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 Red (Ghost Rider Agency)

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PostSubject: Red (Ghost Rider Agency)   Red (Ghost Rider Agency) I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 13, 2012 7:36 pm

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Aww crap

Name: Unknown
Codename: Red
Age: Unknown
Height: 6.7
Weight: 320 lbs
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Identity: Secret
Citizenship: USA
Marital Status: Single
Sexuality: Unknown
Species: Demon
Ethnicity: Exact species of demon unknown
Personality: Red is a very quiet and secluded agent of the PDF. With dry humor and very little willingness to talk things over, he shoots and asks questions later. He always takes his often-maddening job in stride, shrugging off monstrous foes with a crack of the knuckles, a twist of the neck, and a skeptical one-liner. The only two people he listens too are Cal and Theo
He's also very protective of innocents, whether they be paranormal creatures or plain humans. He's also easily angered if children are threatened
Base of Operations: PDF HQ
Universe: Unknown
Known Relatives: None

Allies: PDF

Enemies: Paranormal threats of any kind

Occupation: PDF agent, slayer
Religion: Catholic
Theme Song:

Hand to hand combatant: Red has been trained in hand to hand combat, and he particularly makes use of his stone right hand to deflect and crush opponents. His style seems to be based on kickboxing and karate

Paranormal expert: He has a profound knowledge of various paranormal creatures and the ways to kill them

He carries a large, almost cannon like, double barrel revolved that seems to shot extremely large bullets made to affect just about any kind of supernatural being.

He also possesses an assortment of talismans, silver crosses and other such paraphernalia to deal with the paranormal.

Red is a demon of unknown origin. He possesses various demonic traits but perhaps his greatest one is his durable stone right hand.

-Superhuman strength: He can lift over 20 tons and can punch clean through metal even without using his right hand.

-Superhuman durability: He can survive falls from airplanes without dying and his skin is durable enough to be immune to bullets and conventional weaponry. He has a weakness to blessed artifacts or mystical attacks however. His right hand is strong enough to resist adamantium, although it cant bend or break it as well

-Superhuman stamina: Red can exert himself for far longer than even the finest human athlete. He can keep steady physical exercise for well over 12 hours without tiring.

-Healing factor: He can regenerate from wounds far quicker than most. He cannot regenerate lost limbs, but if he manages to reattach them, he will heal them eventually. He can survive after having his entire skin burned off by fire, although it takes a while for him to regenerate. His healing factor also grants him protection from aging and all know Earthly diseases.

-Prehensile Tail: His is prehensile allowing him to use it in fights as well as to increase his balance and coordination while performing physical stunts

-Stone Hand: It consists of a large forearm and hand that seem to be made from red stone. The Hand is effectively invulnerable and feels no pain, and is much like a sledgehammer when used to punch an enemy. Of course, being far larger than an ordinary human hand, it is not very suitable for use with most objects, so Red relies on his average-sized left hand to operate weapons and devices, although it has proved flexible enough to catch a fly.

Additionally, he has been show capable of understanding and speaking ancient dialects instantly, and seems to have a natural instinct for dealing with the supernatural, such as for example instantly knowing a creature's weakness upon looking at it.

Red is a demon that works for the PDF. Not much is know about his origins. One day, he showed up on the Force's doorstep and showing himself harmless they allowed him to stay. He claims he has no memory of any event before showing up at the PDF. He showed himself to be sarcastic, hot headed and extremely hard to work with

While working as an agent, he grew close to a female operative with some form of mystical pyrokinesis that would automatically active whenever someone touched her. He was the only one that could touch her without suffering severe permanent burns, and the two grew close.
However, during an assignment, her powers failed her for an unexplained reason, and she was killed by the creature they were hunting. Red has been obsessed with discovering the reason behind her death.

Ever since then, he's mellowed out and started acting far more professionally. He's also since met Blue and two formed a close friendship

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Red (Ghost Rider Agency)
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