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 Eston Hinamizawa (Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Eston Hinamizawa (Heroes Uprising)   Sun Apr 27, 2014 1:28 pm

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Someone has to keep a level head Captain Manny.
The Tiger of the East, Eston Hinamizawa

Name: Eston Hinamizawa
Codename Lighting
Alias: "Tiger of the East"
Age: 24
Height: 6.0
Weight: 144 lbs
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Identity: Secret
Citizenship: Japan
Marital Status: Single
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Species: Mutant
Ethnicity: Japanese
Personality: He's very cold to his team mates, but he cares about their lives and will do anything to protect them.
Like Shadow, his experiences with humans has lead him to hate anti-mutant movements.
He is also loyal to his former AVALANCHE crew, and views them as old friends despite their separate pasts.
His years as an assassin have given him an harsh reality on life, and he tends to be the most down to earth and serious member of the crew. This causes him to be annoyed by his captains antics sometimes
Base of Operations: Caribbean
Universe: 616
Known Relatives: None Known

Allies: Manny's Crew, SXM, AVALANCHE

Enemies: MRD, Sefirot

Occupation: Pirate, former Yakuza assassin
Religion: Agnostic
Theme Song:

Skills: He's a very capable hand to hand fighter, and can combine his powers for fast speed offense. He's an expert at using his chokuto, a guard-less katana.
His years of training has lead him to be an expert assassin and covert operations master.

-Chokuto: A type of Japanese single edged sword. The main distinctive feature of the chokutō is the blade, which is curved on the katana and straight on the chokutō. Eston is able to wield it with great proficiency and it also pours his electrical armor into the blade for increased cutting power as well as increasing it's length. The blade's metallic composition facilitates this.

Eston can freely control his nervous system, able to manipulate the output of electrical signals given. His body is adapted to handle any strain placed upon it by the changes in signals.

-Electrical Synapses: He can increase the electrical signals in the synapses and cause them to fire up faster, upping the information movement in his body His nervous system is adapted to handle the increased flow, and as a result he's immune to most nervous system diseases.
--Enhanced Information Output: He can increase the information output, allowing his body to move at much faster speeds and reflexes.
--Enhanced Information Input: He can take information, for example through hearing or reading, at a much faster rate then any normal human. It's useful for when traveling at fast speeds, and for reading enemy attacks
--Enhanced Information Process: He can process information received at a much faster rate. Combined with the two previous abilities, this allows him to take in and act most attacks and respond at a much faster rate. He can also think at faster rates and develop strategies that consider all factors 10 steps ahead in mere seconds.

-Chemical Synapses: He can likewise control the chemical synapses, which are the interface between muscles and skin and the nervous system. As such, he can, to a certain degree, control his own body in numerous ways by controlling the information given to it
--Electrical Armor. By using his chemical synapses to release electricity in large quantities into the muscle, he can create a powerful electrical armor that not only ups his already huge speed, but provides protection, and forms a powerful weapon of attack. He can concentrate the electricity at one point (his left hand) and use it as a powerful attack that can pierce and fatally injure anyone that isn't adapted to take damage. He can also flow the electricity into his sword, due to metal being a good conduit.
--Enhanced Healing: He can up the nervous signals given to wounds so the heal process is accelerated


Eston was born in Japan, the son of a Japanese woman and an America. His father left him, and he was left alone with his mother.
He exhibited his powers at the age of only 7, and did it while escaping some Yakuza. This gained the interest of the local Yakuza's, who killed his mother and kidnapped him, forcing him into their organization and making him their personal killer. However, the Yakuza soon sent him to work for AVALANCHE, where he felt at home for the first time in a long time. By this time, Zin was already the boss, so the both of them developed a sort of friendship. However, he was soon called back after the Yakuza's interest in the mercenaries fadded

Eston, who was by heart a pacifist, hated his life, and even more so the Yakuza for what they did. He resented them greatly, and wanted nothing more then to kill them, but was also afraid of them. One day, he ran away, and was chased. He meet Manny, Henry and their crew, who were docking there. They helped him fight off his attackers, and he accepted to become their crew mate, as he had no where else to go. He quickly grew on them and their happy personalities, and came to consider them families. He still acted cold and though on the outside though.

They traveled to the Caribbean, and meet Henrique. He was the one that though Henrique what they were. He shares with him hatred for humans who mistreat mutants.

The pirate crew first appear during the Brimstone arc, where Manny joins the Akatsuki. Eston and the other give chase
Their next major appearance was during the Kree invasion, where Sandra was threatened by the Kree. Henry like the others tried to no avail to help her.
He was approached by the AVALANCHE crew to return, and while he did so for some time, when he found out what they were up to, he refused to continue with them and rejoined his crew.

Next, he appeared fighting in the Hunter war, arriving late but on time to defend the coast from the Hunter attack vessels, and later helping to secure Washington.
The crew thus became members of the SXM, with the occasional leave of absence to sail around the open waters.

He was the only member of the crew not captured by MRD during the Brood Wars. While not shown he helped a pocked of human resistance fight in Nassau, Bahamas. After they ended, he seized the opportunity in the mayhem, to rescue his crew members.
He later went with Manny to visit Sandra, getting caught in Warp's attacks on her family.

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Eston Hinamizawa (Heroes Uprising)
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