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 Ray Kostas (Heroes Uprising/Deceased)

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PostSubject: Ray Kostas (Heroes Uprising/Deceased)   Wed Jun 03, 2015 6:51 pm

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Name:Ray Kostas
Codename: Mr. Matter
Alias: N/A
Age: 31 (deceased)
Height: 6'2
Weight: 215 lbs(All muscle)
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Identity: Secret
Species: Homo-superior
Personality: Ray is someone who is adamant in his beliefs, and one who's will cannot be changed. He cannot stand injustice, and is one who still stand up to it. He believes people should use the talents they are given, but not for the wrong things. He hate the misuse of gifts, especially super-human talents. He hates anti-mutant organization's, people, ect and believes enough powers can bring about world peace.
Known Relatives: Father, Mother, Brother (Simon)

Allies: Samuel's Group

Enemies: Akatsuki

Occupation: Chef, Agency Operative
Theme Song: N/A

Skills: He is skilled in kick-boxing.
Weapons: N/A


Molecular Manipulation: Ray possesses the ability to mentally control, transform, and manipulate the molecules of all matter and energy. He can animate inanimate materials by causing constant mass movement of molecules: for example, he can make a brick building walk. He can rearrange molecules so radically, he can use his power to reconfigure all forms of matter and them into different substances and forms (such as, for example, turning air into glass), and can change matter into energy and back again.

He can create force fields and energy blasts, and also open up worm holes through hyperspace and traverse them, thus traveling faster than light. He is very powerful and can affect a large area entire islands or even on a global scale.  When he transforms substances it remains that way unless he repairs it or others with matter altering powers.  He can affect all forms of matter mystical, cosmic, and indestructible.  He can accelerate molecules to disintegrate living creatures  or accelerate matter.

Bio: Ray Kostas was born and raised in an average home an only child for a while. However when he was nine years old his mom had another baby and he was  happy to have a little brother. He was very nice to his brother and later discovered his power. He had no idea what it was, being nine years old and when he touched  rocks he made them "Chilly" so he thought he had ice-powers  and once accidentally tapped a bully freezing him when he was twelve.His little brother Simon never told about his abilities and he was scarred he accidentally killed the bully and left the bully's family upset.

He had stopped using his abilities for a while till he was 14  and a bully came to seriously hurt Simon and he grabbed him wanting him to go away and the bully became dust. He began reading comics and his brother Simon began to show signs of abilities and later  when he was sixteen he began to understand he could control matter and Simon was different comparing their powers to Full metal alchemist powers alchemy.Ray was later  offered to join the agency to help other evolved humans as they couldn't force him to join. He joined and later Simon did well in school because of his learning about matter and other forms of science.

Ray became busy  and wanted Simon to join later. He helped the Agency study Zulan's body, and he was forced to let him escape, as he couldn't risk damaging the Agency's target. Later he helped on the 2nd mission to retrieve Benjamin dealing with Yamairo and Milo from Yamairo's team. He managed to capture Benjamin, help create final formula, and take Ledge to Samuel, to restore the latter's youth. Later Kathy and Troy teamed up to murder him,but thanks to the efforts of Samuel and Shawkun he was revived. He later fought in Samuel's tournament challenge,defeating his little brother Simon & loosing to Yamairo. He helped Samuel's group keep peace during the outburst.

Later on he helped the SXM in the Demon invasion, but thanks to a mind control spell was forced to fight his team-mates. He was defeated, and later during the Secrete Wars helped out in retrieval missions. Later he was defeated by Filipe, when Milo suppressed everyone's abilities. During the Civil War arc, he joined Anti Registration. He helped the SXM during  the Government's Sentinel attack, and later during the Legacy arc was captured by the Legacy mutants. He was rescued by SXM, and after that returned to being a chef for Samuel's group. Later he helped Samuel's group and Milo fight Vinlo.

After that he also became a chef for the SXM, until he was sent on his next mission to investigate and learn about  the Akatsuki organization. He began his investigation, and ended up fighting Namini's paths. After a lengthy battle, Ray was killed. His soul went on to  Heaven, and he was re-united with most of Samuel's group upon their death's.[/b][/b]


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Ray Kostas (Heroes Uprising/Deceased)
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