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 Rail Goodman (Heroes Uprising/Deceased)

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PostSubject: Rail Goodman (Heroes Uprising/Deceased)   Rail Goodman (Heroes Uprising/Deceased) I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 08, 2015 10:37 pm

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Name: Rail
Codename: Phase
Alias: N/A
Age: 20
Height: 5'1
Weight: 145 lbs
Alignment: Neutral Good
Identity: Secret
Species: Homo-superior
Race: African-american
Personality: He is very eager to use his powers and  tries to avoid fighting. He is considered a coward due to the nature of his powers  but  if needed can be a deadly killer. He prefers to avoid conflict and loves adventure. He loves working in jobs where he gets to travel and have an action filled life.
Known Relatives: Father and Mother.

Allies: SXM

Enemies: Legacy, MRD, Hunters

Occupation: Superhero
Theme Song:

Skills: He is skilled in basket- ball, football, and fighting.


-Phasing: He is capable of phasing his body to walking through solid objects. He can phase only individual parts of his body or become completely intangible. If he does the latter he's invulnerable to all forms of harm  and can float. He can make others intangible or phase other things.  He can phase to open doors or turn things intangible  to get through them.  He can harm other intangible things or physically touch them.  He can phase through someone's chest to incapacitate them or phase through their head to kill them.

He can turn organs intangible without becoming tangible himself.  He can move organs around and can leave people trapped in between walls or things by phasing them through.  He can phase through electrical objects causing them to malfunction  and when phasing he is practically immune to telepathy due to his thoughts being highly erratic.

Bio: Rail was raised in a middle class family and went to private school until he reached middle school and his dad lost his job as a banker. He was forced to go to public school for the first time and didn't make many friends  although he did get better at sports basket-ball and football. He befriended Benjamin who protected him and he learned about sports becoming popular being the captain of the Basket-Ball Squad and after Benjamin was arrested  some of the old bullies came back but he discovered his powers and beat them up.

He was thrilled to have powers and practiced learning to fight crime in Chicago.  He became known as Phase who became popular in Chicago for saving people and the Government thought was  a terrorist.  He helped the police and once in his biggest heroric act saved the Mayor from a big gang attack reuniting with Benjamin he helped him escape authorities and spoke to him at his house.  He kept him hidden at his house for some months but after cops he helped Benjamin escape  and later met  Erica  a shape-shifter whom he befriended and later Sylvia a girl with Aerokinesis.

He once went to spy on her in the girl's changing room and saw her murder someone  in the beauty pageant and Erica shape-shift.  He spoke to Erica  and together they   knocked out Sylvia and got her arrested.  She escaped Prison and fought Rail more times becoming his enemy till the Agency came and captured Sylvia and Rail  experimenting. When Sylvia tried to escape Ray freed Rail allowing him to pursue Sylvia and take her down and Ray had Sylvia killed.  Rail decided to join the Agency to help pursue other dangerous evolved humans and was partnered with  him to take on evolved humans or solo missions and later was devastated when Zulan murdered Erica.

He retired as Phase in public  and left to commit suicide when TOAA(The One Above All) warped down to earth  and found him taking him to realm with all the people he saved and dangerous evolved humans he beat. TOAA spoke to Rail about the good he did  convincing him not to commit suicide he was returned to earth and helped the Agency. He went to the hospital to help free Benjamin and later with Wave hold Nate and Milo hostage all the while TOAA spoke to Rail to change his ways.  He later was defeated by Milo and joined Samuel but instead of helping in the final battle he ran away and begin helping those Jason framed and evolved humans after receiving a message from TOAA.  

He than began to search for the SXM wanting to join as Phase and have him return to the public. He was taken to the tournament by Joe and faced Anne giving up to avoid having to face Zulan planning to ask his question later as Shawkun absorbed his soul. It was later returned and he joined the SXM as Phase.
He later helped out in Symbiote and Demon invasions. He later helped stop Controller by knocking him out, and then by fighting in the Secrete Wars.

He helped defend Genosha from the Espada attack, and during the Civil War he went Anti Registration. He helped rescue Nate from prison, and he helped fight the Terror Squad.
After the TS were dealt with, he began to team up with Elle on missions more. During the Legacy Arc, with Elle he helped free various Legacy mutants from Sindus's mind control machine's.

During the New Hope arc, he went on a mission with Elle & Chulance to investigate the New Brother-Hood's activities. This resulted in him getting kidnapped, via Ivan's ability. He was held hostage By the Phoenix Alliance, he recovered, and continued to fight for the SXM. He had a secrete relationship with Elle, and like her died in the war against the Hunters.


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Rail Goodman (Heroes Uprising/Deceased)
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