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 Natsu Drernel (Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Natsu Drernel (Heroes Uprising)   Natsu Drernel (Heroes Uprising) I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 21, 2014 1:18 am

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If you had just told me what I wanted to know right away I wouldn't have had to blow up the room

Name: Natsu Drernel
Codename: Salamander
Alias: N/A
Age: 23
Height: 5.8
Weight: 173 lbs (slight muscles)
Identity: Secret
Citizenship: China
Marital Status: Single
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Chinese
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Personality: Natsu is hot tempered and rash, willing to attack anyone or anything to get the information he wants, and will openly insult them while doing it. This overconfidence is not without reason, has he's very skilled. He also rushes head first into battles without thinking, and will do anything necessary to protect people he considers his friends.
He hates traveling on vehicles, as it gives him motion sickness of extreme levels. He can't even fight properly. As such, he always travels by using fire to propel himself.
Base of Operations: N/A
Universe: 616
Known Relatives: None known

Allies: Avengers, Laxus and Elsa


Occupation: Avengers member
Religion: Pagan
Theme Song:
Fairy Tail OST: Dragon Slayer [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Skills: He's a very powerful fighter, with no definite style, instead using a mix of several styles and going with the flow

Natsu is a user of the fabled magic, Dragon Slayer. The origin of this magic is the copy of dragons themselves and serve as the ultimate weapon in fighting one.
In Natsu's case, he can use the element of fire. At first Natsu was thought to be a mutant who's powers stemmed from a strange essence (created long ago by a Rikudo of the Hidden Valley Village). However, Natsu is what can be called a "True" Dragon Slayer, has he actually uses the magic of dragons, taught to him by a dragon he met long ago.

Natsu can produce flames from any part of his body, including his lungs, giving him the ability to, in essence, breathe fire. This fire is exceptionally strong - equivalent to a dragon's fire - being able to burn even through metal. He can even tame the intense flames that engulf his body to create a propulsive effect. The type of fire he uses can be changed, for example; it can be solidified to cling to surfaces. He can also use this fire to increase the power of his physical blows.

It also allows him to consume external sources of fire to restore his body to a healthy state, although he cannot use his own flames to renew themselves.
As well as the added benefits of their elemental advantage, the Dragon Slayer magic gives the user a much greater level of endurance, as well as resistance to their own element.

-Dragon Force: A powerful state of the Dragon Slayer magic where Natsu's entire physical power and fire magic are amplified beyond normal levels. This state allows for him to use greater and more powerful attacks, and he's capable of destroying entire buildings. During this form, dragon scales form on his face and arms.

List of Attacks:
-Fire Dragon's Roar: Natsu breathes fire at his opponents which transforms in a large fireball.
-Fire Dragon's Claw: Natsu ignites his feet on fire to increase the power of his kicks.
-Fire Dragon's Iron Fist: Natsu engulfs his fist in flames to strike his opponent, causing increased damage.
-Fire Dragon's Wing Attack: Natsu takes hold of his opponent and ignites his hands on fire as support to throw them.
-Fire Dragon's Sword Edge: Natsu ignites his entire body on fire to charge at his opponent, and charge at them again to launch them high into the air.
-Fire Dragon's Gleaming Flame: Igniting both of his hands on fire, Natsu simultaneously strikes his opponent.
-Fire Dragon's Flame Elbow: Lighting the tip of his elbow on fire, Natsu can boost the speed of his punch tremendously.
-Fire Dragon's Crushing Fang: With his hand ignited and facing away from his opponent, Natsu swipes deeply into and away from his opponent.
-Red Lotus Flame Exploding Blade: After a series of attacks, Natsu finishes with a torrent of blade-shaped flames that strike the enemy in a spiral formation. Every time the enemy is hit with a blade, it explodes. The most powerful attack he has, and capable of burning people down to the bone when Natsu assumes Dragon Force
-Red Lotus Phoenix Blade: Natsu releases all his magic power, igniting his entire body on fire then delivers a devastating punch to his opponent.


Natsu was born in a village very similar to the Valley Village, somewhere in Manchuria, China. From the start, his parents weren't there. He couldn't remember what happened to them, or why they left him, but he was alone. One day, while he was away, a Dragon burned down is village. Having been summoned by someone, the Dragon turned his attentions to Natsu. Natsu's powers manifested and he resisted the flames of the dragon. Seeing the boy as worthy, the dragon showed him the right way to use his powers, and the two became very good friends despite what the dragon had done. After all, he was the first living being that had treated Natsu so well.
One day, however, the dragon disappeared and Natsu was left alone again. Figuring if he found out who summoned
him, he could find his friend, Natsu set out.

He soon discovered a group of magic users and mutants on his travels. He decided to stick with them until he could get some info, and he made friends for the second time in his life.
One day, Kisame from Akatsuki appeared trying to capture him. The group defended Natsu with their lives and managed to stall Kisame long enough for him to escape.

Ever since then, he's trained so he could be strong enough to fit and kill Kisame for what he has done.

He first appeared at the Hidden Valley Village because of accounts that Kisame was there. After meting with Namini and being threatened because of his questions, he got his answers and left
He next arrived at Genosha. At first the SXM was willing to help him, but when Nate said they couldn't just give out information to a kid, Natsu lost it and attacked them with his powers. Troy tried to stop him but his flames were useless before the Dragon Slayer. Filipe showed up and told him what he knew, letting him sleep there so he could leave in the morning
However, Akatsuki made their move that night. Isabel and Madara distracted them while Kisame lead Natsu away from the main mansion. Katy went after them. Despite putting up a good fight, the Samehada proved to powerful. Katy was also defeated, as Kisame absorbed her waters attacks with his own Dragon Slayer powers. Natsu unleashes Dragon Force, but Kisame used his Water Shark Prison Dance to drain him of his energies, and Natsu was captured.

He was soon removed of his Dragon Slayer and died, but Chiyo had come to revive all the Dragon Slayers that had feel victim to Akatsuki. She was only in time to save him and Laxus. Somehow, he retained his powers and darted off to fight Kisame, barging into the fight between him and Filipe
He was again loosing the match, but refused help. However, Erza arrived and save him, and using a combo to get Kisame out of the water, Natsu uses his ultimate Dragon Force attack to defeat Kisame and leave him almost dead. Zetsu arrived to save him, but Harry in turn arrived to save the SXM.
However, at this point Madara send the Sand Dragon Slayer essence to save his team, but it was dissolved. Kisame and Zetsu had taken the chance to escape
After that Natsu and Erza left along with Laxus, to find Kisame and finish him for good.

After that, the 3 ended up joining the Avengers, helping fight in the numerous battles of the team. He retains his hot head headed personality, and at one point actually attacked Orsborn corp just to get information he needed.
During the Hunter wars, he helped fight against the Hunters, as they attack the Avengers mansion. They were loosing at first, but Laxus, who had left, came back with his Dragon Slayer powers returned, and helped tip the scales.

He remained with the Avengers, being captured during Dark Reign and sidelined. He also helped fight off the Predator invasion
His next major appearance was when he was mysteriously taken to a strange mansion. There he and Elsa were brutally killed, and their consciousness trapped within memories of the day Kisame murdered their guild, watching their master Bou fight off the Akatsuki member and then the massacre that followed.
It was later discovered the entire thing was a game and a test to see if mankind was worthy of life, and thanks in small part to Tiffany's personality, the different people assembled by the two witches responsible for the game were able to prove this, by proving that they were no longer haunted by their past. Elsa and Natsu, while having long since confirmed this, reiterated that they were not haunted by the murders committed against their "family"

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Natsu Drernel (Heroes Uprising)
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