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 Darrel Sheets (Heroes Uprising).

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PostSubject: Darrel Sheets (Heroes Uprising).   Tue Oct 30, 2012 12:49 am

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War is never the way to win. Victory always come from the best laid plans.

Name: Darrel Sheets.
Codename: N/A.
Alias: Boss, Big D.
Age: 43.
Height: 6'3.
Weight: 321 lbs.
Alignment: Neutral Evil.
Species: Human.
Race: American.

Personality: Darrel comes off as a easy to get along with, likable business owner. He treats all employee's well and pays even his lower level workers handsomely. He's reasonable as long as not being taken advantage on.

Darrel however will not let actions against his relatives or friends go unpunished or un-repaid. Due to this Darrel does have an issue with Tesla, and while he has not acted right away and bides his time, he will ultimately call on Tesla for either payment or retribution.

Known Relatives: Father (unknown), Mother (unknown).

Allies: Carson.

Enemies: Tesla Nova.

Occupation: Owns a casino string.
Theme Song:

Skills: Business smarts.

Weapons: 9mm standard issue pistol.

Powers: N/A

Bio: Carson and Sheets go a long way back. While they differed in their business strategies, Sheets being very forgiving while Carson was more aggressive. They managed to get along well when together and never hesitated to lead each other financial support for whatever they needed. While their age don't differ much, Sheets became almost a like a son to Carson over time, or closest he had to one. Sheets knew about Carson's hatred of mutants and unfair treatment towards them, while he didn't share Carson's view, he respected his decisions and decided not to get involved. With no family to really speak of, Carson signed his closest friend, Sheets, into his will. When Carson died at Tesla's hands, Sheets inherited all of Carson's wealth.

Sheets used this to expand his business, opening a third casino in LA to go along with the two he had before in Chicago and NY. He now bides his time, managing his business till he has a use for Tesla.

Owned consoles - Playstation 2, Playstation 3, Playstation 4.

Previously owned - Playstation, Nintendo 64, XBOX, XBOX 360.
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Darrel Sheets (Heroes Uprising).
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