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 Illuminati (Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Illuminati (Heroes Uprising)   Thu Mar 29, 2012 6:37 pm

Name: Illuminati
Location(s): Ventro Mansion, Watchtower
-Fellowship of the Ring Soundtrack: Council of Elrond [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

-Ventro Mansion
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-Watchtower(Super Computer/Space Base)

To bring the Superhero Community together, and deal with issues that affect the Superhero Community as a whole such as HAMMER. They also intend to bring structure to it, and save the world.

-Milo Ventro
-Oliver Morris
-Kano Odinson
-James Howler

-X Force (Personal Killing Squad)

History: The group was brought together by Angel Ventro, who sought the need to bring the Superhero Community together after the devastating blow the Hunter invasion brought to the community, many blaming them for the Hunter invasion. They began there operations by dealing with the aftermath of the Hunter Invasion, and converting the X Force into there personal killing squad to deal with individuals such as Sindus, and Afansas. They were responsible for ridding earth of all it's nuclear weapons, and used X Force to eliminate many of there political enemies.

With events such as HAMMER arose, they reunited once-more, and dealt with the issues by initiating X Lords. After TOAA rewrite the time line, they worked with the various teams to expose Ryan, and the Government's illegal operations on mutants getting HAMMER shut-down, and all there operations canceled. They were responsible for Carl achieving presidency, and Son, Ganta, and Kano regaining there positions as World Leaders.

Amber left the group after being removed as the Sorceress Supreme, Namini joining in her place. As Milo embraced his destiny he developed Watchtower for the group to meet, and hid it from the rest of the world.
In their recent meeting, they decided to add Carl to their ranks as a political liaison.

With the attack and murder of most of the Avengers and Aaron's retirement from SHIELD director, and CEO of Stark Enterprises, it is unknown how he stands in the Illuminati. He was replaced by Oliver Morris the Green Arrow, and leader of the New Avengers taking Aaron's place in the group. The group was disbanded after the power wipe, and Carl's assassination. Fawkes, and Alex left the group both for different reasons one for retirement, and the other seeking redemption for his "Sins" Against humanity as a member of the group and the X Force.

The group was exposed to the public thanks to Amanda Waller, and Milo during a press conference explained their purpose. There was a lot of public feedback, and many conspiracy theorists, and only contributed to the negativity among Superhumans. Milo pondered on retiring from Illuminati, after giving up his leadership position of the team to Filipe. However he remained in the group, and despite public nuisance they have kept their activities secret, but now share the Watchtower with the SXML, and Nova Corps, who use it as an unofficial station in earth's solar system.


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Illuminati (Heroes Uprising)
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