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 Helen Carter(Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Helen Carter(Heroes Uprising)   Mon Mar 26, 2012 10:00 pm

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"We can die for our country, but we can't get a dormitory till Junior year this is why I know America is dumb.""
-Helen Carters

Name: Helen Carter
Codename: Aspirin
Age: 19
Height: 5'5
Weight: 115 lbs
Alignment: Good
Identity: Secret
Species: Homo Sapien(Mutant)
Race: African American
Personality: Helen puts herself above others, the only people she cares about as much as her close friends, and family. She enjoys being in the company of others, a fine example of a social butterfly, and while she enjoys fornicating with others, she has a hard time settling down with one person in relationship leading to her be labeled as various crude words. She has a love for art, wanting to be a successful artist and musician, and believes in pursuing your dreams no matter how absurd or seemingly impossible. She's an animal lover, but she can't get herself to turn into a vegetarian having fallen in love with red meat. Things that irritate her the most are those who are judgmental and hypocritical, which is why she considers herself more spiritual then religious. She has respect for law enforcement, but is very paranoid when it comes to the government or any large organized movement believing that's where corruption thrives the most. Despite this she's willing to stand up for her beliefs of tolerance, especially religious and racial. Over all she's stable, but is not above using her power in petty arguments, or to get rid of minor annoyances.
Known Relatives: Father, Mother, Chris(Brother), Ina(Auntie)


Enemies: HAMMER

Occupation: Musician/Artist(Painter)
Religion: Agnostic/Spiritualist
Theme Song: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Skills: She's a very talented individual.
-She's a capable of artist, capable of painting with extreme detail.
-She is an alto singer.
-She is very talented in playing the Piano, and Violin.
-She is able to write music.
-She has a red belt in Karate.

Weapons: She carries around pepper spray.
-She owns a Glock 22 pistol, and often carries it around in her purse when it's on her person ell.

Powers: Psionic Equilibrium Distortion
Helen is able to project swirling mental waves of psionic distortion into her environment that affect the nervous systems of other living beings, focusing on the organs of the inner ear, causing extreme vertigo, nausea, disorientation, confusion or hallucinations. Her distortion waves can render others unconscious, and can also interfere with the superhuman powers of others, preventing their use or causing them to function incorrectly. She can selectively focus her power on one or more individuals, or affect every being within range (the exact limit of which is unknown). She is capable of using her power on inanimate matter as well disrupting the guidance of things such as missiles, torpedoes. bullets,vehicles in motion, and detection systems of all kind(asers, cameras, pressure sensitive floor plates, infra-red, thermal and night vision), Her eyes flare white when she's using her ability, however one has to pay attention to see the white glow, and it often is not noticeable in the day time.

Bio: Helen was born in Los Angeles, California, born into a family that owed debt to several people. Two years later fter paying off their debts her younger brother Chris was born, and just like any siblings as she grew older she developed a sibling rivarly with him. She was considered the prodigy child due to her musical talent which was recognized early due to her mother getting her and Chris highly involved in the church at a young age hoping for her to be the next Whitney Houston. Around middle school she was nearly kidnapped, so her auntie Ina had her enrolled in martial arts, which she stuck two for about a year getting up to her red belt. Getting in high school she strove to get a job working in the church playing the keyboard but another girl was selected for the job. Her ability manifested, and the girl had a nervous break down, and was put in rehab upon learning she had been abusing prescription drugs even though her break down was not because of any substance. Helen got the job, and strange incidents took care of people in her way, upon graduating she learned she was a mutant because of a painter she met who claimed to be able to paint the future named John.

She started a serious relationship with him as they both attended the same college NYU, but he was killed in a car accident. She had a bout with alcoholism, which worsened after she learned the driver in the accident was a former member of the Cleansers, and killed John for her boyfriend. Helen tracked him down causing him to crash his SUV with his whole family inside, and began to get control over her power after taking a two week trip to Genosha. Around this time she was targeted by HAMMER, but Zane's rebellion helped her escape and gain better control of her ability. She was eventually captured, tormented. Upon escape she had her memories of her experience in HAMMER captivity suppressed by Dracarot, who was helping out mutants who suffered trauma in captivity. She had lost her faith in the church, but kept up her job at a local church in her area to support money, and got into NYU's orchestra, and recently sung on one of Lupe Fiasco's songs a remix to Coming Up. She's recently got involved with a Kony 2012 esque group trying to help deal with the civil war in Africa, and signed up to go on her orchestra's trip to Africa called Operation Tolerance.


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Helen Carter(Heroes Uprising)
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