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 X-Force (Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: X-Force (Heroes Uprising)   Thu Apr 24, 2014 2:38 am

Name:  X Force
Theme Song:
Shinedown - Diamond Eyes [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Nevada military base (destroyed)
Samuel's mansion (not in use)
Genosha underground systems

Equipment: The X-Force has equipment used to find and eliminate mutant terrorist.  They are armed with various fire-arms and explosives, as well as backdoor access to most of the Shadow X-Men's databases and technology.

Goal(s): To find and eliminate all mutant terrorists; to secure mutant civilians and protect them from any thread; to fight anti-mutant oppression

Fawkes - Mr Invisible
James - Psyche

Field Operatives:
Ledge - Claw
Scott Summers - Cyclops
Marianna - Spark
Peter - Overdrive
Ellen - Witch

Molly - Hacker
Erica - Morph
Alex - The Hulk

Henchmen: N/A

History: The group started after the Government took the Symbiotes. Alex realized the X men were useful for saving the world,but they needed a group to find and eliminate all mutant terrorists for good. After convincing Milo and Fawkes, and arranging for Ledge to have his bones laced with adamantium and invite him into the group, he had a hi-tech base constructed in Nevada. Once the mutant population was suddenly increased dramatically from Samuel's plot, the X-Force began operating, taking down mutant terrorist undercover.

The others members of the Shadow X-Men didn't know the X-Force was composed of members of their own group, but started hearing rumors. Yamairo wanted to find them and stop them from using such brutal methods. They killed terrorists and their job got easier after Samuel took powers from hundreds of criminals. They helped fight Controllers minions.

The X-Force lost funding of the government with the events of Civil War, retaining only support of SHIELD and SWAT teams around the world, but they continued to play their part

Their situation worsened when Jorgan became president, as they were accused of terrorism and locked up. The group escaped, and now wages a guerrilla battle against both their original enemies and HAMMER itself. Eventually HAMMER fell apart, but soon after Fawkes left the team in James's capable of hands. The team went into heavy reconstruction with the loss of some members such as Peter, and Alex. Amanda Waller's presidency only fueled anti mutant bigotry leading to James to reconstruct the team with Ledge as the Field leader and recruiting Regan's sister Molly for support.

After going through several bumpy times and changes of faces, the team was almost destroyed by MRD's joint attack on the superhero community and Mother's final spell. However, thanks in part to Fawkes return, they were able to hold together, and actually boasted a powerful lineup, and work as the only team left still operating and a full time level. They headed for Genosha where they began a guerrilla fight against MRD to remove them from the mutant nation

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X-Force (Heroes Uprising)
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