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 Earth Elves (Ghost Rider Agency)

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PostSubject: Earth Elves (Ghost Rider Agency)   Wed Jan 14, 2015 12:54 pm

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Name: Elves, Eldar
Scientific Name: N/A
Origin: Milky Way, Solar System
Home World: Earth
Morphology: Elves share similar bodies to that of humans. The most note worthy characteristic is their pointy ears, and their fairy tale like beauty. It is said that the most beautiful human pales in comparison to the ugliest elf.
There are many races of elves. There exists both High Elves, Calaquendi, Elves of the Light, and Moriquendi, Elves of the Darkness. This division is due to the nature behind the immortality of the elves. Only Calaquendi are immortal, while Moriquendi are long lived.
Of the High Elves, only the Noldor, deep-elves still remain in an accountable number. They have dark hair. The Vanyar, fair-elves, have golden blond hair. They were the ruling race in the old days, but have now all but disappeared. The Falmari, sea-elves, have mostly disappeared as well, but remain in accountable numbers. They have mostly dark and silver hair.
Of the Moriquendi are known two, the Sindar, grey-elves, the most common kind. They can have any known hair color.
The other race are the Silvan or Nandor, the wood-elves. As the name implies, they live mostly in woods. Like the Sindar their hair color can vary greatly.
The Elves of Earth live completely isolated in three locations that still remain unknown to humans. They either hate, or resent humans, with very few elves remaining sympathetic to the race that has usurped their old home lands, and in their minds, perverted them. They speak their own languages, with the principal dialect being that of the grey-elves, as they are most numerous. There is also various different dialects of the High Elves, with slight differences from kin to kin. Despite their grudges, all elves display a sense of immortality and beauty that to a mortal is almost ethereal.
The elves, as is said in folklore and other tales, have a very big connection with nature. They worship Gaea, the Elder God, and call her Yavanna. However, quite possibly the being they worship above all is Featherine, the Silver Witch, who they call by various names, such as Gilthoniel. She long ago saved them from two of the Outer Gods that had come to Earth.
Despite their love of nature, they are brilliant smiths and builders, especially in the area of magitech engineering. Tirion upon Túna, the old capital citadel, was a wondrous display of magic and architecture, with floating platforms and teleportation devices, amongst other engineering feats powered by magic.
Each kin has a high king, with the king of the Vanyar being the ruler of all the elves. However, both the Falmari and the Vanyar's royal lines faded, and the Noldor's last crown prince is in exile. Currently, the Council of Elves of Imladris rules over the elves, although each stronghold has independence to run their own affairs to an extent.

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The Rock of Music and Water, it is located in a large green vale surrounded by snowy mountains, completely hidden from detection. It is also called Gondolin. It is unknown exactly where the city is located, for it is protected by powerful magic, but Amber has theorized it is hidden within a sort of pocket space, an area contained within reality that from outside would seem much smaller, somewhere in the highlands of Scotland. The City of Scrolls, it houses Elven texts not found anywhere else. It is the chief dwelling of the Noldor and Vanyar. It was once the seat of the High King of the Noldor, but after the last of that line was banished, it is instead ruled by a council of powerful elven magi.

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The Lonely Island, it is located off the British coast, possibly off the coast of Wales, somewhere in the Irish sea. Again protected through elven magic that seemingly creates pocket spaces, it houses two important elven havens. The island itself is about the size Manhattan, with a forested mountain separating east and west. It is immeasurably beautiful and unspoiled by the hands of man.
In the west, is Alqualondë, the Swanhaven. Chief dwelling of the Falmari, and the great seaport of the elven society, once serving as a great nexus of trade between the continental cities and the island cities. The few remaining princes and lords of the Falmari rule the city. On the east of the island lies Avallónë, the Haven of the Eldar. Built as a fortress city to withstand invasion from Britain, it later became the greatest population center for the elves, where most who had been displaced elsewhere came to dwell. It is ran by lord Ecthelion, a Sindar. The island itself was known to humans in Britain as Avalon, and was spoken about in Arturian legend.

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The final haven, the Dreamflower, is also known to humans as the Black Forest. The elves protect the area and keep it overall safe from disruptive human intrusion, but unlike the other two havens, the elves there allow some settling. While most that reside there are unaware the elves guard the forest, they still feel their presence, and that has lead to many a legend and folklore told of the forest. The elves consider their realm to have extended as far as the north sea, despite the humans only even referring to the black forest as the small area that remains. This is due to the fact that area of Lothlórien is where the refuge of Imladris is located. Built upon a valley on the mountains, it's the chief gathering place of the High Council of the Elven race. Despite answering to the central power at Imladris, the elves of the Dreamflower tend to their own affairs individually.

Elves have keener senses, sight and hearing than humans, are slender, graceful yet strong and much more resistant, to thing such as extremes of nature, illness and disease. It is said elves are similar to Elder Gods and other superior beings in that they derive from magic, albeit the magic inherent to the planet.
Elves can live over hundreds of years. Easily capable of living more than a thousand years. However, the High Eldar, the Calaquendi, due to an event of the past have all been rendered functionally immortal, as their souls have ascended past the worldly plane.
The Moriquendi are those born after. They are once more simply long lived.
Elves also have a natural curiosity and eagerness for knowledge, and as such they are masters of any art that requires learning and skill. Things such as smithing, magecraft or building come naturally to them, as is seen in their Citadels that use magic as well as nature to function in many aspects similarly to major human cities.
The three races of High Elves are each versed in a particular thing. Vanyar are master magi, with magic running deeply in their veins. The Noldor are master smiths and scholars, and Falmari are great sea wanderers.
Meanwhile, due to living in the forest for so long, the race of Silvan elves are very in tune with nature, and are natural hunters

