with Sandra he freed David, and Robert Reynolds from the Void, and proved valuable in defeating him after gaining advice from Milo who'd retreated to an alternate dimension loosing interest in humanity who blamed him for Dark Month. Working with Victor Von Doom he lead an assault on Heaven, and got into a battle with Castiel easily winning, and gaining angelic abilities, and helped restore Heaven. As World War 4 began he formed an alliance with Construct wanting the Redeemers to have his information in exchange for protection from Lex.

Construct ended up joining the Redeemers settling on earth, and Terrel discovered the Zinnon energy wanting to add it to his arsenal it destablized his powers, and killed him. Sandra tried to revive him but received pain, later Construct revealed the nature of the Zinnon energy, and that he was still alive but dissipated and would reconstruct. He reconstructed in Russia, and was captured by Afansas's forces. He met Patricia and she manipulated him feeding him false information about his past, and Union corrupted by the energy went along with it, and he ended up supporting the Russians in World War 4. He destroyed Japan, and tried to do the same to South Korea but Milo confronted him, and after a massive battle defeated him, and restored all his memories.

Construct returned him to the Redeemers Tower, and his corruption by the Zinnon Energy kept growing as he snapped out against his friends, and pushed Riya awake. He revealed to Mike that the Zinnon energy was gaining control of him, and he decided to help Mike by seeking out Tiffany. On Genosha they had a brutal battle with Kujon in the arcade, where he ended up killing him. He left before Mike and the SXM confronted him, and tracked down Patricia. He kidnapped her out of the shower, and had sex with her on a Caribbean Island. When Milo was powerless, and An army of villains attacked Washington D.C. Madame Web pulled him aside to give him advice on his "Dark" path and he aided in saving D.C, and defeating Loki becoming one of Asgard's heroes. He returned to Riya learning they had a baby, and was determined to be a good and present father. He allowed Tommy to join the Redeemers adding another hero to the team, and with his help they finally stabilizedt the Zinnon energy in his body giving him control over it.

Peace returned in Terrell's life and months later he was planning Riya's baby shower, and the assault on Heaven. However that's when the power wipe happened, and he holed himself up in the Redeemers Tower with his family. He stayed in contact with Patricia to know the situation, and with the world turning on heroes he went to L.A with Mike to uncover some old technology including cloaking devices and use it to commit a crime spree in L.A to make the world miss their heroes. After the powers were restored he sought out Milo who helped him gain mastery over the Zinnon Energy, and sought his help to spread invitations to Riya's baby shower. Zachariah from Heaven sought him out wanting to stop Castiel, and he attempted to aid in bringing down Castiel. Instead he was stripped off his powers for 24 hours, and given diarrhea by Rachel. During this time he realized his need in a higher power, and turned to Jesus accepting him into his life becoming a Christian.

With his new found faith he sought out Milo, who gave him a temporal duplicate of his old abilities now more powerful then ever he proposed to Riya, and gave her full control over her abilities. With her now eight months pregnant they named their son Christian, and he decided it was Mike's time to shine and wanted him to stop Sid's drug spreading crusade. However this failed, and they turned against the SXML trying to kill Milo. They failed but it turned out it was a plot engineered to get good publicity for the SXML. He began doing work for the U.S Government with the Redeemers being a Government sponsored team. When the Serpent rose along with Dark Asgard, Terrell participated in the battles against the Worthy. He even sought to make an alliance with the Serpent in order. He is the one who battled Sammie when she was controlled until Oliver got one of Aaron's hammers and brought her down. Terrell met up with Carmen at Oscorp to help her regain control of her powers, until Ellen's magic interrupted the process. He left to an alternate dimension to train against clones of Kano, Amber, and Milo.
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Terrell Harrison (Heroes Uprising)
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