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 Near River (Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Near River (Heroes Uprising)   Near River (Heroes Uprising) I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 21, 2014 2:23 am

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You're not a Hero. Heroes risk their lives and do the right thing against incredible odds, you're a homicidal maniac who kills anyone in your path

Name: Near River
Codename: N
Alias: Many, mostly alternate identities
Age: 22
Height: 5'5
Weight: 119 lbs
Alignment: Lawful Good
Identity: Secret
Citizenship: England
Marital Status: Single
Sexuality: Bisexual
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Anglo-saxon
Personality: Near is a very eccentric and odd individual. A prodigious intelligent child, he grew up uninterested in much anything and preferred to only do things he liked to do. He only took cases which he enjoyed and wanted to solve, never out of justice or morality.
However, after meeting Stewart, and joining Aaron's Avengers, he grew to become a very stern defender of good and right.
He is also very asocial, and doesn't enjoy interacting with people he is not well accustomed or used to.
Base of Operations: SHIELD HQ
Universe: (Earth 616, 617, 1656 ect)
Known Relatives: None known

Alliens: Avengers, SHIELD


Occupation SHIELD fleet commander, Avengers liason
Religion: Atheist
Theme Song: Death Note Soundtrack: Near I [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

-Raw Intelligence: Near is a prodigious individual with extremely high IQ and a very sharp and analytical mind. He amongst the smartest people on the planet, and is skills as a detective are only outperformed by Stewart, who possesses the advantage of his powers.

Weapons: N/A

Powers: N/A


Near was born in a small town in England. His parents died from undisclosed causes, and he was taken to an orphanage. From early age, he showed classic signs of being gifted, as well as as streak of asocial behavior.
Soon, an organization came to pick him up. He was then trained to culture his mind and became a prodigy at the age of 16, completing a PhD in Criminal Psychology, a PhD in forensic scientists and a degree in computer engineering.

He soon formed his own private detective agency, only taking up cases he wanted.
After a while, he was contacted by SHIELD to help hunt down the murderer Kira. As Near submersed himself in the case, he found a rival in L, Stewart, and came to collaborate with him and Aaron Stark. Together, the group managed to figure out exactly what was being the killings, and they stopped Kira (and at the time the Phoenix Alliance) with the SXM's help.

After that, he joined the Avengers, and became the coordinator and command post. His tenure with the Avengers lasted for 3 years, during which he helped stopped great and many threats, including SHIELD itself being replaced by HAMMER.
However, this recently came to an end when Terrel murdered the entire team. Aaron Stark dropped SHIELD and Near became the new director. He's already had to deal with an alien invasion, and a wipe out on Detroit city, which makes him comment that his first day was quite turbulent.

He was soon deposed after several failed decisions, and replaced with the more authoritative Marcus. He remained with SHIELD as Aaron's liaison.

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Near River (Heroes Uprising)
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