The souls of the High Eldar are functionally immortal, and exist in a higher plane of existence as self sustaining mystical entities, able to completely stave off any form of destruction that would return them to Akasha. However, if their bodies are killed, they will die regardless. Their souls will remain as lingerers, until the death of the Earth or perhaps even the universe. Furthermore, grief and sorrow can extinguish their spirit and truly kill them.
Low Eldar, while stronger, more agile and powerful than humans by many leagues, can still be killed normally.
Their vanity and presumption is also a glaring flaw, as it leads to overconfidence in their abilities

Elven technology is largely based on magecraft. They are excellent magi and craftsmen, and their architecture far surpass humans.
However, they are minimalistic, and thus their technology does not approach the same levels as humans. However, that does not take away from the fact they can match humans in open warfare (or they could have, if their numbers weren't so few). And this isn't to say that an elf could not easily adapt to human technology, but they shun it on principle and bigotry
Besides their cities, elves also make extremely powerful metals and synthetic jewels, often magical in nature.

In a time when humans had just evolved into the form they have now, elves were the absolute rules of the northwest lands of Eurasia. Ruling from various cities, such as the ones that remain, as well as others like the underground city of Menegroth located in northern France, Tirion upon Túna; their former capital; located in the southern borders of the Alps, southern France, which they named the Falas, with the walled havens of Brithombar and Eglarest, as well as Mithlond on the southeastern end of the Italian peninsula. The High Elves, as they existed before the Third Magic, ruled the various cities, but the elven population was spread thin throughout the entire continent, living a simple life. The Vanyar ruled in Tirion and Menegroth, the Falmari in the Falas and Mithlond, and the Noldor in Ondolindë. The kindred would regularly meet in Lothlórien, where the High Council was located. Eventually, as men took over from the south in Italy, the Falmari there moved further north and there founded Aquallondë on the isle of Tol-Eressëa.

The elves presided over what folklore now calls "the fair folk". Elves, faeries, dwarves, and others. They emerged, like all fair folk, from magic itself. Although the gifts they received at the time of their origin are but a spec compared to the power given to the higher beings. It did give them natural affinity for magic, and long lived lives.

During this time, two great powers no one race could stand again came to the lands now know as Europe. The elves named one of the Morgul (Black Sorcery), and he took up to causing madness in the fair folk, madness for power. He resided somewhere in the northeastern lands (what is now western Russia). Meanwhile, the other took up residence in a deep chasm in northern Ireland. Any that entered became mad with the need for knowledge and its pursuit. The dwarves named the place and the demon itself Khazad-Dûm, the Dwarrowdelf. The dwarves came to somewhat revere him as a source of knowledge due to his largely passive nature, and the dwarves own hardy resistance that allowed them to somewhat interact with its domain.

When the humans first came upon the land of the elves, they welcomed the strange beings into their midst. While the great civilizations of the Mesopotamian area were flourishing, the elves taught the humans of north Europe the value of nature and magecraft. During that time, both races lived well with each other.
However, humans soon began to overrun the elves in sheer number, taking over most of their lands, using the resources that elves did not see as such. This caused the elves to retreat further and further unwilling to cause conflict. This coincided with the rise of the Roman empire. The elves lost their capital of Tirion, the great cavern city of Menegroth, and the Falas and Mithlond. The Falmari and the Vanyar's royal lines both ended during this time. Finally, the High King of the Noldor contracted the elves of the Dwarrowdelf to construct a powerful army using their secret arts. Thus the Golden Army was created, seventy times seventy soldiers, able to fight without tiring and without rest, and reassemble itself from specs of dust.

Amongst the Vanyar refuges in Ondolindë, most opposed the creation of the army. Amongst them was Niketu, a powerful mage. She delved into the known lore of the elves on Kazhad-dûm and Morgul, and managed to summon the Silver Witch of the Root. Upon discovering what the dwarves and elves had done, she warned the Noldorin High King that they would bring the Mystic War to Earth if they continued. He thus shut the army away. the Silver Witch then banished Morgul and Khazad-dûm, unfortunately destroying the great realm of Dwarrowdelf in the process. The elves named her Gilthoniel, Starkindler, as well as Celebangol (Silver Witch), and henceforth saw her as a godly savior. The Witch took interest in the beings worship of her, and taking pity on their plight to resist the human encroachment, she bestowed upon Niketu the powers of the Third Sorcery known in human tongues as Heaven's Feel, called in the tongue of High Elves Neldë Curuni. This allowed the remaining High Elves to remain immortal, but all subsequent elves were born without this trait, thus the separation between Calaquendi and Moriquendi.
However, this did nothing to stave off their deaths, as elves were so in tune with the planet, that the destruction of the planet caused them death by simple grief. Perhaps this was the final blow to the High Elves of old who simply gave up leadership to the newly emerging races. The Vanyar all but died out, the Falmari stuck themselves to Tol-Eressëa and the Noldor stuck to Gondolin. Niketu died herself in the great Mystic War, and took with her the secret behind the third Sorcery without teaching it to anyone, not knowing that her spell had failed.

And so the elves have continued to dwindle, until only the 3 citadels remain. Ilyrana, the daughter of Niketu, and one of the last know elves with Vanyar blood, has been attempting to regain the third Sorcery, while all of the elves have all but given up on their existence on Earth. Meanwhile, Celebech, the exiled prince of the Noldor, searches for support to at last make war and purge humanity from the Earth.

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Earth Elves (Ghost Rider Agency)
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